How to get better at Rocket League

It's never too late to get good at a game

There is a lot of competition out there in the realm of Rocket League, The limit to enter Rocket League is low, but establishing the game down once you start is an exertion. Matches are short, fast-paced, and addictive. Once you start picking up the initial quirks of the game, you’ll get obsessed with Rocket League and as long as you play constantly you’ll get better too. If you wish to get good at Rocket League, the very first steps are to stop trying so hard and not forget to have fun.

Key Takeaways
  • Master basic and complex driving mechanics such as ball control, shooting, jumping, and ground climbing through training and practicing.
  • Get into training assembly and spend some time there before hopping into a multiplayer or competitive game
  • Try different camera settings in practice mode and set the camera according to your personal preference.
  • Rotate timely and accurately and pay attention to enemy team rotations to maximize your goal-scoring chances.
  • Make use of the handbrake, which is an underrated and beneficial mechanic which can lead to unexpected goals, in your favor.
  • Instead of chasing the ball all time, fall back to defense in a situation where your teammate can score from a better angle.
  • Defense is the key to winning in Rocket League so practice playing as a defender or a goalie.
  • Play with familiar teammates to increase your game sense and cooperation which will lead to improvement in team play.
  • Make good use of boosts and the ‘lunge forward’ mechanic which are both important mechanics to reach the top speed.
  • Learn basic skills and mechanics first instead of trying hard to learn difficult and complex skills such as air dribbles and aerials.
  • Ignore toxic players you meet in matches and make use of the report player tool when their behavior worsens.
  • Choose your vehicle wisely according to your playstyle and preference because every vehicle has different attributes and stats.

Below are some of the tips that will help you escalate the ranks of Rocket League.

Train Yourself 

In every game, preparation, training, and discipline are a must. And in Rocket League there’s absolutely no exception. Aside from the central driving mechanics – the game emphasizes other factors that include jumping, scoring, ground climbing- are considerably difficult to master. Since these elements are essential for winning, it is highly advised you give the in-game practice and training assembly a run before you get into the actual multiplayer part of the game. This is a very important Rocket League tip and every player should follow this.

Training Arena

Give Extra Time To Aerial Training and Ball Control

Spending a few minutes in the training before going into your competitive mode is always a good idea, try the routine of practice we’ve attached below in the video for your ease:

Tweak your camera settings

Before you hit the arena, invest your time in practice mode not only getting chummy with the mechanics of the game but also setting up your camera. You can adjust the distance of the camera from your car, your field of view, the angle of the camera and much etc. All of these things will alter what you can see in-game. And each and every person has a somewhat separate preference for how it should look. The more you can see, the better your game will be.

Camera Settings

Rotation is the key

When you’re a novice rising star in Rocket League, positioning is the most critical thing to pay attention to. It may appear like everyone is storming after the ball flat-out all the time — it feels like pure mayhem for a time.

But once you play the game for a while, you may begin to discern a pattern, appropriately called “rotating.”

When you and your teammates are accurately rotating — whether you’re in a 2v2, 3v3 or 4v4 situation — the goal should never be disregarded. When one or two players advance up for an attack, one should remain back on defense. This becomes extra complex when you’re playing 2v2, but you’re obligated to adopt the same policy to make sure someone is always keeping an eye on your goal.

Training Arena

The handbrake is a very useful function

A handbrake is a mechanism you should use as much as you use the boost and jumping function. It provides you to drift and whisk your car around instantly to get into position, and it’s helped me score a lot of unexpected goals. Get bold with it and use it to your favor.

Training Arena

 Chasing the ball won’t get you anywhere

Your intuition will advise you to strike the ball anytime it comes close to you. It occurs, and sometimes your senses just take over. In several cases, you will discover that it’s your turn to fall back and defend. Even if it’s not, falling back to defend is commonly the reliable and better choice.

Even if you’re accurately rotating and you’re going behind the ball, your teammate may have a better angle. Instead of both crashing the ball, back off and let your teammate with the better angle go for the strike. Usually, sometimes, this will let them set up a conforming pass and maybe even earn you an easy goal.

The philosophy of “leaving the ball” is a worthy lesson to learn.

Casual Match

Defense is Key

If you have ever observed or played sports games in real life, you would have presumably heard the term “Attack is the best defense.” Well, this is certainly accurate when it comes to a game like Rocket League. If you intend to win games after games, it is necessary that you practice playing as a defender or more importantly, as a goalie.

We’re saying this because scoring a goal is easy and everyone can score goals. But protecting them is the skill you need to vanquish. With this strategy you can save a lot of goals and talk about saving goals, an additional pro tip for you is to always go for freeing the ball rather than boost. All in all, staying defensive is key to winning games. This is the most genuine Rocket League tip we can give you.

Play with a mate

Playing with a teammate who’s skill set is similar to yours is one of the best things you can do to increase your game sense in Rocket League. Whether you queue for ranked or casual matches. Not only will this lower the chances of one of you rage quitting when things get unfortunate, but you will also learn to predict each other’s moves much better than some random teammate.

This alone will increase your odds of winning.

When queueing without a teammate, you venture of getting paired with teammates who are still disconcerted from their last loss, in a bad mood or who don’t know how to rotate accurately. And it doesn’t just have to be one of those things. Everyone’s play style is varied, and being able to read your own teammate and expect their next move will go a long way toward your own improvement.

Team Game

Keep the boost

Boost is a valuable source in Rocket League. Even though it restores quickly, you will often find yourself without any, coping to get back and defend your goal with the help of the boost.

Preferably, using boost all the time, you can “lunge forward” by pressing the joystick forward and double-pressing the jump button. If you do this several times, you can reach the corresponding top speed as you can with boost.

Learn to use both effectively in various situations to decrease the number of times you get stuck without the boost.

Stealing boost from opponents is also a solid strategy, so long as you’re not going out of your way or breaking rotation to do so.

Don’t get too worried about aerials and air dribbles

As you rank up by time, you will face players in competitive matches that take to the sky to catch the ball. You’ll also observe them taking the ball up the wall, bounce off and “air dribble” sliding into the goal. It adds a whole new factor to the game as you rank up and begin playing with higher-skilled players.

Both of these are skills that will take a lot of training and devotion. Being capable of boosting in the air to hit the ball is something anyone who hopes to improve at Rocket League should learn. But don’t get too snagged upon learning these skills early on — just get the basics down first.\

Training Arena

Ignore the toxic opponents

You will find toxic players in almost every match of Rocket League, both in ranked and unranked matches. You can’t do much about a teammate who enters the game already tilted, short of not battling them and sticking to the game plan. But if things intensify, you can always use the report tool and just hope for a better game next time.

The genuine tip here is to pay attention to your own behavior.  Some sarcastic “What a save!” messages in active chat won’t usually tip the scales. But it’s easy to get absorbed into the toxic minefield — even I struggle with it at times. When I notice myself getting heated, it’s normally followed by some down-ranks and even more terrible play. It’s sufficient to just walk away or disable chat altogether.

Vehicles Aren’t Just Cosmetic Items

Rocket League comes stuffed with quite a large roster of vehicles, ranging from sports cars to trucks. You might believe that these cars are only there for cosmetic fancy reasons, but that is not the case. The cars available in the game have mixed hitboxes, turning speeds and boosting capabilities.

Hence, with each car – you choose to play – you will have to grow up with a different strategy. Therefore, it is recommended to check out different vehicles and see which one you are most comfortable with. This is an additional Rocket League tip, no player would ever tell you.

Car Cosmetics

Good Luck!

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