How To Solve Arithmancy Puzzles In Hogwarts Legacy

Don't waste your braincells trying to decipher the Arithmancy puzzles, rather learn how to effectively figure it out!

Hogwarts Legacy has quite a selection of interesting puzzles and locked doors that players can access. Still, the route players must follow to get to the puzzles and solve them can be quite daunting, especially regarding Hogwarts Legacy Arithmancy Puzzles. Therefore players might need assistance figuring out how to solve them properly! 

Key Takeaways
  • The Arithmancy puzzles are puzzles that are present on doors that are arching, and require a certain amount of puzzle-solving in order to find the solution. 
  • There are symbols that are placed across the top of the doors, arching, starting from the bottom left of the door and ending towards the bottom right. 
  • In order to solve the puzzles, players need to add the numbers that are on the corner circles of the triangle and have it equate to the number in the middle circle
  • Players also need to decipher one question mark on one triangle, and two question marks on the other triangle.
  • The game offers players an included Arithmancy guide that they can use in order to decipher the symbols that can be found starting from the Flying Class Lawn, and heading inside the building, and heading way up the spiral stairscase where there is a chest present with the guide inside. 
  • The guide itself features a white sheet with 10 symbols that have numbers allocated to a certain beast which can assist in puzzle-solving. 
  • The symbols range from 0=Demiguise, 1=Unicorn, 2=Graphorn, 3=Runespoor, 4=Fwooper, 5=Quintaped, 6=Salamander, 7=Exotic Animal, 8=Spider, 9=Hydra. 
  • The symbols are already in order from 0=9 starting from 0 at the bottom left at the base of the door, ranging from 9 being placed at the bottom right at the base of the door.
  • The main benefit of knowing how to solve the Arithmancy puzzles is simply that players can access locked doors and find extra treasures like chest and gear

Figuring Out Puzzles 

Figuring Out Puzzles
Figuring Out Puzzles (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first things players need to figure out is just how the puzzles look. The Hogwarts Legacy Arithmancy Puzzles are represented as a large door that is rounded off towards the top of it. 

  • Towards the middle of the door, players can take note of different symbols. 
  • The doors themselves can seem pretty daunting whenever players stumble upon them the first time, simply because of the sheer amount of symbolism that is going on and the sheer amount of complexity that is seen wandering around the edge of the door. 
  • But the reality is that the doors are not all that difficult to solve once the players get the hang of the actual symbolism and figure out what the correct method is for solving them. 

Arithmancy Guide

Arithmancy Guide
Arithmancy Guide (Image Credits Exputer)

One thing that players need to remember is that there is a guide rpesent in-game that can help players figure out just what each symbol means, and through that, players can figure out how to solve the Hogwarts Legacy door puzzles with ultimate ease. 

  • Players can see the guide in their inventory, ad it reads out to be a page that has been torn out from an Arithmancy study guide, which essentially has a list of numbers written down that correspond properly to the beasts that are symbolized on the door. 
  • Once players click on F to view the page, they are showcased a simple white page with each of the 10 animals on the door arch, and some numbers have been conveniently allocated to the beasts on the page. 

Where To Find The Guide 

Now that players know that there is physically a guide that can help them out, let’s figure out where the guide itself is located. 

  • Whenever players open their map, one of the best locations is going to be the Hogwarts North Exit, from where players can start their journey on the Flying Class Lawn. 
  • Once players have arrived at the lawn, they can be surrounded by a long pathway whereby some bushes are laid down on the main pathway, and there are also potted plants that have been placed down. 
  • Head into the main door that leads into the castle, and once you are in, you can take note of a large open room, where barely any furniture has been placed. 
  • Towards the left of the entrance, there is a large staircase that leads up. As you reach the very top of the stairs, you can take note of the carpets placed down. 
  • There are a total of two carpets that are placed down, and as the end of the carpet, players can encounter a large wooden door that starts straight but ends up curving as it heads to the top and then points to the top.

