Last of Us Part 1 Remake: 10 Things To Know [2023]

Details About Release Date, Gameplay, Models, Story and a Lot More

It seems the Naughty Dog isn’t done with the Last of Us just yet. Not a surprise, considering it’s one of the most critically acclaimed story-telling games originally released on the Playstation 3. But Naughty Dog decided to remaster the game with better overall graphics featured in 2014 along with the release of the PS4.

Fast forward to 2022, and it seems that the Last of Us Part 1 is getting a next-gen treatment once again as the team of developers over at the big company has given us the exciting news that we’ll get to witness a remake of the game from the ground up. That’s why today we’ll discuss 10 details about The Last of Us Part 1 Remake that you should know!

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Launch Date

Last of us details you should know
Last of Us Remake – Release Date

We did have news earlier that the Last of us remake this year was a possibility. But now it’s official; the game is coming out in 2022. Much to everyone’s surprise, Naughty Dog has set the release date for the game as early as September of 2022. That is quite a surprising date considering remakes take a lot of time and effort to refine.

Naughty Dog has to make sure that they nail it and pay tribute to the original videogame without upsetting the fans or any of us for that matter. We hope the game doesn’t get that predictable AAA treatment where the developers delay the game, promise us in-game content and finally give us an unfinished product. Though it’s never been a problem with Naughty Dog, we can never be too sure.

The date is set for September 2, 2022. The game will first make its way to the PS5 on the release date and will later grace our screens for Windows and PC. The release was revealed via a leaked product listing. Since then, Sony followed up with a trailer on its official website as well as its Youtube channel. But the information and the trailers have been taken down ever since.

And that’s pretty much all the details about the Last of Us remake’s launch date that we have for now. As we know, many games do get delayed but let’s keep our fingers crossed that it doesn’t happen with the remake! 

It’s A Remake, Not A Remaster

We’ve seen the remastered version of the game before on the Playstation 4. It was ported over from the PS3 with some improvements in the framerate, graphical fidelity, foliage, and character models. We also got to see tons of improvements in the physics engine as well as the overall terrain that the post-apocalyptic zombie-infested world of The Last of Us came with.

But the game was the one and the same as the PS3 port. Sure, the textures were a bit upscaled with all of the necessary improvements that fans complained about, but it was practically the same game as before, just running a whole lot better.

So, you might be wondering, why don’t we just pop in the Last of Us back from 2014 and enjoy it with the improved visuals on my PS5? Why do I need to buy the game again? Well, the game is not the same this time. The following are all the details that you need to know about the difference between a remake and remaster for the Last of Us!

A remaster and remake are not the same thing, although the two names sound pretty similar. A remaster is the same game with a few improvements by the developers. But a remake is an entirely different story.

With the Remake, the developers will not be reusing any of the old assets, character models, textures, skyboxes, or any of the little bits and pieces. The source code for the game won’t be the same either. They’re literally making another game that’s set to cater to the next-gen era.

The game will feature new assets, revamped graphics, new textures, and even Raytraced Lighting. And considering the density of the game, the asset placements, and the multiple interactable objects within the game, it will look different this time around.

The Story And Characters Might Change

Since the game is a remake, the story might be fine-tuned a bit. The dialogue might change a little, and we might get to see some alternate endings. Who knows, the developers might end up changing some of the main cast members and character models for the game. Here are all the story details about The Last of Us Remake that you should know!

We’ve seen story changes happen before with Spiderman PS4, which featured a mature-looking Peter Parker that was traded off for a younger Peter Parker for the PS5 release. We don’t have a problem with the change is always good. But some veteran fans of the Last of Us Part 1 might not take a liking to it.

We might even get some mixed reviews over the game as it lacks the authenticity of the original game. But that tends to be common with remakes. The story, the characters, and even the dialogue change a lot. Such an example is Final Fantasy 7, which has seen many changes in terms of dialogue and story as well.  

The Price Tag

Firefly Edition
Last of Us Remake – Firefly Edition

Video games are sure getting more and more expensive these days. We would generally be looking at a $60 price tag on an AAA videogame, but things seem different this time. The Last of Us Part 1 Remake will be priced at $70! We were hoping to see a reduced-price tag for the game, but we got a price bump instead. The game will also feature a collector’s version with a $100 price tag.

But we do have a Firefly Edition in the Last of Us remake, and there are a bunch of details going around that you should know. The Firefly collector’s version will come with a steel bookcase, some additional real-life goodies, and probably some in-game items. The Firefly edition of the game will also feature a four-issue comic by the name “The Last of Us: American Dreams.”

