Last Of Us Part 1 Shiv Doors: All 13 Locations

Getting to the location of All 13 Shiv Doors is hard. But following our guide will make it easier for you.

Shiv Doors are a type of collectible in The Last of Us Part 1. They are spread across the game in different chapters. In a few chapters, you won’t find any Shiv Doors, whereas some have two or more. You’ll have to unlock 13 Shiv Doors at different locations of The Last of Us Part 1.

Key Takeaways
  • The Last of Us Part 1 has 13 Shiv Doors scattered throughout the game, which require a Shiv to unlock and can be found in various chapters, including:
    • Outskirts.
    • Bill’s Town.
    • Pittsburg.
    • Tommy’s Dam. 
    • The University. 
    • Lakeside Resort. 
    • Bus Depot.
    • The Firefly Lab.
  • To unlock a Shiv Door, you need to interact with it and use a Shiv, which requires learning how to make it and having stock available.
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All Shiv Door Locations In Last Of Us

Here’s all you need to know about the Shiv Doors locations: 

ChapterShiv Door #LocationLoot and Rewards
Outskirts1.0Downtown portion of OutskirtsAmmo, supplies, and other goodies
Outskirts2.0MuseumSupplies, ammunition
Bill's Town3.0Before meeting BillLoot and supplies
Bill's Town4.0After boosting Ellie over the fenceAmmunition, resources
Pittsburgh5.0Kingston BookstoreSupplies, artifact
Pittsburgh6.0Right after hiding behind a yellow taxiLoot and supplies
Pittsburgh7.0Financial DistrictSupplies, ammunition
Pittsburgh8.0Leaving the cityLoot and supplies
Tommy's Dam9.0Beginning of the chapterSupplies, ammunition
University10.0Science BuildingTraining Manual and loot
Lakeside Resort11.0The CabinLoot, Smoke Bombs Upgrade
Bus Depot12.0Underground TunnelShiv Door location is easy to miss
Firefly Lab13.0HospitalLoot and final Shiv Door, unlocks "Master of Unlocking" trophy


In The Last of Us Part 1, the first Shiv Door doesn’t come up until you’re into Chapter 3. Here, you’ll get to unlock 2 Shiv Doors.

Shiv Door #1 (01/13)

Chapter Outskirts
Location Downtown portion of Outskirts
Loot and Rewards Ammo, supplies, and other goodies

The first Shiv Door that you’ll come across in The Last of Us Part 1 is in the chapter Outskirts. When you’re in the Downtown portion of Outskirts, you’ll get to the first Shiv Door.

Before the Shiv Door, you’ll have a dramatic encounter in the game. It is where you’ll encounter the first live clicker. After that, you’ll be placed in a dark hallway. To get to the first Shiv Door, you want to take the first right as soon as the cut scenes end. From that room, you need to enter another room.

Turn Right.
Go to the First door to the right.

At the end of the room, you’ll find a white door. You’ll need to use a Shiv to open the door. Keep in mind that using Shiv will break it. So you should always have a stock of Shivs available to you.

1st Shiv Door in Last of Us Part 1.
The 1st Shiv Door will be right in front of you.

Once you’ve unlocked the door, you’ll find different ammo and other goodies—stock on as much as possible as they’ll come in handy later.

Shiv Door #2 (02/13)

Chapter Outskirts
Location Museum
Loot and Rewards Supplies and ammunition

You’ll encounter the second Shiv Door later in the game. The location of the second Shiv Door is in the Museum in The Last of Us Part 1. You’ll find the Shiv Door when Joel is separated from the rest of the gang. 

When you turn left, you’ll find doors that will take you to a small room. From there, go straight ahead, and you’ll end up in a hall with a few infected.

Once you’re in the hall, immediately turn left towards the doors leading to another room, a kitchen. When you’re in the kitchen, turn right, and you’ll find the locked brown Shiv Door.

2nd Shiv Door in Last of Us Part 1
The 2nd Shiv Door is in an area filled with Infected.

Bill’s Town

Joel decides to go to Bill’s Town to get a favor from his friend Bill. While there, You get to unlock two more Shiv Doors.

Shiv Door #1 (03/13)

Chapter Bill’s Town
Location Before meeting Bill
Loot and Rewards Loot and supplies

In Chapter 4, Bill’s Town, you’ll get to the location of Shiv Door even before meeting with Bill. You’ll have to boost Ellie over the fence as you navigate the town. But you’ll have to open the Shiv Door before you can do so. Because once you boost Ellie over the fence, you won’t be able to get the Shiv Door.

While you’re roaming through the town, you’ll find yourself facing a square building with a fire escape staircase on the left side. If you’re running short on supplies, you can go into the building and pick up anything you want.

3rd Shiv Door.
Location of 3rd Shiv Door.

But if you’re looking for all of the Shiv Doors in The Last of Us Part 1, you’d want to turn left here. Jump down the ledge and turn left. You’ll find the blue door that will require Shiv to open it.

