Subnautica: How To Get Cave Sulfur?

Learn about the simple technique to get your hands on some cave sulfur in Subnautica!

In Subnautica, players engage in various activities to acquire a plethora of items or resources to survive while also completing tasks to advance the plot. While most resources are quite easy to obtain, many players get a tad bit confused while finding the answer to How to get Cave Sulfur in Subnautica. Today’s guide will teach you everything there is to know about the Cave Sulfur.

Key Takeaways
  • In Subnautica, cave sulfur is a crucial resource required for crafting certain electronics and items. 
  • Obtaining cave sulfur can be a bit challenging due to the presence of Crashfish, explosive creatures that guard the sulfur-rich plants. 
  • Explore the underwater world to locate underwater caves. These caves are often home to the Crashfish and contain the plants that hold cave sulfur.
  • Within the caves, look for Crashfish nests. These nests are typically found attached to the walls and emit a faint orange glow. 
  • To extract cave sulfur, you’ll need to lure the Crashfish out of their nests. This can be done by getting close to the nest. The Crashfish will become agitated and emerge from the nest to attack.
  • As the Crashfish charges towards you, swim away to create enough distance between you and the fish. The Crashfish will eventually stop pursuing you and return to its nest.
  • Once the Crashfish returns to its nest, it will enter the nest and explode after a brief moment. This explosion releases the cave sulfur, which you can then collect.

Cave Sulfur In Subnautica

In Subnautica, players have to acquire a lot of resources, but one of the primary and earliest is Cave sulfur. It is a raw material made of sulfur used for making certain electronics. It is present in the Plant of Crashfish. When the game was in the development phase/early access, many names were suggested for cave sulfur, such as “Crash Meal,” probably named after Crashfish.

Another proposed name was Crashfish powder and Crashfish sulfuric powder. However, when the game was released, the developers officially changed the resource’s name to cave sulfur.

How To Get Cave Sulfur?

How To Get Cave Sulfur In Subnautica
Crashfish nest housing the cave sulfur [Screenshot by eXputer]
The first thing you need to do while embarking on the quest of how to get cave sulfur in Subnautica is to find a cave. The next step is tricky as you need to be mindful of Crashfish; the red, balloon-shaped, self-exploding fish. This Crashfish resides inside a plant that also houses the cave sulfur and sometimes eggs.

So, to acquire the cave sulfur, all you need to do is lure the Crashfish out, let it explode on its own while you maintain a safe distance, and grab that Crashfish powder, also known as cave sulfur.


Crashfish is your nemesis here, as it is the only barrier stopping you from acquiring the cave sulfur smoothly. At times when you approach a cave, you may spot multiple pods housing Crashfishes, and they will charge at you as soon as they see you approaching near their nest.

So, how to beat the odds and emerge victoriously? Well, since the Crashfish likes to explode, the key strategy here is to keep enough distance from the fish and let it explode while you remain at a safer distance.

How To Get Cave Sulfur In Subnautica
Crashfish lives inside the pod housing cave sulfur [Image by Us]
One of the easiest ways of doing this is to lure the Crashfish. If you still cannot draw its attention effectively, then, by all means, use a Repulsion Cannon to push the Crashfish away from you and against the cave’s wall.

You can also use a Stasis Rifle as well. It immobilizes it for a decent amount of time, good enough that you acquire the Sulphur and escape.

That is pretty much everything you need to know about how to get cave sulfur in Subnautica. Have you played the game? Did you try its sequel? Let us know more of your thoughts in the comments section below.

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