Last Of Us Part 1 BEST Weapons [Top 14]

Our Last of Us Part 1 Best Weapons guide breaks down top-tier guns and throwable weapons you should us.

The Last of Us Part I features a number of various weapons that may be employed equally in combat against infected NPCs and humans. Because of this, our Last of Us Part 1 Best Weapons guide includes a list of top-tier firearms that you should have in your arsenal.

Key Takeaways

Some of the best weapons in The Last of Us Par 1 are:

  • Bow: Powerful for stealth and one-shot kills, found in Bill’s town.
  • 9MM Pistol: Good choice with plentiful ammo, effective for headshots, found at The Quarantine Zone.
  • Hunting Rifle: High accuracy, great for one-shot kills on Clickers, found at The Outskirts.
  • El Diablo: One-shot revolver with massive damage and max ammo of 9 bullets, found at Tommy’s Dam.
  • Pump Shotgun: Tremendous stopping power, ideal for close-quarters combat, found in Bill’s town.
  • Revolver: Popular, high damage, and accuracy, found throughout the game.
  • Flamethrower: Quick Bloater eliminator, potent with max ammo of 200 fuels, found at The University.
  • Assault Rifle: High stopping power and heavy damage, suitable for tough enemies.

Here is a brief look at how the best Last of Us Part 1 Weapons compete against each other statistically:

WeaponTypeFire RateReload TimeDamageMax AmmoClip CapacityWeapon Upgrades
Smoke BombExplosiveN/AN/AN/AN/AN/ASmoke: Chemistry, Smoke: Shaping
Assault RifleLong Gun8.04.03.090 Bullets30 BulletNone
FlamethrowerLong Gun9.03.02.0300 Fuel100 FuelReload speed(2), Range(1), Power(1)
ShortyPistol4.03.06.06 Shells2 ShellsReload speed(2), Fire rate(3), Clip capacity(4), Recoil(2), Spread(4)
RevolverPistol4.03.05.018 Bullets6 BulletsReload speed(3), Fire rate(3)
Nail BombExplosiveN/AN/AN/AN/AN/ABomb: Containment, Bomb: Shrapnel
Molotov CocktailExplosiveN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AMolotov: Contruction, Molotov: Deployment
HatchetMeleeN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AMelee: Knot, Melee: Techniques
ShivBladeN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AShiv: Sharpening, Shiv: Reinforcement
Pump ShotgunLong GunN/AN/AN/A14 Shells4 ShellsReload speed, Fire rate, Clip capacity, Recoil, Range
El DiabloPistol4.03.06.07 Bullets1 BulletReload speed(2), Fire rate(3), Clip capacity(2), Armor Piercing(2)
Hunting RifleLong Gun2.02.08.07 Bullets1 BulletReload speed(2), Clip capacity(2), Scope(2), Armor Piercing(2), Power(1)
9MM PistolPistol7.06.02.020 Bullets6 BulletsReload speed(3), Fire rate(3), Clip capacity(4)
BowLong Gun3.04.06.09 Arrows1 ArrowReload time(1), Range(3), Draw speed(3)

Also, watch our video and learn about the overall ranking of all weapons in the game.

YouTube video

Smoke Bomb

Name  Weapon type Weapon upgrade(s)
Smoke bomb Explosive Via crafting

  • Smoke: Chemistry
  • Smoke: Shaping

First, the smoke bomb may be used to conceal one’s location from human foes, making it easier to flee dangerous situations. Second, if there are Infected inside the radius of an explosion caused by a smoke bomb, it will prohibit clickers from using their echolocation abilities.

The smoke bomb may be upgraded with the use of training manuals. This can not only make the smoke linger for a longer period of time, but it can also extend the blast radius of the smoke bomb.

Assault Rifle

Location Clip capacity Maximum ammo Weapon upgrade(s)
The Firefly Lab
  • 30 bullets (The Last of Us)
  • 20 bullets (Factions MP)
  • 90 bullets (The Last of Us)
  • 50 bullets (Factions MP)

As a result of its rapid-fire mode, the Assault Rifle is one of the least effective weapons in the game due to the quick consumption of ammo it causes. The fact that this weapon can do so much damage and has such a powerful stopping ability, however, makes taking the risk well worth it.

The Assault Rifle is so powerful that it can easily demolish even the most dangerous foes in the game. In light of the foregoing, it is not hard to comprehend why a lot of people like using this weapon, in spite of the fact that it devours ammunition at an alarming rate.


