35 Best Hogwarts Legacy Easter Eggs [110+ Hours Experience]

Who knew that there would be so many tiny yet meaningful easter eggs in Hogwarts Legacy, did you?

The world of Harry Potter and the wizarding world is extremely vast and filled with many little details and things for one to discover. With such a deep lore to work with, it’s no surprise that Hogwarts Legacy makes many references to the book and movies and contains lots of Easter eggs for fans to find.

Not only are there Easter eggs that are related to the different books, but at times the game even references and provides Easter eggs to the things happening in the game as well. These are subtle things, such as objects hidden in the Room of Requirement, to more obvious things, like a figure of Snape. Regardless, here are many of the Easter eggs hidden throughout Hogwarts Legacy!

IMPORTANT: There will be many spoilers related to characters, places, and a few quests related to Hogwarts Legacy and even moments from the book and movies.

Key Takeaways
  • Hogwarts Legacy is filled with countless Easter Eggs from the books, movies, and Fantastic Beasts.
  • Choosing different houses unlocks exclusive moments like being rejected by the Fat Lady or sprayed with Vinegar in Gryffindor and Hufflepuff’s common rooms.
  • The Room of Requirement hides treasures like the Vanishing Cabinet, Snape’s Music Box, and a chess piece from the first Harry Potter movie.
  • Weasley references abound, from De-Gnoming to encountering the Weasley Twins in Hogsmeade.
  • Playful nods to Ron Weasley include the Transformation Spell icon and the side quest “Follow the Butterflies.”
  • Castle events range from Howler letters to armor sets having a feud and a secret toad room.
  • Movie references include the flying keys, Polyjuice Potion in the girl’s bathroom, the Chamber of Secrets, Goblet of Fire’s casket, and Voldemort’s Horcrux-making book.
  • Specific character Easter Eggs feature Hagrid’s hut, Buckbeak, Dumbledore’s portrait, nods to Newt Scamander, and more hidden gems waiting to be explored!

All Easter Eggs In Hogwarts Legacy

Here’s a complete list of all the Easter Eggs you can find while exploring Hogwarts and the areas surrounding it:

No.Easter EggDescription
1Fantastic BeastsUse Nab Sack To Tame Fantastic Beasts.
2Common RoomsYou can visit Hufflepuff, Gryffindor, Slytherin, and Ravenclaw Common Rooms
3Don't Tap The GlassSlytherin Room => Attack The Glass => A Giant Squid Hits The Glass With Its Tentacle
4Visiting Azkaban- Choose the Huffepuff House and get to visit the Azkaban Prison for a secret mission
5Snape Music BoxSearch the Room Of Requirement to find the music box that has a Professor Snape figure in it.
6The Vanishing CabinetThe Cabinet can be found in the Room Of Requirement
7Chess PiecesOne of the Human Sized chess pieces can be found in the Room Of Requirement
8Knight to H3In the mission Minding Your Own Business where there's a chess puzzle where Fastido says "Knight to H3"
9Chess GameA room with the animated chess board plays out a famous move known as Fool's Mate
10Umbridge's RulesYou can find a wall filled with Umbridge's Rules when you visit the Potions Class
11Cat PlatesUmbridge's office was decorated by Cat plates, you can use them by getting them through chests
12The Headmaster Of HogwartsPhineas Nigellus Black is part of the Black Family
13Mini Quidditch GameThe Mini Version of the Quidditch game can be found in Kogawa's Office
14Quidditch SimilaritiesDuring the flying class there's a cutscene that is completely identical to that shown in the movie
15Secrets Of The Darkest ArtsYou'll get access to a restricted area during a mission where you'll find the Secret Of The Dark Arts book
16Chamber Of SecretsThe chamber does exist in the game but you can't enter it
17Potion In Girl’s BathroomVisit the 2nd girl's floor bathroom. In the last cubicle you'll find cauldron with the Polyjuice potion inside
18Flying KeysA reference for the Flying keys is given here with the name Deadalian keys
19Rabbit HatHead to Professor Weasley's office to see the top hat with rabbit ears
20Goblet Of FireYou can find the casket that has the Goblet Of Fire in the Trophy Hall section
21Herbology AwardA Herbology Award can be seen in the corner of the trophy room
22De-GnomingLeander Prewett swung gnomes and threw them far away and the same way was used by Harry later
23Chasing The ButterfliesThe quest Follow The Butterflies is a reference to Ron not liking the spiders
24HowlerWalk around the hallway where you may come across a student listening to a howler
25Weasley TwinsIn Hogesmeade you can find a joke shop named Zonko's where you may come across two ginger
heads peaking
26Animal SweetsCandies that make you sound like different animals can be found in the Honkeydukes Candy Shop
27Rat Cup- The icon for the spell transformation spell which shows a cup with a rat's tail
- A field guide page that mentions a student who messed up the spell
28Gladrags WizardwearThe Gladrags Wizardwear shop in Hogesmaede is actually a shop that has been mentioned
in the harry potter novels
29Murdering Armor SetTwo armor sets close together can be found across Hogwarts occassionally one gets annoyed and beats the other one to pieces
30Werewolf Saga TapestriesThere's a room which is filled with werewolf lore where you can find a bunch of paintings
31Secret Toad Statue Room- From the south exit side of Hogwarts you'll find a inaccesible room above the stairs
- On the right side you'll find an interactable toad statue who helps you into the room
32Hagrid’s HutHagrid's hut can be found in the South side of hogwarts
33DragonsDragons can be found flying in the sky from time to time
34Mandrake And NifflerDuring the tutorial mission you can come across Mandrake and Niffler which are a reference to
the Fantastic Beasts Newt
35Homage To Richard HarrisYou can find a painting of Dumbledore while exploring the Grand Staircase

