Hogwarts Legacy Leech Juice (Locations, Purchasing, Uses)

Why be a leech in real life when you can instead get your hands on the Leech Juice in Hogwarts Legacy!

With its massive open-world gaming experience, Hogwarts Legacy allows players to wander around and encounter ingredients that allow them to form potions that can come in handy whenever they need to progress in the game. Players might need help figuring out how to get their hands on Hogwarts Legacy Leech Juice since it can be quite essential.

Key Highlights
  • Leech Juice In Hogwarts Legacy is mainly used in order to make the Maxima Potion or Thunderbrew
  • One of the locations where players can find Leech Juice is in Forbidden Forest, where players need to start by taking a right from the lamp, writing on a post that is on the left side, and a portrait on the right side. 
  • Another location is also in the Forbidden Forest area, where players need to head past a bridge that is arching, and then turn left, and go down the hill until they find the Leech Juice. 
  • In the Jackdaw’s Tomb area, there are a total of 3 leech juices that can be found by running past the large tree trunk, and then heading down until you encounter them. 
  • In the Lower Hogsfield area, players can turn around from the entrance of the town and see a lamp illuminating the wilderness in the distance whereby the leech juices can be encountered. 
  • Players can also purchase leech juice from J. Pippin’s Potions shop, which is located in Hogsmeade and is described to be a store that sells all kinds of potions as well as potion ingredients. 
  • Parry Pippins owns the J Pippin’s Potions store, and players can expect him to look like a middle-aged man. 
  • The leech juice is listed as the 6th ingredient from the list, and players need to spend 150 gold in order to purchase it. 
  • The Maxima Potion that is made from the Leech Juice is used to increase the player’s overall spell damage for a short period of time. 
  • The main benefit of knowing the locations for the Leech Juice is simply that players can fast-farm it. 

Leech Juice Locations

Leech Juice
Leech Juice (Image Credits Exputer)

First things first, before we find the easy way out, let’s discuss the potential locations where players can get Hogwarts Legacy Leech Juice

Forbidden Forest 

1st Location
1st Location (Image Credits Exputer)

One of the first places players might want to look at is the Forbidden Forest area. 

  • Whenever players open up the map, they can take note of the main city that is present infront of them which is presented to them in a 3D view. The city itself contains buildings and homes that players can explore around. 
  • If players zoom in a little bit more on the 3d map, they can see that there is another area they can follow beyond the city walls. 
  • Moving towards the northern end of the map allows players to see a green patch, after which a body of water also shows up on the map. 
  • Players want to scroll forward on the map until the water body finishes, and they can encounter another open green-land area. 
  • As you scroll just a little bit forward, you encounter your first patch of trees on the map, which are aligned in three trees, indicating a forest’s presence here. 
  • Right on top of the three trees on the map is a green symbol, and if players en dup hovering their icon over it, a small screen pops up in the bottom left of the screen. 

The screen indicates that the symbol is that of the Forbidden Forest, and below that, it has been described as being near the entrance of the Forbidden Forest, below which players can set their waypoint here too. 

  • A small way to know if you are identifying the correct symbol for the forbidden forest is that towards the left of the forbidden forest, there is a symbol for the Merlin Trail
  • The Merlin Trail has been described to be puzzles that have allegedly been created by Merlin, and players can set waypoints here, too, if they so wish to do so. 

Whenever players close the map, they should be in front of an area that is described a little something like this: 

  • In front of the player, there should be a small lamp that has been hung from a dead-tree trunk, and towards the left, there is a post with writing on it. These two items are placed toward the left side of the path. 
  • Towards the right side of the path is a stone structure with a framed portrait hung from it. And right in front of the portrait is a trail of a few yellow flowers placed a few feet away. 
  • The pathway cuts towards the player’s right side and players want to pan their camera to the right and start making their way past the stone ledge. 
  • As you do so, you can encounter an area full of nothing but bushes, and the bushes end up continuing for a few feet that the player needs to cross. 
  • Once you cross it, you can come close to a body of water, where players can typically learn how to get leech juice in Hogwarts Legacy
  • Right here, players can use their Revelio spell if they want to. After that, players want to keep going forward near the body of water.

One of the first leech juice pieces will be present about a foot away from where the water meets the land, and whenever players come close to it, they can interact with it by clicking on the collect button. 

