Hogwarts Legacy: Vivarium Upgrades [All Biomes]

It's time to create your own army of Thestrals in Hogwarts Legacy!

Among all the features and things to do around Hogwarts, the Vivarium has to be one of the safest places where you and your creatures can chill at. Here you’ll get to keep your creatures and look after them in Hogwarts Legacy.

Vivariums are placed inside the Room of Requirement, however, the Vivarium Biome you get at first will have a limited capacity which will eventually call for an upgrade. Hence, it’s essential to know how to Upgrade your Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy if you’re planning to house more creatures.

Key Takeaways
  • Vivariums in Hogwarts Legacy can only hold up to 4 Species and 12 Creatures, which eventually feel very less during the playthrough.
  • Fortunately, you can unlock new Vivariums in the Room of Requirements by completing Deek’s quests.
    • Forest Vivarium: Unlocked after completing “The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom” side quest.
    • Swamp Vivarium: Unlocked after completing the “Foal of the Dead” side quest.
    • Coastal Vivarium: Unlocked at the beginning of the “Plight of the House Elf” side quest.
    • Grassland Vivarium: Unlocked after completing the “Phoenix Rising” side quest.
  • By unlocking these Vivariums players will be able to host more species and creatures collectively.
  • The creatures in Vivarium will give you magical materials which can be used to upgrade gear in the Loom.

How To Upgrade The Vivarium In Hogwarts Legacy?

hogwarts legacy forest vivarium
Forest Vivarium [Image Credit: eXputer]
Here are all the Vivariums you can unlock and use in Hogwarts Legacy:

Biome NameCapacityHow To Unlock
Forest Vivarium- 4 Species
- 12 Creatures
Complete the Quest "The Elf, The Nab Sack, and the Loom"
Swamp Vivarium- 4 Species
- 12 Creatures
Complete the Quest "Foal Of The Dead"
Coastal Vivarium- 4 Species
- 12 Creatures
Complete the side quest " Plight Of The House Elf"
Grassland Vivarium- 4 Species
- 12 Creatures
Complete the side quest " Phoenix Rising"

In the Vivarium biome initially unlocked, you can only house 12 Creatures from 4 Species. Adding a fifth species to the Vivarium with 4 different ones is not possible, and the maximum number of Creatures in a single Vivarium is 12.

However, as you capture more creatures in Hogwarts Legacy, the initial capacity of 12 may become insufficient. To accommodate more creatures, you can unlock 3 additional Vivarium Biomes, each capable of holding 4 Species and 12 Creatures. With all the Vivarium Biomes, you can collectively host up to 16 Species and 48 Creatures.

Keep in mind that the capacity within a single Vivarium remains the same, but you can distribute creatures across multiple biomes. To unlock the Vivarium, you’ll first need to complete a quest from Professor Weasley, which becomes available after progressing further in the main storyline. Specifically, you must complete “The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom” quest with Deek, which unlocks after attending your first Beast Class in Hogwarts Legacy.

Forest Vivarium

how to unlock the vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy
First Vivarium (Forest biome) [Screenshot by eXputer]
The first biome you unlock for your creatures, after completing “The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom” quest, is the Forest Vivarium. In the quest, Deek will teach the player about the Nab-Sack along with its uses.

The house-elf will take the player to the outskirts of Hogwarts and teach them to catch different Creatures. After successfully capturing a Puffskein, Jobberknoll, and a Mooncalf you’ll be tasked to head back to the Room of Requirement.

nab sack hogwarts legacy
The Nab-Sack [Image Credit: eXputer]
After reaching the secret room, a new cutscene will begin, which will show the character summoning a Vivarium in the Room of Requirement. This first Vivarium will provide the player with a Forest Biome. Like every other Vivarium, here you will be able to deploy 4 Species and 12 Creatures in total. After releasing the first few creatures in your Vivarium, you will get a new task from Deek to feed and brush them. Doing so will yield you some valuable resources.

Before the quest ends, Deek will also familiarize the player with the Loom and how to use the creature resources on it. Nevertheless, the first Vivarium will be quite easy to unlock by simply following the steps of the “The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loom” quest. Unfortunately, after collecting a few more creatures, you will run out of space and will require another Vivarium of some sort. 

Swamp Vivarium

unlocking the swamp vivarium hogwarts legacy
The Swamp Vivarium [Image Credit: eXputer]
After you play through the main storyline and side quests for a while, you will run into a quest called “Foal of the Dead.” This quest will yet again be related to Deek, who can be found in Room of Requirement. By completing the quest players will unlock a whole new Swamp biome Vivarium and not only that but also the ability to Breed creatures inside the Vivarium using a breeding pen

So in conclusion, you won’t just be getting a new space for your Creatures but also the feature to let them breed and create offspring. Like the first Vivarium, the Swamp biome Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy will also have a limit of 4 Species and 12 Creatures

breeding pen in hogwarts legacy
Purchasing the Breeding Pen Spellcraft [Screenshot by eXputer]
During the “Foal of the Dead” quest you will be able to purchase the Breeding Pen Spellcraft from Tomes and Scrolls. It will cost you 1,000 coins. After getting the Spellcraft, you will need to rescue a male and a female Thestral for your new Vivarium. Once you return to Deek, a new Vivarium will conjure up inside the Room of Requirement. Therefore, increasing the collective capacity of creatures inside your Vivariums.

Once inside the Swamp Vivarium, you can use the Conjuration spell and build a Breeding Pen by using 15 Moonstones. After that open up your Nab-sack and release the Thestrals you caught earlier. Once you put the Thestrals inside the pen, you can then initiate the breeding process which will take about 30 minutes to complete. After that talk to Deek to finish the quest. 

