Skull And Bones: 5 Best Ships [Our Picks]

Having spent over 10 hours in Skull and Bones, the following is my take on the best ships you can use to embark on the voyage!

Players can use many ships in Skull and Bones to plunder different bases/islands, travel, and destroy other ships on the battlefield. However, some ships stand out from the rest, so players should focus more on that. To dominate the battlefield, you should know about the best ship available in Skull and Bones.

Key Takeaways
  • There are nine ships available in Skull and Bones.
  • Higher-level ships are unlocked based on the Infamy rank of players
  • The best ship available in-game is Pyromaniac due to its high DPS potential.
  • Also, Pyromaniac’s loadout potential is pretty high in Skull and Bones.
  • The disadvantage of Pyromniac would be that unlocking it is pretty hectic and has low brace strength. 
  • Players who want the best tank ship should go for the Vanguard.
  • Similarly, in my opinion, Rammer is the best early-game ship in-game. 
  • Why Trust Us: Obaid has played Skull and Bones for over 10+ hours, which proves that he knows the best ships available in-game, making this guide a trustworthy source of information for you!
Showcase of My Current Hours In Skull And Bones Via Ubisoft Connect (Captured By Us)

Best Ships In Skull And Bones And Comparison

The following is an overview of the five best ships in Skull and Bones as per my experience: 

ShipClassHull HealthBrace StrengthTrimming SpeedCargoPerksBest For
RammerBedar22000440012kn20000Lancer: Increases damage from ramming by 25% and applies flooded to the enemy's ship.The Best Early Game Ship In Skull and Bones
SentinelCutter21000420013kn26000Unburden: Restore damage done on the Hull per second and restores the Health of allies ship as well.The Best Alternative For Rammer In Skull and Bones
BlasterSloop25000500012kn40000Outburst: Explosive hits have a 50% chance to trigger an additional explosion to random enemy within a range of 150 meter. The explosion deals 1500 damage.The Best DPS Ship For Plundering In Mid-Game
VanguardSnow500002500013kn80000Tenacity: Recovers Base Strength by 4% per second if you are bracing. Also increase the base strength by 50% and base strength recovery by 150%.The Best Tank Ship In Skull And Bones
PyromaniacSambuk35000700014kn70000Scorched: Deals 5000 Burning damage when you apply ablaze effect to the enemy. Also the damage to effected ship will increase by 50%.The Best DPS Ship In Skull and Bones

5. Rammer

Service title
Showcase of The Best Early Game Ship, Rammer (Image Captured By eXputer)

The first ship you can craft in Skull and Bones is the Rammer, which belongs to the Bedar class. Players can craft this ship early on without making much progress. It is the best ship for the early game, as with the perfect build, you can easily reach level 4. Reaching such a level will ensure you don’t get defeated in combat.

Rammer is a DPS ship that can dish out some great damage from the start, but do keep in mind that you would need the best build for that. 

  • Why I Chose This: I chose Rammer because it is the first ship you can craft in-game, and in my playthrough, it helped me a lot in the early game areas.
  • High damage with the right build. 
  • Can cause flood damage to the other ships.
  • Its perk increases ramming damage by 25%.
  • High Hull health.
  • Loadout potential is pretty low.

4. Sentinel

The Best Alternative For Rammer In Skull and Bones.
Sentinal, The Best Alternative For Rammer In Skull and Bones (Screenshot By Us)

The next ship on the list is Sentinel, which belongs to the Cutter class. You won’t be able to unlock it immediately as it requires a higher Infamy rank. Unlocking Rammer is a must, as it greatly helps you through your run. However, I recommend unlocking the Sentinel after that, as it will already be at level 2. That being said, this ship is not fit for combat, so increase ranks as soon as possible to unlock a better one. 

  • Why I Chose This: I chose the Sentinal as the journey isn’t just about fighting. You might also need to assist some players; this ship is the best one for that in every game.
  • Supports other ships on the battlefield.
  • High base and trimming speed.
  • Restores Hull Health of friendly ships.
  • Lower health and brace strength than Rammer.
  • Not viable as a damage-dealing ship in combat.

