Using The Last Of Us Soundtrack In Videos Is Now Resulting In Copyright Strikes

Many content creators have revealed that a lot of their older videos have been copyrighted for this and the reason is unclear.

Story Highlights

  • Content creators are getting copyright strikes on their The Last of Us video due to the soundtrack.
  • On Twitch and YouTube, even older videos are getting strikes due to copyrighted audio.
  • Many assume this is due to the HBO show using the game’s soundtrack as this didn’t happen before.

The Last of Us content creators are getting copyright strikes on their videos for using the game’s soundtrack. Several creators have come out to reveal dozens of older videos getting copyrighted just because they used the game’s OST. No one is aware of what the reason for this sudden change is.

Naughty Dog Central, who reported this news to the masses, assumes it is due to the use of the soundtrack in the HBO series. Gustavo Santaolalla, who created the musical score for the game, is the composer of the series. So, it could be a new regulation or a mix-up from the YouTube/Twitch algorithm.

Since the first episode of The Last of Us came out on HBO, the series has taken over the world. It has been a phenomenon and its viewership has increased with every episode. Critics, fans, and even rivals have called it one of the greatest video game adaptations of all time.

As one would assume, the success of the show has also had a positive impact on the games. Both The Last of Us Part 1 and The Last of Us Part 2 showed an increase in sales following the show. The remake of the first game saw a 305% sales increase in the UK, with the Remasted version showcasing a 337% increase.

Similar trends were visible in the United States, with Part 1 climbing up 25 positions to No.11. Hence, the HBO series was a big triumph, and its effects were apparent in the original medium. But, it turns out that the show also had an underlying negative impact on the players.

YouTube and Twitch creators making videos on The Last of Us are now getting copyright strikes for using the game’s music. Considering how these copyrights are hitting old videos of the creators, this seems like a new development. One example is the creator Speclizer on YouTube, who informed us of this on Twitter.

His videos had over 100k views but 40-50 of them got a strike due to The Last of Us soundtrack. According to the YouTube creator, you can’t even upload playthroughs containing the game’s music without getting a strike. Dr. Pooplove, another creator whose The Last of Us videos have thousands of views, had the same problem.

His playthroughs of the game got a copyright strike banning them worldwide for using the game’s soundtrack. These videos did not have monetization and the creator thinks this is because of the Show. HBO’s adaptation does use music from the Naughty Dog game, so this is resulting in copyrights for videos using its music.

A reply under his tweet also showed a Twitch creator complaining about audio copyrights on videos. So, it is happening on both streaming platforms and is worrying for creators. Video games don’t copyright music from their soundtracks, hence we can assume this is a mix-up due to the HBO show.

Whether it is a new regulation or something else, it is copyrighting some golden stuff. The Last of Us fan film from YouTube Brazil has also been removed due to this copyright. Creator Alice Monstrinho revealed that the reason for this is the song’s copyright.

Seeing such great content getting the axe is really sad to see. We hope Naught Dog and HBO fix this issue for The Last of Us fandom soon enough.

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