Persona 3 Reload: Which One’s Not An Algebraic Spiral?

Here's how you answer the question "Which One's Not An Algebraic Spiral?" with extreme ease in Persona 3 Reload!

The Class Answers are mostly general knowledge-related questions, but some often force you to answer difficult algebraic expressions or differentiate diagrams in Persona 3 Reload. I have been through a lot of trial and error in my quest to answer all of the Classroom questions, and I found the answer to which one’s not an algebraic spiral in Persona 3 Reload.

Key Takeaways
  • You can go to school classes and answer questions in Persona 3 Reload.
  • In the math class on the 27th of April, Ms. Miyahara showed four spiral diagrams.
  • Ms. Miyahara asked the question, “Do you know which one’s not an algebraic spiral or whatever?”
  • The answer to this is Option A
  • It’s the answer because the first diagram is The Logarithmic Spiral. 

Which One’s Not An Algebraic Spiral?

Option A Is 27th April Question's Answer
Option A Is The Correct Answer To Ms. Miyahara’s Algebraic Diagram Question – (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

So, the answer to this question is the letter A. 

  • 27th April Class: In the class on the 27th of April, Ms. Miyahara showed four different diagrams of Spirals and asked a difficult question.
  • The Question: It’s that “Do you know which one’s not an algebraic spiral or whatever?”
  • Picked Wrong Answer: When I was first asked the question, I was left blank like most of the players did and picked the wrong answer.
  • Correct Answer: But with that came the effect that I was made aware of the real answer, which is ” Option A: The Logarithmic Spiral”.

After giving the right or wrong answer, Ms. Miyahara explains the difference and further points out the logistics of the Logarithmic Spiral and how it differentiates from the other 3 Spirals in the question, which are:

  • B: Archimedean Spiral
  • C: Fermat’s Spiral
  • D: Hyperbolic Spiral
Important: Charm Points can be used to increase one of the three Social Stats, which is “Charm.”

So this was the answer to the Algebraic Spiral question in Persona 3 Reload. Questions like these are what makes Persona 3’s Exams so interesting. Players like me who got most answers wrong felt a bit out of touch with our general knowledge, but you should know that after knowing the answers to these questions, your general knowledge will be improved upon! Also, extra charm points never hurt.

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