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

hogwarts legacy unicorn locations
Unicorn in the Vivarium [image by eXputer]
There is one very obvious Easter egg or even a parallel to Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them, which was released after the Harry Potter movies. During the main quests, you will eventually get to play the quest called “The Elf, the Nab-sack, and the Loom,” during which your character will get a magical bag known as the Nab-sack, which can allow you to tame creatures.

The creatures in question are actually many of the Fantastic Beasts. You can go around and find their dens spread throughout the lands near Hogwarts. Once you find a certain beast, you can tame them and set them free in a Vivarium in your Room of Requirement. The process is similar to how one would tame a Unicorn in the game.

You can even find one of the Fantastic Beasts in the form of a collectible statue. The Demiguise is a monkey-like creature and can become invisible. In the game, there are Demiguise Statues that also act similarly during the night and can be collected to unlock the Alohomora spell!

Entering Different House Common Rooms

The common room of Gryffindor.
Gryffindor’s Common Room.

You might recall that in the movies getting to some other house’s common room wasn’t quite easy. In fact, many times Harry and the gang had to use Polyjuice potion to even get near the common rooms. Well, the same is the case in the game, as you can’t visit another house’s common room if you don’t belong to it.

Not only that but there are actually interesting interactions in case you try entering the wrong common room.

  • For example, if you try entering the Hufflepuff common room, you will get sprayed with water from the barrels.
  • And, if you try entering the Gryffindor common room, the fat lady painting will have multiple dialogue options telling you to buzz off. A few of her iconic lines are “the password for today is; please go away,” and “you stay in your portrait, and I’ll stay in mine.”
  • However, the Ravenclaw and the Slytherin common rooms don’t have these types of interactions; they simply deny you access and nothing more.

Don’t Tap The Glass

hogwarts legacy all easter eggs
Squid Tentacle Shown on the Window of Slytherin Common Room [screenshot by eXputer]
The next Easter egg only applies to those who are in the Slytherin common room and was left in by the devs for those who like messing around with different things. As you might know, the Slytherin common room is underwater.

But, what you might not have known is that if you tap the glass by using your simple attack spell multiple times, a giant squid will slap the glass with its tentacle. You can even spot the tentacle just lurking outside the glass if you look outside the common room through free cam mode.