3rd Shiv Door in Last of Us Part 1.
3rd Shiv Door will be right in front of you.

Shiv Door #2 (04/13)

Chapter Bill’s Town
Location After boosting Ellie over the fence
Loot and Rewards Ammunition and Resources

The fourth Shiv Door is also in the chapter Bill’s Town. It comes right after you boost Ellie over the fence, and she opens the door for you. Head straight ahead until you get to the main road. Here, turn left and run straight ahead.

You might recognize it as the area where you’ll find the Firefly Pendant. The Firefly Pendant is right on top of the RV. Although we’re not here for that, it can be a landmark for you.

way to 4th Shiv Door.
Go to where the red arrow is pointing.

When you’re facing the RV, turn left. When you go in the alleyway, you’ll find that a clicker here will blast into smithereens. Go past that, turn right, and go a few paces ahead; you’ll find a small backlot staircase on the right side. It will lead you to the Shiv Door.

4th Shiv Door location in Last of Us Part 1.
4th Shiv Door will be in front of you.


As Pittsburg is one of the longest chapters in The Last of Us Part 1, it seemed fit to have four different Shiv Door locations.

Shiv Door #1 (05/13)

Chapter Pittsburgh
Location Kingston Bookstore
Loot and Rewards Supplies and artifact

In Pittsburg, in chapter 5 of Last of Us Part 1, you’ll get to the location of the 5th Shiv Door. After you and Ellie go through the road and defeat the three enemies, hop over the bus. You’ll end up at a Federal checkpoint. Bandits will overrun this checkpoint, so you must take care of them.

After that, you’ll get to the Bookstore named Kingston Bookstore. In the book, the store turns right, and you’ll find stairs leading to the upper floor.

Climb the stairs.
Go up the Staircase.

On the upper floor, turn right again and go straight ahead. There will be a few cupboards lying here and there. Go through them and get to the other side of the room. There, you’ll find the location of the Shiv Door. It is at the corner of the bookstore.

location of 5th Shiv Door in Last of Us Part 1.
The 5th Shiv Door will be in the corner.

If you run out of Shiv to open the door, you can look around the Bookstore. You’ll find plenty of resources to craft Shivs here.

Shiv Door #2 (06/13)

Chapter Pittsburgh
Location Found after hiding behind a yellow taxi
Loot and Rewards Loot and supplies

After you leave the bookstore, you and Ellie will have to eavesdrop on two hunters. You’ll do that by hiding behind a yellow taxi. It is a cut scene. Right after that cut scene ends, you have to be attentive, as it is the location of the 6th Shiv Door in Last of Us Part 1.

Once you get control of Joel, immediately turn left, and you will find a Shiv Door. If you can’t locate it, it is under blue shades, right beside the minivan. Go ahead, and the Shiv Door will have a large X mark.

6th Shiv Door location.
You’ll find the 6th Shiv Door by turning left after the cut scene.

Shiv Door #3 (07/13)

Chapter Pittsburgh
Location Financial District
Loot and Rewards Supplies and ammunition

When you get to the Financial District, there will be a part in Last of Us Part 1 where Ellie will cover you using a rifle. Once the section ends, you’ll be able to control Joel freely. As you move ahead, there will be a time when you’ll come to a four-way intersection.

If you look ahead at this point, you’ll see a wall with ‘no hope’ spray painted on it. From there, if you look across the street, you’ll find a building with the label ‘Ration Depot inside. If you’re not sure which one it is, locate the two tanks; the building is right between these.

Go inside the building in the corner.
The Shiv Door is inside the building.

Once you get inside, turn right; besides the blood stain is a door; head inside, and you’ll find the Shiv Door in front of you.

7th Shiv Door location in Last of Us Part 1.
7th Shiv Door.

Shiv Door #4 (08/13)

Chapter Pittsburgh
Location Leaving the city
Loot and Rewards Loot and supplies

As for the location of the Final Shiv Door of Chapter Pittsburg, it comes when you’re leaving the city. You’ll get to join Henry. Henry will then be leading you through the hall and down the stairs. Be attentive when you’re going down the stairs, as the Shiv Door will come up now.

When you go down the first flight of stairs, look ahead. The white door is the Shiv Door that you’re looking for. Once used, a shiv on the door will open up a whole apartment for you. The apartment is filled with loot for you to take and restock your supplies.

8th Shiv Door location.
The 8th Shiv Door is right after the first flight of stairs.

Tommy’s Dam

In Tommy’s Dam chapter, you’ll unlock 1 Shiv Door quite early on in it.

Shiv Door #1 (09/13)

Chapter Tommy’s Dam
Location At the start of the chapter
Loot and Rewards Supplies, ammunition

The 9th Shiv Door can be found in Tommy’s Dam chapter of the game. The Shiv Door is at the beginning of the Chapter in The Last of Us Part 1. It happens when you’re going up a flight of stairs. The story would want you to turn left and go along the water.

