Last Of Us Part 1: All 5 Tools Locations

In our guide we will look into the 5 locations for the tools in The Last Of Us game.

Tools are one of the essential parts of The Last Of Us Part 1. In fact, you will need five different tools throughout the game. Each type of tool is more important than the last. So as you can imagine, It is vital that players find all of them. Before you continue, why not take a look into how to make Molotov in The Last Of Us?

But the thing is, finding the tool is not as easy as one may think. Unlike other items in the game, it is very easy for gamers to miss the tools. Well, to solve the recurring issue, we will tell you all the tool locations in The Last Of Us Part 1. Before you continue, take a look at our guide on the game’s training manual locations

Before we continue forward, take a look at our The Last Of Us review. It will give you a very detailed look into all the new and exciting elements of the game.

Importance Of Tools In Last Of Us Part 1

The thing is, before we look into the locations of the tools, let’s first have a brief look into what these tools are and, more importantly, how you will be able to spot them.

Tools actually function as means to open up higher modification levels, permitting you to create fresh and improved upgrades to your weaponry. However, one thing to keep in mind is that you still need parts to spend on those improvements. Most new players seem to forget this particular part a lot.

Finding all five sets of tools will allow you to strengthen just about every firearm available in the game. Although in some circumstances, it may be more difficult than it sounds. While you are here, we would recommend you look into our guide for all the comic locations in the game.

All Tools Locations 

Let’s now look into all The Last of Us Part 1 Tool Locations. Even though five locations may seem a lot at the moment, do not worry. You will not even realize it when you are playing the game. Before you continue, have a look at our guide on The Last Of Us, all safe codes.

Bill’s Town

Bill's Town the tool box location
Tool Box Location: Bill’s Town
  • Chapter 4

Okay, so the Church basement toolbox will be the very first one you will encounter in the game. Before you continue, you should certainly take a look at our guide on all the firefly pendant locations. After reading the guide, it will be impossible to miss the collectible!

So how do you find the toolbox? Well, the thing is that Bill will take Joel and Ellie to a church cellar just after you encounter him. Now the Church area is actually unlocked after a series of stressful pursuits by a huge group of zombies. Hence, many players are in a hurry to get out of the area.

It is the main reason why most players are unable to locate it even though it is in plain sight! If you are still unsure where the toolbox is, do not worry; just follow our directions! Firstly make sure that your back is towards the stairs. This part is very important as the directions will not make sense otherwise. Now that you are facing the right direction, what now?

What you have to do is keep going inside the church and investigate in the left corner next to the bench in the cellar. Keep going in, and you will start to see some pieces underneath the Toolbox, which is on a cupboard on the left.

As soon as you have taken out all the pieces from the toolbox, we would encourage you to go to the workbench and get your very first weapon upgrade. Trust us, and you will need it far sooner than you may think.

The Garage In Pittsburgh 

Garage location in the last of us
The Last of Us Tool Locations: Garage
  • Chapter 5

The next toolbox you will come across will be in the Pittsburgh arc of the game. Yet again, the area is preceded by a very nerve-wracking encounter, so most players, in the rush of the moment, forget to explore properly.

So as soon as the main room is safe, Ellie should support Joel in lifting a steel gate to a garage. Whenever you get inside, the Toolbox is immediate to your left. So you will not have to do a lot of exploring. Once you know what to look for, it becomes super easy!

Now the Pittsburgh area is, without a shadow of a doubt, one of the most heinous and crime-riddled areas you will experience in the game. So as you may be able to guess, upgrading those weapons is a life and death matter.

The Sewers In The Suburbs

sewers tool box location
Toolbox location in the sewers
  • Chapter 6

After players have met up with Henry and Sam, the brother duo, you will have to find your way through underground sewage lines. Much to no one’s surprise, the area is riddled with infected, but that is not even the most ominous part. Throughout the sewage area, you will come across letters written by people who had once lived in the tunnels.

You will need to transport Ellie over water on a  wooden palette at one point as Henry, Sam, and you are traversing the sewer. It is done so that she may power on a generator for a rotating platform. As soon as the platform lifts you through, descend the recently opened tube and keep an eye for the very first gate on the left.

Which will have a message that cautions: Danger: boiler room following it will be the text saying Only Authorized Personnel. The toolbox you want is located adjacent to a fold-out seat in a tiny interior area. 

The Science Building In The University 

science building tool location
Tool location in the science building
  • Chapter 8

As you may have noticed, the last couple of tools were found one after the other. Each chapter had a toolbox, but after chapter 6, you will not find one until chapter 8. So do not think that you missed one in the 7th chapter. There is none! Before you move forward, why not take a look at our guide on the five best skills to have in The Last Of Us game?

One important thing to know is that finding the science lab toolbox will require some amount of exploration. Unlike the previous boxes that were four at the very start of each chapter, it will not be the case here. After using the wheeled dumpsters to break through into the fence, you can enter the Science department via the balcony.

After that, you must follow the hallway on the left side to classroom 205. The classroom is, in fact, a Lecture Room. The toolbox is clearly placed on a countertop immediately in front of you. Just look towards the right-hand side after you pry apart the shiv door with a razor. 

Military Tent At The Bus Depot

bus depot tool's location
tool located at the bus depot
  • Chapter 10

Now, this is the final tool location you will find in the game. Ellie and Joel will exit the bus depot and enter a quarantine, a group of refugee centers that have been vacant for a while now. There is, in fact, a sure-shot method of knowing whether you are at the right place or not.

If Joel points out that the area reminds him of someplace, you are in certainly in the right area. So to collect the last tool, head to the second, largest opened tent on the left side of your screen. The toolbox will be there. What is more, is that even a workstation is available for you to use in the area’s upper right-hand corner.

We hope that our guide was able to help you in finding all the tool locations in The Last of Us Part 1.

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