Last Of Us Part 1 Weapon Tier List [Full Ranking]

Our Last of Us part 1 Weapon Tier List will rank weapons in tiers to make it easy for you to identify the best and worst weapons.

The detailed Last of Us part 1 Weapon Tier List will help you keep informed about the greatest and worst weapons in the game. Thanks to enhanced gameplay, better nimble combat mechanisms, and exciting foes, we now see the weapons differently.

Key Highlights
  • A total of 13 weapons are offered to players by Last Of Us Part 1, mainly categorized into three types–Long Rifles/Primary weapons, Melee weapons, Throwable weapons, Handguns, and Auxiliary weapons. 
  • Last Of Us Part 1 weapons are ranked based on their usability in the recently enhanced gameplay and durability against exciting foes. 
  • Weapons that perform extraordinarily well with the combat mechanisms of Last Of Us Part 1 include Nail Bombs, Bow, Flame Thrower, Assault Rifle, Shotguns, and Hunting Rifle
  • On the split hand, weapons that come with a little too many shortcomings include Pipe and Revolver
  • Choosing the best Last of Us Part 1 weapons will ensure you render a lot of attack damage to your opponents before they send something your way.
Last Of Us Part 1 Weapon Tier List Ranking Table 
Tiers Weapons 
S-Tier Nail Bomb, Flame Thrower, Bow, Shotgun, Assault Rifle, Hunting Rifle
A-Tier Shivs, Shorty, El Diablo, Molotov, 9mm Pistol
B-Tier Pipe, Revolver

In Last of Us part 1 Weapon, a variety of weapons are available; we advise testing a couple to see which ones suit you the best. Your tastes and playstyle will have a significant impact on your loadout. There are four distinct handguns and auxiliary weapons in The Last of Us’ storyline. Six long rifles/primary weapons are available.

Shivs, 2×4 planks, pipes, baseball bats, machetes, and hatchets can also be used as weapons. These fall under the category of melee weapons. Finally, there are two categories of throwable weapons: Molotov and The Nail Bomb.

Last of Us part 1 Weapon Tier List Breakdown

All of the Last of Us Part 1 weapons are included on this Tier List. Use it to determine which weapons are the most potent. The effectiveness and durability of each weapon in the game are assessed in the following Last of Us part 1 Weapon Tier List. 

The best Last of Us weapons are in the S Tier, and the average ones are in the B Tier. Each weapon has a rating between S to B. So let’s get started.


Last of Us part 1 Weapon S-Tier

 The S-Tier weapons on the Last of Us Part 1 Weapon Tier list are the most effective in terms of attack force and damage output.

Hunting Rifle

Despite being a bolt-action rifle and having exceptional accuracy, the hunting rifle has a long load time. It has no magazine and can only hold one round when first discovered. However, updating can help to mitigate this. It is, without a doubt, the greatest and most efficient ranged weapon on our Last of Us Part 1 Weapon Tier list.

It makes exploding off heads some nasty fun when combined with a scope, armor-piercing rounds, and three shots in a clip. Joel escapes upstairs and jumps across two stories after abandoning Tess in the Capitol Building.

When he lands, he will see a dead Firefly with the Hunting Rifle in his hands wedged up between two doors straight ahead.


The Shotgun is a typical shotgun with a pump action. It is a typical pump-action shotgun, which makes it noisy, exciting, and nasty when used up close.

Except for Bloaters, it works well at halting rushing opponents in their tracks. Given to you in Bill’s Town cutscene as you retreat into the church. Following the cutscene, it will be in your inventory.


The Bow is a challenging yet potent weapon. The majority of foes can be eliminated with one shot (sometimes without a headshot), but it takes some work to master.

You will witness an infected being killed by a nail-bomb trap while exploring Bill’s Town. You will then board a semi-truck that has a chair on top of it. The chair’s back is supported by a bow and several arrows.

