Hogwarts Legacy’s First Hour Gameplay And Flying Mini-Game Leaked

The upcoming wizard simulator suffers yet another massive leak.

Story Highlights

  • Hogwarts Legacy’s first hour and a plethora of other story and gameplay moments have seemingly leaked online. The leaks are spoiler-heavy and affirm many details ahead of the game’s release on February 10th.
  • The game’s first-hour leak features the introduction to the AAA Wizarding World universe alongside the tutorials and detailed character interactions. 
  • Another leak incorporates the flying mini-game, which will require the players to fly through a specific amount of rings spread through the sky and towns in the shortest time possible.
  • Other leaks include dungeon gameplay, combat with a dungeon boss, and more particulars spread throughout.

Hogwarts Legacy has recently felt the impact of yet another significant leak revealing nearly all of the first hour of gameplay moments. The latest find has also scooped many other intriguing particulars showing various features.

The long list of stellar leaks was shared by the Reddit user u/fainas1337, which also contains Hogwarts Legacy’s other new alluring findings like a flying mini-game, a dungeon and a boss, and much more. Nevertheless, the recent leaks will be full of spoilers and may affect the awaited story moments; view them at your discretion.

Hogwarts Legacy’s newly surfaced footage features almost the entirety of the first hour, showcasing the beginning of players’ chronicles. The 57-minute video is still up at the time of writing, and it is full of spoiler-heavy cutscenes and character interactions. The leaked video appears to have been recorded on a PlayStation 5.

Hogwarts Legacy's first hour footage showcases various early gameplay moments.
Hogwarts Legacy’s first-hour footage showcases various early gameplay moments.

Moreover, the first hour also features a tutorial, teaching the users how to scour the Wizarding World and will help them grasp the game mechanics alongside the necessary button layouts. For instance, you can learn spells that will let you levitate objects and interact with puzzles to solve them.

The leak also features the flying Quidditch mini-game in a short 2-minute video, but there is no Golden Snitch, as previously confirmed. The recording showcases the player riding a broom to participate in the mini-game to fly through various rings in the sky in the shortest time possible.

Hogwarts Legacy 2-minute video leak features the flying mini-game.
Hogwarts Legacy’s 2-minute video leak features the flying mini-game.

The time-based event also ventures through a town as the player sweeps through the required 22 rings.

Another 8-minute video gives an in-depth view of all the spells available in the menu inventory; the footage also explores the world map and reveals thrilling sites that can be traversed. It further seemingly takes a detailed look at the talent section, unveiling many sections where skill points can be invested to grow in Dark Arts.

Two other 20– and 8-minute videos focus on a dungeon and a boss fight, with the player fighting against the boss to give us a better look at the combat. The sign “your journey has ended” seemingly plays after the player meets their demise.

Hogwarts Legacy's leak reveals combat against a dungeon boss.
Hogwarts Legacy’s leak reveals combat against a dungeon boss.

There is also a goal asking the player to finish the battle without using the Wiggenweld potion, which would likely reward the player for completing it. The Reddit user also shared an alternative link featuring all the leaks at a single hub in case the others are taken down. Moreover, the user is also updating the leaks continuously.

Hogwarts Legacy story and gameplay leaks have appeared all over the internet in the last two days, causing a slew of details to be unveiled. The source of the exact leaker is unclear, but it has been shared via various forums like Reddit so far.

Most of the aforesaid leaked info has probably been captured in Hogwarts Legacy’s recent streams that started emerging yesterday. Multiple streamers on Twitch got access to the entry, resulting in hours of new footage to be revealed, with some streamers successfully playing the game for over 2 hours before any action was taken.

With its early access hardly a week away, the upcoming AAA Wizarding World experience has been all the hype in the gaming industry. Hogwarts Legacy is set for a global release on February 10th, but the deluxe and collector’s owners will get the game three days earlier to bask in all its glory.

What are your thoughts about WB‘s new Hogwarts Legacy suffering yet another major leak before its anticipated release? Do let us know your views in the comments below.

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