The digital edition of the game will, unfortunately, cost you an additional $10 over the base game for a total of $80 with the promise of a few special in-game items.

Prequel Included

The Last of Us Remake will also feature the prequel for the game, which was added as an expansion in 2014. Players had to wait nearly 8 months to get their hands on the prequel story, and now they can enjoy it built from the ground up along with the main story. Considering it was also included with the remastered version for PS4, it doesn’t come off as a huge surprise.

Accessibility Options

Accessibility options
Last of Us 2 – Accessibility Mode Gameplay

While the original Last of Us barely touched up on its accessibility options, the Last of Us Part 2 did a lot in terms of providing aid for those with disabilities. The game made sure that players with disabilities ranging from color blindness, physical disabilities, low vision, and maybe even complete blindness could get to enjoy the game.

The game featured text-to-speech, audio cues, change in colors and contrast, motor accessibility presets, and the ability to fully change control schemes so that the players could enjoy the game regardless of their handicaps.

It’s likely that these accessibility options will return once more for the Last of Us Part 1 Remake so that everyone can get to enjoy the full extent of the game!

Joel’s Character Model

Last of Us Remake Things You should know
Last of Us Remake – Joel Model

The trailer had a lot to unpack, and that included character models. The game has changed drastically, and as we said, it’s certainly not the same game that we saw 7 years ago. Joel’s character model has changed drastically. Here are all the details you need to know about Joel’s character model in the Last of Us Remake.

The character model for Joel in the original game featured an unrealistic Joel with very sharp textures on his clothing. His hair looked passable but was mostly unrealistic. His facial features were a bit too sharp around 2014, but now, they look all the more realistic.

When you see Joel in the 2022 adaptation of the game, you see a lot more life in his character model. His clothes genuinely look real and less stiff, and his clothes look worn out and actually soft like real fabric. He looks like a man with life in his eyes, the determination to survive and live on. His wrinkles and facial features look lifelike. His hair, for one, is incredibly detailed, and you certainly can’t tell if it’s fake.

Ellie’s Character Model

Joel’s character isn’t the only one who had an upgrade. Now Ellie’s character model is a day and night change. Her original character model looked like a creepy doll that’s now quite noticeable. She had some beady bug eyes with really straight hair that just looked fake. She looks like a porcelain doll in the original game. But the 2022 version looks like a genuine child.

Her facial expressions are much more lifelike. She has actual facial cues, and her clothing looks like it’s been through hell, rain, and dirt. Her bruises and the dirt and debris on her face look pretty good. The hair’s a big improvement as well as it looks much more realistic this time around.

Better Stealth and Gameplay

The Last of Us Part 1 was a good game, but the movements, gameplay, the difficulty options could perhaps be slightly improved. Especially if you look at the Last of Us Part 2, a lot has changed over the years. Here are stealth-related details about The Last of Us remake that you should know!

The second part’s difficulty options can be fine-tuned in accordance with the user’s needs and experience. You can change the visibility, stealth difficulties, enemy behavior, and AI aggressiveness. The game can become all the more realistic by limiting the resources you can find and the amount of ammo you get handed out.

The movements of the original game were a bit clunky as compared to modern video games. But fluidity has been a big focus over the years over at Naughty Dog, and we hope that the Remake intends to make use of the technical prowess Naughty Dog has accumulated over the years.

Stealth was quite good in The Last of Us Part 1, but Part 2 took it to a whole new level. Players could skip firefights and other obstacles just by being good at the stealth sequences of the game. They also had the option to engage and disengage with clever stealth mechanics. Hopefully, we’ll get to see these improvements in the Remake as well. 


Last of Us Remake details you should know
Last of Us 1 – Gunplay Gameplay

For 2014’s standards, the gunplay of The Last of Us Part 1 was amazing. Some fans still consider it to hold up even to this day. But since the game’s release, Naughty Dog has acquired lots of experience with third-person shooters over the years with the release of their past six AAA titles, and it’s safe to say that they’ve pretty much nailed it.

The developers will surely revamp the core gunplay mechanics of the game. They did so with Uncharted 4 and The Last of Us Part 2, so it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing revamped gun mechanics in the Remake. The nearly perfected gameplay paired with the PS5’s haptic feedback system will surely make the Remake an experience worth Reliving.

Those were all The Last of Us remake details that you should know as of right now! There are surely going to be some amazing improvements. And with the latest and greatest hardware, the game is going to feel even more realistic! And if there are any new leaks or developments, you’ll surely find them on eXputer! 


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