Keiichiro Toyama Opens Up About Gravity Rush’s Future

He showed interest in making another Gravity Rush and bringing the series to PC as well.

Keiichiro Toyama, the director of Gravity Rush, has shown interest in making another installment in a greatly adored series. Keiichiro won the hearts of horror-genre enthusiasts. He is remembered for elevating the survival horror title, the Silent Hill series, to the moon. Undoubtedly, his works shook the horror genre by its core.

Toyama is now working on Slitterhead with his newly founded Bokeh Game Studio. The game was initially revealed at the game awards 2021. The recently found studio sees Keiichiro Toyama jump back into his area of expertise. The director is returning to the horror genre that revivified his calling. He appeared in an interview on a fan site, where he answered much-anticipated questions.

Keiichiro Toyama’s Appearance In An Interview

Conversing to a fan site Gravity Rush Central to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the initial title, Toyama was questioned if he would like to work on a new Gravity Rush game if offered a shot. He also went on to make more vital points. 

The Gravity Rush series has been a critical success; it’s still well played with a thriving and booming community. When Keiichiro was asked whether he would work with sony to make another installment in the series, he went on to note, “There are various things to bear in mind as a start-up, but on a personal level I obviously would like to. Even if it weren’t a new game, if there is an opportunity for me to be involved with anything related, I would be grateful to do so.

Toyama has also displayed curiosity in porting the Gravity Rush series to PC. When asked, he noted, “I think it would be a good thing to open the game up to more users. It would also be wonderful if Gravity Rush 2 ran on 60fps.” Regarding the unexplored territory of PC players, it’s no surprise that Gravity Rush would gain a wholly new community if it were to arrive on PC. It boasts a large fanbase on consoles even after half a decennium.

Once, the director chewed over wanting to bring Gravity Rush 2 into the world of VR. However, when asked about it in the interview, he talked about the reasoning behind why the ambition was abandoned. “We had run tests. The frame rate was low, so it was far from any comfortable experience… Even so, the feeling of entering this other world was touching. Due to the nature of the game being a gravity-controlling action, we had hit a brick wall in terms of sustaining a high frame rate for VR.”

The veteran developer, Toyama left Sony a year ago on good terms; he wanted to keep crafting titles according to his imaginative vision. Talking about his new studio, he commented “There certainly is a fear in having to deal with any kind of problems all by ourselves, however up to this point, there hasn’t been an instance like that, and I am enjoying being in a free environment and how we are able to make decisions instantly.”

Although the chances of a new Gravity Rush installment appear slim, it’s not like we are not getting any goodies from Toyama. We are familiar with his title, Slitterhead, in the works. When asked about it, he emphasized that the gameplay will be “action-focused.” However, the game will also merge elements from other titles like the Gravity Rush series and Silent Hill. What are your thoughts about this interview? Let us know in the comments below!

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