Hogwarts Legacy Eyeball Chests: All Locations & Unlock Guide

Be the Richest Wizard in All of the Hogwarts after learning to access these creepy Chests!

There are numerous amount of Eyeballs chests scattered around in Hogwarts Legacy. These chests hold great rewards for players who are clever enough to figure out a way to open them. However, you will have to sneak your way through this one to get to the treasure. It’s very simple and easy to open the chest once you learn this simple trick. Here are all the Eyeball chests in Hogwarts Legacy and how you unlock them.

Key Takeaways
  • Eyeball chests are located all over Hogwarts and Hogsmeade and waiting to be opened.
  • You can only open them once you have learned the Disillusionment Charm.
  • You learn the disillusionment spell in the ‘Secrets of the Restricted Section Mission’.
  • Apply the Disillusionment charm walk to an Eyeball Chest and simply interact with it to unlock it. 
  • Each Chest contains 500 coins which is a huge gold bonus and can make you rich early game. 

Unlocking Eyeball Chests

Unlocking Eyeball Chests Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy Unlocking Eyeball Chests- Image Captured by us

Eyeball chests can be a bit confusing for new players when they come across them in Hogwarts Legacy. They are very easy to locate, and you will find a bunch of them all around Hogwarts. You might encounter one of them while wandering the halls of Hogwarts and just can’t figure out how to open them we are here to help.

There is a certain Quest that you will need to complete before you are able to open these Chests. The symbol on the chest will give you a hint as to what that spell is.

Here are the locations for all the Eye Ball Chests: 

Chest NameLocation
Bell Tower CourtyardTop of the Bell Tower Courtyard, accessed via left stairs
Beasts ClassroomEnd of a narrow passage after the staircase in front of the room
Defense Against The Dark Arts TowerIn the corner of the hall down the right staircase
GreenhousesAt the end of a narrow path behind a tree
Hogwarts North ExitInside a tower room after heading left inside the courtyard
LibraryIn the basement of the library, accessed through a metal gate
Lower Grand StaircaseBehind a statue at the top of the stairs
Map ChamberIn a circular room at the top of the spiral staircase
Professor Fig’s ClassroomAt the end of a long narrow bathroom
Viaduct CourtyardAt the end of a narrow platform
Brood and PeckFront of the house opposite Brood and Peck shop
Brood & Peck BridgeNext to the bridge, one is across the street, the other below it
CemeteryBehind the tallest tomb on the left side of the cemetery
Dogweed & Deathcap ShopInside the shop, to the right of Mr. Thomas
Dervish & Banges shopInside the shop, to the right after entering
Hut Towards the EastAt the backside of the house located on the very right of the map
Magic Neep ShopBehind the house to the right of the Magic Neep Shop
South HogsmeadeBehind the house to the right of the South Hogsmeade Floo Flame
South Outskirts Of HogsmeadeNear the benches, facing Hogwarts
Tomes And Scrolls HousesBehind the houses, above the Tomes and Scrolls chest
Tomes And Scrolls shopInside the bedroom of Thomas Brown
West Hogmeades BridgeUnderneath the bridge, on the side of the West Hogmeades Floo Flame
West Hogmeades HouseBehind the house to the right of the West Hogmeades Floo Flame

Secrets Of The Restricted Section

Main Quest Secrets Of The Restricted Section
Hogwarts Legacy Secrets Of The Restricted Section – Screenshot Captured by eXputer

To open the Eyeball chest in Hogwarts Legacy, you must first complete the ‘Secrets of the Restricted Section’ Quest. The Quest Starts once you have learned Incendio from Professor Hecat. Once you have completed her assignment and learned the spell, make your way over to Professor Fig. He will suggest that you check out the restricted session of the library but he cannot accompany you at the moment. 

However, there is a new friend that will. Make your way over to Sebastian and talk to him once the Quest has started. He will help you sneak into the Restricted section of the library, so tag along with him. When you reach the Library, there are students and ghosts everywhere. They will be keeping an eye out for any mischievous students sneaking around. So to overcome this problem, you must learn the Disillusionment Charm. 

The Disillusionment Charm

Charm For Disillusionment
Hogwarts Legacy The Disillusionment Charm- Image by eXputer

The Disillusionment Charm is a pretty handy spell and can help you sneak past students, ghosts, and professors. However, it is not foolproof. You still need to distract them a bit. The spell won’t only help you Sneak Into the restricted section of the library but can be used to unlock the Eyeball Chest in Hogwarts Legacy and access the loot they keep inside. 

