The BEST Rocket League Camera Settings [FOV, Distance, Height]

By utilizing the best camera settings in rocket league we'll provide, you can ensure that you're always playing at your best.

In matches where keeping your eye on the ball and every player around you is the name of the game, camera settings can and will determine whether you end up winning or losing. It’s integral to know that you can change the Rocket League camera settings to improve visibility.

Key Takeaways

A quick rundown of the Rocket League camera settings:

  • I recommend turning off the camera shake-off to avoid getting disoriented.
  • keep 270-280 distance from your car.
  • The field of view should be set up to the maximum, which is 110.
  • Height should be adjusted to 110, the same as the field of view.

Best Camera Settings In Rocket League

If you want to gain a real competitive advantage and bring your Rocket League game to the next level, following the camera settings listed here will bring you exactly that, outlining the ideal settings to keep for PS4/PS5, PC, Xbox One/Xbox Series X and Nintendo Switch.

Best Rocket League Camera Settings Options
The options menu in Rocket League

Camera Setting For Field Of View – 110 

The higher your FOV, the bigger your view of the entire stadium and everything around you. As a result, you have a much better idea of what’s going on throughout the game. Hence, maxing out the setting at 110° is your best bet.

I’ll be displaying the settings from the top professional Rocket League players from around the world for each individual setting, so you know that these settings are not only functional but incredibly effective at the highest levels of play.

Player Team FOV
Siki RNG 110
Turbopolsa Envy 104
Sypical SSG 110
Chrome SSG (C) 110
Rizzo G2 Esports 105
Express Ground Zero 110
Gimmick Rat Enterprises 110
Jstn NRG Esports 110
JZR NRG Esports 110
Kronovi Rogue 110

Camera Setting For Distance – 270

The Distance determines the exact distance of the camera from your car. The most agreed upon camera setting by pros for Distance is around 270, bringing you a solid distance from your car while keeping it just close enough to keep your own view of it consistent.

Player Team Distance
Siki RNG 270
Turbopolsa Envy 270
Sypical SSG 270
Chrome SSG (C) 280
Rizzo G2 Esports 270
Express Ground Zero 230
Gimmick Rat Enterprises 270
Jstn NRG Esports 280
JZR NRG Esports 270
Kronovi Rogue 280

Camera Settings For Height – 110

The Height setting determines exactly how far above your car the camera sits. Generally, pros tend to keep the camera height so it’s just a little above your car, at a solid 110 or so. It can be brought a bit lower or higher, but generally, that’ll be the best to keep an ideal view.

Player Team Height
Siki RNG 110
Turbopolsa Envy 130
Sypical SSG 100
Chrome SSG (C) 110
Rizzo G2 Esports 110
Express Ground Zero 100
Gimmick Rat Enterprises 110
Jstn NRG Esports 100
JZR NRG Esports 80
Kronovi Rogue 110

Camera Settings For Angle – 4.00

The Camera Angle setting generally doesn’t have a significant impact on your view, not even compared to the height setting, it is generally best to keep around the -3 to -4 range, as the professionals tend to agree.

Player Team Angle
Siki RNG -3.00
Turbopolsa Envy -4.00
Sypical SSG -5.00
Chrome SSG (C) -3.00
Rizzo G2 Esports -4.00
Express Ground Zero -10.00
Gimmick Rat Enterprises -3.00
Jstn NRG Esports -2.00
JZR NRG Esports -6.00
Kronovi Rogue -4.00

Camera Settings For Stiffness – 0.40

The point is how tightly the camera is following your car while you’re speeding up, with lower stiffness allowing for the camera to push back further and allow you to gain a better look around the stadium.

A setting of around 0.4 or so is generally preferred by most professionals, keeping on the lower end and ensuring a good view of the stadium.

Player Team Stiffness
Siki RNG 0.45
Turbopolsa Envy 0.35
Sypical SSG 0.40
Chrome SSG (C) 0.35
Rizzo G2 Esports 0.20
Express Ground Zero 0.00
Gimmick Rat Enterprises 0.55
Jstn NRG Esports 0.55
JZR NRG Esports 0.00
Kronovi Rogue 0.60

Camera Settings For Swivel – 5.00

The Swivel Speed of the camera is how fast it’ll move around your car. Ideally, the best Swivel Speed would be the highest it can go, as the faster your camera moves, the faster you can react.

Player Team Swivel
Siki RNG 6.00
Turbopolsa Envy 7.00
Sypical SSG 4.70
Chrome SSG (C) 3.30
Rizzo G2 Esports 4.00
Express Ground Zero 3.00
Gimmick Rat Enterprises 10.00
Jstn NRG Esports 4.70
JZR NRG Esports 5.00
Kronovi Rogue 2.50


That’ll be all from us for the best Rocket League camera settings. Get the intricate settings directly from pro players and use all of these settings we described in conjunction, and you’ll easily surpass your prior limitations and get dramatically better at the game in no time.


How do I adjust the Rocket League camera?

You can adjust the camera by going into the Camera tab from the Options menu.

How do I make the Camera focus on the ball in Rocket League?

You can make the camera focus on the ball by using the ‘Ball Cam’ button.

What does Camera Stiffness do?

Camera Stiffness decides how tightly the camera follows your car.

Season 10 Patch V.2.26 Notes:

The following changes were observed in this latest patch that impact performance and gameplay:

  • Fixed a bug causing Special Edition Infinite Yankii RL wheels to appear as normal Yankii RL wheels
  • [Xbox] Fixed a bug causing the first character to disappear when using the Xbox virtual keyboard to enter a team name
  • [PS] Unable to purchase credits after browsing content for more than 10 minutes
  • [PC] Fixed a stability bug causing a crash on the game exit
  • Fixed a bug causing incorrect camera and car placement when rapidly navigating shots in Custom Training
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