Last Of Us Part 1: All Weapon Locations

This Last of Us Part 1 Weapon Locations guide will showcase all weapon collectibles that players can get!

Last of Us is a beautiful open-world interactive game that features tons of collectibles, supplements, and training manuals that can boost the player and provide buffs for them. Apart from that, our Last of Us Part 1 Weapon Locations guide will showcase all nine weapon collectible locations for you! Let’s explore how you can acquire these weapons. In essence, weapons are just basic collectibles that will be added to your inventory and can be a completionist’s goal to collect fully. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are nine primary weapons in the Last of Us Part 1
  • The first weapon will be located in an area known as “The Outskirts,” and players will need to be in the downtown area
  • The Molotov can be found in a corridor in The Outskirts near a dustbin.
  • The Hunting Rifle is available on an NPC who is lying dead, and it is propped up by a pillar that has been colored teal
  • The Bow can be found in The Woods on top of an abandoned truck, with a claimable ladder on the back. 
  • The Smokebomb can be found once you officially enter the Pittsburgh storyline and progress through it. 
  • The Shorty is in the deep underground part of the suburbs. After making your way deeper into the sewers, you will encounter a few items by the planks
  • At the Hydroelectric Dam, over by the purple flowers, there is an abandoned jeep. Right beside the jeep will be the El Diablo
  • The Flamethrower is located near a warehouse by the University of Eastern Colorado.
  • Assault Rifle is located in the Firefly Lab, so it is the most dangerous to find since the lab is filled with enemies.

The collection of weapons isn’t all that important, but players that have progressed through the main storyline will certainly enjoy doing so. There will be nine main weapons, 9 of which will be collected, while some others will be a part of the storyline and can’t be used again.


Last of Us First Weapon
First Weapon

Players will be on top of a giant tower extremely high up from the ground, starting with the first weapon. The first weapon will be located in an area known as “The Outskirts,” and players will need to be in the downtown area. 

Players will start by starting on top of the tower, and while you’re hugging the wall, ensure you don’t end up falling from the tower. While hugging the wall, slowly walk towards the edge until the wall gives a left turn, and you can safely stand on top of a platform that is a lot more protected. 

There will be an entrance that will be located beside a shattered window, and the main flight of stairs will be covered with broken storage cases and class desks. Steer left a bit and start moving down the stairs, and when you reach the ground, you will need to take a right turn and head into the room that is available to enter due to there being no door. 

Once you enter the room, towards your right, there will be yet another room that you can check out. But towards your left, there will be a dead NPC, and the first weapon will be placed beside it.


Last of Us Second Weapon
Second Weapon

The next weapon in Last of Us will be located in the outskirts area, and players will once again need to head over to the downtown area. Players will start by being in an area that will be completely abandoned, and it will be dark all around. 

Start by moving your camera around so that you can look at your surroundings, and if you haven’t already done so, make sure to turn your flashlight on to see your surroundings. 

From your original starting point, start slowly moving your way across the corridor, taking in the other available rooms. If players want to, they can cross the corridor to get their hands on a few other collectibles or simply wander around. 

But after doing so, head back to your starting point and head over to a dustbin that will be colored grey. There will be a bottle beside the dustbin, and inside the bottle, there will be a weapon that is encased. Pick it up, and interact with it so that it can be added to your inventory. 

Hunting Rifle 

Last of Us Third Weapon
Third Weapon

As for the third weapon, players will once again need to progress through the main storyline, and once they have already gotten their hands on the first and second weapon, players will then further need to make their way deeper into the storyline. 

Once you head over to the Capital Building, players will start by being surrounded by a patch of grass, and they will be inside the main building. The room will be covered in the grass due to being eroded and taken over by nature.

From there, you can pan your camera around you to take in the details of the furniture that is present around you, and if you look in front of you, there will be an opening through a wall that has been ripped through. 

Players can carefully tread in front of the wooden planks and enter the area by jumping down onto the other room that is yet again covered by patches of grass. From there, start sprinting over to an NPC that is lying dead, and it is propped up by a pillar that has been colored teal. 

Click on the triangle on our controller to interact and pick up the weapon. 


Last of Us Fourth Weapon
Fourth Weapon

Moving on, the next weapon that players can access will be an area known as Bill’s Town, and players in Last of Us will need to make their way over to another sub-area called “The Woods.” 

When they are at the starting point, they will be surrounded by a brick building, and it appears that players will be in the backyard; in front of you will be a barricaded area covered by abandoned cars and wood planks. 

From there, start heading forward, and players will encounter a ladder leading against the backdoor of an abandoned truck leading up. There is no other way to make your way to the weapon except by climbing up the truck, considering the actual weapon will be located on top of the truck. 

Once you start climbing up the ladder and reach the top, you will be met a few other collectibles that can be added to your inventory as well, and there will also be a couch on top. Clicking on the triangle button on your controller will gain access to the weapon collectible, and you can keep it. You may find our Last of Us Part 1 Best Weapon Upgrades guide helpful!