Flame Thrower

The Flame Thrower is a powerful weapon that can quickly dispatch any foe, but it is especially helpful against Bloaters because they are typically difficult to kill with conventional weapons. Fire is unquestionably the best option because of its dense, outermost layer of protective skin.

When facing several diseased, using the Flame Thrower is quite helpful. Even though ammunition is scarce, you may successfully burn a bunch to crispness as they crowd around you. Opponents can be baked with little to no firepower.

Take a right to the loading dock instead as you reach the first obstacle that a horse must jump over when you initially enter the institution. The Flamethrower is positioned inside, leaning on the forklift truck.

Assault Rifle

The final weapon you receive in the game is the assault rifle. Only in the game’s final level are you able to utilize it. As there is no upgrading station to utilize, you cannot improve it.

Since the majority of the adversaries in this area use AR weapons, getting ammunition should not be too difficult. All of Joel’s adversaries in the hospital shootout are armed with assault weapons. You can take the new Assault Rifle off of any of them if you kill them.

Nail Bomb

The player is given an explosive weapon called the “Nail bomb” by Bill. It is made with the use of explosives and blades.

Given that it can function as both a basic landmine and a full-fledged grenade, it is quite useful in the majority of scenarios.

Its wide radius makes it simple to eliminate several foes. He’ll manufacture you the nail bomb and hand it to you when you and Bill run into the church.


Last of Us part 1 Weapon A-Tier

The weapons on the Last of Us Part 1 Weapon Tier list’s A-Tier are more potent than the other weapons available and a fantastic choice for fighting a variety of foes.

9mm Pistol

The first weapon a player may purchase in the game is a 9mm pistol. It’s the most dependable firearm, and ammunition is easily accessible at the average degree of difficulty.

As usual, headshots are the most effective; however, until later in the game, when people are donning body armor, 2-3 body shots will suffice against most humans and runners—acquired during the quarantine period when you were gathering your stuff and getting ready to depart.

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Alcohol and a Rag may be used to create a Molotov. A Molotov is a fire-based weapon that works well at making foes, whether they be infected or not, into jerky. The noise will do the infected search for the disruption regardless of what you miss.

The infected will catch fire and be burned to death if they step on the Molotov-caused fire. This weapon works very well against the elusive Bloaters. It’s vital to remember that Molotovs and Med-Kits share the same raw materials. As a result, you need to be cautious when crafting them to avoid being trapped and losing your health.

After obtaining the handgun, you must descend the tilting tower, arriving at a demolished subway stop. On a body in front of you, there is a Molotov, along with other crafting supplies.

El Diablo

The El Diablo is a one-shot hunting revolver with strong damage that may let you go all ham on Bandits and Runners. However, just like the Hunting Rifle, you better not miss it because El Diablo is slow to reload, rendering it mostly unusable in most circumstances.

However, if your accuracy is somewhat accurate, this weapon might save your life. It typically “downs” adversaries with a single hit, based on the complexity (and the adversary). While the efficiency of the little devil against Bloaters might be questioned, other adversaries can be dispatched at a usually safe distance with it.

A car gets smashed into a rock on the first road after commencing Tommy’s Dam assignment after departing Henry and Sam. A skeleton and the El Diablo are located next to the opened entrance.


The Shorty was originally a shotgun but has been reduced to a pistol. The Sewers in The Suburbs are where you may get this weapon. Shorty doesn’t have a lot of reach, but because it’s a shotgun that has been converted into a pistol, it is incredibly powerful up close.

Even though shorty only has a clip size of 2, it first appears to be not very good. However, after improved to have a longer range, less recoil, a bigger clip size, wider spread, and a quicker reload time, it may quickly become a favorite.

You’ll trigger off a noise trap after entering the sewers after fleeing the armored car. The Shorty sits on a table towards the left of the one in front of you.


Shivs are tiny, improvised blades that may be used to sneak up on foes and eliminate them covertly or to unlock doors that require shivs to enter. The Shivs can be made from scratch or discovered.