Head into the door, which leads further into a hallway. Towards the left of the main hallway, players can see multiple ledges on which people are sitting down, while right on top of the ledges is a sequence of 6 window panels, and there is a pillar after the 6 panels end before the pattern repeats. 

  • Start running toward the end of the hallway until you encounter yet another door. As you open the door, you can start making your up the stairs, and you want to keep heading straight until you see an arched entrance into another room that pillars have marked
  • As you head out, turn to your right, where there is yet another large staircase leading up. 
  • As you head up, you can see that there is a large structure in the middle of the room, and there is yet another staircase towards the left of the room where the player wants to proceed. 
  • Start heading up, then turn around to head further up a flight of stairs again
  • You want to head about 5 stories up and even up the spiral staircase you encounter, and when you reach the top of the spiral staircase, there is a small narrow hallway that is present to your immediate right as you reach the very top. 
  • Turn into the narrow hallway, head up the wooden stairs, and hop onto the wooden planks that lead across an even deeper hallway. Take the first right you see while crossing the hallway, and you will come across a pile of books that have been messily scattered about everywhere. 

Steere a bit to your right, and you can take note of your first Hogwarts Legacy Arithmancy Puzzles, and right in front of the first door is a wooden bench placed against a ledge that has a chest on top of it. 

  • As you open the chest, you are met with the white page we mentioned earlier with the symbols and numbers. 

Deciphering The Symbols 

Deciphering The Symbols
Deciphering The Symbols (Image Credits Exputer)

Let’s see what each number is allocated to which beast on the Hogwarts Legacy Arithmancy Puzzles

  • Starting from 0, one of the first beasts that players can see is the Demiguise, and essentially, the number 0 will be located towards the base of the arithmancy doors, and the number will be located towards the very left of the base. 
  • As for 1, the beast it has been related to is the unicorn, and the unicorn looks towards the right if the symbol is looked at from the right angle. The unicorn is covered in gold, and only the silhouette can be seen from the neck. The unicorn is located right on top of the 0 symbols, a little bit towards the bottom left. 
  • As for 2, the beast that has been allocated to the number is known as a Graphorn, which is a beast that can be seen as a sheer silhouette on the symbol, and two horns are merging from its head, and there is hair that is running down its face too. The symbol is located right on top of the 1st one
  • For the 3rd number, the main beast that players can see being allocated to it for the Hogwarts Legacy Arithmancy Puzzles is the Runespoor, which is a snake-like beast that has a total of 3 heads, one that is curving to the right and rotating about, and one that is looking to the right and one that is looking down. The symbol is located towards the left side of the door on top of 2. 
  • For the 4, the beast is a Fwooper (weird name but ok), and it resembles a weird mixture of an owl and an exotic bird. The fwooper is sitting on a branch, has hair that is emerging from the top of its head and standing up, and the fwooper is on a branch. 
  • For 5, the animal is known as a Quintaped, and the reason that it is named is because of the five legs that the beast has. It doesn’t seem like the beast has a face, but its legs are shaped in a pentagon shape, and the animal itself is located right on top of the Fwooper beside the door. 
  • As for the number 6, the beast that has been allocated to the number is known as a Salamander, and it seems like the salamander is crawling toward the player and can be seen in a mild silhouette. 
  • For 7, the main animal that has been allocated could potentially be a Marmite, but it can be a different animal since it is quite unidentifiable. 
  • For 8, the animal is pretty recognizable, as it is a massive spider, and it seems like the spider is looking towards the right and crawling towards the corner of the icon, and it is placed below the number 7 symbol. 
  • For 9, the beast is a hydra, and it has also appeared as a basic silhouette and nothing more, as no more detail can be seen for the beast itself. The Hydra is placed towards the base of the door, and it is basically towards the right of the base and present below the Spider symbol. 

Solving The Puzzles 

Solving The Puzzle
Solving The Puzzle (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s take a look at how players can actually figure out how to solve door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy by taking a door as an example. 

