Project Baki 3 Codes [Tested In April 2024]

This guide features all the latest codes and simple instructions on how to redeem them for exciting in-game rewards.

If you’re looking for Project Baki 3 codes to boost your experience, yen, and gain stat resets, you’re in the right place. Project Baki 3 is a popular anime-based fighting game with a focus on character growth and PvP elements, where you can learn different fighting styles depending on the stats you level up.

Key Takeaways
  • Redeem these codes for free rewards in Project Baki 3.
  • These rewards may include bonus experience, yen, stat resets, and other valuable items.
  • To redeem, launch Roblox and boot up Project Baki 3, find the Redeem codes button in settings, type in one of our codes in the text box, and hit Redeem to receive your reward in your inventory/HUD (if Yen).
  • To get more Project Baki 3 codes, you can check the official Discord server or follow the developer’s Twitter page, SquidyCakez.
  • If your codes aren’t cooperating or you are facing any code-related glitches, dive into Ultimate Code Guide for all the necessary solutions!

All Active Project Baki 3 Codes

Redeem Project Baki 3 codes for free bonus experience, yen, and stat resets. These will help you level up and play longer. Don’t miss out on these valuable rewards!

  • Last Checked: April 3rd, 2024.
Redeem CodeReward
ILOVETHAILANDYen and Stat Resets (New)
COLDESTWINTERGet free rewards (New)
2024Get free rewards
SEEYUHGet free rewards
TWITTER142 Million Yen, 4 Stat Resets, and a title
55KLIKESWOWGet free rewards
MJ1KFOLLOWS5 Million Yens, 5 stat resets, 10 color rerolls!
FREEYENTIME5 million Yen
50KMEMBERS5 million Yen and 1 Stat Reset
54KLIKESAMAZING3 million Yen
TURKEYDAYYIP4 million Yen, a Title, and an Emote
53KLIKESWOW4 million Yen and Title
PB3Experience or 1 million Yen if a character is at max level
NATSU3AM4 million Yen
SAMNKURE15 Stat Resets
FAZBEAR1 Eclipse Summon
52KLIKES!1,000 Souls
AKOYAFIX4 million Yen
YAGAMIVIBING!Yagami Dance Emote
51KLIKES!2 million Yen and 5 Stat Resets
TOJIFExperience or 1 million Yen for max-level characters
YASHARESETYasha Reset CD (Level 300 required)
COPYTECH2.5 million yen
WERESOBACK5 stat resets and 5M Yen
ISTHISREAL5 stat resets, 5M Yen, and Title
50KLIKES!5 million Yen, 15 Stat Resets, and 15 Color Rerolls
49KLIKES!2 million Yen, 8 Stat Resets, 4 Color Rerolls
TIKTOK8002 million Yen and Title
MUGMAN2 million Yen and Title
GOJOPACKTitle and some yen

Expired Project Baki 3 Codes

Listed below are expired codes that are no longer active. You may still attempt to use them, but please be aware that they may not work.

Redeem CodeReward
MAJIMAPLSMajima Style bonus rewards
YOMICHANCEYomi Yomi no Mi bonus rewards
OGNIKOCHANCEOgniko Style, bonus rewards
BUUCHANCEBuu/Majin Style, otherwise bonus rewards
TIKTOK1KRedeeming this code will get you in-game rewards
TIKTOKFAMOUS3 million Yen, and 5 Stat Resets
CHAPTER236A character transformation to Clown Gojo
500TIKTOKIn-game gifts
PICKLEJAR5 Stat Resets, and 5 million Yen
SHAKEA free Shake Emote
RYOMABABY19 Color Rerolls
GOHANSOON5 Stat Resets
ROBLOXBACKA Rocket Launcher Relic plus 1 million Yen
MONKEYMODEA Title and a bonus of 3 million Yen
AKIYAMAISHERE2.5 million Yen
YAKUZAPARTTWO2.5 million Yen
FREEYEN5 million Yen
CODESFIXED1 million Yen
SHAWNANDWISE10 Color Rerolls

How To Redeem Project Baki 3 Codes?

Maximize your Project Baki 3 experience by easily using the latest codes. You can redeem codes using the methods below.

The screen that appears while redeeming codes.
The screen that appears while redeeming codes.
  1. Launch Roblox and enter Project Baki 3.
  2. Spawn in the city and locate the settings button in the lower-left corner.
  3. Access Redeem codes in the settings menu.
  4. Click the designated button, and a text box will appear.
  5. Input one of the codes from our list. Press Redeem to validate the code.
  6. Successfully redeemed codes reflect rewards in your inventory.
  7. If you receive Yen, monitor your HUD for in-game wealth integration.

How To Get More Codes?

  • Check the official Project Baki 3 Discord Server for the latest codes.
  • Follow the developer’s official Twitter page, SquidyCakez, for the latest codes.
  • Alternatively, regularly check and refresh this article for updated codes.

This is all you need to know about Project Baki 3 codes and how to redeem them for free bonus experience, yen, and stat resets to help you level up and play longer. Maximize your Project Baki 3 experience and enjoy your rewards!

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