Last Of Us Part 1 Firefly Pendant Locations [All 30]

Last of Us Part 1 has different collectibles. Learn about the different locations of Firefly Pendants in the game.

Last of Us Part 1 lets you experience a world filled with infected enemies. Even in this world, there are different collectibles that give the characters hope to move on. One of these collectibles is the Firefly Pendants which are found in different locations in Last of Us Part 1.

Key Takeaways
  • Last of Us Part 1 has 30 Firefly Pendants which the player can acquire by searching through their surroundings.
  • Upon obtaining every Firefly Pendant, you can unlock the “Look for the Light” Achievement.
  • In the Quarantine chapter, there are 3 Firefly pendants located in different locations.
  • In the Outskirts Chapter, there are 4 Firefly pendants to collect from different locations.
  • In Bill’s Town, you can find 3 different Firefly pendant locations.
  • In the Pittsburg chapter, there are 3 hidden Firefly pendants to collect.
  • In the Suburbs chapter, there are 4 hidden Firefly pendants to collect.
  • In Tommy’s Dam chapter, there are 2 different locations to find.
  • In the University chapter, there are 5 hidden Firefly pendants to collect.
  • At the Lakeside Resort, you can find 2 Firefly pendants in different locations.
  • In the Bus Depot chapter, you can find 3 Firefly pendants in different locations.

Firefly Pendants are hidden at different locations throughout the game. You’ll find these Pendants either one of the Firefly members or at other unique places. Once you collect these, you’ll be able to check them out in the Collectibles menu.

Here’s the complete list of all Firefly Pendants in LoU Part 1:

Pendant No.ChapterLocation Description
1QuarantineOn the floor of a room with windows after exiting
the tunnels
2QuarantineHanging on a tree after crossing the alleyway
3QuarantineOn a wasted body when you find Ellie as your
4OutskirtsHanging on a tree near the Goldston building
5OutskirtsIn a case on the upper floor of the museum
6OutskirtsInside a roman/greek style structure near the Capitol building
7OutskirtsOn a top shelf in a room after completing the Capitol
8Bill's TownOn a stranded RV near Marcuie Music Shop
9Bill's TownOn a street lamp on a road before the church
10Bill's TownIn a Red house's bathroom after passing through the church
11PittsburghNext to an overturned bookshelf in the back alley of the bookstore
12PittsburghOn the floor of the ladies' room inside a hotel
13PittsburghIn one of the bathroom stalls inside a building accessed with planks
14SuburbsInside a boat by the beach near a blue-colored barrel
15SuburbsHanging on the wall inside the sewers after entering storm drainage
16SuburbsUnderwater inside a drowned car next to the mechanical door puzzle
17SuburbsIn the backyard of the last house attached to a branch of a tree
18Tommy's DamInside a red cabinet in a room filled with huge turbines
19Tommy's DamOn a table in a ranch
20UniversityHanging from a tree on the right corner of the University compound
21UniversityInside a building hole located in the next courtyard
22UniversityObtained from a Bloater's body in the dorm room area
23UniversityInside one of the white medical tents near the laboratory
24UniversityInside the room with the monkeys in the laboratory
25Lakeside ResortInside the factory on a crate
26Lakeside ResortInside one of the cabins after Ellie tries to escape
27Bus DepotOn the pavement near a broken-down truck when you take left from the yellow bus on the highway
28Bus DepotHanging on the fog light after turning right from the FEDRA tent
29Bus DepotOn the floor beside the bus before entering the tunnels
30Firefly LabOn a table inside the room behind the 6th floor of the hospital

Quarantine Zone

In the Quarantine Zone chapter, you’ll get to collect different collectibles. As for the Firefly Pendants, there are a total of 3 Firefly Pendants that are available here. So we’ll show the location of each of these Firefly Pendants in Last of Us Part 1.

Firefly Pendant 1 (1/30)

ChapterQuarantine Zone
LocationExit the tunnels and you’ll find it in the room with windows

You’ll come across the first Firefly pendant in the quarantine zone. When you and Tess come out of the underground tunnels and get the Gun and the gear. Tess will ask you to find a ladder so that you can go to the 1st floor of a house. You’ll have to put it up beside the building and will have to go up.

