Hogwarts Legacy PS1 Demake Trailer Is A Sight To Behold

The demake was made with the help of Unity 3D.

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  • Jackarte, a YouTuber known for developing demakes of modern games, has made the PS1 demake of the newly released Hogwarts Legacy’s trailer.
  • He did not demake the whole game but instead developed a PS1 version of the game’s trailer.
  • Just like his previous demakes, he used Unity 3D for the Hogwarts Legacy Demake.
  • Most of the fans were appreciative of Jackarte’s demake of the game’s trailer.

Remakes of older classic games have become a norm in the gaming industry. And with the development of next-gen consoles the remake market has expanded. But with that, a rather unknown part of the gaming industry exists as well where the 5th-gen console versions of recently released games are made, just like the one recently made for the newly released Hogwarts Legacy.

Those 5th-gen console remakes are more widely known as DEMAKES. In simpler words, a demake can be defined as a “remake of a modern game for older consoles.”

The Hogwarts Legacy demake was developed by a YouTuber known as Jackarte. He is known for making demakes of other popular games such as God of War Ragnarok and Resident Evil 8.

YouTube video

Just like his older demakes, Hogwarts Legacy Demake was also developed with Unity 3D. He did not demake the whole game, but rather he made a PS1 version of the game’s trailer.

And he did an extraordinary job at that because the trailer designed by him looks exactly like the trailer for the game from the late 90s.

It was also evident from the reaction of the fans. Jackarte also posted a side-by-side comparison video of both trailers. Which made the fans appreciate his effort even more. Some went as far as to say that they would prefer this over the original game.

But not everyone appreciated his work, as some called the trailer “lifeless” and said that older PS1 trailers were livelier than the one made by him.

YouTube video

Hogwarts Legacy has had a blockbuster release across all platforms. The game reached a peak of 807k concurrent players on Steam, beating games like Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 and Apex Legends making it one of the biggest single-player releases in history.

It has already become part of various online discourses, some of it is about in-game issues and some of it is related to out-of-the-game politics.

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For more on Hogwarts Legacy, watch our video preview of the game ahead.

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