All 9 Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Classes

This Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Best Class is here to guide you on the best class in order to beat opponents!

The Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga features excellent combat mechanics, many characters, and dynamic classes; our Guide breaks down the nitty-gritty of each class you should know

Key Takeaways
  • Jedi: Light Side Force users control enemies.
  • Dark Side: Melee combat with Lightsabers, manipulate enemies and environment.
  • Hero: Non-Force sensitive fighters, use Grapple Blaster.
  • Villains: Dark Side fighters utilize throwable grenades.
  • Scavengers: Crafters, construct items, use Net Launchers.
  • Scoundrel: Smugglers and criminals prefer long-range Blaster Rifles.
  • Bounty Hunters: Track down and capture targets.
  • Protocol Droids: Robots under a master have the unique ability to detach and shrink body parts.
  • Astromech Droids: Utility experts, adept at melee combat, can hack machinery with Astromech sockets.

Skywalker Saga Classes Explained 

Lego Skywalker Saga Classes
Skywalker Saga Classes

Here is a quick overview of all the Skywalker Saga Classes in Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga:

Skywalker Saga Classes Abilities Characters
Jedi ClassTelekinesis, Mind Trick, Block, Dodge, Bolt Deflection, Wall Cut, Saber Throw, Wall Run, Twirl PolesObi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Anakin Skywalker, Yoda, Mace Windu, Kit Fisto
Hero ClassGrapple, Hero Terminal, Disguise, Destroy Silver LEGO Objects, Villain TerminalAdmiral Ackbar, Poe Dameron, Jar Jar Binks, Leia, Finn, Padme
Scavenger ClassBreaker Blaster, Glider, Net Launcher, Crafting, Wall Run, Twirl PolesRey, Teedo, Wicket, Chief Chirpa, Jawa, Paploo
Scoundrel ClassBusiness Opportunist, Charged Shot, Combat Slide, Piercing RoundsDJ, Doctor Evazan, Maz Kanata, Pondo Baba, Wandering Wookie
Bounty Hunter ClassEnemy Detector, Hidden Bounties, Scattershot, Shock GrenadeAurra Sing, Leia, Greedo, Bossk, Jango Fett,Zam Wesell
Villian ClassDemolitions Expert, Extra Ammo, Defence Droid, Villain Terminal ExpertCaptain Phasma, Empire Captain, General Hux, Sith Trooper, Vicrul, Ushar, Captain Canady
Dark Side Fear the Dark Side, Power Push, Force Crush, Dark RiseAnakin Skywalker (Yellow Eyes), Count Dooku, Darth Maul, Snoke, Rey (Sith)
Astromech Droid Class Distraction, Droid Barge, Astromech Socket Expert, Super-ChargedR5-M2, R5-D4, R2-R9, R2-N3, R2-KT
Protocol Droid Class Destructive Disassembly, Paid Translator, Polished Plating, Turret Tune-upTc-14, RA-7, R-3P0, H1-NT, C-3P0, K-3P0


Kicking the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Classes, we have our first class in line, Jedi, which is self-explanatory. For any veteran Lego Star Wars fan, they would be familiar with the Jedi terminology. As the name says, the Jedi class will feature all the original characters from the previous Jedi character collections. 

Each character in this class will have their own set of abilities that can help bring the characters to life and provide them with the combat buffs they need to use the power of Force to take down the worst of enemies. 

Characters Included 

Now, keeping things in mind the plethora of characters featured in the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Best Class gameplay, least to say there is a good selection of originals and new additions to the Jedi class, and they are listed as follows. 

  • Yoda 
  • Yarael Poof 
  • Yaddle 
  • Shaak Ti
  • Rey Skywalker
  • Qui-Gon Jinn
  • Plo Koon
  • Old Ben Kenobi
  • Obi-Wan Kenobi
  • Mace Windu
  • Luminara Unduli
  • Luke Skywalker 
  • Leia 
  • Kit Fisto 
  • Ki Adi Mundi
  • Jocasta Nu
  • Ben Solo
  • Barriss Offee
  • Anakin Skywalker 
  • Aayla Secura

These are the special characters that players can unlock and experience gameplay with if they participate in the Jedi class. 