Flamethrower Last of us Part 1 weapon
Location Clip capacity Maximum ammo Weapon upgrade(s)
The University 100 fuel 200 fuel
  • Reload Speed (2)
  • Range (1)
  • Power (1)

The flamethrower struggles from a restricted range. By increasing its efficacy and spreading it farther, increasing its range puts more space between the user and their targets, which lowers the chance that they will be injured or attacked.

It is quite powerful against infected, and it can swiftly get rid of a bloater. However, unlike the Molotov cocktail, it does not cause damage from splashing. It just takes one strike to kill human foes, and even a little exposure to the flame is enough to burn them completely, making them unable to fight back before they pass out from the heat.


Shorty Last of Us Part 1 best weapon upgrades
Location Clip capacity Maximum ammo Weapon upgrade(s)
The Suburbs
  • 2 shells (base)
  • 6 shells (upgraded)
  • 6 shells(base)
  • 10 shells (upgraded)
  • Reload Speed (2)
  • Fire Rate (3)
  • Clip Capacity (4)
  • Recoil (2)
  • Spread (4)

Even while the Shorty doesn’t seem to be particularly good at first usage (because of the fact that it only has a clip size of 2), it has the potential to become a favorite after being improved to have increased range, decreased recoil, bigger clip size, greater spread, and quicker reload time.

After triggering off the first noise trap, the Shorty may be discovered in the sewers during the chapter titled “The Suburbs” on a bench that is located to the left of the entrance. After Joel is cut off from the rest of the gang, another one of them may be discovered on an infected person.


Revolver Last of us Part 1 weapon
Location Clip capacity Maximum ammo Weapon upgrade(s)
The Outskirts 6 bullets 18 bullets
  • Reload Speed (3)
  • Fire Rate (3)

The revolver is one of Joel’s most common and often utilized weapons during the course of the game. It makes its debut in the “Prologue” section of the game. On the other hand, you won’t be able to use the gun until you make it to the Outskirts. It is somewhat more difficult to operate than the pistol, but it does much more damage overall. However, it has a smaller capacity for ammunition.

Nail Bomb

Nail Bomb Last of us throwable weapon
Location Weapon upgrade(s)
Craftable Via crafting:

  • Bomb: Containment
  • Bomb: Shrapnel

It goes without saying that wielding a Nail Bomb in battle is quite gratifying, considering how easy it is to create this weapon in the first place. After this destructive grenade has knocked out its opponents, players have the opportunity to take their time selecting targets for their attacks. Nail Bomb is easily Last of Us Part 1 Best Weapons under the throwables category.

Molotov Cocktail

use Molotov combat tips Last of Us Part 1
Location Weapon upgrade(s)
Craftable Via crafting

  • Molotov: Construction
  • Molotov: Deployment

The Molotov cocktail is a lifesaver when it comes to challenging adversaries, particularly when they are grouped together. It is ideal for use from a distance to tackle difficult foes such as Clickers and Bloaters. Any Clickers that are in the vicinity at the time of the toss will immediately race toward the sound and then right into the fire.

A Molotov is a kind of weapon that may be created by combining an Alcohol bottle with a Rag. Because it is a weapon that uses fire, the Molotov is excellent at turning adversaries, whether they are infected or not, into jerky. Even if you are unsuccessful, the infected will still look for the disruption because of the noise.


Weapon type Weapon upgrade(s)
Melee weapon Via crafting:

  • Melee: Knots
  • Melee: Techniques

Hatchet is one of the greatest melee weapons that can be used in The Last of Us Part 1. It is not difficult to get a hatchet, and it is possible to improve it with other materials, such as scissors or tape, that may be found along the way.

Even though the machete and the hatchet deal about the same amount of damage, the hatchet triumphs in this competition because of its superior durability, although each weapon is capable of killing an opponent with a single blow, the hatchet is far more durable.


Location Weapon upgrade(s)
Craftable Via crafting:

  • Sharpening
  • Reinforcement

The Shiv is a weapon that serves a variety of purposes. It allows you to sneak up on infected and murder them, particularly powerful against Clickers. Having said that, it does become useless after a certain amount of use, so exercise extreme caution if you plan on depending on it.

When first constructed, a shiv using scissors is only good for one use before it snaps. By amassing a collection of instruction manuals, one may increase the number of functions that a shiv has. Shivs may be used to dispose of foes in a stealthy manner more quickly than by strangling them, or they can be used to open doors referred to as “shiv doors.”

Pump Shotgun

Location Clip capacity Maximum ammo Weapon upgrade(s)
Bill’s Town
  • 4 shells (base)
  • 8 shells (fully upgraded)
  • 14 shells (base)
  • 18 shells (fully upgraded)
  • Reload speed
  • Fire rate
  • Clip capacity
  • Recoil
  • Range

In general, shotguns provide a sense of accomplishment when used in video games, and “The Last of Us Part 1” is not an exception to this norm. Because of its insanely powerful stopping ability, the Pump Shotgun is easily one of the finest weapons in the game, making it one of the strongest overall weapons as well.