3. Blaster

The Best DPS Ship For Plundering In Mid-Game.
Showcase of Blaster, A Ship That Excels In Plundering (Screenshot grab By eXputer) 

If you are looking for a mid-game DPS, you should go for Blaster. A DPS ship can dish out massive damage to multiple opponents. However, for that, you would need the right build. To unlock the ship, you must reach Buccaneer 1, which might be challenging as the ship has a base level 3. Furthermore, the perk of Blaster allows it to deal more damage to structures, which makes it the best ship for plundering in Skull and Bones. 

  • Why I Chose This: Blaster is among the best ships available in Skull and Bones as it has a base level of 3, and it allows you to trigger additional explosions that deal massive damage to a random enemy in a radius of 150 meters.
  • High Hull Health and Brace Strength.
  • Massive cargo space. 
  • Deals more damage to the structures.
  • Speed is pretty low for a level 3 ship.
  • Features low loadout potential. 

2. Vanguard

The Best Tank Ship In Skull And Bones.
Showcase of Vanguard, A Ship That Excels In Tanking Damage (Image Copyright credits: eXputer)

Vanguard is arguably the best ship for tanking damage in-game. This ship specializes in taking hits as it has extremely high Hull Health and Brace Strength. If you are playing with your friends, this ship will let you tank all the damage while your friends destroy the enemies’ ships.

However, this ship isn’t just for tanking as it can feature extremely high damage, too, with the right build. I would 100 recommend trying out this ship when you reach Corsair 1.

  • Why I Chose This: I chose Vanguard as it is not only the best ship for tanking damage, but it can also dish out massive damage in battle, and despite being a medium boat, it features high speed.
  • Can tank a lot of damage.
  • Extremely high Hull Health and Brace Strength.
  • Features Stern and Auxiliary, too.
  • Massive damage.
  • High speed for a medium ship.
  • Comes with a base level of 5.
  • Requires a pretty high Infamy level to be unlocked. 
  • You would need a lot of materials for crafting. 

1. Pyromaniac

The Best DPS Ship In Skull and Bones.
Pyromaniac, The Best DPS Ship In Skull and Bones
Showcase of The Best DPS Ship In-Game, Pyromaniac (Image Taken By Us)

Pyromaniac is an endgame ship that unlocks when you reach Cutthroat 1. Reaching this Infamy level is difficult, so you must spend hours grinding in-game. However, getting this ship is worth it, as it is arguably the best DPS ship available in Skull and Bones.

If you like playing aggressively, you must try this ship, as it destroys every other ship in its way. Its perk allows it to deal burning damage to other ships, which increases the DPS even more.

  • Why I Chose This: Pyromaniac is undoubtedly the best DPS ship in-game due to its massive damage and the fact that it can destroy almost every other ship. Also, its perk allows you to deal even more damage.
  • Extremely high damage.
  • High Hull health.
  • Great speed.
  • Cargo storage of 70000.
  • Massive loadout potential. 
  • Base level of this ship is 5. 
  • Unlocking it takes a lot of time.
  • Has low brace strength when compared with other stats. 

Similar Options To Go For

Nine ships are available in Skulls and Bones, but I have mentioned only 5. So, there are similar options you can go for:

  • Defender: While it is a good tank ship for the early game, there isn’t much need for such a ship. As per my experience, a DPS and support is more suitable for early-game.
  • Firebrand: This is a DPS ship that deals with buring and fire damage, so it is a good choice to opt for. However, Blaster features higher damage than Firebrand. 
  • Hullbreaker: This is basically an upgraded version of the Rammer, and it deals way more damage. However, for the end game, Pyromaniac seems a better choice due to the higher DPS.

My Thoughts On The Best Ship

Even though Pyromaniac is pretty hard to craft, it features great damage, and all of its stats make it worth having, making it the best ship for DPS, according to me.

Pyromaniac features high damage, which can destroy any ship in its way. However, players should remember that it doesn’t feature a high Brace Strength. Besides that, the ship is pretty much unstoppable, and with the right build, you can just dominate the sea, plunder islands, and reach the top. That being said, the sea is pretty unpredictable, so I would recommend playing with your friends. 

That way, you can have a tank along with support, which can help you continue dominating everything. That is almost everything you would want to know about the best ship in Skull and Bones. Also, you can check out the general discussions of Skull and Bones via the Steam Community

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