  1. Mind Master: Enhances Distract radius and Panic Jedi Mind Tricks, allowing for enemy distraction and more effective attacks.
    Lego Star Wars Mind Master
    Mind Master
  2. Trick Time: Increases the duration of Panic Jedi Mind Tricks and Distract abilities, making combat easier.
    Lego Star Wars Trick Time
    Trick Time
  3. Jedi Reflexes: Boosts damage output during parries and counters against enemy attacks, delivering more powerful hits.
    Lego Star Wars Reflexes
  4. Force Flinger: Allows players to lift and throw objects at enemies using the Force, resulting in enhanced damage.
    Lego Star Wars Force Flinger
    Force Flinger

These abilities can be upgraded using Kyber Bricks, improving the Jedi class’s combat capabilities.



The next class we mentioned is the Hero class, which is more combat-heavy and will feature characters more aimed at getting victory as soon as possible. Even the abilities are centered around buffing up the players with offensive and defensive buffs to decimate opponents as easily as possible. 

The characters featured in the hero class are nothing short of heroes themselves, as they have been featured as “good people” in the previous Star Wars titles. 


The Hero class is an excellent choice as it offers a plethora of available characters, and players will have a blast trying to pick and choose their favorite characters. hence, here are some of them: 

  • Tarfful 
  • Rose Tico
  • Rebel Friend 
  • Ric Olie
  • Poe Dameron
  • Padme 
  • Nien Numb
  • Luke skywalker 
  • Kaydel Connix
  • Gungan Warrior
  • General Leia 
  • Finn 
  • Commander Cody 

And many others. If you haven’t already noticed, many characters can fit in more than one class and serve more abilities for players, making them even more valuable. 


As said before, the Hero class also features four key abilities that players can unlock and upgrade using Kyber Bricks, and it will easily help them deplete the enemy’s HP and take them down. 

  1. Armored Disguise: Enhances equipped armor, providing increased personal protection and reducing incoming damage.
    Lego Star Wars Armored Disguise
    Armored Disguise
  2. Improved Shield Generator: Boosts the shield strength of parked vehicles, helping them survive longer during battles.
    Lego Star Wars Improved Shield Generator
    Improved Shield Generator
  3. Rebel Heart: Increases the number of Recovery Hearts dropped by enemies, aiding in player HP recovery during combat.
    Lego Star Wars Rebel Heart
    Rebel Heart
  4. Hero Terminal Expert: Allows players to skip certain Hero Terminal interactions by pressing the X button on their controller or keyboard.
Lego Star Wars Terminal Expert
Terminal Expert

These abilities, upgradable with Kyber Bricks, make the Hero class formidable.


The main characters featured in the Scavenger class will be catered to players who want to move across the battlefield as quickly as possible to take their opponents and render them useless, and this can only be done with the abilities provided for the class. 


Compared to Hero or Jedi classes, the Scavenger class does not feature many characters to unlock, as the other characters are mostly unlocked when needed for combat, and the scavenger characters offer very niche abilities. Here they are: 

  • Wicket 
  • Tusken Raider
  • Teedo 
  • Teebo 
  • Rey 
  • Paploo 
  • Logray 
  • Jawa 
  • Chief Chirpa 


When mentioning abilities, it is important to note that while the characters in this class may not be the most suitable for use on the battlefield, they are still important for traveling purposes and can help players get from one place to another. 

  1. Advanced Gliding: Enhances the speed of Gliders, allowing for faster travel across the game’s open world.
    Lego Star Wars Advanced Gliding
    Advanced Gliding
  2. Expert Climber: Boosts climbing speed, making it easier and quicker to navigate buildings and defeat bosses.
    Lego Star Wars Expert Climber
    Expert Climber
  3. Better Breaker Blaster: Increases the damage output of the Breaker Blaster, making it more effective at defeating enemies.
    Lego Star Wars Better Breaker Blaster
    Better Breaker Blaster
  4. Crafty: Provides new color schemes for decorating Scavenger Tools, mainly for aesthetic purposes.
    Lego Star Wars Crafty


Combined with heroes, a selection of scoundrels always makes the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Class selection worthy of checking out. Without scoundrels to play a part in the Lego Star Wars Titles, there is no point in the titles even existing. 

