Last Of Us Part 1 Comics: All 14 Locations

In our guide we will look into all the Last Of Us Part 1 Comics Locations.

The comics are one of the best collectibles in The Last Of Us Part 1. So if you want to know more about all the comic locations in The Last Of Us Part 1, our guide will be perfect for you. Since its release back in 2013, the Last Of Us has become a blockbuster hit, it is impossible to find anyone that has not played the game. With its top-notch storyline and fantastic character development, how could it not be?

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Why Collect Comics In Last Of Us Part 1?

Well, the most obvious answer to this question is that comics in the Last Of Us are collectible items. This means that when players get all the comics, they will be given a special reward. Knowing that must certainly have piqued your curiosity!

Of course, you must know be wondering what the special gift is. Well, you will be shocked to know that The Endure and Survive Trophy is unlocked once you have found all 14 Comic spots in the game. What is interesting to note is that the reward can be picked up in the final one in Chapter 12: Jackson.

Okay, so for your better understanding, we will divide the guide into different cities you will be exploring. Hence, you will easily be able to find the comic locations based on which area you are in. One more thing to note is that the guide will focus on the order the players find them, not the volume.


Pittsburgh is one of the first main areas that Ellie and Joel will be exploring as a team. Over here, there are multiple comic locations. Before you move forward, why not look into the amazing
Excellent Accessibility Options in the game?

Comic 1: Force Carrier

Volume 3: Force Carrier on the last of us
Comic #1:Volume 3: Force Carrier
  • Volume 3

The game’s first comic book, which is seen during the initial cut sequence, is really not acquired till Chapter 5: Pittsburgh. This one is actually handed to players as part of the plot. So you do not have to do something to obtain it. Once the action is complete and when players are in charge of Joel, you may see it in his backpack.

Now this one is not really had to obtain. However, the same can not be said for the rest of them. But do not get worried; as long as you follow us, it will be a piece of cake.

Comic 2: Termination Shock

Last of us Part 1 comics location Last of us Part 1 comics locationsns
Comic #2 Termination Shock
  • Volume 1

When you initially start Chapter 5: Pittsburgh, the next Comic is located immediately following repelling the Hunters’ initial big surprise attack. Joel will say, “That’s our way out,” pointing to a bridge.

Once you have jumped the fire exit railing and are on the road, proceed toward a dilapidated bus. On the ground is the comic. It will be very obvious where it is as it will be marked by a silver bubble. So the chances of missing it are next to none.

Comic 3: Accretion

Accretion location in the last of us
Last of us Part 1 comics locations: Accretion
  • Volume 6

The third comic will be located shortly following Joel is saved by Ellie by firing the Hunter in the head with her revolver. The way to the comic location in The Last Of Us is super easy.

All you have to do is climb the stairs, then turn left, then turn left again to enter what appears to be a lounge. You must crawl through a damaged floor to get to the Comic. It is seated next to the couch at a table. See super simple and easy!

Comic 4: Deep Phase

Deep Phase comic location
Last of us Part 1 comics locations: Deep Phase
  • Volume 10

This comic can be found not long after encountering Henry and Sam. With the two brothers, you will exit the flat and go down several steps before entering a corridor. Open the front door with a Shiv, then look around the flat. In the child’s bedroom, you will find the comic. The exact area of the comic book is on the wooden chair.

The Suburbs Comics Locations In Last Of Us Part 1

The next area we want to talk about is the Suburbs.

Comic 5 Location: Anti Particles

last os us Anti Particles location
Anti Particles location in the last of us
  • Volume 11

Immediately following the cut sequence, when Joel attempts to attack Henry, you may discover the first of the two comics in this section. As you approach a boat, stroll along the beach.

The Comic is on the dash when you ascend to the top and enter the cabin via the door. Personally, we think that this Last of us Part 1 comics location is one of the easiest.

Comic 6 Location: Messenger Particle

Last of us Part 1 comics locations Messenger Particle
Comic 6 Location Messenger Particle in the last is us
  • Volume 12

Once you slip down as well as the Sniper engages you, the last home has the comic for this section. It is located in a restroom that is connected to one of the bedrooms on the second level. It will be lying on the top of a desk.

Tommy’s Dam 

The next area that will have two comics will be Tommy’s Dam location in The Last Of Us Part 1.

Comic 7: Foreign Element

the last f us comic Foreign Element

    Foreign Element comic the last of us
  • Volume 5

So when the section starts, proceed to approach the dam all along the shoreline. Find an upside-down vehicle, and there will find the first of two comics in this part, lying next to it. Now finding this particular area may be a tad bit tricky.

One thing that you should remember is that you have come quite far when you turn the wheel once you get to the dam.

Comic 8: Zero Point

Last of us Part 1 comics locations Free Radicals
The last of us comic location: Free Radicals
  • Volume 12

The second and last comic of the chapter is located on the upper story of the home, which Ellie flees to. You will be able to locate the Comic close to a windowsill with several board games located nearby. All you have to do is keep searching all the upper floor bedrooms.

The University Last Of Us Part 1 Comics Locations

There is only one comic location in the university area.

Comic 9: Free Radicals

comic 9 location in the game
Last of us Part 1 comic 9 location
  • Volume 7

This part of the gameplay contains just one comic, and it is a little bit absurd. Turn the horse back again and move to the outermost part of the play zone as soon as you regain control. The Comic is already placed inside the passenger side of the car.

The Lakeside Resort

Now this area will have two crucial hidden comics, so keep your eyes peeled!

Comic 10: Uncertainty

Comic #10 Uncertainty in the last if us
The last of us comic location: Comic #10 Uncertainty
  • Volume 4

You will trail the deer into the settlement just after shooting it with your second arrow. Crawl into a small chamber on the left side of the old barn after following the trail of blood there. The comic book is resting in the desk drawer.

Comic 11: Negentropy

Last of us Part 1 comics 11 locations
last of us comic 11 location
  • Volume 8

Immediately after Ellie is knocked off the horse, the chapter’s last comic can be found. After fighting their way past several Hunters, gamers will just have to walk across an edge of a steep cliff and into a pipeline.

Walk around instead of ascending the staircases after coming out of the pipe and see the Comic seated on one of the many seats.

Bus Depot

The next area we will talk about is the bus depot.

Comic 12: Precipitate

comic 12 location in the game
Last of us Part 12 comics 11 locations
  • Volume 9

Sometime after Ellie and Joel meet the giraffes, the first of the two comics contained in this chapter actually appears. To reach a location with chain link fencing, which extends from the outside, descend several steps. Find the Comic in the adjoining restroom prior to actually leaving by going in and looking right outside one of the stalls.

Comic 13: Catalysis 

comic 13 location in the game
Last of us Part 13 comics locations
  • Volume 13

Upon escaping the multiple Bloaters, players will be able to find the last Comic in Chapter 10: Bus Depot. Joel ends up swimming underwater and navigates through a bus. Just on the left end of the tunnel, the Comic can be seen lying at the end of what looks to be various damaged vent ducts.


Now, this is the last location for the comics, after which players will get their reward.

Comic 14: Singularity

Last of us Part 13 comics 14 locations
comic 14 location in the Last of us part 1
  • Volume 14

Sometime after Joel assists Ellie jump through into the perimeter fence, you can find the game’s last comic. There is a neglected truck on the right-hand side of the accessible zone. The driver’s side seat is where you will be able to find the Comic.

We hope that our guide was able to help you find all the comic book locations in the Last Of Us part 1.

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