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Deck Yourself Out For New Game Plus

To say that Nioh 2 is a difficult game would be a massive understatement. The title is a challenging and rage-inducing spectacle that a significant portion of its player base will never actually see through to the end.

This is not to say that the game is unreasonably complex; it’s just that the challenge presented here is unlike anything fans of the souls-like genre have seen so far.

And when you have a game that is so demanding, players always have to keep themselves equipped with the best gear available to survive.

So this guide will show you how to get your hands on Nioh 2 Divine Gear easily.

Key Takeaways
  • Nioh 2 is a tough challenge, and this guide will help you easily acquire powerful Divine Gear by explaining the process.
  • Divine Gear is a new tier of items in New Game Plus, indicated by a rating (+1) to (+10).
  • It drops are rare. Bosses and sub-missions improve your chances.
  • Use Ochoko Cups to increase the chance of finding this Gear in missions.
  • Ochoko Cups can be obtained from Revenants or purchased with Glory.
  • Upgrading Divine Gear requires Soul Match at the blacksmith. Items must have the same value.
  • If similar-value items are unavailable, you can craft them by combining two items.
  • To reach the maximum (+10) value, gradually upgrade items.
  • Upgrading gear can be expensive, so manage resources carefully.

Nioh 2 Divine Gear Guide

Nioh 2 Divine Gear
What is Devine Gear?

If you managed to beat Nioh 2 and are still a glutton for punishment, then you’ve likely jumped back into the game with the ‘New Game Plus” mode. This increases the difficulty of enemy and boss encounters; it also introduces a bunch of new mechanics and items into the whole experience.

And, of course, one of the most notable additions in ‘New Game Plus’ is Divine Gear, which is an entirely new tier of items that you’ll require to survive this punishing ordeal.

These are the Green colored items that you’ll begin to see dropping from different sources, and they have a rating in brackets next to their name. The higher this number is, the stronger that particular piece of Gear is. For example, (+1) Gear is at the bottom of the pile, while (+10) gear is the absolute strongest that Nioh 2 has to offer.

You can commonly find Divine Gear up to (+5) in the wild, but even that is extremely rare. Most of what you see will be within the (+1) to (+4) range. Items within the (+6) to (+10) range have to be upgraded at the blacksmith by combining different it.

How To Get Nioh 2 Divine Gear Easily

Nioh 2 Divine Gear
  1. One of the most apparent sources of Divine Gear are the game’s bosses. You’re pretty likely to get these items by simply playing through the game and killing bosses as required by the main campaign. You won’t get guaranteed drops every time, but farming them, again and again, will improve your chances.
  2. You should also try and undertake as many boss sub-missions as possible since these also improve your chances of getting the Gear. Some of these are significantly more difficult than others, but they are an excellent source for the items we’re looking for.
  3. Players can increase the percentage at which they find Divine Gear within a mission and offer up a resource known as Ochoko Cups. Only ten of these can be used at a time, but they can help you cut down on the amount you may have to grind otherwise.
  4. Ochoko Cups can most commonly be farmed from the following sources.
  5. Revenants: Revenants are described as the souls of fallen players that are marked by red swords sticking out of the ground. Players can stand on top of them to summon them, which will then initiate a difficult fight that you have to win.
  6. Once you succeed, you are rewarded with a random amount of Ochoko Cups depending on the level of the Revenant.
  7. Hidden Teahouse: Ochoko Cups can also be directly purchased from the Hidden Teahouse for 200 Glory each.
  8. This is a unique currency in Nioh 2 that can be earned by defeating Revenants or participating in other online interactions like expeditions. The only non-online and non-combat method of gaining Glory is by donating items to your clan, but the payout is not great.

How To Upgrade Divine Gear

Nioh 2 Divine Gear
The Blacksmith.

In order to upgrade a piece of Divine Gear, you have to feed other pieces of the same category of Gear into it via the ‘Soul Match’ option at the blacksmith. This lets you increase the value of the number next to its name, but the process is a bit more complicated than the game lets on.

You cannot feed an item with a lower numerical value to an item with a larger one. Nothing comes out of this process since a weaker piece of Devine Gear cannot enhance something that is already stronger than it. Both items must be at the same power level, which is a challenge by itself.

If players cannot find two items of a similar value to combine, they can craft them by themselves. This works by letting you take two gear pieces with the same value and giving you one that is precisely one point higher than them. So, for example:

Divine Weapon A (+1)  +  Divine Weapon B (+1)  =  Divine Weapon C (+2)


Divine Armor X (+5)  Divine Armor Y (+5)  Divine Armor Z (+6)

What this means is that to finally get your hands on a (+10) piece of Devine Gear, you’ll have to work your way up the ladder until you’re able to combine two (+9) items into a (+10).

Not only is this a lot of work by itself, but it’s also costly. You can deplete your entire stockpile of gold upgrading gear before you’re anywhere near the end goal. So remember to keep a keen eye on your wallet while in pursuit of that sweet endgame gear.

This has been Exputer’s Nioh 2 Divine Gear guide. We hope that it helped you understand the game’s convoluted New Game Plus gear system.

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