The scoundrels are mostly focused on heavy combat, aiming to take advantage of opponents and releasing such heavy shots at them that they are instantly rendered useless and killed immediately. 


Veteran Lego Star Wars might be able to recognize some of their favorite scoundrels in the Skywalker Saga, as all of them have played an important role in forming the movies and games as famous as they are in 2022. Here are a select few characters that will be on this list: 

  • Zorii Bliss 
  • Wandering Wookiee
  • Sidon Ithano
  • Ponda Baba
  • Lando Calrissian 
  • Han Solo
  • DJ 
  • Chewbacca 
  • Bala Tik 

Though the selection is shorter, players who unlock them will surely be happy to play with them and enjoy their presence in their combat party. 


Moving forward, the abilities of the Scoundrel Class are again more aimed at providing players with such scoundrels that will be able to prove themselves in the arena, all the while also providing enough offensive buffs needed to deplete opponent’s HP and murder them. 

  1. Piercing Rounds: Allows players to launch ranged attacks that pierce through opponents, making it effective for long-distance combat.
    Lego Star Wars Piercing Rounds
    Piercing Rounds
  2. Charged Shot: By holding R2 on controllers, players can unleash a charged shot that deals 25% increased damage, piercing through and defeating opponents.
    Lego Star Wars Charged Shot
    Charged Shot
  3. Combat Slide: Enables players to sprint during combat and perform a “Combat Slide,” dealing damage to opponents while sliding.
    Lego Star Wars Combat Slide
    Combat Slide
  4. Business Opportunist: Offers a discount on purchasing Rumors or Hints, providing cost savings for essential items or assistance in challenging battles and puzzles.
    Lego Star Wars Business Opportunist
    Business Opportunist

While the Scoundrel class has a shorter character list, these characters are formidable in combat, and their abilities are designed to help players take down opponents efficiently.

Bounty Hunter

The main aim of the Bounty Hunter class is to have characters that can easily detect enemies and provide stunning abilities. Hence, players can charge in and launch attacks on opponents, rendering them useless. 


As we mentioned before, the Bounty Hunter features characters that can be seen in earlier titles, and they are notorious for clashing with the original heroes. Still, nonetheless, players should invest in them and unlock the following characters: 

  • Zam Wesell 
  • Rothgar Deng 
  • Jango Fett 
  • IG-88
  • Greedo 
  • Carib Diss
  • Boba Fett
  • Aurra Sing 
  • 4 Lom
  • Bazine Netal 
  • Bossk

While the selection is quite limited, the characters are still worth unlocking, as their gameplay style can suit certain players. 


The Bounty Hunter class offers abilities that will help players break the footing of enemies, stunning them, and several other core abilities that can help severely in battle; here are the four key abilities listed below. 

Shock Grenade 
Lego Star Wars Shock Grenade
Shock Grenade

Enemies that typically take help from a shield to stop themselves from intaking increased damage will be stunned after the player has cast the Shock Grenade ability, as it launches a Shock Grenade in the direction of enemies that will stun them and render their energy shields. 

Hidden Bounties 
Lego Star Wars Hidden Bounties
Hidden Bounties

When players are on the battlefield and throwing piercing shots at opponents, they can deplete the opponent’s HP and eventually kill them off. After casting and upgrading the Hidden Bounties ability, players can collect “Studs,” which can be used in future purchases or upgrades.

Lego Star Wars Scattershot

Next, the Scattershot ability allows players to use their wielded weapons. After casting the ability, the weapon will shoot out a set amount of bolts in the direction of enemies, which will damage enemies nearby. 

