BEST Hogwarts Legacy Mods & How To Install

Customize your gameplay experience of Hogwarts Legacy using these 15 BEST Mods!

The best thing while playing games on PC is you can try community-made mods. The community has created mods for Hogwarts Legacy which adds much more upgrades to it. 

Key Takeaways
  • All listed mods of Hogwarts Legacy are uploaded in NexusMods.
  • Ascendio is one of the mods that fix the stutters and constant fps drops in Hogwarts Legacy.
  • Talent Reset Potion Mod gives you a potion that you can buy from J. Pippin’s potion store
  • Alohomora Mod unlocks everything in the game from clothes to spells & much more.
  • Autohomora Mod bypasses the unnecessary minigame & opens a locked door right away.
  • The Elder Wand Mod gives your wand the look of the most powerful wand in the wizarding world.
  • Facial Hair Mod adds facial hair to your character.
  • Arachnophobia Mod turns spiders into boxes to counter the fear of spiders.
  • Mouse Controls For Broom Mod gives you the ability to control your flight through the mouse.
  • UI Elements Toggler hides the clunky interface on your screen, so you can get a better view.
  • Free Fly Mod removes the restriction of flying in Hogsmeade and other areas.
  • Silencio Mod mutes the Floo Lady, so you won’t have to listen to her same dialogue again.
  • UnEquip Wand Mod allows you to holster your wand.
  • Vivarium Upgrado Mod allows you to rescue all animals and conjure anything in your Vivarium.
  • Mouse Gesture To Spell Mod allows you to cast up to 12 spells using the mouse. 
  • School Makeup Mod gives your character a refreshing look by applying makeup.


Mod Ascendio
Ascendio Mod – Fix FPS drops and Stutters

Despite Hogwarts Legacy’s successful launch, it still has performance issues. The Ascendio mod by Seifu is an FPS hotfix, which enhances the performance of Hogwarts Legacy. The game suffers from stuttering and heavy fps drops and since there is no official patch released, the Hogwarts Legacy community stood up to enhance the gaming experience for others with mods. 

The mod in Hogwarts Legacy focuses on improving the stuttering and fps drops by tweaking the engine and improving CPU-to-GPU communication. If you are experiencing constant fps drops and stutters in Hogwarts Legacy, this mod just might be for you.

Download Link: NexusMods

Talent Reset Potion

Mod Talent Reset Potion
Talent Reset Potion Mod

As the name suggests, this mod adds a potion in Hogwarts Legacy, which will reset your talents to zero and you can again build your talent structure. Since there are 48 Talents and only 35 Talent Points, it’s easy to miss out on the Best Talents in Hogwarts Legacy.

After installing the mod, you can buy the Talent Reset Potion from J. Pippin’s potion store or craft it after purchasing the recipe. If you have spent Talent Points thinking you will unlock every talent in the end, then this is your chance to look into mods in Hogwarts Legacy.

Download Link: NexusMods

Alohomora Mod

mod Alohomora
Alohomora Mod – Unlock Everything

It is a spell that unlocks the door; however, in this mod, it unlocks everything there is to be unlocked from the start in Hogwarts Legacy. This includes All Spells, Clothing Items, Wand Handles, Floo Flames, Conjuration Items, Gear Traits, Level 3 Broom Upgrade, and Talents Menu

However, you will have to start the game afresh. But it will be easy to catch because you will be so powerful. Though, it’s no fun getting too much buff at the start. Consider finishing the game first in a normal way.

Download Link: NexusMods


Alohomora (Image Credits Exputer)

This mod allows you to skip those annoying Alohomora minigames that you will have to deal with throughout the Hogwarts Legacy. It unlocks the door right after casting the spell just like in the Harry Potter movies. 

Download Link: NexusMods

The Elder Wand

Mod Elder Wand
Elder Wand Mod

Hogwarts Legacy allows you to customize your wand and even choose a wand at Ollivanders. However, there was one thing missing and that was the most powerful wand the wizarding world has ever seen, The Elder Wand. Of course, this mod only changes the look of your wand, it will still function like any other normal wand in Hogwarts Legacy.

