Last Of Us Part 1 Weapon Tier List [Full Ranking]

Our Last of Us Part 1 Weapon Tier List will rank weapons in tiers to make it easy for you to identify the best and worst weapons.

The detailed Last of Us Part 1 Weapon Tier List will help you keep informed about the greatest and worst weapons in the game. Thanks to enhanced gameplay, better nimble combat mechanisms, and exciting foes, we now see the weapons differently.

Key Highlights
  • A total of 13 weapons are offered to players by Last Of Us Part 1, mainly categorized into three types–Long Rifles/Primary weapons, Melee weapons, Throwable weapons, Handguns, and Auxiliary weapons. 
  • Ranking criteria: Usability in enhanced gameplay, durability against foes.
  • Top-performing weapons: Nail Bombs, Bow, Flame Thrower, Assault Rifle, Shotguns, Hunting Rifle.
  • Less effective weapons: Pipe, Revolver – Shortcomings affect performance.
  • Importance of choosing best weapons: Ensures dealing significant damage to opponents before retaliation.
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Comparison Between All Last of Us Weapons:

Weapon NameTierCraftableBase Clip CapacityBase Max AmmoLocation / Required Items
Hunting RifleSNo1 bullet7 bulletsThe Outskirts
ShotgunSNo4 shells14 shellsBill’s Town
BowSNo1 arrow9 arrowsBill’s Town
Flame ThrowerSNo100 fuel200 fuelThe University
Assault RifleSNo30 bullets90 bulletsThe Firefly Lab
Nail BombSYes--Explosives and Blades
9mm PistolANo6 bullets20 bulletsThe Quarantine Zone
MolotovAYes--Alcohol and a Rag
El DiabloANo1 bullet7 bulletsTommy’s Dam
ShortyANo2 shells6 shellsThe Suburbs
ShivsAYes--Found in multiple places
RevolverBNo6 bullets18 bulletsThe Outskirts
PipeBNo--Found in multiple places


Last of Us part 1 Weapon S-Tier

The S-Tier weapons are the most effective in terms of attack force and damage output.

Hunting Rifle The hunting rifle boasts exceptional accuracy and power, making it the most efficient ranged weapon. Although it has a long load time and holds only one round initially, upgrades can mitigate these drawbacks. It excels at headshots and is effective with armor-piercing rounds.
Shotgun A typical pump-action shotgun, the Shotgun is noisy and devastating at close range. It’s particularly effective at stopping rushing enemies and is obtained during a cutscene in Bill’s Town, later appearing in the player’s inventory.
Bow While challenging to master, the Bow is a potent weapon capable of eliminating most enemies with a single shot. It requires skill but offers high damage potential, often killing foes instantly. Found atop a semi-truck in Bill’s Town, resting alongside arrows.
Flame Thrower The Flame Thrower is a powerful weapon, especially effective against tough enemies like Bloaters. Its ability to quickly dispatch foes with fire makes it invaluable, particularly when facing groups of infected. Despite scarce ammo, it can incinerate multiple enemies efficiently.
Assault Rifle The Assault Rifle is obtained late in the game’s final level and cannot be upgraded. However, it provides ample firepower against enemies, especially those armed with similar weapons. It’s commonly found on adversaries in the hospital shootout.
Nail Bomb Bill provides the player with the Nail Bomb, an explosive weapon made with explosives and blades. Functioning as both a landmine and grenade, it’s versatile and effective in various scenarios, capable of eliminating multiple foes with its wide radius of damage.


Last of Us part 1 Weapon A-Tier

The weapons on the A-Tier are more potent than the other weapons available and a fantastic choice for fighting a variety of foes.

