How To Get Better At CS2? [15 Tips & Tricks]

Check out some top-notch tips that will make you a better CS2 Player!

Since Counter-Strike Global Offensive got its upgrade to Counter-Strike 2, the game has seen a spike in player traffic. Apart from that, we all know how competitive CS2 can be, with so many E-sports teams and players. To keep up with the experienced players of the game, you need a guide and a roadmap to become a pro in CS2. So, start taking notes, as we’re going to point out many aspects that will teach you how to get better in CS2.

Key Takeaways
  • There are plenty of pointers that players can keep in mind to become better at CS2.
  • A few of these include:
    1. Being consistent and not giving up is key to becoming a better CS2 player.
    2. Your mental state determines your gameplay so play in a relaxing and chill mood.
    3. Practice your aiming using workshop maps such as Aimbot and playing Deathmatch FFA.
    4. Creating your own crosshair will be another great idea to improve your aim.
    5. Try different video and graphics settings and stick to the one you are most comfortable with.
    6. Learning quick movement techniques and strafing while keeping your aim precisely at the head of the opponent.

Summary of all the tips to get better at CS2: 

Don't Quit Too SoonRaging, inconsistency, and losing hope are some of the things to stay away from
Set Your PrioritiesIf going pro is your goal then you should give the game atleast 10+ hours per day
Practice As Much As You CanPractice makes perfect. Smart practice is also the key here
Crosshair PlacementAlways be ready to aim at the enemies head
Choose Your Gears And In-game SettingsChoose your gear and the game settings and stay commited to them
Learn Spray PatternsGet comfortable with their fire rate, recoil, and spray patterns
Improve Your MovementWatch how Pro Players apply movement in their game and learn from there
Decide Your In-game Style & Role- Choose between 1 of the 4 main roles in CS2 and stick with them which are:
- Entry Fragger (Difficult To Master)
- Assaulter (Requires Little Practice To Master)
- Awper (Requires Little Practice To Master)
- Lurker (Difficult To Master)
Watch Pro Streams & Tournaments- Watching Pro Players and Tournaments is an easy way to learn new things
about the game and how it should be played on a Pro level
- It will take time to implement but it'll all be worth it in the end
Use Throwables Wisely- Molotovs, Smokes, Flashbangs, and Grenades are different kinds of throwable
- Get to know which one to use in a particular scenario
Learn How To Use Utility- Learn to make use of different utilities as they can prove to be a game changer
Buy Smart- Learn to not just buy the heaviest weapon
- Buy a balanced amount of weaponry that has utilities and defuse kits
Use The Right Equipment - Have the right gear.
- Choose weapons based on the distance against the enemy
Communicate Effectively- Communication is really important in CS2 as it's a team game and not a solo
Explore Every Map- Explore all the maps to get the know how of each map
- Positions, Peeking Spots and much more

1. Don’t Quit Too Soon

I feel like this is the first and the most important part of the whole process of getting better at any FPS game. CS2 isn’t all about technique and skill. Your gameplay depends on your mental state as well: Losing hope, quitting too soon, raging, and being inconsistent are the few things that are the main obstacles for anyone who wants to get better at this game.

Setting a calm mood before playing the game is going to benefit you a lot. Take the game seriously, play the game when you’ve finished and accomplished all of your daily chores, homework, work, or any sort of thing.

2. Set Your Priorities

To pursue the skill level of professional players, you’ll have to give a lot of time to CS2. The game is solely based on experience, and experience is gained over time, not by taking a shortcut.

If you’re planning to go pro and you want to play on the big stages competitively, you’ll have to dedicate at least twelve hours out of the twenty-four hours of your day.

3.Practice As Much As You Can

counter strike 2 practice
CS2 Practice [Image by Us]
Practice makes perfect, that’s right because practicing your way through the game is the best way to get better. However, there are some specific ways of practice that boost your skill exceedingly. We’re going to mention all of the adequate practicing methods that are going to make you a better player in no time.

  • Getting comfortable with the weapons.
  • Smart usage of grenades and smokes.
  • Creating your own crosshair.
  • Actively communicating with your teammates.

Practicing and mastering these pointers will surely make you a better CS2 player!

4. Crosshair Placement

crosshair cs2
CS2 Crosshair placement [Screenshot by: eXputer]
When practicing your aim you should also focus on crosshair placement. Crosshair placement is a cornerstone of success in CS2. It directly impacts on your aiming and shooting accuracy. You should practice that your crosshair is always positioned at head level and pre-aimed at common enemy entry points.

  • Minimize crosshair travel for a split-second headshot advantage.
  • Anticipate enemy movements, and position crosshair where their head might appear.

Mastering requires dedication, practice, and understanding of game mechanics. It transforms gameplay and optimizes accuracy for skillful plays in CS2 matches.

5. Choose Your Gears And In-game Settings

settings in counter strike 2
CS2 Settings [Image by Us]
There are no limits when it comes to this matter, you can play with any game CS2 setting and gear you like but the main point here is the same as I mentioned above, Stick to a specific set of gears and in-game video settings, Go ahead and try all display resolutions.