Visiting Azkaban

hogwarts legacy azkaban secret easter egg
Secret side mission for Hufflepuffs in which they can explore Azkaban [image by eXputer]
Talking about things that are specific to certain houses, most of the quests in the game are available for almost every house that you choose. But there is one secret mission that is only available if you decide to choose Hufflepuff as your house at the start. The secret mission lets you visit Azkaban prison and witness many things.

However, during the Azkaban mission, you’ll go up against the spooky Dementors and even see the Patronus spell in action. Additionally, you can explore the prison cells and even meet certain characters that you wouldn’t have otherwise.

Snape Music Box

hogwarts legacy snape easter egg
Snape music box comparison to actual Snape [image made by eXputer]
As you play through the main storyline in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll eventually get to explore the Room of Requirement. The room in the game is created almost identically to how it appeared in the movies and has a great amount of detail.

While exploring, you might come across a music box. But if you actually have a closer look at the tiny figurine that pops out, it is none other than Professor Severus Snape!

The Vanishing Cabinet

Vanishing Cabinet the Draco Malfoy uses later on [screenshot by eXputer]
If you may recall, in the sixth Harry Potter movie/book, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Draco Malfoy helps the Death Eaters enter Hogwarts through the Vanishing Cabinet. One part of the Cabinet was Hogwarts, whereas the other was in Borgin and Burkes.

Well, when you enter the Room of Requirement for the first time as part of the main quest line, you can actually spot the Vanishing Cabinet there. While you’re exploring the Room of Requirement and trying to look for Deek, you can look into a blocked-off area, and the Cabinet is just sitting right there.

Chess Pieces

hogwarts legacy easter eggs chess pieces
Human-sized chess pieces [captured by eXputer]
If you thought that you were done learning about Easter eggs in the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy, then you’re mistaken, as there is yet another great Easter egg in the room. One of the major scenes in the first movie, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, had the trio playing a game of chess with human-sized chess pieces.

These Chess Pieces actually destroy the other pieces when they are about to eliminate them, and eventually, Ron sacrifices himself so that Harry can get to the stone. One of these pieces can be spotted in the Room of Requirement, as shown in the image above.

Knight To H-3

all easter eggs in hogwarts legacy
Knight to H-3 move [image by us]
There is another Easter egg in Hogwarts related to the previous one that we mentioned. We talked about how Ron sacrifices himself near the end of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone so that Harry can proceed to find the Philosopher’s Stone and even confront Voldemort.

There is a reference to the exact move that Ron makes to sacrifice himself during an exclusive PlayStation mission known as “Minding Your Own Business” that takes place in a haunted Hogsmeade shop. During the mission, you’ll come across a chess puzzle, and Fastidio will say, “Knight to H-3.” That is the same move that Ron played.

Chess Game

chess game
Chessboard playing Fool’s mate [screenshots by eXputer]
Speaking of Chess, there’s a cool little Easter egg for those who love to play chess. Around the castle, you can find a chess board in one of the classrooms. The chess board is animated and plays out a game and resets after one side loses. And it goes on in an infinite loop.

The interesting thing about the board is that proper moves are being played on it. In fact, you can see one of the most iconic moves on the board, known as Fool’s Mate. It is the quickest way to checkmate someone in chess, and that is what is showcased on the chessboard.

Umbridge’s Rules

easter eggs in hogwarts legacy related to umbridge
Rule wall in potions classroom [screenshot by eXputer]
It’s safe to say that almost every Harry Potter fan remembers Umbridge, due to how annoying and hated she is among the Harry Potter community.

When she first appeared in Harry Potter and Order of the Phoenix, she made sure to make life a living hell for students of Hogwarts by introducing many rules that pretty much filled up an entire wall. Well, if you visit the Potions class, then there is actually a wall that makes a reference to all of those ridiculous rules that Umbridge created.

The rules in the game are relatively more reasonable, stating things like “No Magic in the Corridors,” “Brooms belong on the Pitch,” and even “Not all beasts make Good Pets,” with an image of a spider on the hanging. Perhaps a reference to Hagrid’s Aragog wolf spider or just giant spiders in general.

