Hogwarts Legacy Wand Handles, Locations & Customizations

Never end up with the same Wand as your Worst Enemy in Hogwarts Legacy.

Hogwarts Legacy brings a lot of customization that the Harry Potter games were missing. There are a lot of options for the players that they want to try out really badly. The players can now customize how their character looks or what he wears. Not only that, they can customize what houses the character can choose. Now, the players can fully customize their Wands and their Handles in Hogwarts Legacy.

Key Takeaways

In Hogwarts Legacy, wands are fully customizable for cosmetic purposes only. Here are the customization options for wands:

  1. Wand Handles: There are 14 different wand handle types, each with three varieties, totaling 42 options. These handles can be found throughout Hogwarts and its nearby grounds.
  2. Wand Styles: There are eight wand styles, and you can choose from three textures for each style.
  3. Wood Types: You have a choice of 40 different wood types for your wand, allowing for a wide variety of appearances.
  4. Length and Flexibility: You can select from various length and flexibility options to personalize your wand’s characteristics.
  5. Wand Core: There are three different wand core options: Unicorn Hair, Dragon Heartstring, and Phoenix Feather.

You can customize your wand’s style, wood type, length, flexibility, and core at Ollivanders in Hogsmeade. It’s important to note that once you’ve obtained a wand, you cannot change its customization, so choose your customization options carefully to create the perfect wand for your character.

Wand Handles

Wand Handle first acquired.
Our first Wand Handle that we came across.

Hogwarts Legacy finally lets you choose your own wand. In addition to that, it lets you customize your wand to your liking, however, you see fit. That way, you can design the wand to your liking and ensure that you get the most out of your experience while playing Hogwarts Legacy.

Among other customizations, there is one that we have loved a lot about wands in Hogwarts Legacy. And that it allows you to have a Wand Handle. The Wand Handle, as the name suggests, is a handle for your Wand that you will put on it. There is a variety of Wand Handles in Hogwarts Legacy, and they are quite hard to find.

Here’s all you need to know about the Wand Handle Types in the game: 

Wand Handle TypeWand Handle Varieties
ArrowArrow - Black, Arrow - Brown, Arrow - Pink Swirl
AvianAvian - Beige, Avian - Brown, Avian - Grey
BasketweaveBasketweave - Black, Basketweave - Blue, Basketweave - Red
BotanicalBotanical - Bronze Leaf, Botanical - Gold Leaf, Botanical - Silver Leaf
CelestialCelestial - Blue, Celestial - Dark Grey, Celestial - Light Grey
CheckerboardCheckerboard - Blue, Checkerboard - Teal
ColumnColumn - Dark Brown, Column - Teal and Brown
CorkscrewCorkscrew - Brown, Corkscrew - Light and Dark Brown, Corkscrew - Teal Blue
ImperialImperial - Brown and Gold, Imperial - Grey and Bronze, Imperial - Grey and Silver
OrbicularOrbicular - Brown, Orbicular - Gold, Orbicular - Violet
RegalRegal - Black, Regal - Blue, Regal - Pink
SabreSabre - Ash Brown, Sabre - Brown, Sabre - Grey
ShellShell - Grey, Shell - Honey Brown, Shell - Metallic
SwirlSwirl - Brown, Swirl - Dark Grey, Swirl - Lilac

Wand Handle Types

There is a variety of Wand Handles available in Hogwarts Legacy. There is a total of 42 Wand Handles with up to 3 colour variations for each type. We’ll list each of them here so you know what you’re getting into.


The Arrow Handle Type has these varieties.

The 'Arrow - Brown' Wand Handle.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Arrow – Black
  • Arrow – Brown
  • Arrow – Pink Swirl


As for Avian, it has these Wand Handles

  • Avian – Beige
Wand Handle Avian Brown.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Avian – Brown
The Avian Grey handle.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Avian – Grey


The Basketweave Wand Handle is in these types.

Baskeweave black wand.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Basketweave – Black
The Basketweave blue handle.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Basketweave – Blue
  • Basketweave – Red


Whereas in the Botanical, here’s what you’ll find.

  • Botanical – Bronze Leaf
Gold leaf botanical handle.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Botanical – Gold Leaf
The Botanical silver leaf handle.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Botanical – Silver Leaf


You’ll find these varieties in the Celestial Wand Handles.

the handle 'Celestial - Blue'.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Celestial – Blue
  • Celestial – Dark Grey
handle 'celestial light grey'
[Image by eXputer]
  • Celestial – Light Grey


Of the Checkerboard Wand Handle types, we’ve only been able to find two at the time of writing the article.

Checkerboard blue
[Image by eXputer]
  • Checkerboard – Blue
the teal checkerboard.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Checkerboard – Teal


Similarly, in Column, we’ve found only two for now.

