CS2: How To Change FOV Settings [All Presets]

Here is how you change the FOV settings in CS2 according to your personal preferences and as presets if you are a beginner.

FOV settings are visual-based settings that let you choose your desired perspective type in-game. FOV stands for Field Of View, and the right type of FOV depends on individual playstyles. These settings let you decide whether you want a more sniper focused or a wide range-based display to see all angles and positioning of enemies. FOV can impact your gameplay heavily, so the first step towards it should be to know how to change FOV in CS2

Key Takeaways
  • There are two ways you can change CS2 FOV settings.
  • One is through pre-sets from the Viewmodel Position, and the second is through Console Commands.
  • There are three pre-sets that you can choose from in settings.
  • You can change the FOV points through Console Commands ranging from 54 to 68.
  • 54 is the lowest and the closest, while 64 is the highest and farthest away you can keep the end of the gun.
  • The right FOV settings depend on your personal preference by changing and testing each FOV point.

How Do You Change FOV Settings?

How Do You Change FOV Settings In CS2
CS2: How To Select FOV Pre-sets – [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
There are two basic ways of changing FOV settings: one is through console commands, and the other is the basic presets you can choose from the settings menu.

As far as the FOV settings go, they extremely depend on your type of playstyle. If you are a sniper, you might want to go for a wider display so that you go for no-scopes and quick-scopes. 

In order to change your FOV, you can easily head over to the settings menu of CS2. From there, click on the search bar, which will universally have the “Magnifying Glass” icon. From there, search “view” and the setting “Viewmodel Position.” You can manually access it from the Game Tab in Settings.

There will be three available pre-sets that you can choose according to your personal preference:

1. Desktop

Desktop Preset In game
CS2: Desktop Default – [Image credit: eXputer]
The first pre-set that you will encounter is the Desktop Pre-set. It is a default setting that comes in CS2, which sets your weapon more towards the center equator of the screen. The pre-set pushes the end of the weapon a bit further away from you compared to the other FOV settings. It is the max that the end of the weapon stays away from you, revealing your character’s forearm elongated as well. 

  • It is for those who want a wider field of view for better accuracy.
  • The Desktop Pre-set helps pinpoint enemies in the corner of your screen much quicker.
  • The preset is designed for the original weapon positioning and FOV Viewmodel Position setting that veteran Counter-Strike players use.
  • If you want to have your eyes all over the place and spot each corner, the Desktop Pre-set is for you.

2. Classic

Classic Preset In Game
CS2: Classic Preset – [Image Credit Copyright: eXputer]
For the second pre-set in these settings, you will have the Classic Pre-set with you. Based on my experience, the Classic pushes your weapon to the corner of the screen a bit. It allows you to see more of the middle part area and place the Crosshair much easier and quicker at opponents.

  • You can have a more focused gameplay toward the middle of the screen.
  • If you aren’t distracted by the Counter-Strike’s unnatural gun positioning, the FOV is definitely for you.
  • It is the clearest view of the battle that the presets can give.

3. Couch

Couch Preset In Game
CS2: Couch Preset – [Image by eXputer]
The final pre-set you can pick from the Viewmodel Position settings is the Couch. The Couch sort of lifts up your weapon and closes in the gap between you and your weapon. It allows the sides of the screen to be more useful and open up more. The up-close view can help you drill the targets further away much easier by closing the gap just a little bit.

  • Tracing opponents farther away from you can be a little bit easier now.
  • The preset lets you see enemies pull up on you from either side of the screen better.
  • No-scope shots are made much easier due to the zoomed-in display.

Changing FOV Through Console Commands

FOV Change By Console Commands
CS2: Changing FOV Through Console Commands – [Image credit: eXputer]
Important: Always note down or just remember the previous number of command settings you choose for the FOV so you don’t forget, or else you will have to start again from a point.

These presets are for those players who dont require all the minor controls over their field of view and just want to pick a playstyle. You can manually change the minor points of these FOV settings through in-game Console Commands. These commands will help you choose the exact FOV you want without settling for any pre-set number. 

Prerequisite: You must first make sure that the “Enable Developer Console” setting is turned on from the Game Tab in settings.
  1. The main key to open the mainframe console will be the Tilda “~,” or it could be any other key you set it to from the keybinds.
  2. A pop area to enter mainframe console commands will open up.
  3. Enter the code “viewmodel_fov X” and instead of adding X, choose a number ranging from 54 to 68.
  4. 54 is the lowest point your gun sits at, which keeps the weapon up close to you.
  5. 68 gives you the highest FOV, keeping the end of the weapon farthest from you as possible.
  6. Other commands like “viewmodel_offset_x”, “viewmodel_offset_y” and “viewmodel_offset_z” select how high up and far away your weapon stands. 
  7. In order to find the correct setting point for you, test out each of the setting numbers for yourself.

So, this is how you change your FOV settings in CS2 without going through much trouble. Based on my opinion, it all depends on your personal preference and how you want to run things in the battle. Whatever the case, make sure you are current about the Best Weapons Skins In CS2 currently.


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