How To Unlock Transformation Spell In Hogwarts Legacy

From Muggle to Magical: Transformation is the ultimate Makeover Spell in Hogwarts Legacy!

Throughout the campaign of Hogwarts Legacy, you will find some interesting spells come up your way. One of those spells is the Transformation Spell which can be pretty fun to use. This particular spell will come in about 12 hours into the game so you have to wait patiently and grind a bit in order to get it.

The Transformation Spell will be unlocked after undergoing a series of tasks harder than the others In Hogwarts Legacy. So be patient with the process and enjoy the journey of unlocking the Transformation Spell in Hogwarts Legacy. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Transformation Spell turns your opponents into literal Barrels that you can throw at other enemies.
  • In order to unlock the Transformation Spell, you must complete Professor Weasley’s Assignment.
  • The First Field Page will be found in the Underground Harbour.
  • You will find the Second Field Page in the Library in Transfiguration Book.
  • Just answer the trivia quiz given by Sophronia Franklin, even at random.
  • The Transformation Spell is one of the Control Spells and can be really useful in battle.
  • You can upgrade the effect of the spell by adding the Transformation Mastery Talent. 

You can watch our video guide as well and learn how to get the Transformation spell in Hogwarts Legacy.

How To Unlock The Transformation Spell

How To Unlock The Transformation Spell In Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy; Unlocking Transformation Spell

The question of the Transformation Spell being Harry Potter canon is still something people are debating over Reddit. Other than that players are extremely fond of this particular spell due to its effect and charm that we will discuss later. But first, you must know how to completely unlock this spell in Hogwarts Legacy in the fastest and easiest way. The Transformation Spell will be unlocked when you complete Professor Weasley’s Assignment in Hogwarts Legacy. This is a Late game quest, so make sure you are past most of the quests already. 


A Dragon In Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy: Freed Dragon – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

There are some prerequisites to unlocking the Transformation Spell is a main quest known as the “Fire And Vice”. Since this is a main storyline quest you will definitely come across it and cannot possibly miss it. In this quest, you will help your friend Poppy discover a dragon egg. Yes, you heard right a dragon egg in Hogwarts Legacy. The exciting part about this quest is that you get to meet a dragon as well. You have to get to the poachers of this game with Poppy. Deep into the wilderness, you will find out the enemy poachers and the tent.

Use spells like Expelliarmus and Incendio against these poachers and try to defeat all of them. Use all of your best spells and even test them out on these poachers as they deserve it.  After that just enter the tent and see for yourself the majestic dragon in Hogwarts Legacy. You will definitely get goosebumps when you see it. It is a hidden dragon fighting ring that is being bet on by poachers. You must roam around and try to free the recently captured dragon.

You will come across a dragon egg to collect and then after using Bombarda and Glacius on some poachers, you must free the captured Dragon. After that, the dragon will be freed and the tent will be destroyed. After the Fire And Vice quest ends, Professor Weasley’s Assignment will be logged into your quest. Try to be on level 20 and above when you do come across the quest for unlocking the Transformation Spell since it is a requirement as well.  Now you can get onto the quest and unlock the Transformation Spell in Hogwarts Legacy.  

Professor Weasley’s Assignment 

Professor Weasley’s Assignment In Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy: Professor Weasley’s Assignment Logged – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

The assignment is pretty straightforward and direct and doesn’t really require much time to be completed. Just follow the steps we give in this guide, and you will surely unlock it fast and easily. The requirements for the assignment are really the same old stuff you need to do for Professor Weasley’s assignment. It is always finding something particular for her, so at this point in the game even you know how this goes.  So, there are about two conditions for Professor Weasley’s assignment.

  1. Collecting a Field Guide Page from the Underground Harbour.
  2. From the Book Of Transfiguration in the Library, you must retrieve a Field Guide page.  