9mm Pistol The 9mm pistol is a reliable firearm and the first weapon available to players. It’s easily accessible and effective against most foes, requiring 2-3 body shots to dispatch enemies. Acquired during the quarantine period, it remains a staple throughout the game.
Molotov Crafted using alcohol and a rag, the Molotov is a fire-based weapon effective at incapacitating foes, both infected and human. It creates chaos and forces enemies to scatter, particularly useful against Bloaters. Craft with caution due to shared resources with Med-Kits.
El Diablo The El Diablo is a powerful one-shot hunting revolver with high damage potential. While slow to reload, it can “down” enemies with a single hit, making it invaluable in certain situations. Effective against various foes, but accuracy is crucial due to slow reload speed.
Shorty Originally a shotgun, the Shorty has been converted into a pistol. It boasts immense power at close range, making it lethal in tight quarters. Despite its small clip size, upgrades improve its range, recoil, spread, and reload time, making it a favorite among players.
Shivs Shivs are improvised blades used for stealthy takedowns or unlocking doors. Found or crafted throughout the game, they offer a silent and efficient means of eliminating enemies or accessing restricted areas. Shivs are particularly useful for stealth-oriented players



The B-Tier of the list has several respectable weapons; however, there are certain limitations. Several of them work effectively when used as a backup weapon.


One of Joel’s most often used and visible weapons in the game is the revolver. It initially appears in the Prologue of the game. However, the playable version of the gun is not discovered until the Outskirts. Compared to the pistol, it deals more damage but has a smaller magazine and requires a little more skill to operate.

While you are moving, the revolver’s accuracy suffers greatly. However, remaining motionless enables you to take decently far shots that are accurate. During The Outskirts, when investigating the slanted tower after scaling the shaky window cleaners’ platforms outside, it was discovered on the corpse of a dead soldier.


The Pipe does significant amounts of damage at once and is the game’s most resilient weapon. The pipe is regularly seen and can withstand nine strikes before breaking.

You can improve it to gain more 1-hit kills. The little structure you use to hold the board as you get near Bill’s Town has an updated pipe on it. Use a plank to pass the fence.

Best Last Of Us Part 1 Weapons

There are many possibilities for guns, goods, and upgrades in The Last of Us Part 1, but players should carefully consider which to employ.

Here is a list of the greatest weapons that may be utilized effectively both against Infected and humans while keeping this in mind.

Weapon WHY BEST?
Assault Rifle Known for its rapid firing rate and high damage output, the Assault Rifle is effective against both Infected and human adversaries. Despite its high ammo consumption, its ability to quickly dispatch tough enemies makes it a popular choice among players.
Flamethrower The Flamethrower boasts powerful firepower capable of easily eliminating any threats. While its usage may be limited, its devastating damage potential outweighs any drawbacks. Players should aim to make the most out of each use to maximize its effectiveness in combat.
Shotgun A staple in any game, the Pump Shotgun in The Last of Us Part 1 is known for its incredible stopping power. Despite its slow fire rate and reload speed, it packs a punch and excels in close-quarters combat, making it a favorite among players who prefer potent short-range weaponry.
Nail Bomb Considered one of the game’s best explosives, the Nail Bomb is a craftable weapon that delivers a powerful explosion upon detonation. Its ability to incapacitate and damage multiple foes makes it highly rewarding to use in battle, especially considering its ease of crafting.

Our Ranking Criteria

Every weapon in The Last of Us: Part 1 was rated for the weapon tier list. Some weapons are difficult to utilize despite their power. To be successful with a minimal amount of additional labor, A Weapon’s Damage, and A Weapon’s Speed must all cooperate.

We went above and above to make sure you are aware of the best Last of Us Part 1 weapon available in our Last of Us Part 1 Weapon Tier List. The first two Tiers should remain in place since you will benefit more from them. But ultimately, you get to decide which weapon to deploy.

Your selections might or might not agree with our assessment of the Last Of Us Part 1 weaponry because tier lists are fundamentally arbitrary. Do you have a different opinion of the weaponry from The Last of Us Part 1 than we do? If so, feel free to comment below with your thoughts on the weaponry in The Last Of Us Part 1.

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