Cat Plates

While we’re already on the topic of Umbridge, you might recall that her office was decorated with lots of cat plates. You can get similar decorations for your Room of Requirement by acquiring the decoration pieces through chests.

The Headmaster Of Hogwarts

Headmaster Phineas Nigellus Black is shown in the family tree [image by eXputer]
Speaking of hated characters, does the new headmaster of Hogwarts seem odd to you? Phineas Nigellus Black, who is the headmaster in Hogwarts Legacy, is part of the Black family and is even mentioned in the movies. While talking about his family with Harry, Sirius Black shows him the family tree and makes comments about each of his members.

He says that Nigellus Black was the least popular headmaster in the history of Hogwarts. That doesn’t seem too surprising due to the way he acts in the game. You can even spot him on the family tree, as shown in the image above. 

Mini Quidditch Game

At the start of the game, the headmaster reveals that there will be no Quidditch during our year in Hogwarts due to an injury a year prior. That disappointed many fans as the flying broom mechanics are quite exceptional, and a mini-game mode for Quidditch would’ve been amazing, especially considering that the Quidditch field already exists on the map. 

However, there is a mini Easter egg where you can actually spot a game of Quidditch. A user on Twitter found a miniaturized version of the Quidditch field. It can be found in Kogawa’s Office, which is the same professor that taught us flying in the first place.

Quidditch Similarities

quidditch easter egg in hogwarts legacy
Movie Quidditch scene comparison with the game scene [screenshot by us]
Those who have seen Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and the Chamber of Secrets might’ve felt a bit of déjà vu while undergoing the flying class during the main quest. That is because the cinematic cutscene is made exactly like the scene from the movies.

The top-down look at the students with their brooms, the camerawork as the instructor walks past them, and the angle where the students are calling up the broom are almost identical to the ones from the movies.

Secrets Of The Darkest Arts

voldemort book
Secrets of the Darkest Arts book [screenshot by eXputer]
We all know that before Voldemort became all evil and went down his dark path, he was actually a student at Hogwarts named Tom Riddle. While studying at Hogwarts, he would explore the restricted section of the library. There, he found a book that eventually led him to learn about Horcruxes and create his own. Dumbledore later removes that book from the section.

Well, during a main mission, you get to sneak through the restricted section of the library with Sebastian Sallow. Along the way, you’ll come across a book that stands out from the rest. Interacting with it will prompt Sebastian to say, “Secrets of the Darkest Arts? I’m impressed.” That is the same book as the one that Voldemort used to learn about Horcruxes.

Chamber Of Secrets

hogwarts legacy chamber of secrets easter eggs
Chamber of Secrets [image by us]
If you joined Slytherin or were just casually exploring the bathrooms in Hogwarts, you might’ve wondered if the Chamber of Secrets is in the game or not. With a whole book/movie dedicated to the place, it is a major spot in the universe.

For those who don’t know, the Chamber of Secrets was a secret chamber created by Salazar Slytherin. The Chamber holds a Basilisk, which in the movies would target muggle-blood individuals due to the wishes of Salazar, and the orders of Voldemort.

Well, the Chamber does exist in the game. You cannot enter it, but you can find it in the game and even collect a field guide page about it. You can discover the page if you use Revealio right next to the Chamber.

Potion In Girl’s Bathroom

polyjuice potion attempt in the toilets [image by eXputer]
Speaking of the Chamber of Secrets, in the same book/movie, there is a part where Harry, Hermoine, and Ron are brewing a Polyjuice Potion.

They brew the potion in the girls’ bathroom, where Harry and Ron are successful with their attempts, but Hermoine ends up turning into a cat due to using the wrong hair in her potion. 

Well, if you head to the second-floor girl’s bathroom, next to Professor Fig’s classroom, and enter the last cubicle, you’ll actually spot a cauldron inside with what seems to be a Polyjuice potion inside. There are also books besides the cauldron. This is a clear nod toward the trio’s attempt at making the Polyjuice in the bathroom.

Flying Keys

hogwarts legacy flying keys easter egg
Flying Daedalian Keys [image by eXputer]
In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, you might remember a scene where Harry attempted to and successfully grab a key from a bunch of flying keys to open the door to get closer to the Philosopher’s Stone.