Also, try playing on the lowest settings because almost all of the pro players play CS2 on low settings but in the end, everyone is comfortable with their own preference. All in all, you can also learn about CS2 Best Settings to get a good start on the game.

6. Learn Spray Patterns

counter strike 2 ak47 spray patterns
CS2 AK-47 Spray Patterns [Image by Us]
In CS2, don’t always choose a new weapon every new game, instead pick one that you are comfortable with and learn how to use it. You should know the weapon’s fire rate and how to deal with recoil. The best way to improve your aim is by understanding the spray patterns.

  • Learn each gun’s unique spray pattern for improved accuracy.
  • Practice in-game or use aim trainers for different training environments.
  • Emphasize consistency, progress may be slow initially, but patience and hard work will ultimately make you control spray patterns a lot better in CS2.

7. Improve Your Movement

Movement is one of the most crucial aspects of CS2, particularly when you are playing the game competitively. Since the game is fast-paced and demands quick responses, it is vital that you learn the game’s movement techniques and discover how to strafe by blasting your WASD keys and aiming at the same time.

Almost all of the professional players in CS2 are impossible to kill just because they know how to move and dodge your spray. In order to learn this, play with good players or watch pro players and adapt their gaming style.

8. Decide Your In-game Style & Role

This is one of the main factors of the road map you have to follow, In CS2, there are four main roles:

  • Entry Fragger: An entry fragger is the one who opens a specific site by getting the first kill. (This role is difficult to master) 
  • Assaulter: An assaulter is the one who constantly assaults and raises hell on the battleground and kills anyone who comes in its site. (This role can be mastered with a little practice)
  • Awper: An awper is the one who plays with the AWP (Sniper Rifle) and takes the distant kills; as an AWP-shot is a one-shot kill, an awper can be deadly and vulnerable at the same time because of the low bullet count. (This role is fairly easy to adapt)
  • Lurker: A lurker is the one who backstabs the opponents by annihilating them from a different position, while the opponents are busy with the others on a specific spot on the map, the lurker has a lot of advantages to kill and give backup from a different position. However, Lurking needs a lot of experience as you are alone in this role. (This role is very difficult to master)

Until now you must’ve decided your role, so stick with it and keep practicing on it no matter how salty teammates you get or if you lose every game. Losing is a part of success.

9. Watch Pro Streams & Tournaments

Watch CS2 Tournaments

This is an obvious and the most effective way to gain skills. But, implementing it is not so easy, in order to go pro you’ll have to be patient and calm. Watch pro player’s gameplay and tournament plays adapt them and improvise. Make your own private server and learn them.

10. Use Throwables Wisely

Throwables in CS2 [Image by Us]
Once you have familiarized yourself with each map you get an idea of the optimal locations for deploying throwables be it grenades, Molotovs, smokes, or flashbangs. Throwables are very important and one should habitually use them in-game, they do give you a competitive edge in the game. They are quick and sometimes unpredictable and give you an upper hand in the game. 

Each throwable is different, you should know which fits best in which scenario and is the most beneficial in your game. One of the important things is to communicate with your teammates when using any throwable as they can affect their game too. 

11. Learn How To Use Utility

counter strike 2 utility
CS2 Utilities [Image by Us]
Using grenades, flashes, molotovs, and smokes is the best way to get the advantage of the game and destroy your enemy completely. Practice and learn the trajectory of the different utilities and implement them in competitive matches. This ability can be mastered over time only, so be patient.

12. Buy Smart

cs2 buy station
Counter Strike 2 buying station [Screenshot by: eXputer]
In CS2, managing the economy is one of the main factors, don’t just buy the heaviest weapon if you have the money. Buy adequate weaponry with utilities and defuse kits (If on the CT side).

13. Use The Right Equipment 

cs2 smart plays
Strategic Plays [Image by Us]

In CS2, having the right gear is key, and knowing the maps is crucial. Weapons perform differently based on engagement distances, so it’s important to assess the situation. For short distances, opt for an SMG or shotgun, while mid to long distances call for an assault rifle or sniper. Matching your weapon to the battle distance enhances your effectiveness in the game.

The in-game economy dictates buying strategies you should balance weapons, armor, and utilities while considering team finances. Weapon attachments such as scopes and silencers and utilities like grenades, Molotovs, flashbangs, etc. influence battlefield controls.

14. Communicate Effectively

In the fast-paced game of CS2, effective teamwork can be the deciding factor in your victory or defeat. Clear communication is very important when in a game. Strategizing before the game and communicating and sharing info throughout the game are very important. 

You should share every piece of information you have with your teammates and should inform them before making any move for instance planting the bomb or rushing towards the enemies. The teammates should know if you dealt or received any damage. Concise and relevant communication does enhance teamwork.

`5. Explore Every Map

maps in counter strike 2
CS2 Maps [Screenshot by: eXputer]
If you’re new to CS2, go ahead and load all of the active duty cycle maps in offline mode and learn the positions of the maps to give callouts to your teammates. Also, try to understand the peeking spots of every map in order to be extra efficient in the battleground.

Hopefully, with all of these basic aspects and points, you can improve your game significantly. Always remember getting better in CS2 is not easy and it is a long-term process. Be patient, set your goals, and work your way to the top of the game.

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