The Shotgun is a pump-action shotgun of the basic kind, and it may be obtained from Bill in the Safehouse. It’s a regular pump-action shotgun, so it’s noisy, it’s fun to shoot, and it’s really effective at close quarters. It is quite effective in halting foes in their tracks if they attempt to rush, with the obvious exception of Bloaters.

El Diablo

El Diablo Last of us Part 1 weapon
Location Clip capacity Maximum ammo Weapon upgrade(s)
Tommy’s Dam
  • 1 bullet (base)
  • 3 bullets (upgraded)
  • 7 bullets (base)
  • 9 bullets (upgraded)
  • Reload Speed (2)
  • Fire Rate (3)
  • Clip Capacity (2)
  • Armor Piercing (2)

The El Diablo is a one-shot revolver that, owing to its tremendous damage, may turn you into a lethal killing machine for all hostile human NPCs and Runners. However, you had best not miss it since it takes an excruciatingly long time to reload this weapon, rendering it very useless in most circumstances, similar to how the Hunting Rifle operates.

There is, however, a note of caution that you should be aware of. El Diablo is required to reload his weapon after each and every shot. This can be enhanced with subsequent upgrades, but even without a bigger clip capacity, the pistol deals more damage in a single shot than the majority of the weapons in the game easily. This is because the pistol has a higher damage per clip than the other weapons.

Hunting Rifle

Hunting Rifle Last of us Part 1 weapon
Location Clip capacity Maximum ammo Weapon upgrade(s)
The Outskirts
  • 1 bullet (base)
  • 3 bullets (upgraded)
  • 7 bullets (base)
  • 9 bullets (upgraded)
  • Reload Speed (2)
  • Clip Capacity (2)
  • Scope (2)
  • Armor Piercing (2)
  • Power (1)

The hunting rifle may save your life quite literally, and it packs one heck of a punch when you find it for the first time in the Capitol Building. The hunting rifle is both powerful and precise, making it ideal for eliminating Clickers with only one shot; nevertheless, the magazine capacity of the weapon is somewhat limited. Take caution in your aiming.

However, since it is a bolt action rifle, it takes a very long time to load, despite the fact that it is a highly powerful and accurate weapon. When it was first discovered, there was just one bullet inside, and there was no magazine. On the other hand, this is something that can be improved upon.

9MM Pistol

9mm Pistol Last of us Part 1 weapon
Location Clip capacity Maximum ammo Weapon upgrade(s)
The Quarantine Zone
  • 6 bullets (base)
  • 14 bullets (upgraded)
  • 20 bullets (base)
  • 28 bullets (upgraded)
  • Reload Speed (3)
  • Fire Rate (3)
  • Clip Capacity (4)

When it comes to The Last of Us Part 1, the 9MM Pistol should be your primary weapon of choice. When compared to other types of guns, it has an abundant supply of ammunition and is easy to aim, even for novice shooters. Headshots from this weapon are quite effective against Runners. It can take two or three attempts to defeat an armored foe.


Bow Last of us Part 1 weapon
Location Clip capacity Maximum ammo Weapon upgrade(s)
Bill’s Town 1 arrow 9 arrows
  • Reload Speed (1)
  • Range (3)
  • Draw Speed (3)

The bow is a by far the best weapon in The Last of Us Part 1 when it comes to stealth, offense, and much more. It is a deceptively simple yet extremely lethal weapon. It is possible to kill most foes with a single shot, frequently without needing to aim for the head, although it takes some effort to do it correctly.

The Bow is an essential tool for survival in any situation where ammunition is in short supply since it may be used to fire reusable projectiles like arrows. However, there is a possibility that the arrows may shatter, leading the player to lose those arrows. When used against foes that are ignorant of the presence of the player, arrows deliver much greater damage.

My Favourite Weapon In Last of Us Part 1

The sound design in The Last of Us Part 1 is immaculate, and handling each gun feels very good. However, nothing fulfills the power fantasy like one-shoting, even the most powerful enemies. El Diablo is the weapon that achieves that in The Last of Us Part 1. Its range and damage are both devastating and have saved me in many unfavorable situations.

Last of Us Part 1
Last of Us Part 1 Sphinx Profile

Additionally, I also personally liked using a mix of melee weapons a lot. Bashing the enemy’s skulls with an upgraded baseball bat, hatchet, and hook pipe also never got old. Shorty and Shotgun are also a great choice for blowing up skulls in close encounters.

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