Skull And Bones: How To Plunder [Step By Step + Tips]

Plunder various settlements and forts throughout the Indian Ocean and get your hands on rare loot.

Plunder is a key feature in Skull and Bones that allows players to gain resources such as Lime, increase Infamy ranks, and earn experience points. However, plundering is not as easy as it sounds. While plundering settlements, you must destroy multiple guard towers, beware of incoming enemy ships, survive until the plundering ends, and face many more enemies and challenges.

Key Takeaways
  • Skull and Bones allows its players to conquer various settlements throughout the Indian Ocean.
  • In order to plunder settlements, players have to destroy all Guard Towers that are located at a settlement.
  • While the plundering is in progress, multiple enemy ships will start to engage in combat with the players.
  • Survive the enemy attack until the whole progress of plundering is completed.

How To Plunder Settlements?

Plundering Settlements
Plundering Settlements [Image by eXputer]
You can plunder any non-outpost settlements once you are close enough to interact with them.

When you arrive at the outpost settlement, you will be presented with two prompts on the screen. You can either trade with that settlement for various goods and commodities or plunder it. 

Follow the essential steps mentioned below to plunder any none outpost settlement easily:

  1. Find a Settlement: Before you start plundering, look for a settlement you want to plunder in the Indian Ocean. You can plunder settlements where you cannot dock your ship.
    Sitrana Settlement
    Sitrana Settelment [Imge by eXuter]
  2. Plunder the Settlement: Now that you have chosen a settlement to plunder, get into the range and press the plunder key shown on your screen or fire a canon at the guard tower of the settlement. Doing this will start the plundering, and a cut scene will play.
    Plundering Sitrnana Settlement
    Plundering Sitrnana Settlement [Imge by eXuter]
  3. Destroy the Guard Towers: The next thing you have to do is destroy the Guard Towers of the settlement. The number of the Guard Towers varies depending on the rank of settlement.
    Destroying Stirana Guard Towers
    Destroying Stirana Guard Towers [Imge by eXuter]
  4. Beware of Enemy Ships: While you are destroying that Gaurd Tower of the settlement, multiple enemy ships will engage in combat with you. You have to destroy the Guards Towers as well as defeat these enemy ships that are preventing you from destroying the Guard Towers. 
  5. Gold Treasure Chest Icon: Once you are done destroying the Guard Towers, the next stage of the plundering starts. You will see multiple treasure chest icons on your HUD. As the progress bar reaches each chest icon, you will get a large sum of resources to loot. 
    Gold Chest Treasure Icone on HUD
    Gold Chest Treasure Icon on HUD [Imge by eXuter]
  6. Engage Incoming Enemies: Multiple enemy ships will arrive and engage you in battle after the progress bar hits each chest icon. The number of these enemy ships also varies on the rank of the settlement.
    Engaging Incoming Enemy Ships
     Engaging Incoming Enemy Ships [Imge by eXuter]
  7. Survive till Pludering Ends: You must defeat the incoming enemy ships and hold your ground against them until the progress bar reaches the last chest icon and the plundering completes.
    Plundering Completed
    Plunder Completed [Imge by eXuter]

Skull And Bones Plundering Tips

Tips for Plundering Settlements
Tips for Plundering Settlements [Imge by eXuter]
Skull and Bones Plunder may seem to be an easy task, but it is not. You must consider many factors, such as the number of Guard Towers, the settlement rank, and much more. You don’t want to end up like me, where I was barely a few hours into Skull and Bones and ended up plundering the level 5 Bandari Settlement and got my ship destroyed within two minutes. 

However, you can go through the tips below, which I have been using to conquer various settlements throughout the Indian Ocean easily:

  1. Use High-Rank Ships: Ensure that your ship rank is a level or two higher than the settlement’s; otherwise, the plundering will be very challenging. 
  2. Use Padewakang Build: If you want to plunder higher-level settlements like level 10 or above, I recommend using the Padewakang ship build due to its high explosive perk, Detonate.
  3. Shoot Guard Towers in Weak Spots: Make sure to target the weak points of the Guard Towers, which are marked as red, as hitting these weak spots will cause massive damage.
  4. Add Mons Meg II to your Ship: Use the Mons Meg II in your ship, as it increases the damage dealt to structures.
  5. Brace to reduce damage: Brace in order to reduce the incoming damage from enemy ships. 
  6. Use Repair Kits: Pay attention to your ship’s health and use repair kits whenever needed or possible.
  7. Plunder With Friends: Always enter plunder with your friends for high-level settlements; I do not recommend going alone, as it can be very hard and challenging.

With all of the information provided above, my guide on Skull and Bones How to Plunder Settlements comes to an end. In this guide, I have mentioned how players can plunder settlements in the easiest way possible. However, plundering settlements can be quite challenging, so I have also included tips for players to make their Skull and Bones plunder an easy success.

While you are at it, make sure to read our Skull and Bones review, which was reviewed by one of our game reviewers, Moiz Banoori.

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