21 BEST Last Of Us Part 1 Quotes

In our guide we will look at the 21 best quotes in the Last Of Us Part 1.

The Last Of Us is, without a doubt, a masterpiece. It is impossible to find people that will not rave about the game. How could they not? with amazing characters like Ellie and Joel and an off-the-chart adventure saga. It hits all the marks; before you move forward, why not look at our guide on all voice actors? Players come across many characters throughout the game, some more important than others. So let’s now look into the Last Of Us Part 1 best quotes.

Key Takeaways
  • Quotes from Joel, one of the main characters in the game: “I got you, baby girl.”, “I guess no matter how hard you try, you can’t escape your past.” etc.
  • Quotes from Ellie, an important character we meet in the very early stages of the game: “Everyone I have cared for has either died or left me. Everyone f***ing except for you.”, “Hello? Anyone? Cure for mankind here!” etc.
  • Quotes from Bill, one of the most bizarre characters in the game: “You know, as bad as those things are, at least they’re predictable. It’s the normal people that scare me.”
  • Quotes from Tess, Joel’s partner in crime: “I will not turn into one of those things. Come on, make this easy for me.”
  • Quotes from Marlene, the head of the firefly: ‘Maybe it was meant to be.”
  • Quotes from Tommy, Joel’s brother: “My cause is my family now.”


The last Of Us Character Joel
Joel in The Last Of Us

Joel is one of the main characters in the game. We, as the players, mostly play as him, which truly makes gamers form a very strong bond with him. Not only is Joel known for his brooding personality, but he can sometimes say very interesting lines. Before moving forward, you should take a look at our guide on all The Last Of Us game’s easter eggs.

“I got you baby girl.”

Okay, so we had to start with this particular line; how could we not? Without a shadow of a doubt, it is one of the most iconic lines in the game. Can you guess what part of the journey the line is actually from?

Well, if you remember, before leaving the university, Joel ends up getting attacked and hurt in a very terrible way. Leaving him weak and vulnerable. It is here that Ellie takes the mantel and starts to look for food and medicine.

It is here that she meets two men who inform her they have a whole settlement a few miles from there. Although Ellie ends up refusing the deal, we, as the players, can sense a storm starting to form because these men are, without a doubt, the hunters that had previously attacked and hurt Joel. What’s worse is that the people are cannibals.

To cut a long story short, the men follow Ellie back home and capture her. After a series of intense fights and a lot of hiding in a snowstorm, Elliw finds herself beaten, bruised, and heavily traumatized. It is here that Joel says these lines to get after her terrible ordeal with the town head.

“I Guess No Matter How Hard You Try, You Can’t Escape Your Past.”

Now, this particular quote really shows the overall character growth and progression Joel has had. When the game first started, Joel thought of Ellie as another job that he had to do for Marlene so he could get his merchandise back. 

However, as the game continues to see Joel starts to open up to Elliw more and more, and by the end of the game, he thinks of Ellie as her daughter. He finally starts to come around to the idea that his daughter has been dead and that ignoring it will not help him.

“Ellie, You’re Treading On Some Mighty Thin Ice Here.”

Throughout the game, Joel’s character gives us a lot of whiplash, and maybe that is why the game is such a fun play. You never know how any conversation between Ellie and Joel will go. What at first seems like a cute and wholesome conversation can turn into a huge fight.

The particular line happened when Joel ended up leaving Ellie with his brother and his wife. When Ellie finds out, she feels extremely betrayed and abounded, so she follows Joel. After that, rather than Joel handling the situation calmly, he gets very upset and points out that he is not her father and she should stop thinking of him that way.

“Tommy Saw The World One Way, I Saw The Other.”

Although we had first seen Tommy at the start of the game, he completely vanished after that. Even though there were some hints that he had joined the firefly, we could not be sure where he was. Most players just assumed that he had died of natural causes or succumbed to the virus.

So as most players will be able to attest, it was a huge shock when we saw him and his wife. When he was asked about why the two brothers were not close anymore, he said the iconic line really did show how different the two men had become.

“You’d Just Come After Her.”

Throughout the game, we saw that Joel did not like to harm people unless they were attacking him, so when he attacked and killed Marlene, it was a huge shock. We can all agree that Marlene did, in fact, have a soft spot for Ellie, and she even let the two escape during the final scenes. 

We would have liked for maybe Joel to have done the same, but that particular decision is what makes his character so nuanced. Is he wrong for murdering Ellie, or is he a hero? Everyone seems to have their own thoughts about it.

“If I Get In Trouble Down There, You Make Every Shot Count.”

When the game first started, we saw that Joel would not trust his partner with guns, even when Ellie gave several reasons why she, too, should have a gun. So it was very heartwarming to witness Joel’s character development and see the bond between the two bloom.

“No Matter What, You Keep Finding Something To Fight For.”

With so much trauma that Joel has gone through in the last 20 years, many players were curious to know how he was able to cope with it. Especially when you consider the fact that his daughter dies in his arms. Well, fans did get to know Joel’s secret, which was to keep your sight ahead and find things to fight for. As a way to cope with the present.

“You’re Right. You’re Not My Daughter- And I Sure As Hell Ain’t Your Dad. And We are going Our Separate Ways.

While Joel did think of Ellie as another job that he had to do in the beginning, over time their friendship started to build up. It was further cemented by the near-death experiences that the two seem to share. Slowly we start to see the two have started to bicker the same way we had seen Joel and Sarah do at the very start of the game.