It might sound too easy, but it can sure be tricky since you have to use a bunch of spells along the way. Commanding these spells at the right time may become hectic for you. Nonetheless, it will surely be fun roaming around the map to find the Underground Harbour and moving about in the library. 

Underground Harbour 

Underground Harbour In HL
Hogwarts Legacy: Underground Harbour – Image Captured by us

Finding the Underground Harbour is not particularly hard or something. You can simply just track it on your map and move about on the map. There shouldn’t be much problem in doing this but I do suggest trying to go to the Harbour by boat house traveling. It is a better experience, and you can see the beautiful waterfall beside the opening of the cave. The cave of course leads to the Underground Harbour. If you do choose to use the map tracking you will find a hidden elevator at the end of the track. 

Interact with the hidden elevator, and it will open up to you. Travel down and you will the beautiful Underground Harbour. Since it is a Harbour, it will have boats docked in lines. You must not get distracted here, so just quickly move toward the Fourth Dock and use Revelio. When you use Revelio, the Field Page will magically appear. You then combo it by using Accio, and the page will come toward you, and you can then keep it. 

The page will say how its located beneath the viaduct courtyard and is the landing for boats delivering the first-year students across the Black Lake to Hogwarts.  The first part of the assignment has now been completed, and you can move toward the second part of the assignment. 

There is an Eyeball Chest sitting around in the back of the dock, just waiting to be opened. Anytime you see such Eyeball chests just use the Disillusionment Charm and make yourself invisible. When you do that the eyeball won’t be able to see you, so when it can’t see you, you can easily open it up when you interact with it. The Eyeball chest will contain about 500 coins for you to collect. There are many rewards that can be retrieved from these kinds of chests. 


Library In HL
Hogwarts Legacy: Library – Image Captured by us

Now you must head back to Hogwarts and track the other part of the quest which is to find the Library. Open your map and track the quest like always and try to find the book of transfiguration. There will be a lot of bookshelves because well it’s a library…

Move towards the guided lines of the tracker, and you will eventually reach the desired area. Use Revelio. It won’t work. Yes, that is part of the quest. Bare with me. Once you use it the annoying Sophronia Franklin will act high and mighty and quiz you.

Sophronia’s Quiz 

Sophronia’s Quiz In HL
Hogwarts Legacy: Sophronia’s Quiz – Image Credit Copyright: eXputer

The quiz will consist of a series of questions that you need to answer. It is a sort of Trivia game inserted into the game by developers to trust your Potterheadedness if that is a word. You may know most of the answers too, but it won’t really matter if you answer right or wrong since she will give you the book anyway. But if you really want to answer all of the questions right, we can help with that. It’s okay we get your OCD. 

  • First Answer: Snidget 
  • Second Answer: Felix Felicis
  • Third Answer: The Deathly Hallows ( The sheer mention of it was chilling)
  • Fourth Answer: The Quaffle
  • Final Answer: False

After answering this series of questions, she will ask you to play another Trivia but just say no.  She will have put the book back on the pedestal so just use Revelio again with a combination of Accio. The Field Page will have transcribed how the Transfiguration Book is designed for the students who want to pursue the complicated Transfiguration Spells. and how Professor Weasley always suggests this book to her brightest student. Well, now you know who your favorite teacher is.

Transfiguration Class 

Transfiguration Class
Hogwarts Legacy: Transfiguration Class – Image Captured by us

Now all the tasks of the Assignments have been completed, and you must just attend the Transfiguration Class. You do have to attend this class in the morning, so have a good night’s sleep. Track the side quest again, and you will find yourself in the class of Transfiguration spell. Eventually, this class will lead you to unlock the Transfiguration Spells in Hogwarts Legacy. Once the Class is over, you must immediately talk to Professor Weasley.

Learning Transformation Spell

Learning the Transformation Spell In Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy: Learning Transformation Spell – [Image credit: eXputer]
After talking to Professor Weasley, she will teach you the Transformation Spell. Like learning every other spell in Hogwarts Legacy, you have to trace a symbol in order to unlock the Transformation Spell.  Along with that, you must press certain buttons at the right moment to get a boost. The Symbol is kind of like a smile line which is easy to trace.

