Hogwarts Legacy Trailer Release Date May’ve Just Been Leaked

Hogwarts Legacy may be announced at the upcoming PlayStation event happening in a few days, as suggested by a former Lead Designer at Avalanche Software.

Avalanche Software’s upcoming action RPG, Hogwarts Legacy, has been in hot water for quite some time now. In February, a notable leaker named AccountNGT mentioned that β€œyou can 100% expect a new trailer in March” for Hogwarts Legacy. AccountNGT is responsible for many notorious leaks, including the title of Star Wars Eclipse before it was revealed. The claims made by AccountNGT were further strengthened by Nick, another notorious leaker on Twitter. Nick added that there would be a Playstation event in March. But, now we have just got the pinch of salt from the former Lead Designer at Avalanche Software, Troy Leavitt.

While replying to a tweet saying mentioning the Hogwarts Legacy trailer’s speculated release, Troy said that he is β€œneither confirming nor denying the rumor”. The tweet made by Troy sparked confusion among many fans, but it seems that Troy is hinting about the Hogwart Legacy trailer. Yesterday on SteamDB, playtesting was going on the new Warner Bros’ installment to the Batman series, Gotham Knights. All this leads to the anticipation of the rumored upcoming Playstation event, where we could see the Hogwart Legacy trailer, along with some updates on both Gotham Knights and God of War Ragnorak. 

Some people are skeptical about the former Avalanche Software Lead Designer due to his controversial videos on YouTube him resigning from the company as a result of them. There have been some misunderstandings about Troy’s leave from the Avalanche Software, but Troy cleared these in a 20-minute video titled β€œTo My Friends at Avalanche”. In the video, he reveals that he left Avalanche Software due to some family issues, and the company did not fire or tell him to leave due to the controversies. 

Based on all that information, the leaks on Twitter, and the rumored Playstation event happening this Thursday, we can assume that there is a chance that Sony will reveal the Hogwart Legacy trailer on March 10, 2022. Along with this, we can also expect the public beta or some updates on the new Gotham Knights. But again, these are just speculations and nothing more.

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