Enemy Detector
Lego Star Wars Enemy Detector
Enemy Detector

Ending the Bounty Hunter class with the Enemy Detector skill is self-explanatory, as it can detect opponents behind a wall. 

Skywalker Saga Villian Class 

The villain class has neatly compiled all of the worst villains that can be found amongst the best leading titles of Lego Star Wars movies and games into their class.

However, not all are villains, as some characters are undercover heroes. The main aim of the Villain class is to focus on defense + and improved combat for the player, allowing for easier victory. 

Villain Characters 

The villain character line has a huge range of casts, featuring some of the worst villains in the history of the Star Wars titles, and here are a select few: 

  • Vicrul 
  • Tarkin 
  • Stormtrooper 
  • Snowtrooper 
  • Sovereign Protector 
  • Sith Trooper
  • Sandtrooper 
  • Rose Tico
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Han Solo
  • First Order TIE Fighter 
  • Finn 
  • Empire Captain
  • Commander Jir
  • Captain Phasma
  • B1 Battle Droid
  • Ap’lek 

You might have noticed that Luke Skywalker is not necessarily a villain, but he still fits into several different classes, offering his buffs to the player. 


Below listed are the four abilities that are offered by the Villain class:

Defense Droid 
Lego Star Wars Defense Droid
Defense Droid

While in the middle of combat, players might experience that they could be running low on support. This is where Defense Droid pops in, as its main focus is to provide extra backup to players and charge forward toward enemies to break down and decimate them. 

Villain Terminal Expert 
Lego Star Wars Villain Terminal Expert
Villain Terminal Expert

This particular ability, the Villain Terminal Expert, allows players to skip through the Villain Terminal interactions to get to the main combat or open-world exploration they need to get to. The interaction skipping not only saves time but also saves effort. 

Extra Ammo 
Lego Star Wars Extra Ammo
Extra Ammo

The Extra Ammo is self-explanatory yet again, as it offers players the simplicity of increased weapon usage for weapons found in drop Crates. After casting the ability, the players will have increased ammo in the said weapons, allowing them to shoot and slash through enemies for an extended time. 

Demolitions Expert
Lego Star Wars Demolitions Expert
Demolitions Expert

Lastly, Demolitions Expert lets players launch grenades that will explode in front of opponents and deplete their HP almost instantaneously, rendering them useless. 

Dark Side 

Dark Side: they have been set apart from classes like heroes and villains as they have truly unique abilities, and with the Force of their side, they can bring down the toughest of enemies to their knees and kill them. 

The main aim of the Dark Side is to have the enemies fear the players and get scared of them, all the while supporting players with offensive buffs using the help of the Force. 


That being said, how many characters are included in the dark side class? We’re glad you asked; despite a niche selection of characters available, they are all important to the players as they still help out in battle. 

  • Snoke 
  • Rey 
  • The Emperor
  • Palpatine 
  • Kylo Ren
  • Darth Maul 
  • Darth Vader 
  • Count Dooku 
  • Anakin Skywalker 

These characters come with the abilities that have been mentioned above, and they can help the player until the end of the tough battle. 


The Dark Side, as it usually comes with its abilities, mostly focuses on instilling fear in opponents so that players have a chance to launch attacks to take them down and murder them. 

Power Push 
Lego Star Wars Power Push
Power Push

Upon honing and upgrading this ability using Kyber Bricks, players can use Power Push to stagger any opponents in the general radius of the ability and knock them back to cause damage to them. 

Force Crush
Lego Star Wars Force Crush
Force Crush

Since the characters in Dark Side use the Force to damage foes, any enemies that have been held tight with the Force will consistently intake enhanced damage from the player’s side and eventually die off due to depleted HP. 

Dark Rise 
Lego Star Wars Dark Rise
Dark Rise

Using the help of Force Lift, players can launch opponents into the air and then plunge them down to the ground to deal increased damage. With the help of Dark Rise, the effects of Force Lift will be even more deadly. 

Fear The Dark Side 
Lego Star Wars Fear The Dark Side
Fear The Dark Side

As the name suggests, upgrading and casting down Fear The Dark Side will cause opponents to fear players with the ability in their arsenal and give players a chance to attack and obliterate them. 