Ladder task.
Place the ladder against the wall.

This isn’t something that you’ll have to do to get to the Firefly Pendant’s location in Last of Us Part 1. It’s all part of the story, meaning you’ll have to do it to progress through the account. Anyways, you’ll have to turn right through the doorhole when you climb up. Go across the other room too.

When you go into the room with the windows, turn left, and you’ll find the Fire Pendant on the floor. You can pick up your first Firefly Pendant.

1st firefly pendant location 2 in the game
The 1st Firefly Pendant is located on the floor.

Firefly Pendant 2 (2/30)

ChapterQuarantine Zone
LocationFound hanging on a tree after you cross the alleyway

The Second Firefly Pendant can be found after you have cleared the Nelsons’ Printing building. When you jump down from the fire escape of the building, you’ll find an alleyway to the right side of the next building. Go to that alleyway, hop over the small obstacle, and turn left.

Go in the alleyway.
Go across the Alley to the right.

At the exit of that alley, you’ll have to crouch down, and you’ll come out in an open area. Now, you’ll note that the game will want you to turn to the right and go meet Tess. Instead, for the location of the second Firefly Pendant in Last of Us Part 1, you’ll have to turn left after you get to the open area.

As you leave, you’ll see a tree up ahead. Look up, and you’ll find the second Firefly Pendant hanging on one of its branches. Once you locate it, you’ll have to shoot it using your gun, and it will fall. Go and pick it up.

2nd firefly pendant location 2 in the game.
2nd Firefly Pendant is hanging by the tree branch.

Firefly Pendant 3 (3/30)

ChapterQuarantine Zone
LocationWhen Ellie accompanies you the third pendant can be found on a body

As you progress through the story, you’ll come up to a cutscene. In the cutscene, you’ll pick up Ellie as your teammate. As the cutscene ends, you’ll be in an open area with a few dead bodies on the ground.

Cross the open area.
You’ll have to go across the open area.

What you have to do is get across this open area to the other side. You’ll find a dead body by the footpath on the other side. Go near it, and you’ll find your third Firefly Pendant.

3rd Firefly pendant location in Last of us part 1.
3rd Firefly pendant is located on the body.


When you get to the Outskirts Chapter in Last of Us Part 1, you’ll be able to find the location of 4 Firefly Pendants. 

Firefly Pendant 1 (4/30)

LocationYou can find it near the Goldston building, hanging on a tree

For the location of the 4th Firefly Pendant, here’s what you need to do. After you had the conversation with Ellie and Tess about the Capitol building and Downtown, you’ll be looking at the building called the Goldston building.

entering the capitol building.
You’ll find the pendant before entering the Capitol building.

Before you enter it, you’ll have to turn right and go all the way. You’ll go across a few trees until you get to the last tree just before the corner of the building. On this tree, you’ll find the 4th Firefly Pendant hanging onto one of its branches.

4th firefly pendant location.
4th Firefly Pendant is hanging by the tree.

Firefly Pendant 2 (5/30)

LocationThe upper floor of the museum

As you progress in the story, there’s a museum with a broken floor ramp leading to the upper floor. The game directs you right, but for the fifth Firefly Pendant, go left. Find a small platform, climb it, and head to the left.

ramp in the game.
Go up the ramp.

You’ll have to walk carefully here because if you fall, you’ll have to get up again. At the end of the small platform, you’ll find the pendant in a case.

5th firefly pendant location.
5th Firefly Pendant is in this showcase.

Firefly Pendant 3 (6/30)

LocationCapitol building, inside a Greek/roman style structure

For the 6th Firefly Pendant, you’ll have to look for it right before you enter the Capitol building. Look towards your left, and you’ll find a structure standing on columns. They resemble the Greek or Roman architecture style.

Entering the building.
Look to the extreme left to find the pendant.

Go inside that structure and look for it in the puddle of water near the other side. You can see the picture attached below to know its exact location.

6th Firefly Pendant location.
6th Firefly Pendant is hard to come across on your own.

