Hogwarts Legacy: Best Gold Farming Methods

Become rich, buy potions, legendary gear & whatever you fancy in Hogwarts Legacy by doing these money-farming methods.

A lot of great potions, ingredients, and high-tier gear comes at a high price in the game. That is why you’ll need Gold Galleons in large amounts, and the best methods of farming money will really help you out in your playthrough in Hogwarts Legacy. If you grind for gold galleons, then you’ll make things easier for yourself for the rest of the playthrough.

Key Takeaways
  • Gold Galleons make up the currency in Hogwarts Legacy, and you’ll need these in order to purchase almost anything in the game.
  • Most of the chests contain gold; however, only the Eyeball Chests will net you a hefty sum of gold galleons in the game.
  • Aside from chests, you can also sell old gear in your inventory to get gold galleons. Selling gear of higher rarity will get you more gold.
  • Gold can also be farmed once you unlock the Nab-Sack Spell and the Beast Vivarium in the Room of Requirement.
  • You can capture beasts at various beast dens and can sell the beasts at the price of 120 gold galleons each at the Brood and Peck Shop in Hogsmeade.
  • Beasts will respawn after a day passes in the game, and you can continuously farm the same beast den again and again.

Best Gold Farming Methods

Gold Galleons are usually obtained by opening up chests, but the amount obtained just isn’t enough. However, there are certain eyeball chests, as shown in the image above, that net you 500 gold galleons when you open one.

hogwarts legacy gold farming
The Eyeball Chests In The Game (Image Captured by Us)

But here’s the catch, you can’t open these chests until you’ve learned the Disillusionment spell in the game. That spell makes you invisible, and the eyeball on the chest won’t be able to track you, which will allow you to open up the chest to get a hefty sum of gold.

Opening up chests isn’t enough to fulfill your gold needs. So here are two great methods to farm gold in Hogwarts Legacy;

  • Farming And Selling Gear
  • Capturing And Selling Beasts

The second method is even more efficient, but it takes a while before you unlock the spells required to capture beasts in the game.

Farming And Selling Gear

currency in game
Selling Gear For Gold (Image Captured by eXputer)

You will come across a lot of new gear while progressing through Hogwarts Legacy and will quickly end up filling your inventory with Wizard Wear. When you obtain stronger gear to wear, then your old gear just takes up space in the inventory and doesn’t serve any purpose.

You can, however, sell this gear at the Wizardwear shop in Hogsmeade or any other shopkeeper, for that matter. Doing so will net you gold galleons in the game, and depending upon the rarity of the gear that you’re selling, you will get more galleons additionally. Legendary gear will get you the highest number of gold galleons upon selling.

Capturing And Selling Beasts

hogwarts legacy gold farming
The Nab-Sack In The Game (Image by eXputer)

The second method of farming gold galleons can’t be performed until you’ve obtained a certain spell in the game, and that spell is the Nab-Sack. This spell can only be obtained once you’ve unlocked a Beast Vivarium in the Room Of Requirement and have also completed The Elf, The Nab-Sack, and the Loom quest in the game.

Once you complete the quest mentioned above, you will get the Nab-Sack that you can use to capture various beasts around the world of Hogwarts Legacy. Capture beasts at a beast den so that you can entrap as many as you can.

hogwarts legacy gold farming
The Mooncalf Beast Den In The Game (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

Additionally, the beasts also respawn after a day passes in Hogwarts Legacy, so you can keep farming beast dens. The type of beast that you decide to farm depends on you, but we recommend farming at the location shown in the image above.

currency in game
Selling Captured Beasts For Gold (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Once you capture the beasts, you can sell them for 120 gold galleons each at the Brood and Peck Shop located in Hogsmeade. Capturing smaller beasts is extremely easy, and farming can be made even easier by utilizing spells like Leviosa.

This method of capturing beasts and selling them will make you rich in no time, but the only problem with farming beasts is that it unlocks later in the game and is not available in the beginning. 

Why Do You Need Gold

hogwarts legacy gold farming
Gold Needed To Purchase Gear (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

You will need gold galleons to purchase almost anything in the game. This includes the gear that you wear to increase your defense and the potions that you drink for healing and buffing yourself additionally.

All the recipes and ingredients that you need for potions are also purchased using gold. The same is the case with seeds that you need for plants. The Legendary Gear costs a lot in the game, and the farming methods will help you purchase such gear in no time!


Hogwarts Legacy is a next-gen magic game where you can live your life as a Wizard or a Witch at Hogwarts. You can cast various spells in the game as well, such as Bombarda, Glacius, and even Unforgivable Curses. Flying a Broom is also possible in the game, and there are specific Talents that boost your magic casts as well. Overall, the game is extremely fun, both for Harry Potter and Non Harry Potter fans additionally.

This concludes our guide on the Best Farming methods for Gold or Money in Hogwarts Legacy. We have entailed two of the best methods that’ll help you stack up Gold Galleons in no time. Then you will be able to purchase your favorite gear and potion ingredients in the game. We hope that the guide was helpful for your money farming in Hogwarts Legacy. Let us know what you think about Hogwarts Legacy in the comments below!


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