Hogwarts Legacy: In The Shadow Of Time [Unlocking Imperio]

Manipulate your enemies by completing In the Shadow of Time quest and unlocking Imperio Curse!

“In the Shadow of Time” is part of Sebastian Sallow’s relationship questline in Hogwarts Legacy. The quest rewards you with one of the Unforgivable Curse: Imperio.

Key Takeaways
  • The Shadow of Time is part of Sebastian Sallow’s relationship questline.
  • To unlock In the Shadows of Time, you must complete its previous quests.
  • You must complete Professor Weasley’s Assignment to get the quest.
  • In the Shadow of Time, quests reward you with Imperio Curse.
  • During the quest, Sebastian will ask you to learn the Imperio Curse.

How To Unlock In The Shadow Of Time Quest

quest In the Shadows of Time
In the Shadows of Time quest – [Image Credit – eXputer]
In the Shadow of Time is a part of Sebastian Sallow’s relationship quest. To unlock it, you must complete these quests:

  • In the Shadow of the Undercroft
  • In the Shadow of the Estate
  • In the Shadow of the Bloodline
  • In the Shadow of the Study
  • In the Shadow of Discovery

Not only previous quests, but you’ll have to meet these conditions to unlock In the Shadow of Time quest in Hogwarts Legacy:

  • Professor Weasley’s Assignment

If you have done all the above-mentioned quests and still haven’t gotten In the Shadow of Time quest, completing Professor Weasley’s Assignment will give you the quest.

How To Complete

In the Shadow of Time, the quest is easy quest, and you will have no problem doing the quest. The quest initiates after you meet with Sebastian Sallow at Feldcroft Catacomb. When you enter the Catacomb and progress a bit, the spiders attack you, so be careful.

These spiders are rather easy to defeat and will appear in your journey of Catacomb in Hogwarts Legacy. After defeating spiders, you must use Incendio on the webs hiding a path behind. After progressing more, you, Sebastian, will stumble upon an altar, where you will have to put skeletons on overdoor using Wingardium Leviosa.

After putting skeletons, the door will open, leading you to the following path. However, there will be a Student Journal Entry you will have to pick and talk to Sebastian about. Thereafter, you must proceed to the next room, where you will once again talk to Sebastian.

Imperio Curse Learning
Learning The Imperio Curse – [Image Credit – eXputer]
He will ask you to learn the Imperio Curse, and you will have two choices, whether to learn it or not. After selecting to learn the Imperio Curse, you will be prompted with the instructions to learn the movements of the wand for Imperio in Hogwarts Legacy. Here, you will have the Imperio Curse at your command, and you can control your enemy to act as your ally and attack your enemies.

However, the quest doesn’t end here, and you will have to progress further, where you will have to defeat more spiders. After finding the Relic’s Note and Lost Relic Illustration, you will finally be able to leave Catacomb.

After leaving Catacomb, head to the Feldcroft, where you will have to defeat Ranrok’s Loyalists. You need to defeat them, then talk to Soloman Sollow to complete the quest.


When fighting with spiders, the Flipendo Spell comes in handy as you will face a lot of spiders in Catacomb. Moreover, you will need Bombarda Spell in Catacomb as there are obstacles. Descendo is another spell in Hogwarts Legacy that will come in handy while fighting spiders as it damages the enemy by smashing them into the ground.

You unlock all unforgivable curses in Sebastian Sallow’s relationship questline. Crucio is unlocked in the Shadow of The Study, and Avada Kedavra is unlocked in the Shadow of the Relic. Moreover, you will run out of storage in the early game if you don’t expand your gear slots. Read our guide on How To Increase Full Gear Slots to not make this mistake.


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