But as we’re looking for the Shiv Doors, you’ll need to turn right as soon as you get up the stairs. The grey door is the 9th Shiv Door that you’re looking for. It is really hard to miss as you’ll naturally turn left and go on. As usual, you’ll need to use a shiv to open the door; make sure to have stock of shivs before the chapter before it ends.

9th Shiv Door.
9th Shiv Door is at the beginning of the chapter Tommy’s Dam.

The University

The University has only 1 Shiv Door location for you to unlock.

Shiv Door #1 (10/13)

Chapter The University
Location Science Building
Loot and Rewards Loot and Training manual

In the university chapter, find the Shiv Door deep within the university. To reach it, enter the Science Building by climbing a truck and going through a wall hole. Inside, locate an open doorway and enter the corridor. Go straight through the yellow light, passing an open door.

You’ll find the ‘Room 205 Lecture Room’ with the Shiv Prompt on the right of the hallway’s end. Open it to discover valuable loot, including the Training Manual, which expands the Molotov cocktail’s explosion radius.

10th Shiv Door.
The 10th Shiv Door is at the end of the Corridor.

Lakeside Resort

Lakeside Resort’s Shiv Door location is easy to miss in The Last of Us Part 1. So here’s how you’ll find it.

Shiv Door #1 (11/13)

Chapter Lakeside Resort
Location The Cabin
Loot and Rewards Loot and Smoke Bombs Upgrade

In The Cabin portion of the Lakeside Resor, you’ll find the 11th Shiv Door of the game, The Last of Us Part 1. The Shiv Door comes when you take control of Joel while Ellie tries to defend herself from David the Cannibal. While Joel is searching for Ellie to save her, you can find the Shiv Door.

You’ll be passing through a gas station. If you look across the street in front of the gas station, you’ll find a motel. Go to the Motel and find a frozen truck beside it. Near the front of the truck, you’ll find an open door. Go through it to the back, and you’ll find a bathroom there.

Motel in front of Gas Station.
Follow the arrow to enter the Motel.
Bathroom in the Motel.
Enter the bathroom and go through the window. 11th Shiv Door is to the left.

Go inside and exit the window; the Shiv Door is to your left. Here, not only will you find loot to top up your supplies, but you’ll find a Smoke Bombs Upgrade. This upgrade will ensure that Smoke from the Smoke Bombs lasts 20 seconds longer.

11th Shiv Door location.
An alternative look at the 11th Shiv Door.

Bus Depot

While you’re progressing through the story, there’s a high chance that you’ll miss the location of the 12th Shiv Door in The Last of Us Part 1.

Shiv Door #1 (12/13)

Chapter Bus Depot
Location Underground Tunnel
Loot and Rewards None

When you’re in the Underground Tunnel part of the Bus Depot chapter, you’ll come to a point where Ellie needs to open the door for you. But before she can open for you, she’ll get attacked by one of the infected. Kill it before it can kill Ellie.

You’ll get to a small room with a workbench when she opens the door. You’ll have to use the Workbench to make the necessary upgrades. After making these upgrades, go to the door that is on the opposite side of where you came from.

Once you’re in the corridor, you’ll note that Ellie turns left, where the story will progress. But you’ll have to turn right to get to the 12th Shiv Door’s location.

Location of 12th Shiv Door.
12th Shiv Door is easy to miss.

The Firefly Lab

As the Story is getting to an end, the search for Shiv Doors is almost to an end. The 13th Shiv Door can be found in the Hospital section of The Firefly Lab chapter.

Shiv Door #1 (13/13)

Chapter The Firefly Lab
Location Hospital
Loot and Rewards Loot and “Master of Unlocking” trophy

The 13th and Final Shiv Door comes when you’re in the Firefly Lab chapter. The Shiv Door is located in the Hospital in the Last of Us Part 1. When you get to the hospital, Joel will barricade the door using a chair.

From there, go straight up to the sixth floor. There isn’t anything interesting on the floors below, so ignore them. On the 6th floor, you’ll find a receptionist desk. When you get behind the desk, you’ll find the Final Shiv Door that you can unlock in Last of Us Part 1.

Reception desk.
13th Shiv Door is behind the reception desk.

When you unlock this final door, and if you have unlocked all of the past Shiv Doors, you’ll get the ‘Master of Unlocking’ Trophy.

13th Shiv Door location in Last of us Part 1.
13th Shiv Door’s Location.

Final Words

Before we can get onto our final words, we suggest you read our Review of Last of Us Part 1. The game is a masterpiece; its developers gave great details to every part. Everything is phenomenal whether it’s the gameplay, story settings, or Visuals.

Unlocking all 13 Shiv Doors can lead you to the trophy ‘Master of Unlocking’. If unlocking the last Shiv Door doesn’t give you this trophy, then it means that you’re missing one of the doors.

Later on, look for All 30 Firefly Pendant Locations, as they can be found in different locations throughout the game. While looking for these, you might want to check out 14 Comics Locations in the game. You can’t ignore the fact that Safes in the game have really good loot. We have a guide on the Safe Codes and locations for Last of Us Part 1.

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