  • Once players collect it, they can see the leech juice being picked up, stretched wide, and then it s added to their inventory. 
  • The second Hogwarts Legacy Leech Juice is present about a foot across from the first one, right beside a few larger stones, and as for the third one, it is present a few feet away from a dead tree branch that players can see being scattered right towards the grassy patch infront of the, 

If you start swimming closer toward the body of water, a few other leech juice pieces have been scattered around. One thing that players need to keep in mind is that leech juices will typically spawn near bodies of water

  • Once players are done swimming, they can use Revelio to highlight the location of the leech juice, and one will be placed about an inch from the actual water. 

Second Forbidden Forest Location 

2nd Location
2nd Location (Image Credits Exputer)

Another location where players can find the leech juices is once again in the Forbidden Forest area. 

  • Upon opening the map, players can scroll toward the northern end as they did before and see the symbol on their map. 
  • When the map has been closed, players should go off their trail at a location close to the original starting point we mentioned before. The older location started players by being close to a lamp, a portrait, and a post that had text written on it. 
  • This time, players want to be starting their trail by being a bit away from the lamp and portrait, almost until they appear too small to view in eh near distance. 
  • There should be a stone ledge that is present infront of you, which has a squared-off top, and the stone ledge continues to move to the right as it acts as a barrier and splits off the grass from the pavement. 

From here, if you look in the distance, there should be a path connecting you to your first location, and if you pan your camera towards the left, another pathway also starts from this intersection

  • Going down the path there should be small patches of grass going down the middle of the pathway, and right as the grass patch ends, there should be a stone ledge that is present towards the left and right sides of the pathway. 
  • The stone ledge meets in the middle to mark the start of a bridge. The bridge is a few feet long, curves up, and then goes back down in an arching way to help players cross the road easily. 
  • Start running up the bridge, and keep heading forth until you can see the end of the bridge. The same squared-off stone structures have marked the end of the bridge, and towards the left of the bridge, there is a grassy patch that is filled with bushes and flowers, while towards the right side of the bridge, there is a small bench, more flowers, and the path breaks off. 

Right towards the end of the bridge, players can use their Revelio spell to mark and highlight important items nearby. 

  • From the end of the bridges, players want to take a swift left turn, and as they enter the grassy patch, they will be able to take note of the white flowers and the purple bushes littering the broken-off pathway. 
  • Keep going through the flowers, go past the two white flower bunch placed right beside each other, and keep running down the hill until you hit a sandy/ muddy part of the path. 
  • If players see in the distance, a stream is running along the riverbank, while a few feet infront of the stream is a grass patch about 3-4 feet in width. 
  • Right in front of the grass, the muddy area starts, and three Hogwarts Legacy Leech Juices are present. 
  • Two leech juices are placed right beside each other, while the third one is a few inches ahead of the first two. 

Jackdaw’s Tomb Area 

3rd Location
3rd Location (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, let’s discuss in detail another location whereby players can learn how to get leech juice in Hogwarts Legacy

  • If players open their map and look at the main city towards the northern end, they can see the Forbidden Forest starting point we mentioned before, alongside which the Merlin Trails are also available. 
  • Above the Forbidden Forest icon, there are three more icons that are directly on top, one being placed towards the water body, one being placed near a few trees, and another paced right beside it. 
  • Ignoring those icons, players want to head further up and look at the icon presently running alongside the green symbol we mentioned before. 
  • Hovering over it, the icon should say Jackdaw’s Tomb, and right below it, it is described to be near the entrance to Jackdaw’s Tomb, which is also present in the Forbidden Forest area. At the same time, the Jackdaw’s Tomb itself is a mysterious cavern. 

Players want to start by being near a giant tree trunk with a grassy pathway leading down. 

Jackdaw's Tomb
Jackdaw’s Tomb (Image Credits Exputer)
  • From here, in the distance, players should be able to take note of the mysterious area lurking in the shadows. There is a blue light that is emerging from a distance. 
  • As you go past the large tree trunk, you can make your way down the hill, and you want to turn a bit to the right, whereby you are met with a larger plant that is currently growing. 
  • Right across from the plant, there is yet another one that is planted, and right across from the plant, there is a stone ledge that is present a few feet away from the plant. 
  • Towards the right of the stone ledge, there is a giant body of water that the players can encounter, and the body of water starts when you start heading down a few feet below the stone ledge. 
  • When you get close to the body of water, start using Revelio so that the items can be highlighted so that you don’t face difficulties trying to find the Leech Juice. 

