Skull And Bones: 7 Best Ship Armors [My Recommendations]

After spending nearly 40+ hours playing Skull And Bones, the following is my take on the armors that can increase your survivability in the sea!

Skull and Bones is all about combat on the battlefield, but there are several factors you need to consider. To dominate the battlefield combat, you must select the best armor, weapons, and furniture for your ship in Skull and Bones. With that said, there are 22 armors in-game, so it might be hard to pick the best ones. However, I have figured out the best seven players can use in-game. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 22 armors in Skull and Bones. 
  • Among them, I have ranked the seven best based on their stats and worth in Skull and Bones.
  • The best armor is arguably the Ouroboros, as it protects the ship from 3 major types of damage.
  • Ouroboros is also the only armor that features two different perks.
  • The disadvantage of Ouroboros would be its hefty requirements.
  • Other than that, players can choose between the armors from the advanced class.
  • For the early game, the ideal option is Iron Husk 2. 
  • Author’s Note: Obaid has spent nearly 10+ hours and counting in Skull and Bones to learn about different things, making this guide a trustworthy source of information for you!
My Current Hours at the time of writing In Skull And Bones (Capture By eXputer)

Best Armors In Skull And Bones And Comparison 

The following is an overview of the best armors available in-game, in my opinion:  

ArmorDamage MitigationArmor ValuePerksBest For
OuroborosExplosive 20%
Flooding 30%
Fire 30%
1100Amalgamate: Restores 15% of Hull Health while bracing.
Restoration: Restores 100 severe damage every second.
The Best Armor In Skull and Bones
Black PrinceExplosive 35%
Fire 18%
Piercing 20%
1200Resolute: Reduces damage taken by 50% when health is below 33%. The Best Advanced Armor In Skull and Bones
Kawaca 2Flooding 30%
Fire 30%
Piercing 30%
1050Rampart: Reduces 75% of damage from ramming.The Best Well-Balanced Armor In Skull and Bones
The Bastion 3Fire 29%
Piercing 29%
1000-The Best Basic Armor For Protection Against Fire & Piercing
La Forteresse 3Flooding 39%
Piercing 18%
980-The Best Basic Armor For Protection Against Flooding & Piercing
Iron Husk 5Explosive 38%1000-The Best Basic Armor For Protection Against Explosives
Iron Husk 2Explosive 23%400-The Best Early Game Armor In Skull and Bones

7. Iron Husk 2

The Best Early Game Armor In Skull and Bones.
Showcase of Iron Husk 2 Stats In Skull and Bones (Screenshot Captured By Us)
  • Why I Chose This: I chose Iron Husk 2 to be on my list as it is a relatively good early-game option that can go really well with the Rammer, and it can tremendously increase survivability chances.

The first one on the list is Iron Husk, easily obtainable in Skull and Bones. You can get this epic armor early in the game, and the crafting requirements aren’t that high, either. With that said, you would need to get a blueprint first to craft it. Also, I consider it the best armor for the early game, as it provides great protection against explosives. 

  • Good for the early game.
  • High overall protection.
  • Provides additional explosive protection.
  • Only provides additional protection against explosives.

6. Iron Husk 5

The Best Basic Armor Against Explosives.
Showcase of Iron Husk 5, An Armor Excels In Protection Against Explosives (Capture By Us)
  • Why I Chose This: Iron Husk 5 is a great choice in situations where the enemy uses explosives, especially the Blaster ship, as the armor will protect against them.

If the enemies are using weapons that deal explosive damage to your ship or they are using the Blaster ship, you would definitely need Iron Husk 5 for better protection. This is the last armor in the Iron Husk category, and it provides massive protection against explosives.

This might not be viable in some areas where enemies use weapons like Ballista and Culverin. That said, I consider it the best basic armor for protection against explosives in Skull and Bones. 

  • Provides Massive Explosive Protection.
  • The Overall protection value is pretty good.
  • Viable in mid-game areas.
  • Provides protection against only explosives.
  • Not viable against enemies using Culverin and Ballista.

5. La Forteresse 3

The Best Basic Armor For Flooding & Piercing.
La Forteresse 3 Showcase In Skull and Bones (Image Source: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: I chose La Forteresse 3 to be on my list as it provides great protection against flooding and piercing, which makes it ideal for battles against ships like Rammer and Hullbreaker.

If you want a basic armor that provides decent protection against flooding and piercing, you should go for La Forteresse 3. There are ships like Rammer and Hullbreaker that can apply flooding to your ship. So, if you are going against them, you would definitely need armor like La Forteresse 3.

Also, if the enemies are using Ballista and Culverin, you would also need protection against piercing. So, these things make La Forteresse 3 one of the best armors in Skull and Bones.

  • Provides massive flooding and decent piercing protection.
  • Viable in combat against Rammer and Bullhorn.
  • The overall armor value is great. 
  • Can’t do much against ships that use explosives.
  • Requires Cutthroat 1 to be unlocked. 

