Hogwarts Legacy: How To Unlock Bombarda

If you love destroying everything, then Bombarda is the perfect spell for you.

Hogwarts Legacy takes the Potterheads back to the Wizarding World with all the spells and magical things. There, the players can cast powerful spells and use them in their day-to-day life of the game. A lot of spells are quite powerful for dueling. And one such spell is the Bombarda Spell that you will eventually get to unlock in Hogwarts Legacy. It is a powerful spell and if you want to be a strong duelist, it should be on your to-do list.

Key Takeaways
  • Bombarda is a Damage type spell.
  • It is more commonly known as The Exploding Charm.
  • Bombarda is unlocked in Professor Howin’s Assignment quest.
  • During the quest, you will have to rescue two different types of creatures using Nap-Sack.
  • These creatures are Diricawls and Giant Purple Toads.
  • When you report back to Professor Howin, she will finally teach you the spell.
  • It is an exploding spell, that makes it perfect to use against a group of enemies.
  • You can also utilize it to clear obstacles on your path too.

Unlocking Bombarda

One of the powerful Combat Spells that you get to unlock later in the game is the Bombarda Spell. It is during a special quest “Professor Howin’s Assignment’. The Assignment is a part of the special assignments that are created for the main character. That is because you will be joining Hogwarts quite late, in the Fifth year. These assignments are sort of deficiency tasks that help you learn some of the advanced-level spells. That way, you will get to be on the level of a regular Fifth Year student at Hogwarts.

bombarda description in Hogwarts Legacy.
Equipping Bombarda. [Image by eXputer]
Professor Weasley will first introduce you to the assignments starting with Professor Ronen’s Assignment. And later, you will get to complete assignments from different teachers. One such assignment is Professor Howin’s Assignment. After you’ve completed her assignment, she will then teach you the Bombarda Spell.

Professor Howin’s Assignment

You’ll learn quite early in the game that Professor Howin teaches Beasts at Hogwarts. Now it might be surprising for you that a Professor that teaches about beasts which require being caring and loving to everything, is teaching Bombarda. That is because Bombarda is a deadly spell that explodes and deals damage in an area. Meaning it can hurt a group of people with one hit. That is because she wasn’t always interested in Beasts.

Anyways, you won’t get to learn the powerful spell until you complete the assignment. For that, you will be tasked to rescue a Diricawl and a Giant Purple Toad. For that, you’ll need the Nab-Sack. You get the Nab-Sack earlier in a quest from Deek the House Elf. When you start the quest, you will get two different objectives, each of the respective creatures.

Acquiring Diricawl

With the Nab-Sack at hand, you will first go to Diricawl’s location. That is to the south of Hogwarts, further south than the South Hogwarts Region, in the Hogwarts Valley. There, you’ll find them near the mountain in the middle of the map. It is to the Northwest of KeenBridge. Near the objective, you’ll have a fast travel point that is called ‘West Hogwarts Valley’.

location of diricawls.
Here you will find the Diricawls. [Image by eXputer]
When you get there, you will have to use the Nab-Sack on the creatures. You will have to stay near them to properly use the Nab-Sack. That is because you will have to use the Nab-Sack a total of four times to weaken them and get them in. You will have to start again if they get out of range. Now, you can get them near you using Accio, but it is better that you use the Lavioso spell. That will make them float in the air and you can then put them into the Nap-Sack.

diricawls in game.
Putting Diricawl in the Nap-Sack. [Image by eXputer]

Acquiring Giant Purple Toads

After that, you will have to head toward the Giant Purple Toads. They are found to the south of the spot where you got the Diricawls. If you haven’t explored that part of the map, then you will have to do a lot of traveling. By then, you will have acquired the Broom. Get on it and start flying toward the location. The Giant Purple Toads are found in a pond.

location of Giant Purple Toads.
The Giant Purple Toads are in the southernmost region.

They aren’t as fast as the Diricawls. But even then, you should slowly get near them and then use the Nap-Sack on them. You will only have to use the Nap-Sack three times to weaken the Giant Purple Toads. That way, you will get your hands on them quite easily. While you’re at it, you can complete the Rescue Beasts task too as they are quite easy to put in the Nap-Sack.

The Giant Purple toad in game.
Capturing Giant Purple Toads. [Image by eXputer]
When you have completed the Assignment, you can then head back toward Professor Howin and inform her. Now, before you can do so, you will have to attend her Beasts class. That will be in the daytime. If it is currently nighttime, you can skip time to morning. For that, you can head to the map and then click on the wait button on the bottom right.

Beast class at hogwarts.
Location of the Beasts class. [Image by eXputer]

Learning Bombarda

The Beasts class is conducted in Hogwarts. So, you will have to go to the Hogwarts map section and then find the class. It will be out on the grounds of Hogwarts. You can use the Beasts Classroom fast travel to get there quickly. Once you get there, attend the class. It will only be a cinematic cutscene where you’ll see what the students get to learn about in the Beasts class.

When the class is dismissed, meet with Professor Howin and she will finally teach you the Spell. To unlock Bombarda in Hogwarts Legacy, you will have to move your cursor according to the wand movement. You’ll also note that there are button icons on the wand movement path. If you press these buttons, they will increase your learning speed.

movement of wand bombarda in Hogwarts Legacy
Wand movement to learn Bombarda. [Image by eXputer]
When you successfully complete the movement, you will finally learn and unlock the Bombarda Spell. With that, you will also earn 150 XP points that increase your level. Lastly, you will have to practice the spell on a few Pumpkins lying on the ground. For that, first, equip the spell and then use it on the Pumpkins. To learn its true power, use it on a group of pumpkins. With one hit, the pumpkins will explode into small pieces.

Practice Bombarda.
Practicing Bombarda onto Pumpkins. [Image by eXputer]


To learn the Spell you will have to first fulfill its requirements. That will always be true for all spells or assignments. Meaning you can’t just head to Professor Howin and ask her to give you the assignment. To get the Assignment related to Bombarda Spell, you will first have to complete Charles Rockwood’s Trial. It is the main quest in the game, and you will eventually get to complete it.

Bombarda Spell

More commonly known as Exploding Charm, Bombarda can become quite deadly if you know how to utilize it. It is used to blast open doors or to destroy something. It isn’t as powerful as the Unforgivable Curses like Avada Kedavra or Crucio, but it is a handy one. At times, when you’re in danger, you can use the spell to make an explosion on your opponents.

If you have watched the Harry Potter movies, one spot in which it is used is in The Prisoner of Azkaban movie. In it, Hermione casts the spell to rescue Sirius Black from his jail at Hogwarts. That is one use of it. Meaning you can use it to clear any hindrances or obstacles on your path too.

But as we’ve mentioned earlier that you can use it in combat. And that is what you’ll have to do at Hogwarts Legacy. The spell can cause small area damage. Use it when you have a few enemies standing closer to each other. That way, with one spell, you will deal damage to a bunch of them. And then, to finish them off, you can use single-target spells on your opponents. All in all, it is a powerful spell that you should get as soon as possible.

Final Words

That was all there is on How to Unlock Bombarda in Hogwarts Legacy. If you’re new to Hogwarts Legacy and have stumbled onto the guide, then you can check out our Beginner’s Guide. It covers all there is for new players to learn in the game. We’ve also covered everything there is to House Choices. It has answers that will help you choose the house that you want to select.

Make sure to check out the Room of Requirement as it will have everything that you’ll ever need. Lastly, you can learn a lot of other spells, like Arresto Momentum, Glacius, and the infamous Expelliarmus.


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