Firefly Pendant 4 (7/30)

LocationFound after the Capitol Building in a room full of water inside the tunnels.

Once you’re done with the Capitol building and leave it, you’ll be chased down into the subway tunnels. You’ll find a flooded area next to you. There, you’ll have to solve a puzzle to get ahead.

Look towards the left side, where Ellie is. There will be a dead body there too. Go down into the water, and then you’ll have to go straight ahead. You’ll find a room with a large window and a door. Get inside and find the Firefly Pendant on one of the top shelves here.

Skeleton of a body.
Go to the left of this dead body.
7th Firefly Pendant location.
You’ll have to dive to get to the 7th Firefly Pendant location.

Bill’s Town

In Bill’s Town, there are a total of 3 Firefly Pendants hidden at different locations.

Firefly Pendant 1 (8/30)

ChapterBill’s Town
LocationFind on top of a stranded RV, near the Marcuie Music Shop

The first Firefly Pendant in Bill’s Town is relatively easy to find. For that, once you come to the main street, you’ll find the Marcuie Music shop underneath an apartment building. Next to the shop, there will be an RV that crashed into a police car.

Hop on top of the RV to find the 8th Firefly Pendant in Last of Us Part 1. Pick it up to add it to your collection.

8th Firefly Pendant location.
The 8th Firefly Pendant is located on the RV.

Firefly Pendant 2 (9/30)

ChapterBill’s Town
LocationFind it on the road street lamp before the church

After you have met with Bill and gone through the first safe house. Look towards the church and turn right. You’ll have Sammy’s sign towards your right.

Pendant on the street light.
9th Firefly Pendant is located on the Streetlight

You’ll find a motorcycle sign on the store to the right. Next to that store is a street lamp. On our first run of the game, we found the Firefly Pendant located on top of the streetlight in Last of Us Part 1. But later on, we found it on the ground, right below the light.

9th Firefly Pendant location.
You’ll have to shoot the Firefly Pendant down.

Firefly Pendant 3 (10/30)

ChapterBill’s Town
LocationRed house’s bathroom, next to the church

As you progress the story through Bill’s Town you’ll end up in a small neighborhood, filled with the infected.

neighborhood infected.
Clear the neighborhood of the infected.

Once you’ve killed all of them, then you can head towards the house next to you. Find an opening in the fence and enter the property. Go there, and you’ll find yourself in a red house. You can find the Firefly Pendant inside the bathroom of this house.

10th Firefly Pendant location.
The 10th Firefly Pendant is located in the bathroom of the house.


As for Pittsburgh, you’ll come across three locations of 3 of the hidden Firefly Pendants in the game Last of Us Part 1.

Firefly Pendant 1 (11/30)

LocationNear the overturned bookshelf, the Bookstore’s back alley

When you get to the Pittsburgh chapter, progress through the story until you reach the Bookstore. It will be after the encounter with the guards on the highway.

11th Firefly Pendant Location.
Go straight ahead without entering the bookstore.

Anyways, when you reach the bookstore area, you want to head straight instead of entering it. Go all the way towards the end. When you get there, turn right, and you’ll go into a back alley. Go in there till the end. You’ll find the Firefly Pendant on the ground, next to an overturned bookshelf.

11th Firefly pendant location.
The 11th Firefly pendant is located behind this bookshelf.

Firefly Pendant 2 (12/30)

LocationInside the hotel’s ladies’ room floor

The next pendant is found in the Hotel. When you have to go down a floor, you’ll drop drown from the broken stairs.

12th Firefly pendant Location.
You’ll have to jump down these broken stairs.

With these stairs to your back, what you want to do is look towards your left. There will be a men’s room next to the stairs on the left. If you go ahead, you’ll find a ladies’ room to the left. Go in there and to the back stall. There, you’ll find the Firefly pendant down on the ground.

12th Firefly Pendant Location in last of us part 1.
The 12th Firefly pendant is located in the last bathroom stall.

If you’re afraid that you might miss it, then don’t worry. It won’t come until many letters in the hotel. When Joel is rescued by Ellie from the bandits, that’s when you need to be careful as you progress. If you aren’t, you’ll miss this Firefly Pendant’s location.

