The Last of Us: Part 1 PC Specs Unveils 100GB Storage Requirement

The PC specifications indicate that a 100GB storage requirement is the needed minimum to play the game, while some areas like GPU and RAM are a little more user-friendly.

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  • The PC specs indicate a 100GB storage requirement is a must to play the game.
  • The minimum Ram requirement is 16GB whereas, for the maximum experience, 32GB is recommended.
  • In order to play at Ultra setting, an NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 4080 is a must.

With the release of The Last Of Us: Part 1 on PC drawing ever close, PlayStation Blog just unveiled the PC specifications and requirements which include GPU, CPU, RAM, OS, and Storage requirements, and any player fond of hardware will notice that it isn’t very user-friendly, especially when it comes to the storage part of the specifications.

The Last Of Us Part 1 Specs
The Last Of Us: Part 1 Specifications

The experience is cut into 4 tiers ranging from Minimum to Ultra. At the lowest range of the spectrum, players will be able to hit 30 FPS, but there will be instances that players fall even lower than that. The highest as listed here is 60 FPS on 4K ULTRA PRESET settings, meaning everything will be put on the max. These ranges also determine the pixels a player will get when he plays the game. Ideally, you want to be at the 1080P mark.

The GPU requirements are pretty hefty, requiring a player to have an NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 4080 to be able to play on the highest settings. This requirement is justified due to the game having some of the greatest graphical fidelity available in the current market. It goes to show how cheap the PlayStation actually was to support a game of this caliber so effortlessly.

The RAM requirements are also a bit extensive, making the minimum requirement of 16GB already too large for some players to accommodate, but a 32GB mark for higher tiers is a much more unachievable feat, especially for those who may want to play on a laptop. The OS requirements are the standard for many AAA titles, so no clashes were found there.

Finally, we arrive at the Storage aspect of the specs, and it is extremely absurd. At every tier, the minimum requirement is 100GB which would require players to have quite a lot of space on the ready. Considering that there might be newer features or new updates and patches that will be released after launch, this number may go much higher than what is stated here.

The specs overall feel justified to the game due to how heavy it is on its engine, but players want achievable settings, and from what many players can see, these may not be very achievable ones. Nevertheless, the game is destined to be a hit after the success of its TV show, and seeing how The Last Of Us Part 1 got its spot on PC, we might even get its sequel on PC soon.

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