Project Pokemon Codes [WORKING May 2024]

This guide features everything you need to know about Project Pokemon Codes in May 2024.

thStarting a new game, you can always use a few benefits and jumpstarts, or perhaps you’re a veteran who is in dire need of some help; we don’t judge. Codes are made for this, providing you freebies left, right, and center; so make sure to put them to good use. This guide includes all information about Roblox Project Pokemon codes, including how to redeem them and even get your hands on even more codes.

Key Takeaways
  • Roblox Project Pokemon Codes are redeemable for rare Pokemon that are difficult to catch playing the game. 
  • To redeem the codes, visit the Options menu using the button on the left side of the game screen.
  • For more codes, join the Roblox Group, where you can find all information relating to Project Pokemon.

Important: Project Pokemon was taken off of Roblox at the end of 2022. Most likely, you won’t be able to play this game right now.

List Of Active Codes

  • Last Checked on May 21st, 2024.

Having to find a working code in a sea of both active and expired codes is nothing shy of finding a needle in a haystack, and we wouldn’t wish this on our worst enemy. This is why we took this tedious task on our own shoulders and separated the active and expired codes for you. The following list only features active codes.

Code Reward
Electrified Valid for an Eelektrik Pokemon called Zap.
EvilSpirit Valid for a Gastly Pokemon called Spirit.
StayHydrated Valid for a Zangoost Pokemon called Cup Of Water.
JustKeepSwimming Valid for a Chinchou Pokemon called Angler 
PengwinXD Valid for a Piplup Pokemon called PengwinXD.
Dasher Valid for an Entei Pokemon called Dasher.
AeroDynamic Valid for an Aerodacty Pokemon called Aerodactyl.
Inky Valid for a Meowth Pokemon called Inky.
Lassie Valid for Latias Pokemon called Lassie.
Logan Valid for a Kabutops Pokemon called Claws.
Surprise Valid for a Bunnelby Pokemon called Surprise.

List Of Expired Codes

The following list only includes expired codes for Project Pokemon that can not be redeemed for any rewards. Make sure to stay away from these codes.

Expired Codes Expired Codes
EmjoiDay Redkachu
HappyFourth GuyFawkes
MerryChristmas ShinyFinale
Bootleg Hax0rz
WishesRayquaza Firefox
SpringBreak Choices
Behemoth Celebrations
SpookyGhosty TinyShiny
IAmGroot Shinypalooza
LateAgain Totally
Clickbait The100Club
ValentinesLove Steak
Superbown2018 Mob
Jojoke ColdSteel
Late4Code Doggo
YearOf2017 Shining
MerryXmas2017 SlippySnek
Elflax BadLuckBird
BugFixes IGotDanceMoves
JingleBell Stardom
Rudolph FourHundo
Sunny Goggles
Malts KrabbyPatty
UltraMoon WhatsUpDoc
NotUseless Apologies
Movember Prinpupper
SpookTober3 TheFuriusDawg
SpookTober2 HarryHoudini
SpookTober SphealOrNoSpheal
ThisIsAPumpkin PupyMonkeyBaby
RainbowPlant Stormy
ScaryCandle RioluOlympics
Positivity Kirikun
ScaryDog DragosireTribute
SpookyScary OnePercentRat
LightningFast ReallyCodes
ImASnake Doggy
CHILLBIRD HappyHolidays
Fangs ThreeFitty
SolidRock Aquaman
IceCold Muchacho
Metallic WeaselNews
Deli Thanks
Anubis Kane
Dragoon FlyingGrass
HappyMothersDay Pikablu
PeanusButter Hungry
Nitemare Valentine
StarLord Falcon
Laziness Shimada
Easter2017 Berserk
Joker Overslept
Grasshopper Barney
RainbowRayquaza Heracles
Extinct JackFrost
Bouqet Glitch
Shaknado Investigator
Wraith Ghost

How To Redeem Codes?

Redeeming a code is what lands us the rewards we are all after, so now that we have our hands on some working codes, it is time to get those rewards. Redeeming codes is a fairly easy task, as mentioned in our game codes guide, and in just a few easy steps, you can redeem your codes. Follow the steps below to learn how to redeem your codes. 

Redeeming Project Pokemon Codes.
The screen displayed when redeeming Project Pokemon Codes
  1. First of all, Launch Project Pokemon on Roblox
  2. Open the Options menu available on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Click on the button labeled Mystery Gift.
  4. Enter your code in the redemption box.
  5. Press Redeem.
  6. Enjoy your Rewards!

Why Are My Codes Not Working?

  • Ensure correct spelling and capitalization when entering codes.
  • Copy and paste codes directly to avoid typos.
  • Roblox codes are case-sensitive, so pay attention to capitalization.
  • If encountering issues, restart the game to join an updated server where codes may work.
  • If none of the fixes work, the code might have expired, and new codes will be released in the future

Where To Get More Codes?

If you want to be the first to know of a new Project Pokemon Code, you will have to make your way straight to the developer. For this, we recommend joining the Official Project Pokemon Roblox Group; here, you will find not only newly released codes but everything to do with the game, including news updates. 

What Is Project Pokemon?

Project Pokemon is a game that resembles the official Pokemon game a lot, where players have the ability to roam around the world and find and catch their own Pokemon. The game included different regions from the official Pokemon franchise and their respective Pokemon, giving all the fun of Pokemon from the comfort of your own room. The game includes battling for Pokemon with other players.

This is all there is to know about Project Pokemon Codes for now, but at the sign of new codes coming out, we will surely have you covered. If by chance you cannot find any working codes, make sure to check back at a later date when we have updated this list.

In the meantime, check out our guide on The Most Popular Roblox Games From 2018 to 2024, and find yourself your newer Roblox obsession for the year. Let us know in the comments below if you would like more guides like this one or what specific guides you are looking for!

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