Firefly Pendant 3 (13/30)

LocationFind it inside the bathroom stalls of a building which can be accessed with planks

You’ll come across the last Firefly Pendant of the chapter Pittsburg after meeting with Henry and Sam. 

13th Pendant in the game.
Go across the planks.

As you play through the campaign, you’ll walk across some planks and will have to follow them to the right. But before you do so, you’ll have to locate the Firefly Pendant at this location in Last of Us Part 1.

Go straight ahead a few paces and turn left to the bathrooms. You’ll find the pendant in one of the bathroom stalls.

13th Firefly Pendant.
Go in the Bathroom.
location of the 13th firefly pendant.
The 13th Firefly Pendant is in one of these stalls.


Suburbs have a total of 4 Firefly Pendants hidden at secret locations.

Firefly Pendant 1 (14/30)

LocationFind it inside the boat near to blue-colored barrel on a beach

In the Suburbs chapter, you’ll come across your first Firefly Pendant fairly early. As soon as you get back access to Joel, the game will ask you to go to the Sewer tunnel. But you should turn right and head towards the boat at the beach.

boat on the beach.
Climb onto the boat.

Climb on the boat and then go inside it. As soon as you enter it, turn towards the front direction of the boat. You’ll find the Pendant there by the blue-colored barrel.

14th Firefly Pendant location.
14th Firefly Pendant is right beside this barrel.

Firefly Pendant 2 (15/30)

LocationPresent inside the sewer attached to a wall in the storm drainage

You’ll find the 2nd Firefly Pendant of the chapter and the overall 15th Firefly Pendant early on in the chapter too. As you go through the Sewers, keep an eye on your right, and you’ll find a storm Drain. 

Storm drain.
Hop onto this storm drain.

Climb onto the storm drainage and crouch walk all the to the back of it. After a while, you’ll come into an opening where you can walk straight up again. Once there, turn left and you’ll locate the Firefly Pendant behind the cement pillar, hanging on the wall.

15th Firefly pendant location.
The Pendant will be hanging by the wall.

Firefly Pendant 3 (16/30)

LocationPresent inside a drowned car near the mechanical door puzzle

For the third Pendant, you’ll have to progress through the story. Keep going on, finding other collectibles in the sewers until you get to the Mechanical Door puzzle. At that point, you want to turn left. In the water, you’ll find a half-submerged car.

Half submerged car.
You’ll have to dive towards this car.

If you look down into the water, you’ll barely be able to see the Firefly Pendant at its location. You can jump directly into the water from there. Once in the water, dive in it and get to the car’s front windshield. You’ll be able to pick up the Pendant as a collectible.

16th firefly pendant location.
The Pendant is located near the front windshield.

Firefly Pendant 4 (17/30)

LocationThe backyard of a house connected with the tree branches

The final Firefly Pendant’s location in the Suburbs chapter of Last of Us Part 1 comes when you get out of the Sewers. At this point in the game, you’ll come to a neighborhood that you’ll be able to freely explore. You’ll find yourself surrounded by houses and an ice cream truck.

What you want to do is turn left towards where Ellie points out two dogs fighting. Go to the backyard of the last house and get onto its platform.

In the backyard, you’ll have to look up the tree as the Firefly Pendant is again on one of the branches. Aim towards it using your gun and fire. The Pendant will fall, and you can pick it up.

17th Firefly Pendant Location.
The Pendant is hanging by the tree branch.

Tommy’s Dam

In Last of Us, Part 1’s chapter, Tommy’s Dam will have two different Firefly Pendants hidden.

Firefly Pendant 1 (18/30)

ChapterTommy’s Dam
LocationYou’ll find it in the red cabinet of a room occupied by huge turbines

The First Firefly Pendant of the Chapter Tommy’s Dam can be located when Joel is hanging out with Tommy alone, walk until you reach a room that is filled with huge turbines. The room is right after the Control Room. If you don’t recognize this part, here they are, hooking up the dam and getting it ready.

To locate the Firefly Pendant, you have to go down the stairs to the left. After you’re down, head straight and to the right; you’ll get into a room. Inside the room, head towards the door but don’t go out yet.