4. The Bastion 3

The Best Basic Armor For Fire & Piercing.
The Bastion 3 Showcase In-Game (Screenshot Grab By Us)
  • Why I Chose This: The Bastion 3 is one the best armors in Skull and Bones due to its decent protection against two major damage types and its high armor value.

There are ships like Pyromaniac and Firebrand that can put your ship on fire. So, to prevent the fire damage, you would need protection against them, and the best basic armor for that in Skull and Bones is the Bastion 3. It provides great protection against fire and piercing, which makes it worth having on the list.

As mentioned before, Ballista and Culverin can do piercing damage, and most ships use them. So, the protection against them is necessary. Due to these points, I consider Bastion 3 the best armor for protection against fire and piercing.

  • Provides massive fire and Piercing protection.
  • 1000 armor value.
  • Viable against ships like Firebrand and Pyromaniac.
  • Crafting requirements are a bit harsh.
  • Only protects against two damage types.

3. Kawaca 2

The Best Well-Balanced Armor In Skull and Bones.
Showcase of Kawaca 2, The Best Well-Balanced Armor In-Game (Image Taken By Us)
  • Why I Chose This: I have chosen Kawaca 2 to be on my list as it provides protection against three different damage types and also reduces damage from ramming, making it extremely well-balanced.

If you have already reached Kingpin, I highly recommend getting the Kawaca 2 armor. This armor is great, even for the end game. It protects against three different damage types. Also, it is worth noting that the advanced and Exotic armor features perks that can strengthen your build even more.

This armor is ideal for the advanced class if you are facing ships like Rammer, Bullhorn, Pyromniac, and Firebrand. This covers four ships, arguably making it one of the best armors in Skull and Bones. 

  • Protects against three different damage types.
  • Viable in late-game, too.
  • Viable against many ships.
  • Perk reduces 75% of damage by ramming.
  • Requires Kingpin 1 to unlock.
  • Harsh crafting requirements. 

2. Black Prince

The Best Advanced Armor In Skull and Bones.
Showcase of Black Prince Stats In Skull and Bones (Image Copyright Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Black Prince is the last advanced armor you can craft, and it is worth crafting as its perk can allow you to turn the tides of a losing battle in your favor.

If you are looking for an advanced armor that can help you turn the tides of battle, then Black Prince might be the best choice. Even though it doesn’t have well-balanced stats like Kawaca 2, it is still highly viable in combat. The overall armor value of Black Prince is considerably high, which makes it a good choice.

However, that isn’t why I consider it the best-advanced armor. I consider it the best due to its perk that helps you turn the tables while in combat. If you are in a dire situation and your ship’s health is below 33%, the perk will be activated, and the ship will take 50% less damage.  

  • Provides decent protection against three damage types.
  • Perk reduces damage taken by 50% when health is below 33%.
  • Viable against ships like Blaster and Pyromaniac.
  • Not viable against ships like Bullhorn.
  • Stats are a little over the place.

1. Ouroboros

The Best Armor In Skull and Bones.
Ouroboros, The Best Armor Available In-Game (Image By Us)
  • Why I Chose This: I chose Ouroboros as the best ship in-game due to its protection against three major damage types and its features two different perks that can restore health.

The last and best armor on the list is Ouroboros in Skull and Bones. This armor leaves every other behind by a margin as it protects against the three major types of protection. It provides decent protection against any damage dealt by the perk of a ship. That makes it stand out, but it isn’t even the best thing about the armor.

It features two perks: Amalgamate and Restoration. The former restores 15% health while bracing, and the latter restores 100 severe damage every second. So, once you reach Kingpin 1 and want the best armor, then you must have Ouroboros.

  • Protects against three major damage types.
  • Best armor choice in-game.
  • Two fantastic perks.
  • Restores health over time.
  • Hefty crafting requirements.

Alternative Options That We Considered

There are 22 armors in Skull and Bones, but I have mentioned only 7. So, these are the ones that are also great but didn’t make it to the list due to various reasons: 

  •  The Bastion 2: A well-balanced armor that unlocks at Brigand 1 is a good choice, but better options can be unlocked with some more grinding.
  • Layered Scales 5: This armor only protects against Piercing, so it is not viable for the mid-game areas.
  • Gama Kobe 2: It provides some decent protection against some different damage effects, but it unlocks at Kingpin 1, so Kawaca 2 and Black Prince are better options. 

My Take On The Best Armor

I consider Ouroboros the best armor as it provides protection against major damage types and features two different perks. 

The best choice is Ouroboros, but it will be available after a long time and consistent farming. Also, its crafting requirements are pretty harsh, so choosing the others from the list is better for now. With that said, Ouroboros is an armor that can help you dominate combat. 

That is almost everything you would want to know about the best armor in Skull and Bones. Based on their stats and worth, I have ranked the best seven armors available in Skull and Bones. So, choose according to your preference and situation and dominate the sea. Also, check out the Steam community page for discussions related to Skull and Bones.

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