One of the leech juice is placed on the actual water surface and at a distance of about one foot from the shore. If you go close up to it, you can interact with it and pick it up easily. 

  • Right beside the first one, there is a dead branch that is sinking to the bottom; thereby, the second leech juice is placed right on top of the dead branch on the water’s surface. 
  • As for the third one, if you pan your camera to the left, you can easily start running along the edge of the lake, about 10-15 feet away from the first two Hogwarts Legacy Leech Juices; you can see the third one too. 

Lower Hogsfield Area 

4th Location
4th Location (Image Credits Exputer)

Moving on, the next location that players can search around in for the Hogwarts Legacy Leech Juice is in the Lower Hogsfield Area. Lower Hodsfield has been described to be an area that is present in the countryside and is one of the closest hamlets that is towards Hogwarts. 

The citizens of the area ended up deicing on the name Hogsfield, which took inspiration from the Hogsmeade; however, in that era, there was also another area known as the Upper Hogsfield before the residents wanted the name Hogsfield there as well. Due to the situation, a compromise was brought about the region’s upper and lower Hogsfirled were created. 

  • While being in the area, you want to start by being at an area whereby you can see a longer fence line that runs across the middle of the path and marks the barrier where the Lower Hogsfield area starts. 
  • Right infront of the fences, there is a stone pathway that runs down for a few feet, and on either side of the pathway, players can take note of the white flowers that are put together in a bunch alongside there also being a few bushes. 
  • From here, players want to turn their camera around 180 degrees, and instead of heading to the actual village area, they want to look at the sight in front of them. 
  • Players can take note of the giant lake that is in front of them and the shore-side that is also present right infront. Towards the left side of the screen, there is also a giant street lamp that is illuminating the entire place, lest it remains in complete darkness. 
  • There is a wooden ramp that players can start running across from on the edge of the lake. 

Continue running along the wooden ramp until you can come towards a left turn in the wooden planks that end up revealing the planks to be connected to a dock

  • Right near the dock, hop off from the planks and head onto the grass, and use Revelio. And the leech juice will be highlighted for you. 
  • In order to get to it, players need to hop along the to get to the other side of shore and start running for a few hundred feet before they can come across a few stone ledges. 
  • The three leech juices are placed alongside a few stones that are on the edge of the lake. 
5th Location
5th Location (Image Credits Exputer)

Towards the edge of the beach, there are also a few other leech juices that players can acquire. 

Purchasing From J Pippin’s Potions

Hogsmeade Map
Hogsmeade Map (Image Credits Exputer)

If players want to go for an easier route, they can also go for purchasing the Hogwarts Legacy Leech Juice from the shop. 

J Pippin's Shop Map
J Pippin’s Shop Map (Image Credits Exputer)
  • Whenever players open up their map, they are able to hover over their icons to the Hogsmeade area, which is known to be the only all-wizarding village that is present in all of Britain. 
  • While hovering over the in-depth map of Hogsmeade, hover over the icon which looks like a small potion bottle, and the icon will display “J Pippin’s Potions,” which is an apothecary that is able to carry a plethora of potions as well as ingredients that can come in handy to get potions. 
  • Going into the stores, players can meet Parry Pippin, who is the owner of the establishment. 
Buying Leech Juice
Buying Leech Juice (Image Credits Exputer)

Whenever you interact with him, another screen pops up that showcases his shop icon towards the left side of the screen, and it also shows the logo “J. Pippin’s Potions” on the top, with there being potion recipes as well as ingredients that are sold here

  • The leech Juice will be the 6th ingredient from the list, and it is described to be a potion that can come in handy in order to make both the Thunderbrew as well as the Maxima Potion. 
  • The leech juice is available for purchase for 150 gold, 

When it comes to the maxima potion, players can use it in battle since it is a combat-type potion, and it takes a total of 30 seconds to brew it and allows players to have their spell damage enhanced for a short amount of time. 


And there we have it! All that players need to know about the Hogwarts Legacy Leech Juice, and with that, we will wrap up our guide! If players want to know where all the Gobstones are present, then you can check out our Hogwarts Legacy Gobstones Locations guide since it showcases all locations in detail! If you want to get your hands on the Diffindo Spell, then why not read up on our Hogwarts Legacy Diffindo guide!

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