Sea of Thieves: Beginner’s Guide

Sea of Thieves was released four months ago, and a lot of new people are interested to play this game now. In a game where you can take it to the oceans in your very own pirate ship to traverse the high seas. However, the Sea of thieves can be quite daunting at times, especially without a tutorial. In this guide, we are going to walk every reader through how to get started in Sea of Thieves, including how to start your very first quest, which in-game is called ‘Voyages’.

Key Takeaways
  • Here are some pointers that every beginner should keep in mind while starting Sea of Thieves.
  • You get to choose your pirate from a vast catalog of characters that are generated randomly. 
  • When you start the game, you will spawn in an inn from where you can gather food, medications, and other resources to replenish yours during your voyage. 
  • To embark on your first Voyage you have to choose a combination of 3 voyages from the 3 different factions.
  • To start the voyage, make your way to the deck to find your ship, from where you can choose a voyage and learn about its objectives.
  • To sail, go to the upper deck of the ship to locate the anchor, raise it and then steer your ship in the direction of your destination. Always check your map to stay on the right path.
  • In almost every voyage you will get a chest. Once you carry the chest to your boat, set sail to the nearest outpost. Here, you can sell the chest to gold hoarders for gold that can be used to fund your future voyages.
  • Press Y to equip or access the weapon cycle. Remember not to waste your ammo as it cannot be refilled at the sea.

Read on if you want to know all the details about your first voyage in the game, including how to get there on your boat. We are also going to provide an outline of the Sea of Thieves controls, which we’re going to cover, how to use the weapons, and what to do with chests.

Sea of Thieves Character Maker

When you first get into the game, you’ll be enlightened with an ‘infinite pirate generator’, which mixes out a throng of pirates for you to choose from. This is the part of the game where you can create your character, but you can not actually build your own pirate from the beginning, you can refresh the pirates in front of you, however many times you want until you reach your desired one.

Although keep one thing in mind that you’ll spend the next hundreds of hours with this pirate, so it’s vitally important that you decide on a pirate that you like the look of, prior to the kick off your voyage. But you can always outfit your pirate with much different clothing like shirts, eyepatches, trousers, and coats moreover down the line, the greater gear in Sea of Thieves takes a lot of time and gold to unlock.

How to prepare for your first Voyage in Sea of Thieves

It doesn’t matter whatever choice you make over how to start Sea of Thieves  (The solo, small ship known as the sloop is nice while you’re in the learning process), you are going to begin in an inn. You will find some items that you can obtain from barrels like bananas that are used to replenish your health, although to get anywhere you’re going to want to leave and search any of the three merchant vendors the are located nearby.

You can find the three factions in the buildings every time, pictured just below, for example, the gold Hoarders faction can be found in the tiny tend, while the Order of Souls will evermore be found in a spooky looking shack.

Ultimately, you will find the Merchant Alliance faction farther out in the pier towards your ship. The Merchant Alliance, Gold Hoarders, and Order of Souls make the trio of the factions in Sea of Thieves, and you choose up a total of three voyages (quests) at a time from any of them.

To get started on your first voyage in the game, choose a combination of three voyages from the three factions, all of these will be free of charge because they are supposed to be the Starter Voyages.

How to Determine Your Objective in Sea of Thieves

With your whole voyage being settled, it is now time to set sail. Go ahead to your boat, which you’ll find near the shoreline close to all the merchant shelters/tents. If you plan to play with a large boat it will be almost impracticable to miss, although the smaller one can be found in the same area too.

Under the main deck of your board, you are going to discover a table that contains all available voyages. Pick ‘Propose Voyage’ and choose the voyage you desire to play – this will be any of the trios of voyages that you chose from the Order of Souls, Gold Hoarders, and Merchant Alliance vendors.

Momentarily ‘Vote for Voyage’ to enable the quest. If you are playing with others you will need to get a team consensus. However, if you’re alone the quest will start shortly.

When the voyage is enabled you’ll unlock a map. To take a look at the map hold RB (on an Xbox controller) and after that select the map icon with the right stick. With the map being held, hold RT

Even with a handy-dandy map with you which shows the location of your chosen voyage, there’s a vague chance of actually getting there. The map will show you a location, which you will have to find on the large map table that can be found on your ship’s lower deck. Seems like the direction to the target roughly the south-east.

Search the location on the bigger map to work out whichever direction you need to sail in for your boat’s current position.

How to Sail in Sea of Thieves

Go ahead, and locate the boat’s anchor on the back side of the upper deck and raise it. Unfold the sails (tethered to the side of the boat) and then turn the wheel. Guide your ship in the destination you need to sail by using the compass to the side of the wheel.

When you set off, you should always consult the map table to make sure you are on the right path. The seas are turbulent, so you’ll have to correct your route a lot of times on the way to your destination.

What do you do With Chests in Sea of Thieves?

In most of the journeys, in Sea of Thieves, you are going to usually end up with picking up a chest. Some voyages even have various parts to them (Some with clues to places, others with pictures), and you can also get a chest for each part. But what should you with them when you obtain them?

The very first thing to do with a chest is getting it to your boat. Once you’ve obtained all the chests, go ahead and reach the closest outpost. After reaching it, take every chest one by one and sell them to the gold hoarder shopkeeper. You are going to get a full bunch of gold for every chest and you’ll be able to purchase new voyages with it.

Sea of Thieves Controls – How to use a Weapon

As soon as you start playing Sea of Thieves it’s not instantly apparent, how to do anything that isn’t given an on-screen tool-tip. We’ve got the full details of the controls for you in the image below.

A very nice key control to note is pressing ‘Y’ to equip and cycle through the weapons. Don’t be like us and try to hit a skeleton with a board of wood. It’s not gonna end well.

It’s very vital to try and preserve your ammo in Sea of Thieves, especially when you’re fighting skeletons or other players away from your ship. While you can go to the Ammo chest to refill your ammo while you are on your pirate ship if your ammo supplies get short while you are on land you’re out of ammunition for good.

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