Astromech Droid

Moving onto the second last class, the Astromech Droid class is the most interesting, as it typically focuses on droids inhabiting the class instead of humans and villainous characters. 

The droid class mainly focuses on supporting players in battle by providing them with abilities that will stun enemies, provide offensive buffs, and provide adequate distraction techniques! Overall, the class is unique in its ways and abilities. 


The droid class features a set of characters that are not humans; rather, they are droids with different capabilities according to their systems needed to bring down enemies and achieve victory for the players. There is a wide variety of droids to choose from, as seen below: 

  • R5-M2
  • R5-D4
  • R2-R9
  • R2-N3
  • R2-KT
  • R2-D2
  • R2-B1
  • K3-R1
  • G8-R3
  • BB-8

And a few others that are more niche but are still included in the class. 


Keeping the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Best Class going, the Astromech Droids have abilities that can help the players out. 

Lego Star Wars Supercharged

Starting with Super-charged, this ability offers to aid the player when they are in combat with enemies and launch a shockwave that will stun incoming attacks. With the shockwave in action, enemies who have launched attacks against players will instead get hurt themselves. 

Droid Barge 
Lego Star Wars Droid Barge
Droid Barge

Keeping it going, Droid Barge is another interesting ability. After upgrading this ability, while players are in motion, they can press B on their controller and instantly slide their way into opponents, making them take increased damage and deplete their overall HP. 

Astromech Socket Expert 
Lego Star Wars Astromech Socket Expert
Astromech Socket Expert

Yet another interaction skipping ability? The Astromech Socket Expert allows players to instantly skip interactions by holding down A for an extended period. 

Lego Star Wars Distraction

While in combat or a tough battle, if players feel like they need more time to strategize their next move, they can cast Distraction to call down a hologram that will distract the opponents, and players can easily attack and defeat them. 

Protocol Droid

The Protocol Droid. Like Astromech Droids, this class also features robots instead of dedicated seemingly “human” characters, with the characters offering their own set of abilities. 


The characters for the Protocol Droid class are quite a niche and selected, yet players should have a great time with the characters if they choose this class. Here are some characters from the class: 

  • Tc-14 
  • RA-7
  • R-3P0
  • H1-NT
  • C-3P0
  • K-3P0

And some others that do not play a more significant role are niche. 


The four abilities for this class are limited and focus on targeting hits on enemies, receiving bonuses, shockwave releases, and some other basic abilities. 

Turret Tune-up
Lego Star Wars Turret Tune-Up
Turret Tune-Up

Starting with Turret Tune-up, the ability solely focuses on reflecting shots that have been launched from the Terminal Turrets, and the more the reflection of the shots, the higher the chance of the shots reaching the opponents and causing them to intake increased overall damage. 

Paid Translator 
Lego Star Wars Paid Translator
Paid Translator

Any character who can translate a foreign language, such as alien languages, will earn more Studs, which can be useful when buying or upgrading core abilities. 

Polished Plating 
Lego Star Wars Polished Plating
Polished Plating

Anytime the player is in combat with opponents, the chances are that opponents will always launch attacks in the direction of the players. To help themselves, the players can upgrade and then cast down Polished Plating, which will give them a chance to reflect the bolts directly back to the enemies and deplete their overall HP. 

Destructive Disassembly 
Lego Star Wars Destructive Disassembly
Destructive Disassembly

A shockwave will be cast upon enemies, making them intake damage and rendering them useless. 

Which Is The Best Class In Lego Star Wards Skywalker Saga? 

Wrapping up the guide, we truly believe that the Lego Star Wars Skywalker Saga Best Class is the Hero Class, as it is the one players most commonly use since it focuses on combat and provides shield strength for piloted ships. Alongside that, players can skip through Hero Terminal Interactions and save time. 

Combining it with the restoration of HP and increased personal defense, Hero takes the lead for one of the best classes players can choose. This wraps up the guide; let us know what you think in the comments below! 

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