Download Link: NexusMods

Facial Hair

Mod Facial Hair
Facial Hair Mod

Hogwarts Legacy certainly is based on teenage wizards and witches; however, the one thing it lacks in character customization is Facial Hair. Through this mod, you can add Facial Hair to your character. Just decide on one type of beard before downloading the mod. The beard will be replaced with the Mad Eye Goggles which you can find anywhere in the world of Hogwarts Legacy by opening chests and bags

Download Link: NexusMods


Mod Arachnophobia
Arachnophobia Mod

Spiders are a common fear in the world, and you will meet a lot of spiders in Hogwarts Legacy. Arachnophobia mod replaces those spiders with boxes. It’s a great mod to enjoy the game and still not trigger your anxiety seeing those big spiders crawling up to you.

Download Link: NexusMods

Mouse Controls For Broom

Hogwarts Legacy Mods Mouse Control For Broom
Mouse Control For Broom Mod

The default controls for the broom are not much pleasing, as you control the movement from the keyboard. This mod allows you to control the broom flight through the mouse leaving the awkward keyboard controls behind. It gives you better control over your flight but might take some time to get used to it if you have been playing with default controls for a while.

Download Link: NexusMods

UI Elements Toggler

UI Element Toggler Mods Hogwarts Legacy
UI Element Toggler Mod

Having a clunky interface during flight or exploring the world certainly isn’t pleasing. This mod lets you toggle the elements on your screen meaning you can hide whatever you want in your screen and get a beautiful scenario of Forbidden Forest, Hogsmeade, and Hogwarts. Moreover, you can also toggle enemy highlights, subtitles, some spell effects, and much more. This mod is for you if you want complete control over your screen.

Download Link: NexusMods

Free Fly Mod

Mods Hogwarts Legacy Free Fly
Free Fly Mod

It’s annoying when you have a huge barrier restricting you from the flight, and you have to walk to cover the distance. This mod fixes this problem in Hogwarts Legacy giving you complete control over the flying zones. However, for some reason, this mod doesn’t work sometimes when you have the minimap enabled, and the work is still in progress.

Download Link: NexusMods

Silencio – Floo Lady Silencer

Foo Flame [Screenshot by eXputer]
The Floo Lady never shuts up and always says the same dialogue whenever you use fast travel. This mod will mute the Floo Lady giving you peace of mind. 

Download Link: NexusMods

UnEquip Wand

Different Wand Style in Hogwarts Legacy.
[Image Credit: eXputer]
Most games offer you to unequip your weapon, however, in Hogwarts Legacy, you will have to wait till the game finally decides to holster the wand. With this mod, you have the control to holster your wand, and you will not have to run around with your wand in hand.

Download Link: NexusMods

Vivarium Upgrado

Mods Hogwarts Legacy Vivarium Upgrado
Vivarium Upgrado Mod

If you like the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy, then this mod will allow you to increase the limit of 4 beast species to 29 and the capacity from 12 to 99. Moreover, you can even rescue all animals i.e. cows, chickens, deer, and much more. This mod also lets you conjure anything in the Vivarium in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Download Link: NexusMods

Mouse Gesture To Spell

Just pressing a button to cast a spell? How about using a mouse gesture to cast a spell? This mod adds shortcuts and you can cast spells by moving your mouse left, right, up, and down. You can cast 12 spells using mouse gestures or you can create your own mouse gestures by editing the file, as the creator has instructed on the mod page. 

Download Link: NexusMods

School Makeup

School Makeup Mods Hogwarts Legacy
School Makeup Mod

Hogwarts Legacy offers rather dull character skins and there isn’t much customization to it. This mod gives you the preset that will apply makeup and even changes skin color tone. Moreover, the mod has presets for male characters as well and they are adding more. 

Download Link: NexusMods


Thanks to the community and the respective creator for creating these amazing mods for Hogwart Legacy. If you have completed and liked Hogwarts Legacy, find out about the 30 BEST Games Like Hogwarts Legacy

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