Last of Us Part 2 Remastered: How To Unlock Mods + List

Here is a complete list of all the Mods in The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered No Return game mode and how you can unlock them all.

The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered No Return is a rogue-like game mode where replayability means everything. Playing with all ten characters surely increases replay value but the Mods are the actual appeal of this game mode. Mods or modifiers can make a run very easy or brutally challenging to complete depending on which one is activated. There are 26 Mods and I have listed how to unlock all Mods in The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered No Return. 

Key Takeaways
  • The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered features a rogue-like mode, No Return, offering 26 Mods to increase replay value.
  • Mods include time-based effects, health bonuses, environmental changes, and altered enemy behaviors.
  • Players can toggle Mods on or off, customizing their gameplay experience.
  • Progress through four tiers by completing a set number of encounters, introducing new Mods at each tier.
  • Carefully choose encounters on the Planning Board, equipping Mods strategically for success.
  • Consider the potential drawbacks of each Mod; red indicates a disadvantage, and green signifies an advantage.
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How To Unlock Mods In No Return

Mod Tiers unlock requirements from tier 1 to tier 4 in The Last of Use Part 2 Remasterd No Return

The No Return game mode is structured into four Mod tiers, each featuring a different set of mods per tier. As you successfully go through a specific number of encounters with mods, you unlock the next tier, introducing fresh effects and adjustments to the game. Here are all the tiers that you need to complete the runs to unlock them all. 

Mods TierMods IncludedHow to Unlock
1Tier ILow Health Damage Bonus, Photo Mode Filters, Stuns Restore Melee Durability, Invisible EnemiesComplete 3 encounters with mods
2Tier IIIncreased Enemy Speed, Temporarily Unlock All Recipes, Distractions Attract EnemiesComplete 6 encounters with mods
3Tier IIIStealth Kills Boost Movement Speed, Molotov Rain, Time Limit, Mirror ModeComplete 9 encounters with mods
4Tier IVTime Slows on Headshots, Crafting Gives Bonus Parts, Reloading Discards Ammo Left, Long Guns LockedComplete 12 encounters with mods
Important: When selecting your next encounter on the Planning Board, you can easily identify the activated mods for that particular situation. Therefore, I suggest you plan ahead and equip yourself with the best guns and gear to outmatch the difficult outcomes ahead.

Complete Mods List In Last of Us Part 2 No Return

Mod Tiers unlock requirements from tier 1 to tier 4 in The Last of Use Part 2 Remastered No Return [Image Credits: eXputer]
Here is a quick look at all 26 Mods in No Return and what each one does in the game.

No.Mod nameWhat It Does
1Enemies Drop Bombs on DeathEnemies leave behind a pipe bomb that detonates after 3 seconds.
2Melee Kills Restore HealthKilling an enemy with a melee attack will restore some health.
3Time Slows On HeadshotsSuccessful headshots will slow time for 2 seconds.
4Low Health Damage BonusWhile at critical health, damage is increased by 200%.
5Photo Mode FiltersFilters normally only seen in photo mode are present in this encounter.
6Tripwire TrapsTripwire traps are placed throughout this map. Tread with caution.
7Increased Enemy HealthEnemies in this encounter have increased health.
8Decreased Enemy HealthEnemies in this encounter have decreased health.
9Increased Enemy SpeedEnemies in this encounter have increased speed.
10Crafting Gives Bonus PartsCrafting gives bonus weapon parts.
11Thick FogThis encounter is covered in a thick fog.
12Vaulting Boosts Movement SpeedVaulting increases the player’s speed for a short time.
13Temporarily Unlock All RecipesAll crafting recipes are unlocked for this encounter.
14Melee Weapons Set Enemies On FireMelee attacks set enemies on fire.
15Long Shot Damage BonusLong range shots have their damage doubled.
16Stealth Kills Boost Movement SpeedStealth kills increase movement speed for a short time.
17Stuns Restore Melee DurabilityPerforming stuns on enemies restores melee weapon durability.
18Distractions Attract EnemiesDistractions will draw enemies to your location.
19Reloading Discards Ammo LeftReloading discards any ammo left in a magazine.
20Long Guns LockedLong guns are unavailable for this encounter.
21Invisible EnemiesEnemies are invisible except in listen mode.
22Pustule RainPustules will rain from the sky, leaving behind spore clouds.
23Molotov RainMolotovs will rain from the sky, leaving behind flames.
24Time LimitThis encounter must be completed before the time limit expires.
25Mirror ModePerspective is mirrored while active.
26Mystery EncounterEncounter information is hidden from view.

Can You Toggle Mods In No Return

Yes, you can toggle Mods on or off in The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered No Return.

By default, any standard run in No Return will automatically apply a mod during each encounter after you leave base. However, once you unlock Mods, you can choose to toggle on or off. Activating Mods such as Thick Fog will act as a double-edged sword: you and the enemies both will have reduced visibility. 

That is why you must always consider mods in your route and encounter planning is key, as they hold the power to either make your run smooth or make it challenging to complete. It’s essential to weigh the potential drawbacks of each mod, determining whether they could jeopardize your run or if the potential rewards are worth the risk. If the risk seems too great, factor this into the route you’re mapping out.

Important: To identify whether a Mod is beneficial or detrimental, observe the subtle red or green hue surrounding the Mod icon.

  • Red indicates a disadvantage
  • Green signifies an advantage.

That is everything you need to know about how to unlock all Mods in The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered No Return. If you find this guide helpful, then don’t hesitate to check these also: The Last of Us 2 All Safe Codes & Locations, and combat tips and tricks guides

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