  • Whenever players take a look at the arithmancy doors, they can figure out that the numbers have already been placed in order for them, ranging from 1-9. 
  • In the middle of the door, there are two equations that the player needs to solve, and there are two triangles that are present. 
  • One triangle is facing downwards, with there being a small circle that is present in the middle of the triangle. And outside the triangle, there is an even larger circle that is present. If players take a look at each of the corners of the triangle, there are three small circles that have numbers in the middle too. 
  • Right on top of the bottom triangle, there is yet another one that is identical to the bottom one except for the triangle facing up this way. The circles on the corners and everything else are made the same way. 

Let’s take the example of this door, which has these numbers: 

  • One the top triangle, there is a 2 on the bottom left, 9 in the middle, Runespoor on the top and one question mark on the bottom right. 
  • As for the bottom triangle, there is a double question mark on the top right, a 0 on the top left, 1 on the bottom and 4 in the middle. 

The main aim of the player while solving this puzzle is that you want to add up the numbers that are present on the smaller circles on the corners of the triangle and make sure that they add up to match the middle number. 

  • If the top triangle shows that the number is 9, there is a 2, and the Runespoor represents a 3, it just means that players need to add a 4 instead of the question mark
  • In order to do that, players need to head towards the single question mark on the wall and roll it until players get the 4, or the symbol that represents 4, which is a fwooper. 
  • For the bottom triangle, the added number is a 4, and the numbers are a 0 and 1, which basically means that players need to roll a 3 or the beast Runespoor for the double question mark

All Arithmancy Puzzles 

Moving on, let’s take a look at all of the arithmancy puzzles, where they are located, and how players are able to solve each and everyone one of the Hogwarts Legacy Arithmancy Puzzles

Grand Staircase 6-11

In the grand staircase area, the first location is the grand staircase 6-11 area, which players can access by making their way over to the Grand Staircase Floo Flame area, and the solution is as follows. 

  • 0 for top 
  • 5 for the bottom. 

Grand Staircase Tower 23-19

As for the Grand Staircase Tower 23-19, players need to travel fast to the Grand Staircase Tower Floo flame area, and can be found there. The solutions are as follows: 

  • 6 for the top 
  • 7 for bottom. 
  • Players get to gain access to a chest and gear as rewards. 

Ravenclaw Tower 13-21 

For the Ravenclaw Tower 13-21, players are able to get to it by fast traveling to the grand staircase Ravenclaw Tower Floo Flame, and right across the corridor, the puzzle is located. 

  • 4 for top 
  • 5 for bottom 

Astronomy Wing 5-12 

After fast traveling to the Astronomy WIng Charms Floo Flame area, players can use this solution for the puzzle so that you cam figure out how to solve door puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy

  • 2 for top 
  • 7 for bottom. 

Library Annex 9-4 

After heading to the Library Annex Divination Floo FLame area, the Library Annex 9-4 puzzle will have these solutions: 

  • 4 for top 
  • 3 for bottom 

Central Hall 21-17 

For Central Hall 21-17, players can head over to the Library Annex Potions Classroom Floo Flame, and there is a large door where the puzzle is located: 

  • 8 for top 
  • 3 for bottom 

Library Annex Door 1 15-18 

For the Library Annex Door 15-18, the solutions are as follows: 

  • 4 for top 
  • 5 for bottom 

Library Annex Door 2 17-8 

For the Library Annex door 17-8, players can use the following solutions: 

  • 6 for top 
  • 1 for bottom. 

Great Hall 24-14 

For the Great Hall 24-14, players can use the following soltuions: 

  • 8 for top 
  • 3 for the bottom. 


And there we have it! The complete method on how to solve the Hogwarts Legacy Arithmancy Puzzles, and with that, we will wrap up our guide! While you’re at it, you should read up on our Hogwart’s Legacy Best Talents, so that players can figure out what the best talents to unlock are, and which ones they should use whenever they are progressing through the storyline. Alongside that, if you want to know what the highest level is in the game, then you can check out our Level Cap In Hogwart’s Legacy guide!

Hogwarts Legacy is available to play on multiple platforms so all players alike can enjoy the game to it’s full extent. Platforms include that of Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, Playstation 5, as well as the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One. Alongside that, players can also play the game on the Nintendo Switch

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