  • Column – Dark Brown
the teal and brown column wand handle.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Column – Teal and Brown


The Corkscrew Wand handle has the following varieties.

The brown corkscrew wand handle.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Corkscrew – Brown
light and dark brown
[Image by eXputer]
  • Corkscrew – Light and Dark Brown
  • Corkscrew – Teal Blue


You’ll find the following varieties in the Imperial Wand Handles.

the imperial brown and gold wand handle.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Imperial – Brown and Gold
wand handle imperial grey and bronze.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Imperial – Grey and Bronze
grey and silver imeprial handle.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Imperial – Grey and Silver


You’ll come across these Orbicular Wand handles.

  • Orbicular – Brown
gold orbicular handle.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Orbicular – Gold
violet orbicular handle.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Orbicular – Violet


The Regal Wand Handles have these options.

  • Regal – Black
blue regal wand.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Regal – Blue
regal pink handle.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Regal – Pink


While exploring Hogwarts, we found the following Wand Handles.

ash brown sabre.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Sabre – Ash Brown
sabre brown handle.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Sabre – Brown
  • Sabre – Grey


The Shell has the following varieties.

shell grey wand handle hogwarts legacy.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Shell – Grey
Honey Bornw shell handle.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Shell – Honey Brown
Shell - metallic handle.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Shell – Metallic


Finally, in the Swirl, you’ll find these varieties.

  • Swirl – Brown
  • Swirl – Dark Grey
Swirl - Lilac Wand handle.
[Image by eXputer]
  • Swirl – Lilac

It’s essential to note that Wand Handles don’t have fixed locations. While you may find specific Wand Handles in certain areas, the majority of loot in the game is randomized. There’s no confirmed location for Wand Handles based on information from Reddit and other forums. You may come across them in chests or as loot, but loading a Manual Save game can yield different items.

Wand Handles Locations

Wand Handles don’t have confirmed fixed locations, but there are some spots where you may have a higher chance of finding them during your adventures in Hogwarts and its nearby areas. While these locations aren’t confirmed, they’re worth exploring:

Please note that the availability of Wand Handles can vary, and it’s recommended to explore these spots to discover them for yourself.

Professor Fig’s Classroom

The first Wand that you’ll come across is when you go to visit Professor Figs for the first time. That is before you have to enter the restricted area of the library to get clues to the mystery. There, the chest is at the back of the room. You’ll find it near the Golden Cage.

Wand Handle Professor Figs room Hogwarts Legacy.
The Wand Handle was found in Professor Figs’ classroom. [Image Credit – eXputer]

Library’s Restricted Section

There’s a specific location in the Library’s Restricted Section where you can almost always find a Wand Handle. Here’s how to locate it:

  1. After acquiring the Wand from Professor Fig’s Classroom, head to the Restricted Section of the Library.
  2. You’ll need to obtain a key from the Librarian’s desk to access this section.
  3. Inside the Restricted Section, you’ll encounter a few ghosts that you need to distract.
  4. Your companion will suggest removing the cloaking spell and proceeding further.
  5. Descend the stairs into what appears to be a storage room.
  6. In this room, you will come across a chest containing the second Wand Handle.
The Wand Handle location Hogwarts Legacy.
You’ll find one Wand Handle in Library’s Restricted section. [Image Credit – eXputer]

Secret Frog Statue Room

To find the Wand Handle in the Secret Frog Statue Room, follow these steps:

  1. Open your map and navigate to the South Wing section.
  2. Locate the Faculty Tower Floo Flame location within the South Wing.
  3. Head directly south from there and find circular stairs leading down.
  4. Approach the Frog Statue you encounter at the bottom of the stairs.
  5. You’ll see an “Enter” option when you get close to the Frog Statue. Interact with it, and the frog will swallow you, transporting you to a secret room.
  6. In this secret room, you’ll find a chest that almost always contains a Wand Handle.
    Hidden Frog Door.
    The Hidden Frog Door. [Image Credit – eXputer]

Here’s a trick to get your preferred Wand Handle:

  • Before opening the chest, create a manual save game.
  • Open the chest to check its contents. If it has your preferred Wand Handle, you can proceed.
  • If it doesn’t have the Wand Handle you want, reload the manual save you created. Avoid the autosave created when you open the chest.

This trick allows you to obtain your preferred Wand Handle from the chest. There’s another chest with similar mechanics, which we’ll explain shortly.

