Mobile Legends Adventure Codes [October 2023]

ML adventure codes guide provides you with freebies such as diamonds, spells, scrolls, and more that can be spent for summons and much more!

Using Mobile Legend Adventure codes, you can obtain freebies such as diamonds, scrolls, coins, and more. These freebies can enable you to obtain the best heroes through summons or purchase equipment. This guide contains everything you need to know regarding ML Adventure codes, how to redeem them, and where to find additional codes.

Key Takeaways
  • Mobile Legends Adventure codes can be redeemed for scrolls, diamonds, and coins.
  • Diamonds can be used in the summons to obtain powerful heroes in ML: Adventure.
  • Some of the latest codes include 5PNU6H and T4XFXT.
  • In case you want to look for additional codes, Mobile Legend Adventure’s official Discord Server and Twitter page is the best place to do so.
  • You can also bookmark this page to stay up to date with the latest Mobile Legends Adventure codes.
  • To redeem your codes, click on Events and then tap on the Notice button. After that, click on the Redeem CD-Key, input your code, and press confirm.
  • In case your codes are not working properly, make sure to check out our Ultimate Code Guide. It contains the most troublesome issues encountered by players and their solutions.

Active Mobile Legends Adventure Codes

The list below contains all the active ML Adventure codes. Make sure to redeem them as soon as possible because these codes tend to expire soon. Also, make sure to copy and paste the codes directly to avoid any spelling-related mistakes.

  • Last Checked On October 1st, 2023.
VS5X65Redeem this code and get your hands on free rewards
T4XFXTRedeem this code and get your hands on free rewards
5PNU6HRedeem this code and get your hands on free rewards
7YEKK3Redeem the code for various rewards.
MA7TT82229XRedeem the code for various rewards.
PX5AW52229YRedeem the code for various rewards.
YG7ZZZGain free diamonds and rewards!
SUMMER0825This code can be redeemed for x500 Diamonds and x1000 Sign of Stars.
NEWERA0519Redeem this code and get your hands on free rewards.
6DDZTCClaim the code for diamonds and rewards.
NSZTTXRedeem the code for various rewards.
NEWERA8888This code can be redeemed for rewards.
MLA999Obtain various free rewards.

List Of Mobile Legends Adventure Expired Codes

Over the period of time, the developers released a lot of codes for Mobile Legend Adventure; however, most of them have expired.

JCCFR7Free Diamonds and Rewards.
NSZTTXClaim for 1000 diamonds.
W3P758Redeem for 500 diamonds.
TLPRAHObtain free diamonds and rewards.
GGYTYEGain 500 diamonds.
BUDP4A2229DObtain 1000 diamonds, 10 premium scrolls, and 500 advanced Essence.
VQGDWP2229EClaim for 500 diamonds.
CK3VEF2228DRedeem the code for 1000 diamonds and 20 scrolls.
KQY7LXObtain 500 diamonds.
KP38NH2228FObtain 500 diamonds.
RJYCD3Obtain 1000 diamonds.
NEWERA0429Redeem the code for 500 diamonds.
CUNZJZ22274Claim for free in-game rewards.
TNEEY822275Redeem for diamonds.
8TKYE8Obtain spells and diamonds.
CARNIVALRedeem for free rewards.
6OQGJ7Obtain 500 diamonds.
8TKYE8Claim for 1000 diamonds.
TNEEY822275Redeem for free rewards.
MBZHQ5Gain rare rewards.
HJPHU222277Obtain 10 scrolls and diamonds.
TNEEY822275Obtain 500 diamonds.
CUNZJZ22274Obtain 500 diamonds.
SZYP34Claim for free rewards.
DPW4TBObtain rare freebies!
KB7LF7Obtain spells and diamonds.
TBBVUARedeem the code for in-game rewards.
Xmasfun689 or XMASFUN689Obtain free in-game rewards.
CGUNBA22264Claim diamonds and 10 scrolls.
BFU77C22263Redeem free rewards.
5TS2JD22262500 diamonds.
DKMEQF2225WObtain free in-game freebies.
MLAXMPLClaim for summon tickets and diamonds.
MLAISLITRedeem for free in-game rewards.
MLAISFIREClaim free rewards.
SUMMER777Obtain free diamonds.
U6PTKZ2224VRedeem the code for diamonds.
00NATAN00Claim the code for 500 diamonds.
AKAKURO77Obtain 800 diamonds, support tickets, and coins.
MLAFBFANObtain 1000 diamonds.
VMNFZA22248Redeem the code for 500 diamonds.
MLAIG500K Obtain freebies.
MLAXMPLRedeem for free scrolls and diamonds.
MLA1YEARRedeem for free rewards.
MLAFBGOObtain in-game rewards.
MLAISFIREClaim for 1000 diamonds.
MLAISLITGain 500 diamonds and free scrolls.
MLMLA0908Obtain rare freebies.
AU5ZWR2223JClaim the code for free rewards.
HV4K4V2223KAttain diamonds and scrolls.
MLAXMASObtain 500 diamonds.
HVXFZM2223QGain 1000 diamonds.
MLADISCORDObtain 20 scrolls, 1000 coins, and 500 diamonds.
MLAREDDITRedeem the code for 1000 diamonds.
8G763N22239Claim for 2000 diamonds.
SUKNBJ2223MRedeem for freebies.
MLAHPBD1Obtain free rewards.
T6J3GG2223RRedeem the code for in-game rewards.
EV4UTW2223UClaim for freebies.
HVXFZM2223QGet free rewards.
47BWK42223SRedeem for 500 diamonds.
MLAIG500KClaim for 1000 diamonds.

How To Redeem ML Adventure Codes?

Claiming ML Adventures codes 2023
Redeeming Codes In ML Adventure

Although different from your usual Gatcha games, the process of redeeming codes in Mobile Legends Adventure is quite easy. Follow the list of simple step-by-step instructions below to redeem your codes.

  1. Launch Mobile Legends Adventure.
  2. Head over to the main menu.
  3. Once in the main menu, Click on the “Events” button.
  4. After that, tap on the Notice button located on the lower left side of the screen.
  5. Click on Redeem CD-Key.
  6. Copy and paste a code from the list above into the input box.
  7. Press Confirm.

What Is Mobile Legends Adventure?

Based on the popular MOBA game Mobile Legends Bang Bang, Mobile Legends Adventure is an idle Gatcha game developed by Moonton. Players can collect heroes of various rarities, such as elite, epic, and legendary. Currently, heroes in Mobile Legends Adventures consist of five different classes; Fighter, Mage, Marksman, Support, and Tanks.

For now, that is everything I have for you regarding MA Adventures. I hope that you were able to obtain some rare in-game items to help you along in your journey. If that is the case, make sure to leave a comment in the comment section below.


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