With that, you will fully unlock the second Vivarium which will be able to host even more rescued creatures in the game. Apart from upgrading the Vivarium, it will also unlock the option to create Breeding Pens.

Coastal Vivarium

how to unlock the coastal vivarium
The Coastal Vivarium [Image Credit: eXputer]
The next Vivarium comes during another one of Deek’s side quests. However, the quest is totally unrelated to Vivariums and rescuing creatures themselves. Nevertheless, after you have played through “The High Keep” main quest, a new side quest will unlock titled “Plight of the House Elf“. During the quest, Deek will request you to visit the caves to check on his friend, another house-elf, called Tobbs.

side quest for coastal vivarium
Deek during Plight of the House Elf side-quest [Screenshot by eXputer]
Although, when you initiate the quest, the new Vivarium will get conjured up right away. Hence, there isn’t really anything else you need to do in order to unlock it. Just starting the side quest will be enough to have the new Coastal biome Vivarium upgrade unlocked in Hogwarts Legacy. Like every other Vivarium, the coastal biome will also be able to hold up to 4 different species and 12 creatures in total.

Other than that, you can conjure up the same items as the other two Vivariums. You can even place a Breeding Pen if you want!

Grassland Vivarium

how to get the grassland biome vivarium
The Grassland Vivarium [Image Credit: eXputer]
Believe it or not, but after a while, even 3 Vivariums won’t feel enough. Hence, you will undoubtedly wish for yet another Vivarium Upgrade. Fortunately, there is one more Deek’s side quest that players can take part in to unlock the final Vivarium Biome in Hogwarts Legacy. So to unlock the final Vivarium you will need to complete the “Phoenix Risingside quest given to you by Deek.

Although, it is worth mentioning that this quest will appear in the later stages of the game. Hence, get ready to put in some additional hours before you get the Grassland Biome Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy.

side quest for grassland vivarium
Deek during Phoenix Rising side-quest [Image Credit: eXputer]
In the Phoenix Rising quest, you will be sent out by Deek to rescue a Phoenix in the nearby mountains. The player will then need to tread into the caves within the mountains in order to get the Phoenix in their Nab-Sack.

After exploring the cave and fighting a bunch of Poachers and Scurriours, you will eventually reach the top of the mountain where you’ll find the majestic bird. Once you spot the Phoenix, simply walk up to it and pull out your Nab-Sack to rescue it and bring it back to the Room of Requirement. After coming back, a cutscene will begin where your character will release the Phoenix inside the room in front of Deek. The room will then conjure up a whole new Vivarium.

The Phoenix will head inside it, you can then follow to get your first look at the Grassland Biome Vivarium. The Grassland Vivarium will be the final upgrade and biome that can house new creatures. It has the same capacity as the others, which means you’ll be able to release 4 Species and 12 Creatures inside it. Nevertheless, by completing the “Phoenix Rising” side quest you will have all the Vivariums unlocked inside the Room of Requirement. 

How To Capture Beasts For Your Vivarium?

how to rescue creatures in Hogwarts Legacy
A Hippogriff inside a Vivarium [Screenshot by eXputer]
As we mentioned earlier, you can rescue all kinds of creatures using the Nab-Sack that Deek gives you during the “The Elf, the Nab-Sack, and the Loomside quest. Although rescuing beasts can be a little tricky, you will need to devise a specific strategy to get them. Players can use the Disillusionment ability to sneak up on the creatures so that they do not startle them while capturing them.

Other than that, you can also use Spells like Leviosa (to make the target levitate), Glacius (to freeze and immobilize the creature), or Arresto Momentum (to slow down the creature). After using these spells you can try using the Nab-Sack on some of the creatures. All in all, rescuing the creatures in the sack can be a bit tricky and requires patience. Especially for creatures like Unicorns, Thestrals, and Hippogriffs.

how to deploy creatures in hogwarts legacy
Releasing Creatures inside the Vivarium [Screenshot by eXputer]
After rescuing creatures, return to the Vivarium in the Room of Requirement to release them from your Nab-Sack. You can then interact with these creatures by feeding, petting, and grooming them. Additionally, once you’ve completed the “Foal of the Dead” quest, you’ll gain the ability to breed these creatures.

Here are some other important details to keep in mind about the Vivarium and creatures in Hogwarts Legacy:

  1. If your Nab-Sack is full and you don’t plan to deploy some of the creatures in the Vivarium, you can give them to Madam Peck at the ‘Brood and Peck’ shop in Hogsmeade. She will pay you for the creatures you bring to her shop.
  2. Creatures, when properly cared for through grooming and feeding, may occasionally provide you with valuable magical materials.
  3. These creature materials can be used to upgrade your clothing and gear in Hogwarts Legacy. You can perform these upgrades using the Enchanted Loom, which can be summoned within the Room of Requirement.

Wrap Up

With that, we’re going to call it a day! That was our full take on How you can upgrade the Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy. There isn’t any way to upgrade the initial capacity of the Vivariums, however, players can unlock new biomes that can eventually increase the collective capacity to home creatures in the Room of Requirement. By completing Deek’s side quest you can unlock the Forest, Swamp, Coastal, and Grassland Vivarium biomes.

Hogwarts Legacy has done a great job of providing an immersive wizard experience to its players. If you have just started Hogwarts Legacy then it’s worth going through the Beginner’s Guide. In Hogwarts and the lands that surround it, players will encounter many collectibles such as the Daedalian Keys, Demiguise Statues, and House Tokens. You should also know all the Best Talents and Wand Handles that you need to unlock along with the best Gold Farming methods in Hogwarts Legacy.

Thank you for reading through our detailed guide. For more informative guides related to Hogwarts Legacy make sure to drop by eXputer every now and then.

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