Smoke Bomb 

Last of Us Fifth Weapon
Fifth Weapon

The fifth weapon in Last of Us can be encountered once you officially enter the Pittsburgh storyline and progress through it. Players will be able to encounter tons of training manuals there, so make sure not to miss out on those while you’re on the hunt for the weapon! 

Once you are in the Pittsburgh area, players will need to be in an area that will seem like an abandoned garage, and it will be filled with storage boxes, including metal and cardboard boxes, as well as a few metal shelves. 

From this point, start making your way deeper into the abandoned room, and you will encounter a metal shelf that will be placed alongside a couch and two abandoned chairs. On top of the shelves, there will be a few basic collectibles, while there will also be another collectible that you can pick up and add to your backpack in the middle of the shelf. 

The weapon itself will be placed two rows down from the top of the shelf, and it will be a circular weapon covered by a piece of paper. Interacting with it will simply hand over the weapon to the player. Do not miss out on our Last of Us Part 1 Weapon Tier List to find out which weapon works best in-game!


Last of Us Sixth Weapon
Sixth Weapon

Next up, the next location that players will need to make their way over will be the suburbs, not the overworld part of the suburbs, but rather deeper underground and into the sewers. Once you are inside the sewer area of the suburbs, you will be met with a yellow or green basket or storage case hung from the ceiling with a bunch of ropes. 

Starting from that point, players can take a second to examine their surroundings, and they will find nothing valuable except for a few abandoned pipelines and broken-down air conditioners. Start making your way deeper into the sewers, but your path will be blocked by a few metal and wooden planks. 

Jump over the planks, and head over to the other side, and you will encounter a few items, most of them being useless, like a few chairs, a table, a lamp, and a few books. The actual weapon will be a small handgun that will be colored beige. It can interact with it, and it will be automatically added to your inventory after a small cutscene showcasing the weapon. 

El Diablo 

Last of Us Seventh Weapon
Seventh Weapon

The Last of Us Part 1 Weapon Locations for the seventh weapon can be encountered once you make over your way to Tommy’s Dam, where yet another collectible which will be a training manual, can be found as well, so make sure to make a little detour after getting the actual weapon to grab it! 

Once you’re at the hydroelectric dam, your starting point will be outside, and you will be on a pathway that will be broken down, and there will be patches of grass surrounding you everywhere. Right in front of you, there will also be a few trees and an abandoned car in the distance. 

From the main starting point, players in Last of Us Part 1 want to start making their way ahead, which will allow them also to admire the beautiful scenery around them. Cross your path and keep crossing the main path until you encounter a few purple flowers. 

From where the purple flowers are located, steer a bit to the left and start heading off the main path and onto the patch of grass; from there, you will start getting close to the abandoned jeep that is mildly sunken into the ground. Right beside the jeep will be the weapon. 


Last of Us Eighth Weapon
Eighth Weapon

The eight weapons will actually be located in an area that will simply be known as the university. Still, the full name of the university will be the University of Eastern Colorado, and the eighth weapon will be located there. 

While at the main gate, the player will be surrounded by brick walls that will guard the university, and a big gate with the university’s name will be placed right in front of the player. 

From there, start by either being on foot or a horse, start making your way through the main gate and keep heading through the main path that will be beaten up and covered by patches of grass. 

There will be a white car placed near a sign, and from there, players will need to steer left from the car and start making their way directly in front. There will be a white sign from where players will need to steer right. From the brown car, steer right again, and head inside through the main gate. 

Go straight up, head right, and get off your horse; the weapon will be located inside the warehouse. 

Assault Rifle 

Last of Us Ninth Weapon
Ninth Weapon

As for the last weapon, players will make their way over to a location called the Firefly Lab. One thing that players will need to keep in mind is that the area will not be safe. There will be many enemies; therefore, ensuring your safety and taking them out will be pretty crucial. 

Once you are in the Firefly Lab, you will be immediately encountered by an enemy who you can easily shoot down to take them out. While you are done taking them down, ensure that they are dead, and then slowly make your way through the main hallway. 

A few machines will block your path, and players can easily make their way around them and continue on their hunt. The actual weapon can be obtained once you are done killing off the enemies and can be picked off their dead bodies and kept to yourself. 

Once again, players can take shelter behind a few storage boxes from the starting point until they are ready to shoot down the opponents.

Miscellaneous Weapon-Type Items 

Apart from the nine main weapons, players can also encounter a few miscellaneous weapon-type collectibles that they can come across.

There will be a nail bomb that players can get when players get to a church with Bill, and he’ll end up doing a small favor and make you the bomb itself. Apart from that, players can also get their hands on a health kit, shiv, melee weapons, and a switchblade when searching for other collectibles. 

That wraps up our Last of Us Part 1 Weapon Locations guide! 

Guide and Photo Credits: LunarGamingGuides on Youtube

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