Last of Us Part 1: All 12 Training Manual Locations

This Training Manual Locations guide will showcase all training manuals for players!

Last of Us just got a remake, and it seems like an even more interesting storyline will have veteran and newer players hooked. Amongst other collectibles, players can also collect training manuals. Our Training Manual Locations guide will uncover all 12 manuals players can see. 

Key Takeaways
  • Collecting Training Manuals in Last of Us Part 1 gives you upgrades such as:
    • Bomb Shrapnel.
    • Containment.
    • Molotov Construction.
    • Deployment.
    • Health upgrades.
    • Melee Techniques.
  • When you’re near a Training Manual, a pamphlet icon appears, at which point the player can press the triangle button to pick it up.

Let’s now briefly review each Training Manual in the table below, along with their effects:

Training ManualNameChapter Section Upgrades Effect
#1Shiv SharpeningBills TownSafe HouseShiv durabilityShivs last one hit longer
#2Health SplintingPittsburgh Alone and ForesakenHealth Kits Health kits are now 33% stronger
#3Shiv ReinforcementPittsburgh Hotel Lobby Shiv durabilityShivs last for an additional hit
#4Melee KnotsPittsburgh Hotel Lobby Melee weaponsModifications last one hit longer
#5Molotov ConstructionPittsburgh Escape the city Molotov cocktailsExplosion radius is now 1.5x wider
#6Bomb ContainmentThe Suburbs Sewer Nail bombsExplosion radius is now 1.5x wider
#7Melee TechniquesThe Suburbs Sewer Melee weaponsModifications last an additional hit longer
#8Smoke ChemistryTommy's DamHydroelectric DamSmoke bombsSmoke lasts ten second longer
#9Health SterilizationThe University Go Big HorseHealth Kits Health kits are now 67% stronger
#10Molotov DeploymentThe University Science Building Molotov cocktailsExplosion radius is now 2x wider
#11Smoke ShapingLakeside Resort Cabin Resort Smoke bombsSmoke lasts 20 seconds longer
#12Bomb ShrapnelBus DepotUnderground TunnelNail bombsExplosion radius is now 2x wider

Shiv Sharpening  

Last of Us First Manual
First Manual
Chapters Bill’s Town
Section Safe House
Upgrades Shiv durability
Effects Shiv lasts for one extra longer hit

In Last of Us Part 1, find the first training manual, “Shiv Sharpening,” in Bill’s Town. After a rescue by Bill and a cutscene, he drops you at an abandoned bar called the Safehouse.

The bar is dusty and cluttered with tools and accessories. Walk through, passing a wooden table. Reach the bar with five stools, two of them overturned. You’ll discover the first training manual just beyond these stools on a table.

Health Splinting 

Last of Us Second Manual
Second Manual
Chapters Pittsburgh
Section Alone and Forsaken
Upgrades Health Kits
Effects 33% stronger Health kit

Moving on, the next location of Training Manual in Last of Us Part 1. Once players enter the Pittsburgh level, they will quickly discover the building where the Health Splinting training manual will be located.

After entering a creepy room with a lifeless man and blood splatters, leave by heading left. Take the first set of stairs, do a 180-degree turn, and ascend another set of stairs. On the second floor, you’ll find scattered storage cases and an entrance to a room. Inside, on a mattress, you’ll discover the Health Splinting manual.

Shiv Reinforcement 

Last of Us Third Manual
Third Manual
Chapters Pittsburgh
Section Hotel Lobby
Upgrades Shiv durability
Effects Shiv lasts for one extra longer hit

At the Pittsburgh level, after finding the Health Splinting manual, players can locate the Shiv Reinforcement manual. In the hotel lobby, follow these steps:

  1. Climb a ladder on the left end.
  2. Reach the top floor, turn right, and find broken stairs.
  3. Descend and ascend these stairs.
  4. Walk along the wall edge.
  5. Head straight and then up the stairs.
  6. Stop at the top of the stairs.
  7. Sprint to the end of the first corridor without taking the right turn.
  8. Collect a paper with a code.
  9. Unlock a safe in a room using the code to obtain the Shiv Reinforcement manual.

Melee Knots 

Last of Us Fourth Manual
Fourth Manual
Chapters Pittsburgh
Section Hotel Lobby
Upgrades Melee weapons
Effects Modifications last an extra one longer hit

In the Pittsburgh level, players find the melee knots training manual in the hotel lobby after escaping a basement using a keycard. Ellie, a character, rescues them by eliminating a pursuing hunter.

In the hotel lobby, look for the hallway at the back. There’s not much of note here since the lobby is abandoned. Head past the woman by the wall.

At a small intersection, you can turn right, but it’s not necessary. Continue forward. On the dining table, you’ll find the melee knots training manual.

Molotov Construction 

Last of Us Fifth Manual
Fifth Manual
Chapters Pittsburgh
Section Escape the city
Upgrades Molotov cocktails
Effects 1.5x wider Explosion radius

While in the Pittsburgh level, players can find the Molotov Construction manual. After encountering Henry and Sam, a cutscene triggers, and players end up in an abandoned establishment. They’ll spot the manual in the kitchen area on the left corner of the marble kitchen counter. Pick it up, and it’s added to your inventory.