It was going well, a bit too well. So as you can imagine, things had to collapse when Ellie ended up mentioning his daughter. Joel was unable to control his emotions and said hurtful things. Even though he made up for it later, the whole ordeal was very intense, to say the least. 

“Endure And Survive.”

During the game, we see Ellie quote her favorite comic book character Savage Starlight, who says the word endure and survive, at the end of each battle. So when Joel says it to Ellie after an intense fight, it really seems like a full-circle moment.

“We’re Not Murderers. We Just Survive.”

Throughout the game, Joel and Ellie both identify with one another as survivors, but their definitions of what qualifies as a survivor are very different. Joel believed that since he did what he had to in order to stay alive, killing was justified. 

“And Just So We’re Clear About Back There It Was Either Him Or Me.”

Early on in the game, we see that Ellie is very squeamish when it comes to killing but slowly, as the game progresses, we see that whole ideology shift.


Ellie in The Last Of Us Part 1
The Last Of Us Part 2: Ellie

We first meet Ellie very early on in the game and are tasked to transport her across the city; well, that was the plan, But after a series of unfortunate events, we end up traveling across the country looking for the firefly HQ. So let’s now look at Last Of Us Part 1 Best Ellie Quotes.

“Everyone I have cared for has either died or left me. Everyone f***ing except for you.”

A truly raw and emotional moment that gives the nod to Ellie’s tragic childhood. She had lost her mom. Her dad and even her best friend, Riley. So the moment was very heartfelt. Before you continue, have a look at Last Of Us Part 1 remake things to know.

“Tell them Ellie’s the name of the little girl that BROKE YOUR F***ING FINGER!”

During the game, we really get to see Ellie evolve as a character and get more confident. She was a true menace to men who were thrice her age. They may have thought that they had the upper hand, but we all know Elliw was the one pulling the strings. She really showed the cannibal David who’s boss!

“Hello? Anyone? Cure for mankind here!”

During the game, each time the duo gets close to a firefly camp, our hope shoots up. Unfortunately, each time we are bitterly disappointed. All we end up encountering are the infected and looters. The line Ellie says really encapsulates our emotions while playing the game!

“After all we’ve been through. Everything that I’ve done. It can’t be for nothing.”

During the ending of the game, we can see Joel visibly getting upset about leaving Ellie with the firefly. At one point, he even proposes that the two can go back to Tommy’s small town and live a normal life. But Ellie refused the idea saying that the two had been through a lot, so backing out was not an option.

“What did the green grape say to the purple grape? Breathe, you idiot!”

One of the highlights of the game was when the duo found a pun book, and Ellie proceeded to read a couple of them out. It really lightened the whole mood from somber and dark to goofy.

“We Can Be All Poetic And Lose Our Minds Together.”

So the line is not, in fact, an Ellie original; it was first said to her by Riley. Ellie ended up saying the same line to Joel.


Bill in the last of us
The Last Of Us: Bill

Joel takes us to Bill in the hope of getting a car at the start of the game. Bill is certainly one of the most bizarre characters in the game. He is very protective about his possessions which we see when Ellie tries to take a comic book from his home.

“You know, as bad as those things are, at least they’re predictable. It’s the normal people that scare me.”

Bill really does make a valid point; with the infected, we know what to expect from them and can handle them accordingly. However, you never know what human beings are capable of, so can you really trust them?


Tess in the last of us
The Last Of Us: Tess

Tess was Joel’s partner in crime and was supposed to help Joel with shifting Ellie across the state. However, she meets a devastating end very early on in the game.

“I will not turn into one of those things. Come on, make this easy for me.”

In the touching moment, Tess shows Joel and Ellie the bite wound on her neck, which means that her days as a human are numbered.  She urges the two of them to abandon her since she knows her death is near. She ends up volunteering to distract the zoning police so the two can run away.


Marlene is the head of the firefly in the area where Joel and Tess live. She is the one who actually tasks them with transporting Ellie.

“Maybe It Was Meant To Be.”

During the final few moments in the game, we end up finding out that the cost of making the vaccine is Ellie’s death. Marlene tells Joel that he is to leave silently or he will be killed.


Tommy is Joel’s brother, and we first see him very early on in the game. He’s the one who gets Joel and his daughter from their home when the outbreak first hit. 

My cause is my family now.”

We find out that Tommy had first joined the firefly organization when the outbreak had hit, but later on, he chose to leave the group. It was there he happened to come across a small settlement of people and chose to live with them. He was considering them as his new family.

My Favorite Last Of Us Part I Quote

My 2 absolute picks for the best quotes in the game are definitely, “I got you baby girl” and “After everything we have been through…”. The first quote showcases a side of Joel we, as a player, never see since the prologue. Yes, Joel and Ellie do have some bonding moments here and there, but this is the closest we ever see Joel treating Ellie like Sarah – consoling and holding her like her own child, even though he had declared that she wasn’t in Jackson’s arc.

Last of Us Part 1
Last of Us Part 1 Sphinx Profile

And secondly, Ellie’s quote sums up the entire story and arc of Last of Us Part 1. While Joel Ultimately strays away from his original goal, his journey still isn’t for nothing, as he ends up with another daughter, thus filling the void created by Sarah’s death, and inversely, Ellie ends up with a father she never had.

We hope that you had fun reading our Last Of Us Part 1 Best Quotes!

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