Well, there is a reference to those flying keys. In fact, an entire quest line and collectibles are dedicated to those flying keys, known as the Daedalian Keys. Collecting all of them will allow you to acquire House Tokens, which can ultimately be used to acquire house-specific robes.

Rabbit Hat

Top hat with rabbit ears in Professor Weasley’s office [screenshot by eXputer]
There’s a little Easter egg related to a minor detail that only the hardcore Harry Potter fans might remember. In Harry Potter and Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry heads to Diagon Alley. Over there, he comes across a rabbit who changes to a top hat and then back into a rabbit repeatedly. It is only mentioned in the book (not shown in the movies) and states, “and a fat white rabbit kept changing into a silk top hat and back again.”

If you head to Professor Weasley’s office, you’ll spot something in a glass jar near the door. As shown in the image above, it is a top hat with rabbit ears, which might be a reference to that rabbit. Or, it can even be a tribute to Alice in Wonderland; that’s up for you to decide.

Goblet Of Fire

Goblet of fire casket [screenshot by eXputer]
There is an entire Trophy Hall section in Hogwarts in Hogwarts Legacy. There are many things there, such as pieces of armor, awards, and various other trophies. But one thing you probably might not have expected to find is the casket that holds the Goblet of Fire.

In the movies, the Goblet of Fire reveals itself from its giant casket as the casket melts around it, revealing the main Goblet. That exact same casket can be found in the inner trophy room.

Herbology Award

Professor Garlic who got the Herbology award [captured by us]
While you’re already in the trophy room, you might notice that there is a Herbology Award placed on one of the corners of the trophy room. The award is for a seventh-year Hufflepuff student named Mirabel Garlic for her excellent performance working with Mandrakes and many other Herbology-related fields.

What’s interesting is that the same person goes on to become our Herbology professor in the game, and we take multiple classes and assignments from her such as acquiring Mallowsweet!


There are actually many references and Easter eggs related to the Weasleys in Hogwarts Legacy. One early Easter egg can be spotted while taking your first-ever Herbology class. You’ll get to meet Leander Prewett, who is an ancestor of Molly Weasley.

He’ll share his experience of de-gnoming, where he’d swing gnomes and spin them around before chucking them far away so that they wouldn’t find their way back to the gardens. This is actually something that Harry does as well while helping out the Weasleys in getting rid of gnomes from the garden. Interesting to see that it’s something that runs in the family.

Chasing The Butterflies

hogwarts legacy easter eggs
Follow the butterflies side quest reference to Ron Weasley [image by us]
The idea of going up against giant spiders sounds scary, even for talented wizards like Harry and Ron Weasley. In the second movie, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, while trying to figure out what was causing many of the students to get petrified. Harry and Ron decide to follow the spiders into the forbidden forest as they assume that it might be Aragog.

But Ron isn’t quite fond of the idea and asks why couldn’t they be following butterflies instead. The game references that line by through a side quest called “Follow the Butterflies,” which requires you to chase down a swarm of butterflies to the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest, where you’ll even find a chest for your troubles.


howler easter egg in hogwarts legacy
An instance of a student getting a howler letter in the Ravenclaw tower [screenshot by us]
It seems like the Weasleys can’t get a break because there is yet another Easter egg related to them in the game. You might recall that in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Molly Weasley gets upset at Ron for stealing the car, so she sends him a letter known as a Howler which expresses her anger and pretty much howls at Ron before being torn into pieces.

There isn’t any exact location of a student receiving a Howler, but if you just walk down the hallways or different areas in Hogwarts, you’ll eventually come across an unfortunate student who has to listen to the Howler out in the open.

One common location where you might get a chance to witness a Howler is in the Ravenclaw Tower, the same area where you can find a gobstone location.

Weasley Twins

hogwarts legacy weasley twins
Weasley twins’ easter egg in Hogwarts legacy [captured by us]
Do you remember the Weasley Twins? They had many iconic moments in the books and movies and were always there to lighten up the mood with their silly pranks. Eventually, they go on to create their own joke shop in Diagon Alley, known as Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes, where they sold items for such pranks.