To the left, you’ll find a red cabinet. The Firefly Pendant is in it.

18th Firefly pendant location.
The 18th Pendant is located in the Red sorting cabinet.

Firefly Pendant 2 (19/30)

ChapterTommy’s Dam
LocationFind it on a table in a ranch

As for the next Firefly Pendant, you’ll get to find it once Ellie runs off to the ranch. This happens after Tommy and Joel are ambushed by the group of bandits. After you leave the dam, there will be a large sequence where you’ll be horse riding. Then, you’ll enter the ranch.

Enter the ranch.
Entrance to the Ranch.

When you enter the Ranch, what you want to do is to go to the room to your right. From that room, go to the other side. When you enter the last room, immediately turn left. You’ll find the Pendant located on a table.

19th Firefly Pendant location.
Firefly Pendant on the table.


University Chapter will have you locate 5 Firefly Pendants.

Firefly Pendant 1 (20/30)

ChapterThe University
LocationAttached to a University compound tree

When you arrive at the university, go straight ahead and climb the steps in front of you. Then turn right from the corner of the building. Then, go to the right corner of the compound. There you’ll find a tree in the corner.

The Firefly Pendant is hanging on one of the branches of the tree. Dismount the house aim your gun at the Pendant and shoot at it to make it fall.

20th firefly pendant location.
The Pendant is hanging by the tree.

Firefly Pendant 2 (21/30)

ChapterThe University
LocationFind it in the building hole, next courtyard

After you have started the generators and raised the gates, you’ll be able to get to the next Firefly Pendant’s location in the game. When you go out to the next courtyard with Ellie, you’ll have to jump across a large concrete barricade. 

climb onto the hole.
The Firefly Pendant can be found in this building hole.

Dismount here, turn right, and you’ll find a hole in the wall. You can climb onto it through the dumpster. Get on the dumpster and inside the hole in the wall. When you look towards the right side, you’ll find the Firefly Pendant on a table by the window; pick it up.

21st firefly pendant location.
21st Firefly Pendant is on the table.

Firefly Pendant 3 (22/30)

ChapterThe University
LocationGet it from a Bloater’s body present in the Dorm room area

If you feel that locating other Firefly Pendants in the game Last of Us Part 1 has been harder, then you’ve seen nothing. You’ll find out that you’ll have to kill a few Clickers and a Bloater to progress through the story. That’s where the hardest part is.

The Firefly Pendant isn’t located on the Bloater’s body. Your strategy should be first to get rid of all of the Clickers roaming in the area. Fighting with all of them at once with the Bloater will make things much harder.

Kill bloater.
Kill the Bloater using your trusty Shotgun.

Once you’ve killed the Bloater, approach its dead body. The Firefly Pendant should be located near the body.

22nd Firefly Pendant.
You’ll find the Firefly Pendant next to the Bloater’s body.

Firefly Pendant 4 (23/30)

ChapterThe University
LocationFind this pendant inside the white medical tents next to the laboratory

As you open the second gate and meet up with Ellie, you’ll get to ride the horse until you get to an area next to the laboratory. On this ground, you’ll find different white-colored medical tents. What you have to do is face the laboratory and go to the left. In the end, you’ll come across two tents in the corner.

23rd firefly Pendant location.
23rd Firefly Pendant is in the Tent to the right.

Go into the tent to the right and inside it. You’ll find the Firefly Pendant located on the table in the tent. There you’ll find other materials too. Be sure to pick them up while you’re there.

Firefly Pendant 5 (24/30)

ChapterThe University
LocationInside the Monkey laboratory room

For the last Firefly Pendant of the Chapter University, you’ll have to go inside the Laboratory as you’re looking for Room no. 105. This is the room with the monkeys. Go to the back right corner of the room. There, you’ll find the next Firefly Pendant.

24th Firefly pendant location.
24th Firefly Pendant is behind the boxes.

Lakeside Resort

At the Lakeside Resort, there will be 2 different Firefly Pendants hidden. 