Once you find a find Eyeball chest, they will be staring you down. So you will need to step out of their line of sight once they can not see you cast the Disillusionment Charm and turn into ‘little more than a trick of the light.’ Once you are under the spell’s effects, sneak over to the chest, and it will be unable to notice you. Now simply interact with the Chest and unlock it. 

Eyeball Chest Rewards

Rewards For Eyeball Chest Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy Eyeball Chest Rewards- Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

Eyeball Chests all contain the same reward, but they are worth collecting. Unlike the smaller chest that hold small amounts of coin, collectibles, and gear, the Eyeball chests only have one Reward, and it is fixed. The loot inside the Eyeball chest in Hogwarts Legacy is 500 coins, and you will be receiving them each time you unlock a new chest. Considering the prices of items at Hogsmeade and the cost of some of the ingredients you will want to open as many of these as you can find. 

All Eyeball Chest Locations

Eyeball Chest Locations
Hogwarts Legacy All Eyeball Chest Locations – Image Captured by us

There are about 23 Eyeballs Chests in Hogwarts Legacy that you can unlock to get that hefty Gold Bonus. These Chests are not only present all over Hogwarts, but they can also be found placed all around Hogsmeade. You can cast Revelio, which is one of the first spells you learn in the game, to help you find them. Some of them might be blocked off by locked doors, so make sure you have the Alohomora spell learned to overcome these hurdles

Hogwarts Eyeball Chest Locations

All Eyeball Chest Locations In Hogwarts
Eyeball Chest Locations In Hogwarts- Image Captured by eXputer

There are 10 chests present inside the walls of Hogwarts. You can easily find them when doing the main quest and using Revelio around the School. We have listed all the locations of the Eyeball Chest located in Hogwarts Legacy. The Locations are named after the Floo Flames they are closest to. 

  • Bell Tower Courtyard
  • Beasts Classroom
  • Defense Against The Dark Arts Tower
  • Greenhouses
  • Hogwarts Noth Exit
  • Library
  • Lower Grand Staircase
  • Map Chamber
  • Professor Fig’s Classroom
  • Viaduct Courtyard

Bell Tower Courtyard

Eyeball Chest Bell Tower Courtyard
Hogwarts Legacy Bell Tower Courtyard – Image by eXputer

The Bell Tower chest will be pretty simple to locate if you follow these instructions carefully. Once you fast travel to the flame, there will be a staircase to your left, if you are facing away from the Floo Flame. Continue heading up the stairs. The path will lead you up the Bell tower and right to the Chest. Just don’t get distracted by any rooms on your way to the top. 

Beasts Classroom

Eyeball Chest Beasts Classroom
Hogwarts Legacy Beasts Classroom- Screenshot Grab: eXputer

There are two Floo flames you can use to get to this Eyeball chest in Hogwarts. However, the Beast Classroom one makes it quite simple to reach. Head up the staircase directly in front of the Floo flame. Once you reach the top, turn left, and you will find a narrow passage on the side of the building. The chest will be waiting at the end for you. 

Defense Against The Dark Arts Tower

Eyeball Chest Defense Against The Dark Arts Tower
Hogwarts Legacy Defense Against The Dark Arts Tower- Screenshot Captured by eXputer

Another Chest that will be easy to obtain is going to be the one located near the Defense Against The Dark Arts Tower Classroom Floo Flame. Head down the staircase to the right of the Floo Flame. Turn left past the whiny girl who keeps trying to get you to help her. The chest will be straight down the hall in the corner. You can cast the Disillusionment Charm once you get down the stair so the chest doesn’t see you coming. 


Eyeball Chest Greenhouses
Hogwarts Legacy Greenhouse- Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

One of the chests that will be quite easy to get to is the Eyeball chest location at the Greenhouse at Hogwarts Legacy. Once you have fast-traveled to the flame, head straight to the back of the room towards the tree. Head down the spiral staircase behind the tree. You will enter a narrow path and at the end of the path you will locate the Eyeball chest.

Hogwarts North Exit

Eyeball Chest Hogwarts North Exit
Hogwarts Legacy North Exit- Image Captured by us

Travel to the North Exit Floo flame however you won’t be leaving Hogwarts by heading back towards the school. Head towards the left inside the courtyard where you should see stairs leading you up towards the wall of Hogwarts. My your way up the stairs and turn left and head into the tower room. You can find the chest located in the room. Cast the disillusionment spell before entering so the chest doesn’t see you. 


Eyeball Chest Library
Hogwarts Legacy Library Chest- Image Captured by eXputer

One Eyeball chest will be located deep inside the basement of the library in Hogwarts. Head over to the Library Floo flame located in the Library Annex section of Hogwarts. Once you are there head towards the left past the spiral staircase.