In Hogsmeade, there are many shops, but surprisingly there is another joke shop named Zonko’s. And if you go around Zonko’s, there is a slight chance that you might notice two ginger twins trying to peek inside Zonko’s through the windows. You can even spot them doing other activities, such as playing catch or exploring the shop itself. The twins in the game are definitely a reference to the Weasley Twins from the books and movies.

Animal Sweets

Elephant on a bicycle sweet [screenshot by eXputer]
While we’re already on the topic of discussing silly pranks and activities, you might recall that in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, Harry and the gang are trying out a bunch of sweets in the Gryffindor Tower. These sweets let them sound like different animals, with Ron making a great impression of a lion. Well, there is actually an Easter egg related to that in Hogwarts Legacy.

You can find similar sweets in Hogwarts Legacy if you visit Honkeydukes Candy Shop. Look for the Elephant on a Bicycle poster. You can try out the candy right there and then, and your character will sound and stomp like an elephant. There’s also another candy in the same pile to make you sound like a monkey! The shop is filled with such silly candies that one can even let you breathe fire!

Rat Cup

transfiguration spell ron weasley easter egg hogwarts legacy
Transfiguration spell icon and field guide page [captured by us]
In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, Ron ends up breaking his wand while trying to get the flying car under control. The broken wand leads to many interesting scenes throughout the movie, and even in the end almost saves Harry and Ron from getting their memories wiped out.

But, during the Transfiguration class, when Ron tries to turn Scabbers, his pet rat, into a cup, the broken wand messes up the spell and causes partial transfiguration. There are two Easter eggs related to this one scene in Hogwarts Legacy. The most obvious one is the icon for the Transfiguration spell, also known as the Transformation Spell, which is a cup with a rat tail.

But you can also find a field guide page that mentions a second-year student (Ron was also in his second year during the event) who messed up a transfiguration spell. And if you look at the image, it is another cup with a rat tail, similar to the monstrosity that Ron came up with.

Gladrags Wizardwear

Glagrads Wizardwear shop location [image by eXputer]
Hogsmeade is taken right out of the Harry Potter universe, but of course, many new shops are added into the area for gameplay purposes. One of these shops is the Gladrags Wizardwear, where you can get all sorts of clothing items that can give you useful buffs, or you can even sell some of your old items to clear up your gear slots.

But what you might not have known is that the store actually exists in the Harry Potter books and is mentioned a few times in them. One of the most notable mentions of the story is during the Quidditch World Cup, where Gladrags Wizardwear is advertised during it.

Murdering Armor Set

hogwarts legacy murder armor easter egg
Two armor-set murder interactions [screenshot by us]
Similar to the Howler, there is yet another random event that can occur at almost any place in the castle. More specifically, it happens in cases where there are two pieces of armor standing next to each other. One of the armor is usually humming, and the other is grunting due to the annoying hum.

If you continue to go past these armor sets again and again at different times, there will eventually come the point where the annoyed armor set will reach its limit and start attacking the humming armor set over and over again until it is broken into multiple pieces. One location where you can find such an armor set is the Great Hall.

Werewolf Saga Tapestries

werewolf easter egg [screenshot by us]
We were introduced to Werewolves in Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Eventually, it was revealed that one of Harry’s closest professors, J.P Lupin was a werewolf himself.

There isn’t a direct reference to Lupin or the events of Prisoner of Azkaban, but there is a hidden room that talks about the lore of werewolves and even tells a sad story of a mother who got bit by a werewolf and became an outcast.

If you head to the Bell Tower Courtyard and go down the stairs to the left of the floo flame location, you’ll find a wall with a painting of a mother with her child with a red “K” symbol at the bottom.

The symbol is actually a door, and heading through it will reveal an entire room filled with werewolf lore. There are paintings on the wall, and if you use Lumos, the paintings will change and reveal the story of the mother.

Secret Toad Statue Room

hogwarts legacy toad room easter egg
Toad statue room [image by eXputer]
Speaking of hidden rooms that lead to interesting things, there is another door found in Hogwarts that has an interesting entrance. If you enter Hogwarts from the Hogwarts South Exit and then go up the stairs to your right, you’ll notice a door above the stairs that can’t be accessed. It is shown in the image above.

