Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds: How To Disable Auto Mode

This guide entails all you need to know about Auto-Battle mode, Auto-Navigation, and how to disable Auto Mode in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds.

What is Auto-Battle Mode

Auto-Battle is a system that allows your characters to fight by themselves. The characters and familiars will act by themselves without requiring any input from the player, allowing you to farm grind or just play the game with minimal input.

Key Takeaways
  • Auto-Battle Mode is a system in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds that allows characters to fight by themselves. 
  • Players can turn Auto-Battle on or off after the Familiar Egg mission in the main storyline.
  • The Full Automatic mode does its best to play according to the Auto-Battle options, but still requires manual dodging
  • The Semi-Automatic mode auto-attacks but allows the player to control skills and abilities.
  •  The Customizing Auto-Battle Mode allows players to choose which skills and familiars to use in auto mode, enabling them to fully customize it to their liking. 
  • Manual Battle Mode is ideal for personal combat without computer interference. 
  • To disable Auto-Battle, press the two crossed swords icon three times at the bottom of the screen. To fully disable auto-battle, turn off the “Counter When Auto-Battle is off” option in the settings menu.
  • Auto Navigation Mode makes the character move to a marked location and completes quests. Auto Navigation also tracks monsters and takes you to hidden locations
  • To disable, click the sparkling quest on the right side of the screen or disable navigation of the monster/item being tracked.

The grind and farming are generally the most boring part you have to suffer through to get to the cool bosses or quests of any MMORPG, and that’s where these automated systems can be very useful.

That said, there are times when clearing out mobs or fighting bosses is much easier when done manually, or just fighting the enemies or bosses is simply just more fun manually.

For this reason, people need to disable the Auto-Battle Mode, which a lot of people have difficulty doing in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds. One thing to keep in mind is that the Auto-Battle Mode is not available right from the start. The option to turn Auto-Battle on or off becomes available following the Familiar Egg mission from the main storyline.

However, there isn’t any prompt to inform the player that the auto mode is automatically turned on by the game, creating a very confusing situation for the player.

No need to fret about the unusual situation because our guide will be covering all you need to know about this mode as well as how to disable it.

Types of Auto-Battle Mode in Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds

Before we jump onto how to disable Auto-Battle mode, you need to understand the types of battle modes because sometimes the problem to a solution may just lie in one of these modes instead of shutting it down altogether. Auto-Battle system has three modes in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds, which are as follows:

Full Automatic Mode

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds disabling Auto Mode
Arrow displaying that the game is in Full automatic mode now

The mode will do its best to play according to all the Auto-Battle options you have enabled, which are also discussed below. This mode can be enabled by pressing the icon with the two crossed swords at the bottom of the screen one time.

That said, Full Automatic Mode still requires you to manually dodge and position yourself to stay alive.

Customizing Auto Battle Mode

Customizing Auto-Battle Mode
Utility window displaying various customization options for Auto-Battle

As we have talked about before, Auto-Battle can be annoying for you sometimes, and you would’ve wished that “if I had the option to turn one or that setting on or off, Auto-Battle would’ve been useful for me”. Luckily, there is a way to customize the Auto-Battle Mode in Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds.

To set up Auto-Battle Mode according to your needs, hold down your finger or mouse button on the auto mode icon, and you’ll see a small utility window appear which will let you customize the auto mode. The functions of the options you’ll be seeing are as follows:

Auto-Battle Distance: Auto-Battle Distance determines how far your character can move and find enemies to fight. The option comes in handy when you want to restrict your character to farm in a specific location only.

Skill Movement Restriction: Skill Movement Restriction disables the movements of your dodging and gap closing skills. It allows your character to use all of its skills while standing in one place.

Auto Battle Counter Outside Range: Auto-Battle Counter Outside Range enables a safety option that allows your character to defend yourself if attacked by a higher-level enemy. The option is super useful for saving progress.  

Auto Skill and Familiar Auto Use Settings: It is by far the most important option you can customize. The option allows you to choose which skills and familiars to use in auto mode and which not. This allows the AI to control your more spammy abilities while giving you manual control to use your more devastating skills and familiars.

So, with these options, you’ll be able to fully customize the auto mode according to your liking.

Semi-automatic Mode

Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds disabling Auto Mode
Arrow displaying that the game is in Semi-Automatic mode now

Semi-Automatic mode auto attacks by itself, but lets you control your skills and abilities. This is a nice in-between mode if you don’t want to press auto-attack constantly. Semi-Automatic Mode can be enabled by pressing the icon with two crossed swords two times.

Manual Battle Mode and Disabling Auto-Battle Mode

Non automatic mode
Arrow showing that the game is in manual mode now

Manual mode is ideal for the situation where you want to face your enemies all by yourself without any interference from the computer. The Auto-Battle can be disabled by pressing the icon with the two crossed swords three times at the bottom of the screen. The icon should be visible directly to the right of the list of Ni no Kuni Familiars.

Despite turning it off from here, it won’t permanently solve the problem. The manual mode by default still functions like automatic, but luckily there is a way to make the game fully manual.

To do this, go into the settings menu, scroll down, and you’ll see an option called “Counter When Auto-Battle is off”.

The option will be turned on by default, and what it does is that it turns on auto-battle whenever you attack. So, turn it off, and now you can manually experience all of Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds by yourself.

Auto Navigation Mode

Auto play mode
Auto navigation displayed by an arrow

This feature is much simpler than Auto-Battle mode. Basically, what Auto Navigation does is that it will make your character move to the location you marked. On top of that, the system can also make your character complete entire quests if you leave it unchecked.

To Auto Navigate your quests, click on the quest you want to complete or travel to. Auto Navigated quests will have a sparkling animation on them. It is useful for letting the AI do the grindy quests, leaving all the intriguing quests for you.

Aside from completing quests, Auto Navigation has other uses as well. Auto Navigation can track monsters and take you to locations you have never seen before. The mode is great for grinding monsters and seeing locations that are hidden around the map.

You bring up your codex menu, inventory menu, or mini-map and select an item or monster from there. After selecting the monster or the item, you’ll have an option to move you to the target.

With this, not only the game will automatically take you to your required destination automatically but will also help you in reaching places you were having trouble reaching.

Disabling Auto Navigation Mode

Disabling Auto Navigation is much simpler than the  Auto-Battle Mode. To disable the Auto Navigation, simply click the quest with the sparkling animation on the right side of the screen to turn it off.

Similarly, disable the navigation of the monsters or items you were tracking by clicking on them from your codex and inventories.

This wraps up our Ni No Kuni Cross Worlds disabling Auto Mode guide which entails information about Auto Navigation mode as well. Let us know what you think about our guide in the comments below.

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