Bomb Containment 

Last of Us Sixth Manual
Sixth Manual
Chapters The Suburbs
Section Sewer
Upgrades Nail bombs
Effects 1.5x wider Explosion radius

You’ll find a yellow bag hanging from the ceiling near your starting point in the suburban sewers. Turn on your flashlight and move forward cautiously. Jump over obstacles like tables and wooden planks to proceed. Avoid side paths at intersections to stay on track.

At the end, two large metal storage shelves will appear – one on the left and one on the right. Click on the pamphlet on the left shelf to add it to your inventory for future use.

Melee Techniques 

Chapters The Suburbs
Section Sewer
Upgrades Melee weapons
Effects Modifications last an extra long hit

After obtaining the Bomb Containment training manual from the sewers in the suburbs, head outside. You’ll find two abandoned vehicles, a van and a car. Turn your camera toward an elevated house accessible by a flight of stairs. Go up, and an open mesh door allows immediate entry. Remember to use your flashlight for better vision.

Ascend the stairs and pull a hanging rope inside the building instead of entering any rooms. Ellie will assist in retrieving the Melee Techniques manual, though it won’t lead to the attic.

Smoke Chemistry

Last of Us Eighth Manual
Eighth Manual
Chapters Tommy’s Dam
Section Hydroelectric Dam
Upgrades Smoke bombs
Effects Smoke duration has been increased by 10 seconds

Moving on with the list of Training Manual Locations in Last of Us Part 1, there is also a training manual that can be found in a location known as Tommy’s Dam, specifically the hydroelectric dam. 

Once you can get into the dam area, pan your camera towards the left and start heading into the left area; you will find an open door. Once you turn to your left, the pamphlet will be placed on a table. 

Health Sterilization 

Last of Us Ninth Manual
Ninth Manual
Chapters The University
Section Go Big Horse
Upgrades Health Kits
Effects 67% stronger Health kit

Once you head into the university, this is the place where players will be able to encounter the Health Sterilization training manual. Players will start by either being on horse or foot, and they will be in front of an entrance that will be barricaded; make sure to turn around and start heading back. 

Start heading down the flight of stairs, and steer a bit to the right until you encounter another short flight of stairs (about 4 or 5 stairs). From there, there will be two main pathways separating the area, and you want to steer left and keep heading on until you can drop off from the horse. 

There will be a white flight of steps, and from here, you can go up them, and then through the exposed window, turn left and go into the door, and take a second to look into your current surroundings. 

There will be a wooden table, and on top of the table, the manual will be located. 

Molotov Deployment 

Last of Us Tenth Manual
Tenth Manual
Chapters The University
Section Science Building
Upgrades Molotov cocktails
Effects 2x wider Explosion radius

As for the next training manual for players to collect, they will need to go deeper into the university and the science building. Once you are in the corridor, keep heading forward, and you will come across two crossways. One door will lead out, and one will be heading deeper into the corridor. 

Instead of going out of the building through the door, you need to go deeper into the corridor and past the red vending machine, the blue chair, and head into the room colored blue. Once you are in the room, while it will be completely scattered and abandoned, the pamphlet will be placed on a table. 

The table will be colored black with wooden legs, and the pamphlet will be on the farthest corner of the table, and you can pick it up and add it to your inventory.

Smoke Shaping 

Last of Us Eleventh Manual
Eleventh Manual
Chapters Lakeside Resort
Section Cabin Resort
Upgrades Smoke bombs
Effects Smoke duration has been increased 20 seconds

To find the second-to-last manual, head to Lakeside Resort. Upon arrival, locate a cabin resort. Look for a speed limit sign as your starting point. Proceed forward, passing a petrol pump with nothing of note. Continue until you reach a broken-down motel sign and a snow-covered car parking area.

Inside the room in front of the abandoned car, keep moving forward to find a door on your right leading to a deserted bathroom. From there, jump out of the window. You’ll encounter a cabin door with wooden planks that’s closed. Use the “A” button on your controller to open it. Enter the cabin and interact with the Smoke Shaping Training Manual to obtain it.

Bomb Shrapnel 

Last of Us Twelth Manual
Twelth Manual
Chapters Bus Depot
Section Underground Tunnel
Upgrades Nail bombs
Effects 2x wider Explosion radius

Last but not least, the Bomb Shrapnel manual will be present at the bus depot in an underground tunnel. To retrieve it, start by being on a platform, and you want to start heading forth. 

Make sure to carefully tread your way through the water and cross the cars that have been abandoned, including all the trucks. Step onto the broken cement pieces completely covered by overgrown grass. 

From there, steer right, and the final manual will be located on top of the truck. With that, we will end our Last of Us Part 1 Training Manual Locations guide! Don’t miss out on our Last of Us Part 1 Things To Know guide!

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