Hogwarts Legacy: How To Respec Your Character

Try out multiple builds by learning how to respec your Character's Talent Points!

Hogwarts Legacy lets you create all sorts of builds by using multiple spells and investing your Talent Points to get all sorts of buffs. But if you want to create different builds without having to restart your progress with a new character and then grinding again to get every talent point, then character respec is quite important in Hogwarts Legacy.

Talent points are quite useful as they can be used to invest in different skill trees that can either improve your core abilities or grant you new buffs that can be quite useful in combat or, at times, for simple exploration as well. But the fact that there are more total Talents than acquirable Talent Points makes respec quite important.

Key Highlights
  • As of right now, you cannot Respec your character’s Talent Points
  • However, you can create manual saves at any time and can use that to save before you spend all of your Talent Points.
  • There are 5 different Talent Trees: Spells, Dark Arts, Core, Stealth, and Room of Requirement, which are further divided into Talents. 
  • There are 48 Total Talents and 36 obtainable Talent Points by reaching Level 40 (max Level), so you’ll get a chance to get a gist of every single Talent Tree, but not every single Talent. 

Character Respec In Hogwarts Legacy

hogwarts legacy character respec
All Talent trees [image by eXputer]
Unfortunately, you cannot exactly Respec your Character talents in Hogwarts Legacy as of right now. In fact, it is even reinforced in the tutorial that you will not be able to respec once you invest your points. But perhaps the developers will add a feature in the game with updates later. However, as of now, whichever talents you’ve chosen, you’re going to have to stick with them till the end with that character.

There’s no option in the menus, and neither does the option get mentioned throughout the entirety of the game. Furthermore, the fact that the Talent trees have 48 total Talents, while you can only acquire 36 total Talent Points, means that you’ll need to give up on at least 12 Talents in every playthrough.

Alternative Option

save game from settings
Option to save the game to keep your Talent Points [screenshot by eXputer]
There is an alternative option to using Character Respec in the game, which might be quite tedious, but it’s the only viable option as of now. Instead of spending all of your talent points, hold on to them for a bit and then create save points each time before you’re about to spend your points.

Accumulate enough save points like these, and you’ll be able to go back and fully customize your character’s build, but at the cost of losing a bit of progress. You can save by going into settings and saving the game to create manual saves, as shown in the image above.

Character Respec Potion In The Game Files

A bunch of users on Reddit were going through the game files of Hogwarts Legacy on PC and actually found something that hints at the fact that character respec might be added to the game later on. They were digging through the files and found a potion that is meant to respec your Talent Points. It is labeled as: “RPG_PotionAbility_TalentReset.”

As of right now, there aren’t actually any vendors that sell the potion in the game, nor is there any way to acquire it. But the fact that it is in the game files means that there is a chance that it could get added later on as part of an update. You can learn all about the Talent Respec Potion by visiting their post on Reddit.

Get More Talent Points

hogwarts legacy how to respec character talents
A single Talent from one of the Talent Trees [captured by eXputer]
Although it might be quite disheartening that you can’t respec and try out every single Talent in a single playthrough, you might find some comfort in knowing that if you reach the level cap, which is level 40, you’ll likely have enough Talent Points to get a gist of each Talent Tree.

There are five Talent Trees in the game: Spells, Dark Arts, Core, Stealth, and Room of Requirement. You can start getting Talent Points after you reach level 5 in the game. From there onwards, you’ll get the point after each level-up. So, in total, you’ll get 36 Talent Points which you can spread across the five trees and create a powerful build.


Respec is quite an important feature in almost every game, especially if it is an RPG that requires you to level up and unlock different skills to get stronger. Some games, in which you can unlock everything by the end of the game, opt to miss out on this feature. But considering the fact that you can only choose a limited amount of Talents from all the Talent Trees in the game, having character respec would’ve been quite useful. There is a possibility that the feature will get added later on. 

Regardless, you can still get quite strong in the game, and there’s much more to do, such as collecting wand handles or unlocking spells like expelliarmus. There are many collectibles in the game as well such as the Demiguise Statues or getting past the arithmancy puzzles. And you can always go down the dark path by unlocking the unforgivable curses and taking part in the dark arts arena!

But with that, you now know everything about character respec in the game. It is a shame that the feature is not available as of now, and it definitely makes it hard to test out different character builds. But by manually saving before investing a huge amount of talent points can make it so that you can always go back and reinvest into different Talent Trees. 

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