Skull And Bones: Best Early Game Ship Loadout [My Opinion]

After spending over 5 hours in Skull and Bones, here is my take on the best early-game ship loadout to increase survivability on the sea!

Skull and Bones have officially been released, and now the players can embark on the long-awaited voyage. However, it is not as simple as with the starting ship; you won’t get anywhere. So, for that, you would need to get a ship, and the first one you get is a DPS, which is a pretty good one for the early game. That being said, the ship won’t do much, so you would need the best early-game loadout for it in Skull and Bones for optimal experience. 

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Key Takeaways
  • Rammer is a first-ship player crat in Skull and Bones.
  • The ship, on its own, isn’t as powerful as it is at level 1.
  • So, players would need to install the best weapons, armor, and furniture to make it better.
  • The ship can reach level 4 and dominate most of the combat in the early game.  
  • It might take players a little time to gather the resources, but it won’t be hard. 
  • This loadout will help make the overall playthrough easy.
  • However, after some time, players would need to upgrade it to achieve an even higher level with better ships. 
  • Why Trust Us: Obaid has spent over 5 hours in Skull and Bones testing this loadout in battle and traveling, which proves that his guide is a trustworthy source of information for you! 

Best Early-Game Ship Loadout In Skull And Bones

Showcase of The Level 4 Ship Loadout In Skull and Bones (Image Captured By eXputer)

The following is an overview of the best ship loadout for the early game as per my experience: 

ShipClassPerkBest WeaponsBest ArmorBest Furniture
RammerBedarIncreases damage from ramming by 25% and reduces the slowing effect of torn sails by 50%. Also applies flooded to an enemy ship before ramming.Culverin 1 For Bow and Demi-Cannon 1 For Port And Starboard.Iron Husk 2Rope Locker for Major Furniture and Demi-cannon Furnace 1 for the other slot.

The first ship you will get is Rammer, and it is arguably a good ship to start your real journey on. This ship is already pretty sturdy, but the level will be 1, which is pretty low. With this level, you won’t be able to survive in the sea. However, after spending hours in-game, I managed to bring my ship to level, and it is surprisingly easy when you know exactly what to do.

To increase the level, you would need the best weapons, armor, and furniture for the ship. You can add some cosmetics to make it look better. 

  • Great for the early game.
  • High sturdiness. 
  • Can take a lot of hits.
  • The speed is pretty good.
  • Level 4 can be reached with the right loadout.  
  • Pretty difficult to increase the level further.

Best Weapons

Best Weapons For The Ship (Captured By Us)

The most important thing to add to your ship is the weapon. Without them, you won’t be able to destroy other ships in the area and neither protect yourself against them.

The following are the best-starting weapons for your ship: 

  • Culverin 1 For Bow: I would recommend using Culverin 1 for the bow as it has a massive range. It does lack damage, but the starting game ships won’t have much health, so you can do just fine. You can shoot twice with it, and it will take 6 seconds to reload.  
  • Demi-Cannon 1 For Port And Starboard: Demi-cannon 1 will be perfect for the right and left side due to its high damage, reload speed, and projectile speed. Its damage, reload speed, and projectile are higher than the Culverin 1, so it is a good option for the right and left sides. However, remember that it sacrifices a lot of range for these advantages. 

Unfortunately, Rammer doesn’t feature a place for Stern weapons, so you won’t be able to shoot enemies from behind. However, in my experience, the Stern weapon isn’t necessary for the early game. 

Best Armor

Best Armor
Showcase of The Best Armor For The Ship In-Game (Image Taken By eXputer)

You can only have one armor on this ship, and that is all you need. For the best ship loadout in Skull and Bones, you would definitely need the best armor, too. 

  • Iron Husk 2 As The Armor: This armor is vital for the ship. Without it, Rammer is pretty vulnerable. I have experienced the destruction of my ship pretty quickly without it. However, the Iron Husk 2 armor adds another layer of protection, which even protects against explosives. 

If you don’t like the Iron Husk 2, you can always craft the one you prefer. However, I would recommend getting Iron Husk 2, as to get a better one, you would need a higher Infamy. 

How To Get

You can get the armor by following these steps: 

  1. To craft the Iron Husk 2 Armor, you will first need to get the blueprint. 
  2. The blueprint can be found at the Royal Burial Ground. 
  3. The journey will be a little long, but once you reach the place, you will have to talk to a merchant. 
  4. The merchant’s name is Fara. Go and talk to her.
  5. She will be standing just at the start, so you won’t have a hard time finding her. 
  6. Talk to her and buy the blueprints for Iron Husk 2. 
  7. Now, collect the required materials by using the map. 

Best Furniture

Furniture For The Ship In Skull and Bones (Screenshot Grab By Us)

Now, furniture isn’t just for show or to make the ship look cool. You would need it to increase the level of your ship, and of course, it features some perks, too. 

  • Major furniture: Unfortunately, you can only install one major piece of furniture on the ship, but in my opinion, it is enough. I have installed the Rope Locker, which increases the acceleration at full stamina when trim is activated. While it takes 5% of stamina for activation, it is extremely helpful for long voyages.  
  • The Common Furniture: I chose the Demi-cannon Furnace 1 as the furniture as it increases the range of Demi-cannon by 10. As you already know, the range of Demi-cannon is pretty limited, and my build is using two of them. So, this furniture helps a lot by increasing the overall range.   

Now that you have installed weapons, armor, and furniture, your best early game ship loadout is almost ready in Skull and Bones. All you have to do is apply cosmetics and give it a name. 


Cosmetics To Make Your Ship Look Better (Image Copyright Credit: eXputer)

Making your ship look good is also pretty important, so you would need Cosmetics for that. Skull and Bones is an online game, so you have to make your ship as intimidating as possible. Of course, you can choose the designs of your own choice and then sail to explore the sea. There would be some options available at the start, so you can choose among those and apply accordingly. 

Do not go straight to the sets, as they won’t be unlocked. Check out the different slots manually and apply the ones you like. After that, simply give your ship a name and get ready to sail to enjoy your adventures as a pirate.

My Take On The Best Early Game Ship Loadout 

The early game in Skull and Bones can be harder than the later area without a good build, so it is extremely necessary. 

Showcase of My Current Hours In Skull And Bones Via Ubisoft Connect (Captured By Us)

I have managed to make the best loadout that is perfect for the early game. This loadout will take your ship from level 1 to level 4, which is pretty impressive. The best ships have the default level of 5, so reaching level 4 with an early-game ship will ensure survival on the sea. However, when transitioning into the later phases, make sure to get a better ship.

That is everything you would want to know about the best ship loadout in the early game areas of Skull and Bones. This loadout will ensure you survive longer in the sea and defeat your enemies with ease. I have spent several hours in-game to test this loadout, and as per my experience, it works well. 

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