Last of Us Part 2 No Return: How To Unlock All Characters

Learn how to unlock all characters in The Last of Us Part 2 No Return and see which of these 10 playable characters suits you the best.

Last of Us Part 2 Remastered brings the rogue-like element to its already fantastic combat in the No Return game mode. This game mode features 10 playable characters, 8 of these are locked from the start and you only get Ellie and Dina as starter playable characters. You can always unlock more characters or just stick to these two until you get hang of the new game mode, but there are certain challenges or requirements you should complete if you want to get more characters in The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered No Return game mode.  

Key Takeaways
  • There are 10 playable characters in The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered No Return game mode.
  • You get 2 playable characters at the start and more can be unlocked.
  • Unlocking all characters is done by completing the requirements. 
  • Each character comes with a unique playstyle, traits, and starting weapon or gear. 
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All Characters Unlock & Playstyles In Last of Us Part 2 No Return

Character selection screen The Last of Us Part 2 Remastered No Return [Image Credits: eXputer]
Here is a complete roster of the No Return game mode listed with unlock requirements, starting gear, and the playstyle each one has in Last of Us Part 2 Remastered. 

No.NameHow to UnlockStarting WeaponsPlaystyleTraits
1EllieUnlocked automaticallySemi-auto pistol, Molotov cocktailVersatile, stealthy, resourceful50% More Supplements, Molotov Recipe, Two Upgrade Branches
2DinaComplete 2 encounters with EllieRevolver, one and a half of all crafting componentsTactical, resourceful, supportTrap Mine Recipe, Stun Bomb Recipe, Double-Craft Upgrade Branch
3JesseComplete 3 encounters with DinaMilitary pistol (with silencer), pipe bombStealthy, tactical, gadget-oriented30% More Currency, Unique Items At Trading Post, Silencer Recipe, Pipe Bomb Recipe, Guerrilla Upgrade Branch
4TommyComplete 3 encounters with JesseMilitary pistol, custom sniper rifleSharpshooter, long-range, preciseSturdier Against Melee, Can't Dodge, Marksman Upgrade Branch
5JoelComplete 4 encounters with TommyCustom revolver, upgraded melee weapon, shiv, short gun holsterSurvivor, brawler, crafting specialistSturdier Against Melee, Can't Dodge, Shiv Recipe, Shiv Upgrade Branch
6AbbyUnlocked automaticallyMilitary pistol, hammerStrong, melee-focused, resilientHeal on Melee Kill, Melee Upgrade Recipe, Brawler Upgrade Branch
7LevComplete 2 encounters with AbbySemi-auto pistol, bowStealthy, agile, ranged combatBow Draw Speed Upgrade, Improved Listen Mode, Archery Upgrade Branch
8YaraComplete 3 encounters with LevSemi-auto pistolQuick, adaptive, supportiveYara & Lev Pair, Ally Upgrade Branch
9MelComplete 3 encounters with YaraRevolver, 2x med packsMedic, support, balanced loadoutSpeed Boost from Healing, Healing Upgrade Branch
10MannyComplete 4 encounters with MelHunting pistol, semi-auto rifleAggressive, versatile, tactical assault50% More Parts, 150% Max Health, No Health Kit Recipe, Semi-Auto Rifle Ammo Recipe, Munitions Upgrade Branch

Should You Unlock All Characters

Yes, I believe unlocking all characters is absolutely necessary in The Last of Us Part 2 No Return Unlock Characters. 

The No Return features rogue-like elements and replayability. Even if you master the playstyle of one character by doing runs over and over again, the gameplay loop will get pretty boring quickly. Unlocking more characters and trying runs with all ten will keep the replay value fresh and you will get to handle enemy encounters a bosses from a different perspective, which is the direct appeal of this new game mode.  

That is everything you need to know about how to unlock all characters in The Last of Us Part 2 No Return game mode. If you find this guide helpful, then I highly recommend you also visit The Last of Us 2 All Safe Codes & Locations, and combat tips and tricks guides

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Tommy, Joel and Dina were such fantastic additions. Makes the DLC worth it.

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