25 BEST Shatterline Beginner Tips & Tricks

This Shatterline Tips and Tricks guide will uncover tips that will help beginner players starting out!

Shatterline is an excellent shooter-type game that is not only extremely free-to-play but also offers PvP opportunities for players to test their skills with the help of conquests, TDMs, and much more. The game is massively action-based and features an extensive Co-Op experience for players.

Key Takeaways
  • Optimize gameplay in Shatterline by selecting the nearest locale for smoother interaction.
  • Enhance the gaming experience by maximizing the in-game sound volume.
  • Utilize crates strategically to explode and eliminate opponents.
  • Leverage the strength of pistols for a tactical advantage against opponents.
  • Exploit choke points to render opponents vulnerable and secure kills.
  • Adopt a successful strategy by positioning at high points to shoot foes from an advantageous position.
  • Locate and use explosives scattered across the map to eliminate opponents.
  • Team up with partners, targeting the same foe to increase chances of victory.
  • Exercise caution around ziplines, as they can leave players vulnerable to attacks.

Region Selecting 

Shatterline Setting Your Region
Setting Your Region

Before anything, players in Shatterline will need to select the region that they want to play the game in. The region will essentially act as their server as well, and there are certain criteria that they need to follow to experience smoother gameplay. 

The best way to do it is to choose the server that best fits your location. For example, if you are from the United States, it’s best to choose the North American server so that you don’t get a high ping while playing the game. 

Changing Audio To Full 

Shatterline Max Volume
Max Volume

If you want to immerse yourself in the gameplay truly, then another amazing thing that you can do is to increase all audio to 100%. The default audio will be set to 80%, and while that may seem like the best fit, you can max out everything to experience all music and background sounds to the fullest. 

There will be four-volume options: the SFX, music, dialogue, and master, and you can max them all out if you want to. 

Crates Can Murder Opponents 

Shatterline Crates Can Murder People
Crates Can Murder People

Moving on, the next thing that you might not know about shatterline is that whenever you go around the open map and attempt to kill opponents, you will encounter crates that will be laid all across the map. 

These crates can be used to your advantage to kill off enemies, and the way it will do that is to partially explode them upon your deadliest foes and render them useless. Once these crates have exploded, your opponent will be nowhere to be seen. 

Sidearm Firing 

Shatterline Sidearm Firing
Sidearm Firing

If there’s one important thing that players should remember, it’s that pistols are extremely *strong* in the game. Players can switch to their sidearms to gain further advantage against their foes. 

You can take down enemies in the same way that you would typically use your primary weapon, but the only thing that you need to change is to simply switch out your main weapon to the pistol and kill them off with ease. 

Choke Points 

The next one is important and should not be ignored at all. Essentially, you will have choke points that you can use against your enemies, making it easier to make them vulnerable and kill them. 

Choke points will make you less visible to your opponents, allowing you to sneak behind your enemies, hit them from behind, and kill them. 

Reaching High 

When you are in the middle of a fierce battle against your opponents in PvP, it can become quite difficult if you’re attempting to run over the entire map and are also trying to take them down simultaneously if you’re on the ground level. 

For that reason alone, it is often considered an excellent solution to find objects that are typically able to be moved across the platform by you and bring them to a location that is not too far off from your target’s location. Position it, climb on top of it, and fire away at your enemy. 


Shatterline Explosives

Apart from movable objects and crates scattered all across the open-world map, there are also small explosives. These will range from two types of explosives, either one that will be out in the open and present on the ground. 

The other type will be a bit hidden into a wall or beneath some rubble, but once you find it, you can fire your weapon at it, and if there is any enemy that was unfortunate enough to be standing near it, you will be instantly murdered. 

Stay With Teammates 

Before any PvP match, you will typically be paired up or be prompted to pair up with a teammate, and they will stick by you throughout the entire time that the battle is taking place and until it finishes.

However, there are chances that you might end up being split off by them at one point or another, so make sure to find your way back to them and stick with them. 

Shooting At The Same Enemy

Shatterline Shooting At The Same Enemy
Shooting At The Same Enemy

Another thing to remember is that once you stick with your teammate, do everything together. From staying on the map together, running around together, exploring the area, and even taking a break and resting. 

If you find one of your teammates shooting at an opponent, pair up with them and continue firing at the opponent. Chances are that the 2v1 will instantly kill off your opponent with minimal effort and allow you to gain a clear advantage over them, so you win. 

Refrain From Using Ziplines 

Shatterline Refrain From Using Ziplines
Refrain From Using Ziplines

The next thing that I would like to discuss will be ziplines. These will be present for you to use whenever you want and are typically used by players in Shatterline to travel from one end of a high-rise building to the other. 

However, it might be the biggest mistake that you make. If you zip along the ziplines, chances are that you get instantly killed since you won’t be able to defend yourself at all and have the freedom to shoot down your opponents while being busy ziplining. 

Take Lessons From Opponents 

The next thing that players should know, no matter what is to learn from the opponents that they are striving to fight and win against. Often, these enemies will have tricks up their sleeves that they’ll use to win against you. 

  • One of the biggest tricks players might end up using will be hiding behind walls, behind crates, outside your line of sight.

