The Last Of Us Part 1 v1.0.3.0 Adds New Audio Compatibility Options Among Other Fixes

Efforts to improve the PC port's performance continue.

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  • The Last of Us Part 1 has received another major update on PC. The patch adds two new compatibility options while improving overall performance and stability.
  • Having launched on PC last month to an overwhelming degree of negative reception, Naughty Dog and Iron Galaxy have continued efforts to improve the game’s state on the platform.

A new patch for The Last of Us Part 1 is now live on PC. The update brings a wide range of audio, UI, and visual fixes along with new Audio Compatibility options and various overall improvements. The patch notes also advise Nvidia users to ensure that they’ve installed the latest GeForce Game Ready drivers to avoid any random discrepancies due to outdated software.

A new Output Mode has been added to the game. This allows players to adjust which sounds are played through the OS spatial sound driver. Different settings can be selected if you experience muffled, missing, or unusually silent audio. If players experience abnormally quiet music or dialogue during cutscenes, for example, they can opt for the Spatial mode instead of the Hybrid default.

The Last of Us Part 1 v1.0.3 Patch Notes for PC
The Last of Us Part 1 v1.0.3 Patch Notes for PC

In addition, a Latency feature has also been implemented. This allows you to adjust a period of delay between when a sound effect is requested and when it plays. Higher latency improves the reliability of audio playback, especially on lower-spec CPUs. Players can adjust this value if they experience any hiccups with sound such as distortion, clicks, etc.

Higher latencies also resolve issues with audio interfaces configured with large buffer sizes and some wireless headphones. The patch notes also state that the game would need to be restarted for these changes to take effect. Aside from these new additions, the new update aims to address several in-game bugs and further enhance overall performance.

Bugs & Stability Fixes The Last Of Us Part 1 v1.0.3

First up are updated controls for the keyboard and mouse input scheme, which will allow players to reassign arrow keys. The “Building Shaders %” user interface has also been updated to allow for accurate progress tracking. In addition, audio for the End Credits has been restored, along with several factors responsible for crashes being ironed out.

Moving on, discrepancies related to texture quality in relation to the targeted quality setting have been resolved. Issues such as the rendering failure of the player’s backpack UI after altering the Render Scale, enemies T-posing when performing a quick turn while holding them, the environment shifts in response to the player character’s flashlight, and water reflections appearing corrupted or pixelated have been addressed.

Other problems tied to specific features, modes, and areas have also been rectified. These include errors pertaining to the New Game+, Photo Mode, Lakeside Resort, Bill’s Town, Bus Depot, Tommy’s Dam, and The University. Several other issues involving various gameplay and technical discrepancies have also been addressed. 

Miscellaneous Fixes in Patch v1.0.3 for PC
Miscellaneous Fixes in Patch v1.0.3 for PC

Moreover, a bug that caused environments to appear corrupted if AMD FSR 2 was enabled has been resolved. For Nvidia users, issues such as game crashes or graphical corruption when running the game on Ultra settings, crashes upon loading a save file, and DLSS settings having no effect upon changes have been ironed out. The level of detail for characters’ hair has also been improved for RTX 3070.

Lastly, several miscellaneous fixes have also been rolled out in this patch, such as a fix for localization issues concerning German and Simplified/Traditional Chinese languages. In addition, the achievement bug for “Getting to Know You” in the Epic Games Store version has also been addressed along with other resolutions.

The Last of Us Part 1 is far from being in an acceptable state at the moment. However, the continued efforts to improve its situation are reassuring. The game is available on PlayStation 5 and PC.

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