You will encounter a metal gate, go through it, and head down the staircase present in the room. Continue heading left where you will locate another staircase that will lead you to the basement of the Library. Once you are in the room at the end of the staircase, cast Revelio and you will easily discover the chest. 

Lower Grand Staircase

Eyeball Chest Lower Grand Staircase
Hogwarts Legacy Lower Grand Staircase Chest- Image by eXputer

You can easily locate the Eyeball Chest near the Lower Grand Staircase. Head down the stairs once you have reached the Floo Flame. You will enter an open area at the bottom of the Stairs. Head up the Stairs on the left, where you will see a statue at the top. The Chest is located behind the statue; cast the Disillusionment Spell before you reach the top. That way, the Chest won’t be able to detect your presence. 

Map Chamber

Eyeball Chest Map Chambers
Hogwarts Legacy Map Chamber Chest – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

Fast travel to the top Map Chamber Floo Flame and look around. You will discover a staircase right next to the Floo Flame. Head up the spiral staircase until you head reached the top, where you will enter a circular room. You can cast Revelio or look around the pretty much empty room to discover the chest. It should be behind you once you reach the top of the Staircase.

Professor Fig’s Classroom

Eyeball Chest Professor Fig's Classroom
Hogwarts Legacy Professor Fig’s Classroom Chest- Screenshot Captured by eXputer

The easiest Eyeball chest to obtain on the list is going to be the one located near Professor Fig’s Floo Flame in Hogwarts Legacy. Once you have teleported to the Floo Flame, look to the door right next to the Floo Flame. The door will lead you into a long narrow Bathroom with multiple stalls. At the end of this room, below the window, will be the Eyeball Chest you seek. 

Viaduct Courtyard

Eyeball Chest Viaduct Courtyard
Hogwarts Legacy Viaduct Courtyard- Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

The Viaduct Courtyard Eyeball chest in Hogwarts Legacy is also easy to get to. Head up the stairs after fast traveling to the Viaduct Courtyard Floo Flame. Turn around and continue to head up on the second flight of stairs. Then head towards the building, where you will locate a staircase and area on the side of the School. The Chest will be waiting for you at the end of this Narrow platform. 

Hogsmeade Eyeball Chest Locations

All Eyeball Chests In Hogsmeade
Eyeball Chest Locations Hogsmeade- Image Captured by us

The wizarding School isn’t the only location where you can locate these bountiful chests. The Eyeball Chest can be found scattered all around Hogsmeade as well. So head over to the village and grab those treasures. The chest will be a little tricky to locate since there are not a lot of Floo flames present in the area. However, here are the locations of the Eyeball Chests in Hogsmeade.

  • Brood and Peck
  • Brood & Peck Bridge 
  • Cemetery
  • Dogweed & Deathcap Shop
  • Dervish and Banges shop
  • Hut Towards the East 
  • Magic Neep Shop
  • South Hogsmeade 
  • South Outskirts Of Hogsmeade 
  • Tomes And Scrolls Houses
  • Tomes And Scrolls shop
  • West Hogmeades Bridge 
  • West Hogmeades House

Brood & Peck

Eyeball Chest Brood And Peck
Hogsmeade Brood And Peck – Image Captured by eXputer

There is a Chest near the Brood and Peck shop however, it will not be inside the shop. Make your way to the shop and then look at the house opposite it. The chest will be located at the left front of the house. However, if you can not find it feel free to use Revelio to have an easier time finding the Eyeball Chests in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Brood & Peck Bridge 

Eyeball Chest Brood And Peck Bridge 
Hogsmeade Brood And Peck Bridge – Image by eXputer

There are actually two chests located right next to Brood and Peck. The first one will be right across the street, as previously mentioned. However, the second one will be a bit tricky. Face the Brood & Peck and look to the left. You will spot a Bridge; head down into the opening, which will be to the Right of the Bridge. Now you cast Revelio to locate the Chest that should be next to the bridge. 


Eyeball Chest Cemetery
Hogsmeade Cemetery- Screenshot Grab eXputer

There is a cemetery located near the Magic Neep Shop. You can follow the path to the right of the shop to the cemetery. Head inside the cemetery and look towards the left and look at the tallest Tomb. It will be the middle one, and you can head towards it and move to the back. There you will find another Eyeball Chest hiding in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Dogweed & Deathcap Shop

Eyeball Chest Dogweed And Deathcap Shop
Hogsmeade Dogweed And Deathcap Shop- Screenshot Captured by eXputer

The Dogweed & Deathcap Shop has a number of herds and seeds that you can acquire. However, the shop holds another treasure. One of the Eyeball chests is located inside the Dogweed & Deathcap Shop. You can mark the Shop on your map, then follow the path and head inside. Once inside, you can cast the Disillusionment Charm and access the Chest without any problems. 