Firefly Pendant 1 (25/30)

ChapterLakeside Resort
LocationInside the factory on a crate

In the chapter on Lakeside Resort, the first Firefly Pendant can be located right after you escape the group of Clickers. They’ll chase you inside the factory. At this point, you’ll have to find a ladder for David. What you wanna do is boost Ellie up the catwalk. Once you’re onto the catwalk, you’ll find the ladder.

But before you can drop down the ladder for David, turn back 180 degrees and go inside the room. When you look to the left, you’ll find the Firefly Pendant there on a crate; pick it up.

25th Firefly Pendant.
Pick up the 25th Firefly pendant from the crate.

Firefly Pendant 2 (26/30)

ChapterLakeside Resort
LocationWhen Ellie tries to escape, you’ll get the pendant inside any of the cabins

Next Firefly Pendant can be found when Ellie is trying to run from the marauders. Ellie will fall from the horse after it is shot down. She will have to run towards a cabin and enter it through the broken window. Get out to the other side of the cabin and turn right. There you’ll find a gazebo. The Firefly Pendant is located there to the right.

26th Firefly pendant location.
Go through the window to get out the other side.

Bus Depot

In the Bus Depot Chapter, you’ll find Firefly Pendants at three different locations.

Firefly Pendant 1 (27/30)

ChapterBus Depot
LocationTake a left from the yellow bus highway, and you’ll find it near the broken-down truck’s pavement

In the chapter Bus Depot, as you gain control of Joel, You’ll have to head down the highway. Go straight ahead until you go down an incline. You’ll cross a ruined yellow school bus. At this point, you’ll have to go to the right for the story to progress.

Yellow school bus.
Go down the road to get to the Firefly Pendant.

But if you’re looking for the Firefly Pendant, you’ll have to turn left at from here. Go around the ruined Pickup truck, and you’ll find the Pendant on the pavement there.

27th Firefly pendant locaiton.
27th Firefly Pendant is around the Pickup Truck.

Firefly Pendant 2 (28/30)

ChapterBus Depot
LocationTurn right from the FEDRA tent, you’ll find it attached to the fog light

The next Firefly Pendant is found after Joel and Ellie watch the giraffes. After that, you’ll have to face the FEDRA tent turn right, and go straight ahead. The game will want you to go towards the bus in front of you.

28th firefly pendant.
Go ahead.

But right after you cross the tent, turn to the right, and you’ll find a fog light. The Firefly Pendant will be hanging off of it. You’ll have to shoot it down to pick it up.

28th Firefly Pendant.
28th Firefly Pendant will be hanging by the Fog light.

Firefly Pendant 3 (29/30)

ChapterBus Depot
LocationYou’ll find it on the floor beside the bus before you enter the tunnels

The last Pendant of the chapter, Bus Depot, can be located before you enter the Tunnel in the game Last of Us Part 1. As you go down the ramp, you’ll find another bus.

Go down the ramp and round the bus. 29th Firefly Pendant can be found next to the front left tire of the bus.

29th Firefly Pendant location.
29th Firefly Pendant is beside the Front-left tire.

The Firefly Lab

The Firefly Lab hides the final Firefly Pendant. It will be the 30th last Pendant that you can locate in the game Last of Us Part 1.

Firefly Pendant 1 (30/30)

ChapterThe Firefly Lab
LocationFind it inside a room behind the hospital’s 6th floor

The last Firefly Pendant is located in the hospital in Chapter ‘The Firefly Lab’. It is the part where you will barricade yourself by locking the door using a chair. Then you’ll climb up onto the 6th floor of the Hospital.

There, in the reception area of the 6th floor, you’ll find a door behind the reception table. To open the door, you’ll need to have a Shiv. Once you have opened the door, you’ll find the Firefly Pendant located on a table.

reception desk.
Go behind the reception desk.
30th Firefly pendant location.
30th and final Firefly Pendant.

Final Words

This is the complete guide with the Location of all of the Firefly Pendants that you can locate in the game Last of Us Part 1. We’ve explained how to get to all of the Pendants. There are pictures in the guide to help you locate them easily. If you still have any problem getting to any one of these Firefly Pendants, let us know.

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