Applying It In Battles 

Now that you’ve taken a few hits from your enemies, whether you die at your opponents’ hands or not, you should never take it as a defeat. Rather, anytime you end up dying at the hands of your enemy, take it as a lesson and aim to use their technique on them. 

Footstep Tracking 

Shatterline Footstep Tracking
Footstep Tracking

Moving on, players can yet again use another thing to their advantage, and it directly ties up to one of the first tips I mentioned before, which was to increase your sounds, whether it is background, music, or SFX. 

While you can go around trying to kill your foes, make sure to take note of their footsteps and track the source of the footsteps that your enemies are making. This will allow you to prepare in advance and render your enemies useless. 

Camp To Kill 

Shatterline Camp To Kill
Camp To Kill

Next up, once you’ve managed to track down your opponents’ footsteps, the best strategy you can go for will be to hide behind a corner. Make sure to pick a spot leading you further toward your enemy’s location and allow you to obliterate them faster. 

Make sure to pick a spot where the enemy will not get a view of you in the slightest. Once you’re in the position, don’t move, as the moment you move, your footsteps will then end up making a sound, possibly getting you killed instead. 

Slide Through Corners 

Shatterline Slide Through Corners
Slide Through Corners

The next thing that you might want to know is sliding through corners. Typically, whenever you’re in a fight, you’ll encounter enemies attempting to hide behind a corner, waiting aimlessly for you to come around so they can shoot you. 

  • Instead of them shooting you down, why not make your way over to the corner silently.
  • Instead of trying to peak out the corner, immediately slide out, shoot down your opponent, and then slide back into safety. 

Revive When Needed 

Shatterline Revive When Needed
Revive When Needed

Sometimes, you or your teammate will end up getting killed by one of the foes you are battling against. Whenever that happens, don’t revive your teammate instantly. 

  • One of the biggest mistakes you can make is to revive them out in the open, and chances are that you get one shot again, making you lose the battle instantly.
  • Make sure to revive only when it’s extremely safe and only when you can. 

The Correct Way To Revive 

Now, let’s say your teammate does end up getting killed. What’s the next best step to take? It will be to revive them, of course. However, there will be a time and a proper method to do so. 

The best place to revive your enemy is somewhere away from opponents and ensuring that the enemy is not tailgating behind you, trying to sneak an attack to try to off you in one or two hits. 

Weapon Changes 

Shatterline Weapon Changes
Weapon Changes

When you first spawn into the area where the actual PvP fight will take place, there might be times when you don’t plan out your weapon placement beforehand, and you might instantly be spawned seconds before disaster strikes. 

You don’t need to worry, as you can simply switch out weapons when you spawn into the battle area. 

Higher Points 

This particular tip may seem extremely obvious, but not many people take advantage of it nor abuse it to gain victory. Higher points such as tins, crates, steps, and rooftops are the perfect way to kill your enemies faster. 

The main reason is that you will see your enemy coming towards you from a far end, and you will be able to stay on the other end of the rooftop while sniping them from far away. You might not even get caught simply because you were on the top. 

Fall Back When Needed 

The next tip that I would like to emphasize will be to know when to fall back whenever you’re in a serious battle with enemies or other players in the PvP battles. 

Suppose enemies are surrounding you, and you know you’re doomed. In that case, the best idea will always be to make a run for it and to allow your instincts to kick in. it will instantly lead you to a safer spot, and you can hide behind a crate, behind a wall, or get to safety as quickly as you’re possible to. 

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Don’t Be Predictable 

Shatterline Do Not Be Predictable
Do Not Be Predictable

Furthermore, you should also make sure that you become as unpredictable as possible to any kind of enemies in front of you. Whether they are extreme pros or complete noobs, chances are that if they see you’re weak, they will instantly target you. 

Therefore, make sure that you do not repeat the same mistakes, and don’t hide in areas that will make your place vulnerable and cause you to get caught and inevitably killed instantly. 

Peek and Hide 

Shatterline Peek and Hide
Peek and Hide

More often than not, when you’re aiming to murder enemies, you’ll encounter a clever technique your teammates or opponents might use. The Shatterline Tips and Tricks for murdering opponents will entail using the method of peeking and hiding. 

Essentially, it works because you will stay a few feet from your enemy, and you want to peek at the general location, hide back and then plan your next strategy. 

See-through Crates 

One thing that you might not know is that most crates that you come across, which will tie the tip with one that I mentioned before, where I talked about using crates as ambushes against your foes, is that you will notice that some crates will be see-through. 

The see-through crates offer you a clear advantage over your foes and allow you to manipulate their attacks by not being fully visible to them. Still, you’ll be able to see their silhouette appear, then strategically plan your next move and gain a swift victory. 

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Using Pixel Peeks 

Next up, pixel peeks will most probably be your best friend when it comes to trying to win a gruesome fight against your opponents. Essentially, what you will do is to go near a door and start inching towards its hinges. 

Once your reach there, you’ll notice that there is a one to two-inch thick gap through which you are able to see across. The small gap allows you to take a small peak and see where your enemies are coming from and attack them with ease. 

Taking Information From Teammates 

Another thing that you might not have come across is that you can easily use your teammates as information if you want to gain a swift victory against your enemies. If your teammate ends up dying, keep an eye out for them, and the second that they die, you’ll know immediately that there is an enemy present close to them, so you can easily take them out.

Guide and Photo Credits: Zykopath on Youtube

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