Last Of Us Part 1 Safe Codes: Combinations & Locations

Check out the guide to know about the safe code combinations of all the four lockers in Last of Us

The Last of Us Part 1 is here with its classic gameplay and addictive storyline. The game comes with mysterious riddles to solve in order to progress through the game efficiently. As much as you enjoy solving the riddles, sometimes it is difficult to counter them, and it becomes frustrating for you. We are here to save you by providing all the safe code combinations in Last of Us Part 1. 

Key Highlights
  • The Last of Us 1 has many riddles to solve, such as the safes, which help the player in various ways but sometimes can become frustrating.
  • In the PS3 version, hidden keys had the codes scribbled on them, but now you have to enter the code manually.
  • You can usually find the combination codes engraved somewhere near each locker. Memorize or jot down the code, then enter it into the safe to open them.
  • There are four safes to find throughout the game, each granting different loot. 
  • The loot can range from rifle ammo, magnum bullets, and explosives to parts, supplements, and even a training manual.
  • Players can find the safes in Outskirts, Bill’s Town, Pittsburgh Hotel and Suburbs.

In the PS3 version of the game, you have to look for the hidden keys that usually had the locker codes scribbled on them, but now you have to find and enter the code manually to access the safe. So, we are here to help you by providing the exact combination for each safe code in the game. 

The safe code combinations are usually engraved near the locker, either inside the building or in the surrounding area. Once you find the code combination, you can write it down or memorize it to apply it to the safe and open it.

Four safes can be opened through code combinations, and each one grants specific loot and items, so let’s learn about the location and code combination of each lock.

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Safe 1 – The Outskirts

The Last Of Us Part 1 Safe Code Combinations
Outskirts safe

Code Combination: 3-43-78

Once you find the note written for Derek, turn around to see a shop named Round Note. Get inside the shop, where you will find a Clicker who will try to attack you. Deal with the Clicker and move forward towards the locker. Interact with the safe and enter the given code to unlock it. You will get 50 parts from the Outskirts safe.  

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Safe 2 – Bill’s Town

The Woods Safe
Bill’s Town

Combination: 5-17-21

Once you’re around the main streets of Bill’s Town, look for a big truck parked on the sideway. Once you go near the truck, you can spot the safe placed next to it, out in the open. You can find the combination of this safe on the top of the barricades at the street end, where it is written on a piece of paper stuck in barbed wire. 

You can also simply put the mentioned code directly once you find the safe. The bill’s Town safe is relatively easy to find and offers decent rewards, including 50 parts, 10 supplements, and ammo for your deadly Rifle.

Safe 3 – Pittsburgh Hotel

The Hotel Safe
Hotel Lobby Safe

Combination: 22-10-56

The next safe can be found in the Pittsburgh Hotel. This safe is also easy to find as it is placed inside the hotel, just next to the reception. 

The code for the safe can be found by climbing the ladder next to Ellie and going up the stairs, but you can skip the part of finding the code by simply copying the mentioned code. Applying the combinations will open the safe and grant you 50 parts, some magnum bullets, explosives, and a training manual to increase your shiv’s durability.

Safe 4 – Suburbs

The Last Of Us Part 1 Safe Code Combinations
The Suburbs Safe

Combination: 8-21-36

The last safe can be found in the Suburbs, in a house near the sewer tunnel, where the wild dogs live. Once you reach the house, get inside and climb up the stairs. In the upper portion, there is a bedroom on the left side. Get inside the room and look inside the closet to find the last chest.

The combination of this safe is in a matchbook that you can find inside the house, on the upper floor. Either get your code from there or just put down the mentioned code to get access to the safe. The last safe will grant you 50 parts, 10 supplements, and some ammo.

Congratulations! Now you know all the safe code combinations along with their locations. The lockers in Last of Us have valuable rewards lying inside them. So, we recommend not to ignore them and invest a bit of time and effort to hunt all of them and obtain the items. 

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