Try not to get caught by the Red Streak and finish making up the symbol. Once completed, you will have unlocked the Transformation Spell in Hogwarts Legacy.  Practice the spell with the training bot and learn how to properly use it. Once you get the hang out of it you will be able to use it in battle. Make sure you have it on your go-to four spells all the time so that you can make some useful combo out of it as well. 

Uses Of Transformation Spell

Using The Transformation Spell in Hogwarts Legacy
Hogwarts Legacy: Using The Transformation Spell in Hogwarts Legacy – [Image credit: eXputer]
The Transformation spell can be pretty nifty in many situations and should be kept in your spell inventory at all times. It is a unique ability that lets you turn your enemies into barrels. Yes, objectifying at its peak.  This ability allows you to really set back enemies and toss them around like they’re literally dark wizards. You can even use this barrel-turned enemy to be thrown at the other enemies for extra damage. Once you do, the transformed enemy will be back to its original form. 

There are special talents that can be added to your transformation to make it even more lethal. Applying this will help literally triple the damage cast by this spell. The talent is known as the Transformation Mastery and can be purchased at level 22 and above only. Once you unlock it you can turn the barrel to turn the enemy into explosives. It will become an exploding barrel that can be thrown at multiple enemies to either finish them off or deal a heavy amount of damage. It can become pretty handy when fighting an array of enemies. 

The Transformation Spell can be really helpful in many situations that can come along in Hogwarts Legacy and its why it is why considered one of the best in the game. So you must have it unlocked as early as you can so that you can have fun with it on the battlefield.

There are multiple layers to this spell as well. Did you know that you can turn a dark wizard who has just turned into an Anamagus back to his human form? It will save you a lot of time trust me. You must have your combinations set with this spell as it can improve your battle attacks greatly. 

Type Of Spell

The Transformation Spell Talent
Hogwarts Legacy: The Transformation Spell Talent – [Image credit: eXputer]
Every spell in the game has been classified into categories so that they can be identified. There are 7 of these categories Control Spells, Damage Spells, Essential Spells, Force Spells, Transfiguration Spells, Unforgivable Curses, and Utility Spells.  The Transformation Spell is classified as a Control Spell as it of course, literally controls and changes their form. You can notice each of the control spells has a change in formation or change in control for the enemy. These spells can prove to be incredibly powerful if you use them in the right instances. 

The other control spells are Glacius, Levioso, and Arresto Momentum. You must pair them with more of the damaging side spells in the game. You can always use Confringo or Diffindo with it to bring out most of the spells. One spell that you can use and is incredibly fun to play with is the Avada Kedavra. Don’t worry no dementors are going to come after you. Once you throw the barrel at someone, finish them with the curse spell and see how funny it is when they die off. 

Okay, it does take a Dark turn, but come on, we all wanted to do it. Just make sure you are using combos with the spell and good ones that double the damage with it. You have to play around and figure out yourself too how which one fits best with your Transformation Spell. Until then just keep playing the campaign and find out the many different spells and curses available in the game just for you. 

Wrap Up

So now you know everything about unlocking the Transformation Spell; if you read the written instructions carefully, you will unlock the spell quickly and easily. At the end of it all, unlocking the spell will be worth it. If you also want to know about unlocking spells like Crucio, Wingardrium Leviosa, Depluso, Alohomora, and Flipendo.

You must also know the locations of Gobstone, Unicorns, Daedalian Keys, Dark Arts Battle Arena, and Leech Juice in the game. Most of the quests and puzzles in Hogwarts Legacy, like The Bridge Puzzle, The Bell Tower Puzzle, In The Shadow Of Time, Arthimancy Puzzles, and The Room Of Requirement, is a little tricky to solve. But we have made it easy for you to understand how to solve them.  


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