But, if you turn around and look to your right, you’ll actually find a toad statue that you can interact with. Once you interact with it, you’ll be teleported inside the room, and you can fully explore it. It contains old wand handles and even has a chest with a wand handle inside. Once you’re done exploring, you can simply exit through the door, and you’ll be back where you started.

Hagrid’s Hut

hogwarts legacy hagrid hut easter eggs
Hagrid’s Hut and its surroundings [screenshots by eXputer]
One of the most iconic places in the books and movies is Hagrid’s hut. The trio has been there countless times. So, while recreating Hogwarts and its surroundings, it’s no surprise that Hagrid’s hut was included in the game as well.

You can find Hagrid’s hut to the south of Hogwarts, opposite side to the Forbidden Forest, even though in the books, the hut is meant to be on the outskirts of the Forbidden Forest. Regardless, the hut seems almost identical, with even a pumpkin farm, as shown in the movies.


hogwarts legacy dragon easter eggs
Grass Dragon that breathes leaves [captured by us]
It wouldn’t be a wizarding game without the presence of dragons. Although the following is not an Easter egg or reference to any of the movies or books, it is still something neat that can be overlooked. In Hogwarts, and even in some outside areas, such as near certain landing platform locations, you can find a dragon made out of the grass. If you use spells on it, the dragon will breathe out pink leaves.

Not only that, but you can sometimes spot a dragon flying around on the map. Whenever you’re just checking the map or trying to fast travel to a certain floo flame, the dragon appears every now and then. Whether it’s really up there or not is something that is yet to be discovered.

Mandrake And Niffler

Mandrake and Niffler were spotted during tutorial sections and later on [captured by us]
There is a reference to Fantastic Beast’s Newt. As you might recall, his companions are a Niffler, Teddy, and a Pickett. And if you explore the game, you can find a niffler and a mandrake just hanging out together. If you have a look at the image above, the one on the left is the Mandrake and Niffler hanging out during the tutorial mission, whereas the one on the right can be spotted after a few missions in the game.

Homage To Richard Harris

dumbledore easter egg hogwarts legacy
Dumbledore portrait in the Grand Stairs [image by us]
The next Easter egg in Hogwarts Legacy is related to Richard Harris, who played Dumbledore in the first and second Harry Potter movies. He later passed away but was a well-respected actor and did a great job as Dumbledore.

During the time of Hogwarts Legacy, Dumbledore is alive, but not exactly in Hogwarts. However, you can find a portrait that heavily resembles the version of Dumbledore that he played, and many believe that might be a reference to, or even a homage to, the actor. The painting can be found as you explore the Grand Staircase.

There are certainly many easter eggs in Hogwarts Legacy. Many of these will be recognizable by those who have watched the movies, while others might get a better appreciation for them if they’ve read the books and even indulged themselves in spin-off series such as Fantastic Beasts. 

There are still many things that fans are finding throughout the game, so it’s likely that there are many other easter eggs that might not be part of the list. The game has a lot to offer such as traits to strengthen your character as they approach the level cap. You can also explore many areas in the game such as the Cairn Dungeons and ancient magic hotspots

But with that, you know about most of the major easter eggs in Hogwarts Legacy! There is certainly much to explore and uncover in the game. The game is packed with content and full of side quests and main quests that offer meaningful adventures and truly make you feel part of the wizarding world.

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Daniyal Sultan Malik

Daniyal is a Guides Writer and Editor at eXputer with over 1 year of content writing experience. He's had a passion for tech and gaming for more than 15 years. Ever since his first console, the PS2, he's constantly branching off to different genres, and his go-to at the moment is the Souls experience pioneered by FromSoftware, which is evident by his 1,500+ hours of game time on Elden Ring. You can learn some more about Daniyal's gaming journey on his Steam profile. Experience: 1+ Years || Education: Bachelor's in Computer Science || Published 100+ Guides || Mainly Covers Guides 

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