Wand Handle at hidden Frog Door Hogwarts Legacy.
[Image Credit – eXputer]

Lower HogsField

To find another Wand Handle, you can follow a similar process as the one in the Secret Frog Statue Room. Here’s how to locate it at Lower Hogsfield:

  1. Teleport to the Hogwarts South Exit.
  2. From there, head south towards Lower Hogsfield.
    Hogwarts Legacy Wand Handle at lower Hogsfield.
    Wand Handle is located at Lower Hogsfield.
  3. Lower Hogsfield is near a lake, so continue towards the water. Don’t worry; the water is shallow, only knee-deep.
  4. In the middle of the water, just before a small wooden bridge, you’ll come across an upturned wagon.
  5. Near the wagon, you’ll find a small chest submerged in the water.

Here’s a trick to obtain your preferred Wand Handle from this chest:

  • Before opening the chest, manually save the game.
  • Open the chest to check its contents. If it contains the Wand Handle you desire, that’s great; you can keep it.
  • If it doesn’t have the Wand Handle you want, reload the manual save you created. Avoid the autosave created when you open the chest.

Repeat this process until you get the Wand Handle you’re looking for at the Lower Hogsfield location. This is the second chest where you can find random Wand Handles in the game.

Wand Handle Hogwarts Legacy found.
The Wand Handle at Lower Hogsfield was found.

Other Wand Customizations

But Wand Handles aren’t the only things that you can customize about your Wands in Hogwarts Legacy. The game has allowed players to fully customize their own wands to their liking. There are tons of options for how you want to have your wands in the game. They can have different Styles, Wood Types, Lengths, Flexibility, and many more. It depends on you how you want to proceed with it.

We’ll discuss each of them individually so you know what you’re getting into. We’re hopeful that you will pick the perfect wand for yourself. Now, remember, these options, like the Wand Handles, are purely cosmetic customizations. The Size or other factors don’t matter at all. You’ll have the same performance with the Wand. It isn’t like that one is powerful with offensive magic and the other is good with defensive magic.

Selecting Wand

  • You can either complete a quiz on the official Wizarding World website or progress in the game until you reach the point where you receive your wand.
  • The quiz on the website helps determine your ideal wand based on your personality and preferences.

Wand Style

  • There are eight different wand styles to choose from.
  • These styles are purely cosmetic and don’t affect wand performance. Once chosen, you can’t change it.
  • Styles include Notched, Classic, Soft Spiral, Spiral, Stalk, Ringed, Crooked Spiral, and Natural.
Different Wand Style in Hogwarts Legacy.
[Image Credit: eXputer]

Wood Type

  • You can select the type of wood used in your wand’s creation.
  • Each wood type has unique properties in the Wizarding World, but in the game, it’s purely cosmetic.
  • Options include Acacia, Alder, Apple, Ash, Aspen, Beech, Blackthorn, Black Walnut, Cedar, Cherry, Chestnut, Cypress, Dogwood, Ebony, Elder, Elm, English Oak, Fir, Hawthorn, Hazel, Holly, Hornbeam, Larch, Laurel, Maple, Pear, Pine, Polar, Red Oak, Redwood, Rowan, Silver Lime, Spruce, Sycamore, Vine, Walnut, Willow, and Yew.
Wand customization in Hogwarts Legacy.
All Wand customizations. [Image Credit: eXputer]

Wand Length

  • Wand length options range from 9 ½ inches to 14 ½ inches, changing in quarter-inch increments.
  • Some wands can be even shorter or longer, but those are quite rare in the game.


  • Wand flexibility determines how well the wand responds to its owner.
  • Some wands are more flexible and adaptable, while others are unyielding.
  • In the game, wand flexibility is also cosmetic and doesn’t affect performance.


  • The core of the wand gives it its characteristics.
  • There are three core types available at Ollivanders: Unicorn Hair, Dragon Heartstring, and Phoenix Feather.
    Unicorn hair core.
    The Unicorn Hair core. [Image Credit: eXputer]
  • Each core has unique properties in the Wizarding World, but in the game, they are also purely cosmetic.
  • Unicorn Hair cores are known for producing consistent magic.
  • Dragon Heartstring cores are the most powerful and quick learners.
    Dragon Heartstring wand core.
    Wand Core is made of Dragon Heartstring.
  • Phoenix Feather cores are the rarest and capable of great magic but take time to master.
Phoenix feather wand core.
The Phoenix Feather wand core. [Image Credit: eXputer]

Final Words

Hogwarts Legacy brings a lot that was missing to the Harry Potter universe. It isn’t set during the time of Harry Potter, but still, there are tons of things that you can do. You can fly on your Brooms or get the Best Talents to become powerful. You can get these Talents, but you will have to face a Level Cap.

Anyways, there are tons of spells in the game. You can learn all of the Unforgivable Curses, such as Avada Kedavra, Crucio, and many more. Visit the Room of Requirement to get all that you need. Or check out our Beginners Guide to check if you’re missing anything. There are tons of activities that you can do in Hogwarts Legacy.

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