You’ll fight your way through several buildings as you pursue Robert. You’ll enter a warehouse shortly after the brick/bottle tossing instruction; proceed upstairs to the workplace to discover a shiv on a desk.

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The B-Tier of The Last of Us Part 1 Weapon Tier List has several respectable weapons; however, there are certain limitations. Several of them work effectively when used as a backup weapon.


One of Joel’s most often used and visible weapons in the game is the revolver. It initially appears in the Prologue of the game. However, the playable version of the gun is not discovered until the Outskirts. Compared to the pistol, it deals more damage but has a smaller magazine and requires a little more skill to operate.

While you are moving, the revolver’s accuracy suffers greatly. However, remaining motionless enables you to take decently far shots that are accurate. During The Outskirts, when investigating the slanted tower after scaling the shaky window cleaners’ platforms outside, it was discovered on the corpse of a dead soldier.


The Pipe does significant amounts of damage at once and is the game’s most resilient weapon. The pipe is regularly seen and can withstand nine strikes before breaking.

You can improve it to gain more 1-hit kills. The little structure you use to hold the board as you get near Bill’s Town has an updated pipe on it. Use a plank to pass the fence.

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Best Last Of Us Part 1 Weapons

There are many possibilities for guns, goods, and upgrades in The Last of Us Part 1, but players should carefully consider which to employ. Selecting the most potent weapon is not necessarily the best course of action.

Even the most potent weaponry may not be the most precise or simple to use. Here is a list of the greatest weapons that may be utilized effectively both against Infected and humans while keeping this in mind.

Assault Rifle

One of the most effective weapons in the Last of Us part 1 is the assault rifle’s rapid firing, which utterly consumes its ammo. However, the tremendous amount of damage and restraining capability that AR weapon offers make the danger well worth it.

Even the toughest adversaries in the game may be easily destroyed with the assault rifle. It is so simple to understand why the Assault Rifle is so popular, although it chews up limited ammo.

Flame Thrower

It’s difficult to avoid mentioning the Flamethrower in this discussion of weapons with powerful firepower. In the best-case scenario, a single discharge from the Flame Thrower will destroy any adversaries that may be posing a threat to Joel and Ellie.

Since there are not many times when players may use Flame Thrower, they should always endeavor to make it as effective as they can. Although it may be difficult to utilize, the powerful damage capability more than compensates for the tiny drawback.


Every game benefits from shotguns, and The Last of Us part 1 is no exception. Due to its incredible stopping power, the Pump Shotgun is one of the finest weapons in the game.

Although its sluggish fire rate and reloading speed should be considered by gamers who start depending on this weapon, the Pump Shotgun strikes like a truck. Whatever the case, Shotgun will be a delight for aficionados of potent short-range weaponry, literally!

Nail Bomb

One of the game’s greatest explosives that players may build in the game is the nail bomb. The craftable weapon produces a powerful explosion when thrown, rendering the majority of foes helpless and damaged.

Using a Nail Bomb in battle is very rewarding, considering how easy it is to craft one. After the destructive grenade stuns their opponents, gamers can take their time choosing targets.

Our Ranking Criteria

Every weapon in The Last of Us: Part 1 was rated for the weapon tier list. Some weapons are difficult to utilize despite their power. To be successful with a minimal amount of additional labor, A Weapon’s Damage and A Weapon’s Speed must all cooperate.

We went above and above to make sure you are aware of the best Last of Us Part 1 weapon available in our Last of Us Part 1 Weapon Tier List. The first two Tiers should remain in place since you will benefit more from them. But ultimately, you get to decide which weapon to deploy.

Your selections might or might not agree with our assessment of the Last Of Us Part 1 weaponry because tier lists are fundamentally arbitrary. Do you have a different opinion of the weaponry from The Last of Us Part 1 than we do? If so, feel free to comment below with your thoughts on the weaponry in The Last Of Us Part 1.

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