Dervish & Banges shop

Eyeball Chest Dervish And Banges shop
Hogsmeade Dervish And Banges shop- Image Credit Copyright eXputer

This chest will be located inside the Dervish and Banges; however, the shop will not show up on the map. Although you can see Gladrag’s Wizardwear, so just head over to that and make your way over to Dervish & Banges, which will be right next door.  Just head inside the shop after casting the Disillusionment charm on yourself, so the chest does not spot you. The chest will be to your right.

Hut Towards the East 

Eyeball Chest Hut Towards the East
Hogsmeade Hut Towards the East – Image Captured by us

If you open the Hogmeades map, there will be a hut located to the very right of the map. There will be an Eyeball Chest Located near this Hut in Hogwarts Legacy. Just Head to the Hut and cast Revelio to locate the Chest quickly. The Chest will be at the backside of the house. 

Magic Neep Shop

Eyeball Chest Magic Neep
Hogsmeade Magic Neep Shop- Image Captured by eXputer

The Chest located near the Magic Neep Shop shop will not be inside the shop, so you will have to wander a look around a bit. Once you are at the shop, face away from the shop in the opposite direction. You will spot a house to your right. Walk near the house and cast Revelio, the Eyeball Chest will be located behind the house near a fence. 

South Hogsmeade 

Eyeball Chest South Hogsmeade 
Eyeball Chest South Hogsmeade – Image by eXputer

Fast travel to the South Hogsmeade Floo Flame. The chest is located behind the house to the right of the Floo Flame on the Map. Mark the area on your map. The Location will be a hustle to get to, so you will need the mini-map to guide you to the location. Also, use Revelio to help you understand the location of the Chest and how to get to reach it. 

South Outskirts Of Hogsmeade 

Eyeball Chest South Outskirts Of Hogsmeade 
Hogsmeade South Outskirts – Screenshot Grab: eXputer

The Chest furthest from Hogsmeade will be located on the South Outskirts of the village. The location can be a bit confusing; however, just make your way toward the bottom of the map, and you should see a platform with benches. From here, you can see the Hogwarts building in all its glory. Once you head up the stairs, look behind you to the right, and the chest should be there. 

Tomes And Scrolls Houses

Eyeball Chests Tomes And Scrolls Houses
Hogsmeade Tomes And Scrolls Houses- Screenshot Captured by eXputer

This will be located above the Tomes and Scrolls chest on the mini-map behind the houses. You can head up towards the houses and use Revelio to locate the chest. It will be quite easy since it is right in the open next to the houses, so it will be easy to spot.

Tomes And Scrolls shop

Eyeball CHestTomes And Scrolls shop
Hogsmeade Tomes And Scrolls shop – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

One of Eyeball Chests will be located inside the bedroom of Thomas Brown, who is the owner of the Tomes and Scrolls Shop. Luckily, his bedroom is inside the shop, so just head to Tomes and Scrolls and head inside. Walk Past Mr. Thomas and head towards his bedroom. This might be robbery, but you won’t get in trouble, so it might be fine. The chest is located to your left when you enter the room. 

West Hogmeades Bridge 

Eyeball Chest West Hogmeades Bridge 
Hogmeades West Bridge- Image Captured by us

Fast Travel to the West Hogmeades Floo Flame is located on the left side of the map. Once you are there, you will spot a bridge. You don’t need to cross it. Just make your way to the side of the Bridge and look underneath it. You will be able to spot the Chest Located there. The chest will spot you, so make sure to cast the Disillusionment charm to escape its watch. 

West Hogmeades House

Eyeball Chest West Hogmeades House
Hogmeades West House- Image Captured by eXputer

There is another chest located near the West Hogmeades Floo Flame. Face away from the floor flame, and you will notice a small set of stairs to your right. Go up the stairs and continue straight up the smaller set of stairs. There will be a house to your right. The chest is located behind the house; use Revelio to disclose its exact location. 

After learning how to open the Eyeball Chest in Hogwarts and all the Locations where you can find them you will be quite rich in the game. You can spend your money on a shiny new wand, Best Legendary Gear, or even the fastest Broomstick. If you feel like you need more gold, learn the Best Gold Farming Methods from our guide. 

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